Will You Marry Me? (Sam Darling Mystery Book 4) (17 page)

BOOK: Will You Marry Me? (Sam Darling Mystery Book 4)
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Using her vibes, her wit, and her charm, Sam solves the mystery, but not before going in the completely wrong direction more than once.


(Sam Darling mystery #2)

When a man falls down at Samantha Darling's feet, she thinks it's pretty funny. But she stops joking when he turns up dead. 

Social worker and would-be crime-solver Sam is busy trying to unravel the mystery as the death toll keeps mounting. She's thrilled to be hired by the handsome local private eye to work in the ER and investigate, but her elation quickly evaporates when she finds out that her sister Jen is being investigated for the murders.

A trio of other suspects, a poisoning scare for her best bud and canine companion Clancy, and the back-and-forth pull of Sam's attraction to the dreamy Michael and the loyal George keep her unbalanced as she tries to juggle social work, secret sleuthing, and a romantic triangle.

As usual, Sam takes her snooping to extraordinary heights. She can't seem to stop putting her nose where it doesn't belong. And this time...she may have gone too far.


(Sam Darling mystery #3)

If Sam had known when she knocked over the guy's bicycle that it would put her knee-deep in murder again, she might have thought twice.

Richie Klingman, the only representative of the "paparazzi" in Quincy, chased Sam down with his camera in an attempt to grab a quick shot of the local celebrity sleuth. But when the flashbulb went off in her face, she went off on him--or on his bike--and down it went, Richie and all.
Turns out that one of the photos Richie took caught the precise moment of a murder on film. The next thing Sam knows, Richie himself has been stabbed and is in the hospital with a serious chest wound.
Sam is stumped. There are no suspects. Instead there are round-the-clock police protecting Sam and her kids, who are home from college for the summer. And there is round-the-clock involvement with her old high school beau George, whom Sam has finally forgiven for standing her up on prom night.
When at last a suspect emerges, Sam is confronted with her own mortality yet again. In this third book of the Sam Darling mystery series, you'll be wondering whodunit right up until the murderer is fully exposed and the picture finally emerges.

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Thanks to all those who helped, including ~

Patrice Fitzgerald of eFitzgerald Publishing for her excellent work as my publisher and for being my friend.

Panera Bread Company for their continued patience in allowing me to sit and write my books.

Deb Broadwater for the name of the fictional Crackertown, MO. I warned her that her last name would appear because it's such a great name.

Professor Al Pogge for his wealth of knowledge on the decomposition of bodies.

Toni Taylor of Tiger Images for her beautiful photograph of a country church near Quincy (but it's in the Ozarks in the book). I gave the sheriff her last name.

Keri Knutson for taking Toni's picture and turning it into another gorgeous book cover.

My beta readers, Jan Smith, Nikki Shields, Beth Lane, and Donna Welsh, for their valuable input and their friendship.

All the Bozarth Sibs for continually giving me vignettes to write about.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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About the Author

Bestselling author Jerilyn Bozarth Dufresne is the oldest in a family of nine children, which is where she got the inspiration for the Darling Family--although her sibs fight a lot more and have cornered the market on sarcasm. She returned to her hometown of Quincy, Illinois after having lived a nomadic life in her middle years.

Jerilyn currently works as an outpatient therapist at a local mental health clinic and teaches at Quincy University. She and her dog Gus live with, and are tolerated by, two cats.

BOOK: Will You Marry Me? (Sam Darling Mystery Book 4)
6.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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