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came down from
her high and placed kisses along his neck and jaw before settling her mouth
over his. She kissed him slowly, savoring his taste and the feel of his lips
against hers. Cade withdrew from her and eased her down his body, breaking the
kiss. He took a moment to help her clean up,
off the water.

took a towel
from him as she stepped out of the shower and quickly dried her body. She
wrapped it around herself, not having anything clean to wear. It was doubtful
anything of hers had survived the fight with
Shopping was definitely in her future. Until then, perhaps she could borrow
some boxers and a tee from Cade. Wearing his clothes held a certain appeal, but
she couldn’t go out in public dressed that way. She’d have to come up with
something else. Conjuring things had never been her strong suit, but maybe Cade
could help her out in that department.

pulled her into his arms, holding her close. “There’s something I want to tell

it is, can it wait until we’ve had a nap? I’ve had a long day.”

this can’t wait.”

sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her down onto his lap. It seemed that he
didn’t know where to start, his expression saying that he was grasping for the
right words and coming up blank. Whatever he wanted to say, she hoped it
wouldn’t take long. She hadn’t been kidding when she said she needed a nap.

been alive for two hundred years. During that time, I’ve had my share of women.
Not relationships, but casual affairs, mostly to pass the time and stave off
the loneliness. I lost hope long ago that I would ever find my mate. And then I
opened my door, and there you were.” He smiled. “You were so cute, demanding
your wand. I think you would have turned me into a toad if you’d had your wand
right then.”

She grinned. “But
you were so handsome it would have been a shame to ruin that masculine beauty
with green skin and warts.”

point is that you were destined to be mine, and while I wasn’t ready to face
that right away, the moment I had you in my arms, I knew there was no turning
back. I hadn’t realized right away that you were my mate. I just knew there was
a pull, something drawing me to you. Truthfully, it scared the hell out of me.
I’d never felt anything like it before.”

big, bad
was scared?”

“Maybe a little.
We may have
just met, but I would do anything for you,
You’re my other half, my heart, my soul,
my everything
Without you, I’m a shell of a man. It also means you’re my weak spot and people
will try to capitalize on that, so I need to protect you any way I can. I
wasn’t kidding when I said I was putting wards directly on your body. I hope
you don’t mind a little ink because I’m going to tattoo them with a special
ink, one that will never come out.”

you’re going to brand me?”

guess you could look at it that way, but it’s for your own good. There’s something
else, something I’d like you to wear.”

closed his fist tight and when he opened his hand, a silver armband with swirls
and dips materialized. It was accented with precious stones and was the most
beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

a way of showing everyone you’re mine, other than my bite on your shoulder.
This particular design represents my house. It’s something all warlocks give
their brides.”


you’re ready, I want to marry you. I’ve already claimed you in the wolf way,
but I want to claim you in a binding ceremony, like a warlock would.”

caressed his cheek. “I’d really like that.
When I’m ready.”

smiled and kissed her before fastening the cuff around her bicep. It glowed a
moment, then formed to her arm, fitting snuggly. It felt like it belonged
there, as if it were a part of her, and perhaps it was. She had no doubt that
it was imbued with magick, his magick. It was a part of
a piece she could carry with her always.

too soon to say I love you,” she said, “because I’m not sure I’m there just
yet. But I know I will be, really soon. You’re an amazing man, Cade, and I’m
glad that you’re mine, and that I’m yours. I look forward to spending a
lifetime by your side.”

the amazing one,
. I’ll spend every day for the
rest of my life making sure you know just how precious you are to me, and if I
ever forget, don’t hesitate to remind me.”

she didn’t love him just yet, but she was falling for him fast and hard. She
knew she’d say the words soon, really soon, but for now this was enough. Being
part of something special, a part of him, was more than she could ask for. For
once, all was right in her world. As she pressed her lips to his, she let her
magick loose, let it circle them, caress them,
them with love and light.

knew that a sassy, quirky witch, who had given up hope of a
would ever find her way to love?





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BOOK: Witch Way to Love
12.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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