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Wolf Tales V

BOOK: Wolf Tales V

Wolf Tales 5: Chanku
Kate Douglas


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Chapter One


One moment, she was a tall, elegantly dressed African American woman with long, darkly waving hair and eyes of brilliant amber. In less than a heartbeat, her dress lay on the redwood deck in a tumbled shimmer of blue satin. The woman had become the wolf, amber eyes glinting angrily in the last dying rays of the sun, canines glimmering like ivory blades. With a single low growl and a flick of her tail she leapt over the deck railing and raced through the damp meadow.

Anton Cheval threw back his head and laughed. Keisha hated to lose an argument, any argument.

“You gonna let her get away with this?” Anton turned to the couple sitting behind him.

Grinning broadly, Stefan Aragat lifted his wine glass. “She’s your mate. You better chase her down. Xandi and I plan to enjoy the sunset before we run.”

Anton’s abrupt shift from human to wolf left his clothing in a messy pile on the deck. So unlike him, he thought, not to fold everything neatly. He glanced once more at the dark pants and black cashmere sweater lying in an untidy heap, then cleared the deck railing and the garden beyond in a single bound.

Maybe laughter hadn’t been his best response.

Only Keisha could leave him so flustered.

Or so turned on.

Anton’s powerful forelegs stretched out and he gathered speed with each thrust of his haunches, but his mind was not entirely the wolf. No, he was reacting like a very protective male, no matter the species, and he knew it irritated the hell out of his Alpha mate.

No matter. He was not, under any circumstances, going to allow her to return to San Francisco by herself. It went against all he stood for, all the
were. Their strength lay in the pack, not in the individual.

The memorial garden Keisha had designed was moving forward according to schedule. She’d made enough trips, accompanied by either Anton or Stefan, to ensure everything would be perfect for the dedication. There was no reason she needed to go back early.

Not with that damned Carl Burns once more on her trail.

Anton had hoped the mind-job he’d done on the tabloid reporter would erase the smut-peddler’s memories of Keisha for a longer time than they had, but the bastard had suddenly reappeared in their lives on Keisha’s last trip to the city.

Why hadn’t she let him file harassment charges? Carl Burns was a menace.

No matter. Anton’s meetings would be over in less than a week and they could make the trip together. He had a lot of money riding on this latest investment. Stefan was learning the business, but he wasn’t up to handling an entire board of directors for a multi-national company.

Following the trail with his wolven mind, working through the problems with Keisha with his human side, Anton loped along the familiar trail. He still wasn’t certain what he could say to make her wait, but somehow he would convince her of the danger.

He had to.


Keisha’s warning hit him like a solid object. Another scent assaulted his sensitive nostrils. Anton ducked low, twisted and slipped off the trail.

Male. Not
. Human male. More than one, very close. Anton raised his nose and sniffed the air. He scented excitement, fear and the sour sweat of unwashed human.

Keisha’s scent was strongest to the right.

Pain. Anger. Fear

Her emotions washed over him, impossible to understand, beyond speech, beyond coherent thought. Anton veered off the main trail and, keeping his body low to the ground, raced down a narrow, bramble-filled ditch. Tufts of dark hair clung to some of the thorns. He scented blood and his hackles rose. Either she was so pissed she was ignoring the thorns, or something -- someone -- had hurt her.

All thought of meetings, investments, humanity, evaporated. Pure wolven rage filled his heart, seared his mind. His lips curled back in a dark snarl, exposing sharp canines.


Keisha’s mental cry, clear now, ringing true as a bell in his mind, sent ice running through his veins.

Anton! Take care! Poachers. Armed with crossbows

He paused, one foot raised, his sensitive nose finding Keisha’s scent, scenting blood along with her unique, feminine fragrance, pinpointing her location. At the same time, he reached out with his thoughts to touch Stefan and Xandi.

The connection was instantaneous, their response immediate. Satisfied, Anton raced toward his mate.
I’m coming. Are you hurt

Just grazed. Stay low. Can you reach Stefan? I can’t find him

I’ve already contacted him. He’s on his way. He’ll bring the four-wheeler and he’s armed. Xandi’s called the ranger. Where are the poachers

Near the pond. They’ve built a blind at the far end, above the beaver dam

Anton passed the information on to Stefan. Scanned the thick underbrush along the near edge of the pond. Keisha’s scent and the scent of fresh blood were strong, her fear and anger a palpable thing.
Where are you

Near the birch stand. Low, in the bramble patch

He found her there, curled into a tight ball, her blood dripping steadily into the remnants of one last patch of crusty snow. She’d packed the shallow wound in her shoulder with ice, at least as well as she could in wolven form.

Anton inspected the wound, licked the matted fur around it, grabbed a mouthful of ice and pushed it tightly against the seeping gash. Thank goodness it didn’t appear life threatening.

I should kill them. They need to die
. His thought ended on a snarl of pure rage.

No, you should have them arrested. They’re idiots. Let the law deal with them

Her calm statement helped slow his racing heart.

I will, but I don’t have to like it. I’d rather kill them

Keisha raised her head and glowered at him. Sighing, Anton nuzzled her once more and waited impatiently for Stefan and the ranger to arrive.

This made the third set of poachers on their land this season -- all of them hunting wolves.




Chapter Two


“I don’t like it one bit. What’s a few more days?” Anton practically growled at her. If he’d been in wolf form, Keisha knew his hackles would be up.

“The difference between doing my job right and not. You of all people should understand that.” Standing face to face with her lover in the large bedroom, Keisha held her ground and glared at Anton. Her shoulder hurt and she had one hell of a headache, but she was not giving in on this.

“I do. I don’t have to like it, though.” Anton sighed and pulled her gently into his arms.

She went willingly, her anger evaporating as quickly as his. “You said your meetings in New York will be over by Friday. You can join me this weekend. It’ll give me time to get my work done without a lot of, um, distractions, okay?”

“But I love distracting you. I’ll worry. It’s dangerous for you. Stefan suspects Burns might be behind the poachers.”

“Then it’s probably safer in San Francisco than here.” She leaned back from his embrace and smirked. “I’ve never been shot at in San Francisco. Kidnapped, assaulted maybe, but never shot.” Keisha rubbed her bandaged shoulder, then closed the gap between them and brushed her lips over his. “The dedication’s scheduled for the first Sunday in June. With travel, that gives me less than a week… not a lot of time for me to make sure everything is ready. This is important to me, Anton. I have to go. I promise I’ll be careful.”

“I know.” He leaned close, his lips softly brushing hers.

She tilted her hips forward, pressing her pubic bone against his growing erection, at the same time sending out a silent call to Xandi and Stefan.

This would be the last night for all of them to spend together for over a week. If nothing else, she knew sex with her pack mates was a sure cure for the headache that lingered.

Anton smiled against her mouth. He’d caught her signal to the others. She knew nothing pleased him more than when she initiated a night of pleasure for the four of them.

Last night, after her attack, after the rangers had hauled off their three captives and Keisha’s injured shoulder had been properly cleaned and bandaged, they’d all shared the same bed. There’d been no sex, merely loving, supportive bodies holding her close, helping her heal.

Tonight, Keisha wanted more.

Anton’s hands were roughly kneading her taut buttocks when Stefan slipped into the room and wrapped his arms around both Keisha and Anton. “Xandi’s on a grocery run. She’ll join us later.”

Keisha turned to Stefan and kissed him. “Hmmmm. Poor girl doesn’t know what she’s missing.” Stefan’s tongue found the seam between her full lips. Practically purring with the sensual promise in his kiss, she welcomed him inside. Her mouth moved with his as Anton’s lips found the sensitive spot below her ear. Stefan’s hands worked the buttons on her blouse, Anton’s released the snap and zipper on her jeans.

As if they’d rehearsed each move, the men stripped her clothes from her body, following each item of clothing with wet, open-mouthed kisses and sharp little nips of their teeth.

At the same time, they shed their own clothing, helping one another until all of them were nude. Sandwiched between two hot, male bodies, Keisha gave herself up to pleasure.

Not so long ago, the very fact two men touched her, tasted her, loved her, would have sent her over the edge into mindless panic. Now, she reveled in not only the sensual touch, but her own healing. There was nothing she feared from the men she trusted.

Nothing she wasn’t willing, even anxious to try.

Stefan swung her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. Anton took her from Stefan and settled her on the cool sheets, on her back with her legs spread wide, bent at the knees. Both men knelt beside her. Keisha closed her eyes and, moving her injured shoulder carefully, reached over her head to grab the headboard railing. She knew her silent acquiescence would set them free to take her however they wished.

Mouths, hot and greedy, found her breasts, suckled her nipples hard and deep, tongued the sensitive peaks, nipped at the turgid flesh.

She cried out, aware of each man, how different, how similar their touch, their scent. Fingers stroked her hips, her thighs, teasing close to her center, then moving away. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, both men’s fingers came together in the nest of curls between her legs.

The suction on her breasts grew stronger, the long fingers trailing between her legs crept deeper. Moaning, Keisha arched her back, begging silently for penetration. One hand circled her left buttock and she recognized Stefan’s touch. The other slipped between her greedy labia as Anton teased the creamy opening to her pussy.

Together, both hands moved between her legs, two fingers slipped into her wet heat, twisting and turning deep inside her. Then only one remained, stroking very slowly, in and out. She felt the rough pad of Anton’s thumb against her clitoris, the damp tip of Stefan’s forefinger pressing gently against her anus.

Anton slipped two more fingers inside her just as Stefan breached her ass and pressed deep. His finger slipped easily in and out, easing the taut ring of muscle. She felt him insert a second finger, then a third. Still, there was no pain, nothing other than a sense of pressure, of building excitement.

She knew the men could feel each other through the thin wall of flesh, wondered if they would carry this further, something they’d never done without Xandi present.

Anton’s thumb made wet circles around her clit, his fingers penetrated her dripping pussy, and his mouth suckled her nipple so hard he narrowly skirted the barrier between pleasure and pain. Stefan tightened his lips around her just as hard, then let her sensitive nipple slip loose, tugging it gently with his teeth before releasing her.

His fingers, however, continued their relentless, rhythmic penetration, stretching her sphincter muscle, preparing her. Keisha arched her back, lifting her buttocks off the bed. Her stomach muscles rippled with the steady thrusts from both her lovers, with the hot suction from Anton’s mouth.

Caught up in Anton’s touch, she was barely aware of Stefan, thought she heard the sound of foil tearing, was only truly certain he’d donned a condom when she felt him settle between her knees. Once more his fingers sought her, slick now with some sort of lubricant, something warm and soothing. He shifted and she felt the solid pressure of his erect cock against her ass as he sought entry where his fingers had been mere moments ago.

She knew Stefan wanted this, had prepared her so that she might take Anton without fear or pain. Because of his love, she could enjoy the act that had terrified her since her attack. After a moment of gentle teasing, Stefan’s cock speared her deep, filling her ass, a smooth, painless entry that left him supported tightly between her legs with his balls pressed against her buttocks.

Her fingers tightened on the headboard. She moaned, then practically whimpered as Stefan carefully adjusted her legs, settling her even closer, filling her deeper.

Keisha let the sensations flow over and through her. She actually felt Stefan’s cock expand even more, now he was inside her. Felt each ridge, even the thick vein throbbing with blood against her sensitive tissues. His balls were warm, the soft fur covering them tickling her ass.

Filled with Stefan, she jumped when Anton twisted his fingers deep inside her, turned them to touch the back wall of her vagina. He was stroking Stefan! Anton’s fingers, buried in her pussy, traced the contours of Stefan’s huge cock through the fleshy barrier.

Anton opened his thoughts to her, allowed Keisha to share the sensation, the hot, wet sheath a nerve-laden boundary between Anton’s supple fingers and Stefan’s pulsing cock.

Stefan groaned, leaned over and bit down on her nipple then suckled it against the roof of his mouth. He thrust harder, then slowly withdrew, as if loath to give up either Keisha’s heat or Anton’s touch. At the same time, Anton pulled his fingers slowly out of Keisha and released her nipple with a wet sounding

Stefan licked the very tip of Keisha’s breast then released it. He lifted her hips and sat back on his heels, at the same time pulling her away from the headboard so they were centered in the middle of the bed. His big hands grasped her buttocks while her legs dangled over his forearms, his cock filled her ass, slowly entering and then withdrawing. She felt Anton shift over her body and smiled when his cock brushed her lips.

A not so gentle hint, my love
? She drew the hot crown between her lips and sucked hard, tonguing the sensitive tip before drawing him deep into her mouth.

I’ll make it worth your while

His thought had barely entered her mind when Anton’s tongue circled her clitoris. His silky hair tickled her belly and thighs and she wondered how it felt for Stefan, wondered at the sensation of his cock buried deep in her channel with Anton’s mouth locked on her pussy. Did Stefan feel Anton’s hair brushing his groin? Did the silken strands drift across Stefan’s hard thighs with the same soft sweep as Keisha felt?

The image of the two men she loved, each loving her in his own way, took Keisha higher, sent her blood running hotter with each lick and thrust. Stefan continued his slow, deep penetrations, but it was Anton, his tongue and teeth, his warm lips and hot breath, taking her faster, farther into oblivion.

Her breasts ached, the nipples felt cold without the warm mouths sucking and biting them, but the rest of her body was hot, so hot she imagined steam rising from her flesh.

Keisha grabbed Anton’s firm buttocks, holding his hips in place while she sucked and licked his cock, seeking and finding the same rhythm the men had with her.

Lord, how she loved the smells and tastes of her lover! Stefan was dear and his technique beyond reproach, but Anton stole her soul, owned her heart, invaded every cell of her body. It scared her, sometimes, to realize how much she loved him, how very much she needed him.

She twirled her tongue around the crowned tip of his beautiful cock, licked the tiny eye and tasted the first drops of his seed. Some day, hopefully not too far away, he would take her as the wolf, make love to her in the deep, dark woods, and with this seed plant a new life, a child within her womb.

The image consumed her, the thought of binding herself irrevocably to this man, the knowledge that a child would link them for all time, would be the constant reminder of their love.

Love. Dear God, the emotion was more frightening than she’d ever imagined. It made her vulnerable, made her afraid.

Made her whole.


Reality replaced thought. Keisha’s orgasm slammed into her without prelude, hot and fast, a raging storm overwhelming her senses. Fueled by love, by need, by emotions so intense she feared to understand them, her climax took control of conscious thought, of the blood in her veins, the beat of her heart, the air rushing into her straining lungs.

Stefan thrust hard, his body tightened, and he took her even higher. Gasping for air, Keisha released Anton’s hard cock and screamed, back arching, hips tilting forward, thrusting her pussy against Anton’s mouth, tightening her muscles around Stefan’s cock.

Anton continued lapping and sucking her streaming pussy, even as Stefan collapsed over both of them. Grasping Anton’s thighs firmly, drawing a great shuddering breath, Keisha silenced her moans with his cock, filling her mouth once more with him, drawing him deep and running her fingers over his testicles, milking Anton’s seed as he joined their climax. She felt Stefan move deep once more, pause, finally withdraw. Vaguely sensed him easing her legs down to the bed and moving away from her quivering, clenching body.

Heard his murmured words of love, both to her and to Anton.

Still she tongued and suckled Anton, swallowing each drop he shared with her, licking him, then merely holding his flaccid cock within her mouth until he rolled to one side, away from her. She lay there, gasping for air. His mouth remained fixed to her spasming, clenching pussy, his body shuddering against hers in the aftermath of passion.

She lifted her hand, touched his shoulder, caressed the firm skin, absorbed his heat. Her eyes drifted closed and her breathing slowed.


Anton rested his tongue against her clit, sensed the final spasms of her climax, tasted the flavors unique to Keisha. She was so beautiful, so welcoming of their lifestyle, their
heritage. Anton knew he would never get enough of her taste, her scent, her body… her wonderful, independent mind.

Damned if she wasn’t going to drive him nuts! He ran his hands along her relaxed and pliable body, spread her legs wide, shifted position and knelt between her knees, taking the place Stefan had just vacated. Now, though, Anton pressed the head of his recovering cock against her waiting vagina and entered in a single, smooth thrust.

She arched and cried out, coming apart before he’d fully penetrated her. He felt her muscles tightening, rippling along the length of his cock, felt the fresh release of lubricating moisture and thrust even deeper. His cock found the hard mouth of her womb and pressed close before he slowly withdrew.

What would it be like, to know his child grew there? The image of Keisha, round and full with their baby brought tears to his eyes. She would be a wonderful mother, strong, protective, fierce. One day she would carry his child, the truest evidence of her love, of his love for her.

Now, though, she arched her hips and took all of him, took his heat and strength, his very essence deep inside. He tried to lose himself fully in her welcoming warmth, but fear still fluttered silently in the back of his mind.

The coming separation scared the crap out of him. Frightened him beyond measure, but he would help her pack and take her to the airport without further argument.

What was that old saying… if you love something, set it free?

Stupid saying

Anton didn’t want to let go of Keisha, not for a moment. He’d do it because she asked, because he loved her… because to hold her too tight would be to lose her.

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