Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle) (22 page)

BOOK: Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle)
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The Isle of Doom
- See Rugania.


The Jagged Mountains-
Enormous mountain range that separates Scarovia and Abaddonia from the West. It is the home of dwarves, Dramyds, and Drasmyd Duil, among others.


The Mountains of Madness
- Mountain range in the northern part of Ishrak. Not only are these mountains infested with orcs and fouls beasts but it is also home to the black city of Kragodor, city of the fallen (evil) dragons.


The Myradon Codex
- Tome of Myradon. Lost tome of the dragons.



The Silver Drake
- A statuette made of pure silver inset with ruby eyes made by the first holy trine to select the one man worthy of leading the kingdoms of the West as overlord or highlord. The gods themselves took up the Silver Drake and each bestowed into it their own gift. It is unknown what many of the gods’ gifts were, but the goddess of life, Loracia, gave the Silver Drake the gift of life. Fawlsbane Vex gave it free will and mind of its own.


Tome of Enlightenment
- Tome given to man by the god, Fawlsbane Vex, laying down the guidelines and ability for man to do magic.


- The capital city of Trigothia, it was split into three sectors each belonging to three Trigothian families who plan to form Trigothia into the three kingdoms of Adracoria, Ardenia, and Sythia.


- Ancient kingdom of the three major houses of Are’dune men. The three most power families separate it into the three kingdoms of Ardenia (Arden family), Sythia (Arasyth family), and Adracoria (Adrac family).


City near Seabrey, Symboria. Last city before advancing to Mount Urieus.


Vale of Morgoran
- Vale with the Tower of Morgoran at its center. A small village cropped up at the tower’s base and expanded. People hoped that Morgoran could cure their loved ones or predict their future.


- Realm and home of the gods. In ancient dragon tongue first created by the gods,
is represented as an
sound, so Venifyre is not pronounced
. So Genidyre would be pronounced
, not


- A Dragon Knight.


Vetell Fex
- Monastery located in Symboria, named after the brother of the god Vex. Vetell Fex simply means Fex’s home.


- A festive winter holiday in the Trigothian Kingdoms, Symboria, Ishrak, Darovan, and Arillia. It is a popular date to get married in the Trigothian kingdoms.


The ability to magically draw essence from everything around that contains essence and wield it to accomplish higher functioning magical feats. Drawing too much essence from one area may devoid that area of its ability to replenish essence for a longer period of time. Unless one is a mindwielder, areas devoid of essence are therefore devoid of magic. Areas of devastation eventually come back with greater amounts of essence.


BOOK: Wielder: Apprentice: Book 1 of Lady Shey's Story (The Wielder Cycle)
5.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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