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Authors: Lorie O'Clare

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With Her Capture

BOOK: With Her Capture
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Lorie O’Clare



By Lorie O’Clare

A lunewulf book


Magda Keller and Ayden Toubec are in love.
They are fulfilling every sexual fantasy and learning about each
other. Life is perfect. Or it would be if there weren’t one serious
problem. Magda is half Malta werewolf—the despised breed of
werewolf that the law says must be killed on sight!

For all appearances, she is full Malta
werewolf. Enough for any werewolf who spots her to immediately
attack. Magda is condemned to hide from the world for the rest of
her life.

It breaks her heart, but Magda runs from
Ayden. She has to in order to save his life. He is alpha male,
loved and respected by his entire pack. Being with her will have
him kicked out of his pack, and even worse, also killed on sight.
There’s only one problem.

Ayden chases Magda down. He won’t live
without her. Now if the two of them can stay alive without any
werewolf who sees them killing them—including his very own
littermate—they might just stand a chance. There is only one spot
on earth where they can love, and live in peace…if they can get
there alive!

This is a work of fiction. All characters,
organizations and events are a product of the author’s imagination
and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons, living or
dead, or places, events, or locales is purely coincidental.







With Her Capture Copyright 2013 by Lorie


ISBN: 9781311070586




Edited by Anne Clardy

Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs

Published by Lorie O’Clare

Smashwords Edition


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Ayden Toubec would laugh if his body would
allow it. His littermate, Anthony, was an idiot. Georgie Toubec,
their cousin and mated to an amiable bitch, who let him out to play
every now and then, gained speed as he raced across the rocky, snow
covered terrain. He was going to pull off the same insane stunt
that Anthony had just achieved.

Ayden wouldn’t be left out and called a
coward. The icy cold wind rippled through his coat as he kept pace
with Georgie. Anthony was on the other side of the cliff, watching
the two of them. He panted and wore a toothy grin. The dare in his
almond shaped, silver eyes was obvious even at this distance.

Ayden took to flight at the same time Georgie
did. Not that Cariboo
actually flew. His heart
pounded hard the moment his paws left the snow covered rocks. He
didn’t look down but stretched his body, focusing on the ground on
the other side of the deadly gorge. The sun was high in the solid,
blue sky and blinded him momentarily before the cliff on the other
side came up fast.

Ayden slid on to the snow, his claws digging
into frozen ground until a rock sent him rolling, paws over head.
Georgie and Anthony were yelping like fools at his slightly less
than graceful landing. Ayden hurried to his paws and shook snow and
mud from his thick white coat. The two assholes were wagging their
tails hard enough to create a breeze. Their mouths were open,
tongues hanging out over long, deadly looking teeth as white as the
snow around them.

Except the snow around them was now a mess,
trampled from their paw prints with mud and rock scattered where
the three of them had slid after jumping from one side of the gorge
to the other. Beyond that though, drifts of snow stretched out
undisturbed. The sun glistened over it, giving the illusion that
thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded everywhere along the side
of the mountain.

Ayden regained his balance, and dignity. He
took in a deep breath, the cold Canadian Rockies air refreshing as
it filled his lungs. It tasted and smelled as undisturbed as the
vast snow-covered mountain range surrounding them. He returned the
stupid grin his littermate and Georgie had given him.

It didn’t have to be howled that none of them
would mention this to Georgie’s mate, Annalee. It was one thing for
her to let her mate run with unmated males, but if she knew they
were pulling antics worse than if they were cubs she’d probably
have all their hides. At the moment, Ayden didn’t care. They’d
leapt across one hell of a high gorge and it was worth basking in
the moment of their success.

He noticed the change in the air at the same
time Anthony and Georgie did. Ayden straightened and used his other
senses when he stared across the undisturbed sparkling snow. In the
distance, a line of evergreens bordered the wide span of terrain
stretching out in front of them.

Ayden sniffed the air, narrowing in on an
aroma carried on the breeze. His littermate and Georgie stood on
either side of him, doing the same. Anthony growled and Georgie
began leaping from one paw to the next. As Ayden took in the
mountain on this side of the gorge, he detected what both of them
had. They weren’t alone on this isolated section of their

Georgie pawed at the ground. Ayden held fast,
narrowing his gaze to search the tree line. In their fur, their
eyesight, along with their other senses, was much stronger than in
their human form, but it wasn’t good enough to see a smell. Ayden
searched for any sign of movement. Whoever they were sniffing out
had to be beyond that tree line. Everything else was wide open.

There was something else he knew. The scent
the three of them detected wasn’t Cariboo
had dared run on to their mountain, in to Cariboo territory. There
was plenty of mountain range for different species to hunt. Cariboo
didn’t tolerate others pushing in on their hunting

Anthony growled again. Ayden noticed how
wound tight both males suddenly were. The three of them charged the
air from the smell of adrenaline and anger. It was a potent
combination to breathe in.

Neither his littermate nor cousin would take
off running before Ayden did. He was older than Georgie. Ayden and
Anthony had been whelped at the same time. The simple fact that
Ayden had entered this world several minutes before Anthony gave
him say in all matters. It was a time-held tradition and one never
challenged by any Cariboo. Ayden was alpha male of their litter by

Even as he made an effort to narrow in on
whoever was out there, every inch of his body tightened with the
need to protect their territory. The Toubec den had hunted, mated
and whelped cubs on this mountain for five generations. As well, he
would also fight to protect their mountain for the sake of the
entire pack. No one moved in on their territory.

Ayden let out a low growl.
Time to protect
our mountain

Anthony and Georgie stiffened. Ayden didn’t
look at either of them but knew both shot him side glances. Instead
he sprang into the air, taking off at full speed. His large paws
slammed through snow to the frozen ground. Ayden used all the
strength his breeding granted him to race across the

Communication wasn’t the same in their fur as
it was in their flesh. His littermate and cousin didn’t need to
know the exact words he intended when he growled. His scent and
body language made his message quite clear.

Blinding, bright explosions of snow flew up
around all three of them when Ayden led the way across the vast
terrain. Their thick, white coats blended in with the surroundings
as well as protected them from the harsh elements. Ayden slowed
slightly when a fresh, cold breeze brought the aroma to them

Ayden curled his lip, disgusted with the
smells surrounding him.
There’s a predator in those trees,
he rumbled in his throat.

Anthony pranced around him in the deep snow,
eager to keep going and take on whoever was out there. He panted,
as well as kept looking toward the trees. In spite of his strong
smell of excitement and Georgie’s equally distracting scent, Ayden
managed to narrow in on the intruding odor.

Whoever was in the forest wasn’t Cariboo,
which meant a fight. Ayden would make damn sure they entered at the
prime location to insure they had the advantage. Not that he
worried any other species would take them down in battle.

The urge to taste blood grew stronger the
longer he sniffed out the area. It was a craving to possess,
control and dominate that ran strong in their fur. Cariboo
were a rare species of werewolf, larger than their
cousins but with the same thick, white coat, which
distinctly marked them. They shared another trait with the
Both breeds were known as the fastest species on

Ayden snapped at Anthony, then looked at
Georgie and gave him a low growl. Not that he needed to explain his
plan to either one of them. Both understood. They were going to
enter those trees with intent to kill.

Once again he took off running, this time
entering the trees. His eyesight adjusted instantly when the bright
blue sky overhead disappeared and was replaced by branches from the
dense woods around them. Ayden leapt over rocks and uneven ground
splattered with thick patches of snow where it had managed to fall
in the forest. Georgie and Anthony were in tow, all three of them
following the scent that grew stronger as they raced deeper into
the trees that were very thick on this section of the mountain.

What they’d initially smelled after jumping
the gorge had changed. Ayden dug his claws into the frozen earth,
coming to a stop. His littermate and Georgie were once again on
either side of him.

Ayden’s insides tightened when he dragged the
rich aroma into his lungs. His spine prickled and a growl rose to
his throat before he thought of stopping it. Something wasn’t
right. He ignored Anthony, who pranced in place alongside him.
Ayden moved around the trees, sniffing the air and taking cautious
steps as he tried understanding what his senses were detecting.

Wherever he walked, the rich scent remained
strong. They were on the backside of their mountain. Some litters
lived over this way, but most built their dens on the other side.
His pack was strong and powerful but that strength came in numbers.
Those living over here had less protection. It tended to make them
fiercer. He definitely didn’t smell a Cariboo. But he swore what he
picked up on now came from another werewolf.

Ayden narrowed his gaze and searched all
around him. There wasn’t any doubt in his mind. He smelled a
female. She wasn’t Cariboo
, but she was definitely
a werewolf.

Why had they smelled another species and now
the scent was definitely that of a female werewolf? It made no

females never ran
alone. He doubted another breed of werewolf thought any less of
their females to allow them to run without a chaperone. If a female
ran with another species that would be even more of a mystery.
Breathing in the crisp air again, he only noticed the female’s
aroma, which made even less sense. He hadn’t been mistaken back by
the gorge when he’d detected another species.

BOOK: With Her Capture
10.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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