A desire come true (The Never Changing Wish Book 1)

BOOK: A desire come true (The Never Changing Wish Book 1)
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A desire come true


R.B. Constantine





Wish for what you can’t have, for one day, it may come true. Trust your heart and mind, trust your will and spirit. Deliver yourself from the present moment, push yourself beyond the walls you set up. Fight for what you believe in, for no one will do it for you.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons is coincidental.





Look at this guy, acting all high and mighty. Does he think I will fall for his sorry ass? No sir, I will not.

Even so, I can’t take my eyes of him, his every move enchanting me. What is going on, why can’t I just let it go?

Maybe his arrogant style is at fault; or his perfect body. Not to mention his face, so manly, so attractive, it’s insane.

I think I lost it.



Damn, check this redhead. This is a girl I could actually respect. She is like a lioness in the great savannas. Proud and strong, just as I wish my other half to be.

I need her, I want her, and I desire her with every part of my body and mind.

What is her name?

Whisper your name to me…




















Chapter I



        I hear the alarm. I look at the clock, its 7 AM. I stand up and stretch for a second, then I say to myself:
Today is the day
. I go into the bathroom to get ready. Staring into the mirror, I see my old self, a redhead with a perfect body and a beautiful face. I clench my hands in excitement, already imagining the success of my book.

         “My old self, my perfect self.”

         I live in a house with three other girls, my best friends for what I know. They all sleep like babies at the moment, only I must wake up and do stuff, lazy bitches.

It's 7:40 AM. Need to eat something; I don't what to get hungry in the middle of the meeting. Let’s see what can I eat. I check the fridge, hmm, don't have time to prepare nothing special, so.... let’s eat some good classic cereals. After I'm done, I check myself again into the mirror.

I take my stuff, and exit the house at 8:10. Pretty good. O yea, I sometimes forget that now I'm a writer and need to act more mature; I think.

Today I'm going to meet my publisher. I've sent a copy  two months ago, and the other day I’ve received an email which let me know that I’ve entered the next stage. I enter into the car, start the engine and drive slowly down the street. It’s a sunny morning here in Boston. I don’t live in the middle of the city so it's a pretty long ride to the publishing house, and the traffic is just great as usual. It takes me an hour and 10 minutes to get here. Good Lord, the parking lot is full. I drive slowly through the cars hoping to find the last spot available.   After 5 minutes I finally find a place to park. Well, I think it's a good thing that the parking lot is so full. I get out of the car and hurry to the entrance of the building. The hall is warm and welcoming. I like it. Behind the blue desk sits a young man, groomed and good looking. His wearing a nice blue suit, slim fit. He is talking at the phone; he seems really caught up in the conversation, so I think he didn’t notice me yet. Let’s have some fun. I walk without a sound across the room, getting closer and closer to the pray. I get as close as I can.

         “Hello there!” He jumps of the seat and finds himself looking at a gorgeous 24 year old women staring at him with her piercing cold blue eyes. He steps back looking puzzled, speechless. It worked.

         After a couple of seconds he finds his words.

         “Welcome to the Gregory Publishing House. How can I help you?” he barely is able to articulate the words.

         “Thanks. I'm here to see Mr. Adams. I have a meeting at ten. My name is Alice Morgan.”

         I give him a big smile while he checks his computer. “Yes, Mrs. Morgan, if you please sign here. You must take the elevator to the last floor. It's the first door to the left.”

         I keep my eyes on him the whole time he speaks.

         “Last floor, left door. Got it. See you when I leave.” He looks at me stunned, and says with a low voice.

         “Have a nice meeting...” I sure intend to make that happen.

         I walk into the elevator, press the button for the last floor and start thinking of what I will say. Nothing special I guess. Just be myself, that's the best option. I reach my destination. A black door sits between me and my future. I knock two times and open the door. The room is huge, with two walls made of glass and the others two covered with bookshelves. At a big desk sits an old man, the guy I'm looking for, no doubt, but wait, he's not alone. Next to him, but on the other side of the desk sits a young man, can't really see his face. Need to get close.

         “Good Morning, Mrs. Morgan. How are you doing on this lovely day?” says Mr. Adams rising from his chair and walking towards me. He shakes my hand gently, and then points to the other guy.

         “I'd like you to meet Levi, bright fellow I must say.”

         He turns around and makes contact with my eyes. Not a single move on his face.

         “Mr. Adams, you don't need to be so kind.” He puts his hand on the man's  shoulder and smiles at him. They both start laughing and I try to join in but with no success. They start to piss me off.

         “Gentlemen, why don't we have a sit and get to business, eh?”

         I look at them with my piercing eyes; they stop laughing, and slowly walk to their chairs.
Good boys

         “Yes, Mrs. Morgan, of course, sorry for our little escapade,” says Mr. Adams while arranging some documents.

         “Excellent,” I say turning my look to the guy next to me. Let’s see. His hair is black, his eyes are blue but not like mine, they are lacking power. His skin is nice, perfect tan I admit. I don't know, his face tells me his arrogant but not in a bad way, I think. Nonetheless, who the hell is this guy? I suddenly lose my train of thought because Mr. Adams starts talking.

         “So, we are here today in regard to the manuscript that will be published, yes. I have read both your work and I must say that it’s wonderful. These two novels are the best I have read in a couple of years!”

Heh, of course it is the best, I wrote it
. In the same time, Levi raises his head and with a soft voice says:

 “I'm sure that Mrs. Morgan hard work is better than my modest and humble draft, am I right, Mrs. Morgan?”

         Is this guy mocking me or what? He thinks his smart, but let’s see how smart he really is. I lean over to his side and touch his shoulder lightly, whispering in his ear.

         “I like when a guy is humble and modest, it makes be lose my cool.”

         He looks into my eyes and whispers back.

         “Is that so, Mrs. Morgan, or should I call you Alice.”

         “As I was saying, both manuscripts are excellent. But, unfortunately, only one of them can be put out in the world. I'm sorry.”  

         “Its okay, Mr. Adams, for it is normal that the best must win, yes?”       

         “Indeed, indeed my boy. The problem is that I can't choose one, it’s very tricky,” says the old man looking at the manuscripts.

         “What can I do when two wonderful talents show up at my door in the same time!”

         I look at Levi while he stares at his hands, playing like a five year old. This guy is not interested at all about the matter. I should get the book published; at least I care about this more than him. He seems spaced out. Good. I turn my eyes from Levi and capture the look of Mr. Adams.

         “I got a proposition.”

         “Let’s hear it, my dear.”

         “Why don't we write a short story right now, like ten pages, and see who was the potential to evolve from this point, but of course, if you have the time, Mr. Adams.”

         “Well, I have some meetings after this, but I'm sure while I get through them you can write your story in peace and then we will check them out.”

         “Sounds good to me, I'm a right, Levi?” I catch his eyes and try to pierce them with mine. He stares at me with no expression, well more like he's bored, and amused in the same time, can't really tell. Anyway I’m sure that I will take him down in this competition. Look at him, his totally unprepared. 

         “Levi, what do you think, is it okay with you?” asks Mr. Adams.

         He raises his head, looks for a second at me, winks to me, and then says looking outside the window:

         “It will be my pleasure to compete with Alice for this.”     

         “Excellent, let’s get started, shall we!”

         I can't believe this guy, so full of him; I will love the moment when I will win. Five minutes later we are ready to begin. We moved to a small office, on the second floor.

         “Okay, children, you got two hours, I say it’s enough, yes?”  

         “Yes, it’s totally fine by me.” I smile at him and then I get started. Levi looks out the window again, with his eyes staring in the air.

         “Okay, then begin, and good luck,” says Mr. Adams and then he leaves us alone.

         Let’s see, I need to write something really good, so that I can win from a mile away. I sure don't want to be close to this guy. Hmm, think... I know. After one hour and six pages written, I raise my head and look at Levi. What is he doing, he doesn't seem to be writing anything. I get up of my chair and turn his laptop. He is playing a fucking game! I can't believe it. He hasn't written anything.

         “Levi, what are you doing, you haven't written anything yet!” He looks at me and then makes a cute small smile. I swallow, my own mouth twitching a bit.

         “I was letting you get a head start. One hour that is. I will star writing now, if you don't mind.”

         This guy is unbelievable; who does he think he is. I stare at him with my cold blue eyes, trying to break him. No success. Fuck it. My story is better anyway. I sit back on my chair and start writing the rest of it. Damn, this guy messed my concentration. After one minute of staring at the screen, I get my ideas together but before a start typing I hear Levi hitting the keyboard.
, he's writing so fast, double the speed I type. Who is this guy? Never mind, let’s finish before we run out of time. Fifty minutes later I type in the last word. Done. Two minutes left. Not bad. I look at Levi; he seems to have finished as well.

         “You done?”

         “Yea, 20 minutes ago, he says with a smile on his face. You?”      

         “Of course I did, what do you think. How many pages do you got?” I ask Levi but in the same time Mr. Adams enters the room, happy as always. Levi gets closer to me and with a soft voice, he whispers in my ear the number 15.

         “Have you written your stories? Yes? Good! Let’s see what you have created. So excited.”

         He looks at us and you can see it in his eyes, he really is happy.

         “Who shall we start with?”

         “Ladies first, right, Mr. Adams,” Levi replies looking at his screen. 

         “Indeed, my boy, ladies first. If you may, Mrs. Morgan.”

         I nod handing over my laptop. He starts reading and after five minutes he grins at me saying nothing.

         “Now let’s see what you have written, Levi.” I get my laptop back and at the same time Levi gives his to the old man. After five more minutes or six I can say, he ends the reading and gives back the laptop. His face is blank. Why? What does Levi wrote there. Hmm... .

         “Well... I must say, Mrs. Morgan... It seems you win... Yes, you got the better story,” Mr. Adams mutters and looks at Levi. 

         “I will contact you in a couple of days with the rest," continues Mr. Adams. He stands up and shows us to the door. 

         “Delighted to meet you.”

         “So do us, so do us!” I say simply and smile. What the fuck just happened. The door shuts and I remain alone with Levi.

         “What did you write there!?” I poke him with my finger and stare at him with my cold eyes.

BOOK: A desire come true (The Never Changing Wish Book 1)
11.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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