Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle)

BOOK: Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle)
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A note about maps:

Wielder: Apprentice Book 1 of the Wielder Cycle…


Chapter 1: The Jovial Elf

Chapter 2: Rogue

Chapter 3: Marella and the Tower

Chapter 4: The Jade Statuette

Chapter 5: Enchantment

Chapter 6: Daggers

Chapter 7: Old Wizards

Chapter 8: Apprentice

Chapter 9: Rugania

Chapter 10: Dragon’s Blood

Chapter 11: Akros of Scarovia

Chapter 12: The Blood Amulet

Chapter 13: What Lurks in the Shadows?

Chapter 14: Truth and Innocence

Chapter 15: The Silver Drake

Chapter 16: Little Thieves

Chapter 17: Reunion

Chapter 18: Trouble with a Capital G

Book 2 of the Wielder Cycle: Wielder Adept Chapter 1: The Oracle


Author’s Note



Wielder: Apprentice



Book 1 of The Wielder Cycle

Lady Shey’s Story


Mark E Tyson













A note about maps:


MAP: There is a bigger map of this series at my website 
under the tab heading Maps. You can also view a bigger map by following this URL:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/15422102811/


The two maps for this series are located on the next two pages. The first map is a closeup of the area around Symbor. This closeup area will become the Sacred Land. The second map is a map of Trigothia and shows Rugania (the Isle of Doom.)







Book 1 of the Wielder Cycle…


The Making of a Legend…

Sheyna Namear has been left to fend for herself on the streets of the corrupt city of Symbor. When her natural abilities catch the eye of a magic wielder, Sheyna is taken into the woman’s tower as an apprentice. But something is not quite right. Sheyna constantly feels like she is being watched, her roommate hates her, and a mysterious shadow hides in the darkness outside her window.





The Wielder Cycle


Wielder: Apprentice
Book 1


Wielder: Adept
Book 2


Wielder: Master
Book 3*


The Sacred Land Legacy


Dawn of the Sacred Land: Book 1


Defenders of the Sacred: Land Book 2


Exiles from the Sacred: Land: Book 3


Redemption of the Sacred: Land Book 4


Battlefield of the Sacred Land: Book 5


Crusade for the Sacred: Land: Book 6*







Long before the reawakening of the Sacred Land, those who could draw upon essence and wield magic were celebrated and revered. Neophytes were sometimes identified after they tried to use essence and developed essence sickness, an affliction of the mind common in young or new wielders. If possible, these neophytes were sent to anywhere master wielders congregated, and were apprenticed and cured of the sickness, which wasn’t life threatening at the time, but very uncomfortable. If left untreated, the sickness cured itself at the price of the neophyte losing their ability to wield forever. Eventually, academies where set up to take in new wielders and set them up with suitable masters.

On the cusp of this time of magical enlightenment, a wielder was born with special significance. Sheyna Namear would excel faster than any other wielder of her time. A legend in her own right, this is the beginning of her story, the beginning of the wielder who would one day be known simply as Lady Shey.

Chapter 1: The Jovial Elf


A frantic scream sounded in the distance as an old woman hobbled around the corner of the Namear household. She moved nimbly despite her age, fueled on adrenalin and determination. The good men and women of the city of Symbor responded to the cries and were dashing down the streets to lend help if needed.

She stopped the first person she could reach, a bald, middle-aged man who happened around the corner the same time as she, and pleaded with him in her grandmotherly voice, “Please, sir, did you see a little girl run by here, just little more than a toddler? She is my granddaughter.”

“No, m’lady, what the fire is going on up there?” He pointed to the front of the house, which was a corner house sandwiched into a block with five identical structures.

“The girl’s mother has been taken by the most awful creatures you have ever seen—black and toothy, with bat wings and drake eyes. I fear for the girl. Please, sir, tell me you saw her run this way.”

“What did you say she looked like, again?”

“Little more than a toddler, with straight black hair and the bluest eyes you have ever seen on a dirty little face. She had been playing in the soil of the garden. I was going to help her plant flowers, but when the creatures came, she ran.”

“I might have seen a girl like that. She was with a tall blonde lady in blue. I can’t be sure it was the same little girl; I was more interested in finding out what the commotion was up here.”

Another scream sounded, and the man pushed the old woman aside and ran to see what was happening.

The woman pushed her grey hair out of her eyes and continued on down the street. The woman in blue had to be Enowene, a friend of the family. She knew exactly where the woman would be: the white tower, which is where the woman anxiously headed now.

The sound of beating wings behind her made her duck under the awning of a nearby tailor’s shop. She looked up from the corner of the covering to see one of the creatures flying overhead. It appeared to be searching for something.
You are not getting little Sheyna, you foul beast!
Gathering up her strength, she continued on and even picked up her pace to the tower. When she was in sight of her destination, she noticed the creature still occasionally circling up above. Quickly, she concentrated all her ability and thought on precisely what her granddaughter looked like, and then projected the image of the little girl running in the opposite direction and diving down an alleyway. The creature screeched and gave chase, while the old woman went to the front door of the tower.

The door swung open before the old woman could knock. “Quickly, Arbella, get in here!” the tall blonde woman said.

The old woman complied. “Enowene. Do you have her?”

“Aye, of course I do.”

“Thank the gods. Is she safe?”

“For the moment, but the danger has far from passed. The poor girl was so frightened I had to . . . well . . . you know, to get her to calm down and go to sleep.”

Arbella gasped. “You used magic on my granddaughter! Enowene, have you lost all your good elven senses! That girl is special; we don’t know how magic works with her yet. You know who her mother is, for all the love of the gods!”

“Forgive me, Arbella, but now is not the time. We need to put her mother’s carefully laid plan into action. She foresaw that something like this could happen.”

The old woman closed her eyes, and her face tensed as if she were just wounded. “Aye, you are right. I still have hope that Veric will save the day.”

“We can’t put all our hopes in Veric. He is far too close to the problem. If he finds Sheyna’s mother and brings her home, we can safely deliver the young girl to her upon her return. Do you remember your role?”

“Aye, I will take her for a time and then hand her off to Sable.” She rung her hands and then clinched them into fists. “Oh, do I have to?”

“Aye, Arbella, you do. You will be the first place they look for her, and you are the only one who can take her memories. You are also the only one who can restore her memories if all goes well.”

“What is the plan if the enemy finds out Sable has her?” Arbella inquired.

Enowene looked pained. “I will take her.”

“You cannot! You are a friend of the family, the second place they would look for her.”

“I have a contingency plan for that. I don’t want to go into detail, but suffice it to say I know a way I could hide her in plain sight. It isn’t ideal and it has to be a last resort, but I think I could do it with a little help from some friends.”

“If you say so. I hope you know what you’re doing.” Arbella reached into her dress pocket and produced a small jade figurine of an elven woman. “Here, this is for Sheyna from her mother. She said it was special and to give it to you if anything happened to her. I managed to grab it. It feels enchanted.”

Enowene took the figurine. “It’s one of Toborne and Morgoran’s creations. I will make sure she gets it when she is old enough to take care of it.”

“May I see her?”

BOOK: Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle)
9.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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