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Authors: Michael Scott Taylor

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A Harsh Lesson (2 page)

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Listen, Nikki,” Mark says.
“It’s not what you think.”

Sure it’s not,” Nikki
replies. “Don’t treat me like I’m stupid.”

I thought you were out for
the day,” Mark says, dropping his head.

You thought wrong,” Nikki
snaps back.

Listen, I just—”

Zip it,” Nikki says,
pointing at Mark. “I’ll deal with you later. First I’m going to
deal with her. She turns her attention to Cindy, who is still
sitting on her knees on the floor, sniffling, trying to stem the
tide of her tears. “What about you, Cindy? What do you have to say
for yourself?”

I’m sorry?” Cindy says,
framing it like a question.

You aren’t yet,” Nikki
says, still holding onto Cindy’s hair. “But you will be. You’ll be
very sorry.”

You’re not going to tell my
parents, are you?” Cindy asks.

I guess that depends,”
Nikki says.

On what?”

On you.”

What do you

The choice is yours,” Nikki
says, “I can either drive you back home and tell your parents
exactly what happened here, or we can dole out your punishment
right here, right now.”

What kind of punishment?”
Cindy asks.

Whatever I deem
appropriate,” Nikki says.

Cindy nods her head. “Okay.”

Okay, what?”

I’ll accept your

Are you sure?” Nikki says.
“Once we get started, you won’t be able to change your

I’m sure,” Cindy says. “Do
you worst to me.”

Oh, don’t worry about
that,” Nikki says, smiling like a demon. “We will. But first I want
to get a few things straight in my head. Who started this whole

It was all her,” Mark

Is that true?” Nikki asks

No,” Cindy says.

No? So you came over here
to fuck my husband against your will? Did Mark force you to come
over here?”

Well, no,” Cindy says. “But
he started it. He approached me first.”

Of course he did,” Nikki
says. “He’s a man. They all think with their dicks. That doesn’t
mean you can’t tell him no.”

I tried,” Cindy

Obviously not too hard,”
Nikki says.

She practically begged for
it,” Mark says. “She came over here every time you left the house,
trying to get me to let her in.”

Nikki looks at him for a moment before
turning her attention back to Cindy. “Is that right?” she asks.

Cindy just shrugs.

Yeah, I bet you did,” Nikki
says, her attention still on Cindy. “You’re just a filthy little
slut, aren’t you?”

Cindy shrugs again. A defiant little smile
has worked its way onto her lips. She’s obviously given up trying
to play the innocent girl.

You love cock, don’t you?”
Nikki says.

Cindy nods.

And you want my husbands
cock, don’t you?”

Cindy nods again.

That’s what I thought,”
Nikki says. Pointing at Mark, she says, “You, drop your pants and
pull your cock out.”

Mark does as he’s told, trying to act
dismayed even though his rock-hard cock is betraying his true

So you want my husband’s
cock, huh? Then here,” Nikki says, pushing Cindy’s head towards
Mark’s cock, which is harder than ever. “Start fucking sucking on
it then you little slut. Show me what you can do.”

Still holding onto Cindy’s hair with one
hand, Nikki circles around so she’s behind the younger girl. With
her free hand, she yanks Cindy’s arms back and holds them in place
behind her back.

You like it when men use
all your holes, don’t you?” Nikki says, pushing Cindy’s head
forward and back, forcing her to suck Mark’s cock. “That’s right,
you little slut. Suck my husbands fucking cock.”

Nikki gets more aggressive, pushing and
pulling Cindy’s head off of Mark’s cock with more force and speed
with every passing second. It isn’t long before Cindy is gagging
and coughing, with spittle running down her chin and onto the
floor. But Nikki doesn’t let up, pushing Cindy’s head further and
further forward until she’d nearly taking all of Mark’s cock with
every thrust.

After a good thirty seconds of constant
sucking, Nikki holds Cindy’s head in place with Mark’s cock deep
inside her mouth for a few beats before letting off, giving Cindy a
chance to breathe.

You’re pretty good at
that,” Nikki says to Cindy. “What do you think, Mark? Does she know
what she’s doing?”

She sure as hell does,”
Mark says.

Looking up at Mark, Nikki says. “What do you
say we see how good she is a deepthroating?”

I say that sounds like a
great idea,” Mark says, smiling.

Nikki smiles up at him. “Yeah, I think so
too,” she says.

What do you think about
that?” Nikki says to Cindy. “Does that sound like a good idea to

Still controlling Cindy’s head with her
hand, Nikki forces Cindy’s head to move up and down as though she’s

Yeah, I thought you’d like
that,” Nikki says. “Now open wide.”

Cindy does as she’s told.

Nikki spits in Cindy’s mouth then pushes on
the back of her head, forcing Cindy to take Mark’s cock in her
mouth once again. But this time, instead of pulling it back Nikki
continues pushing until Mark’s entire cock disappears inside
Cindy’s mouth.

Releasing Cindy’s arms, Nikki uses both
hands to push on the back of Cindy’s head, holding her in place
with her nose against Mark’s belly and his cock deep in her throat.
Cindy coughs and gags but Nikki doesn’t let up. Cindy gags again
and tries to pull away but Nikki doesn’t let her, continuing to
hold her in place, forcing her to deepthroat Mark.

Where do you think you’re
going?” Nikki asks mockingly. “I didn’t say you were done

Cindy gags yet again, deeper this time—a
deep, ragged sound—and her chest heaves as she desperately tries to
pull away. But Nikki still isn’t done. She holds Cindy in place for
another five seconds before finally letting go.

Cindy’s head snaps back and she gasps for
breath while saliva drips down out of her mouth and onto her chest.
Her eyes are watering, making her mascara run.

Nikki still has a hold of Cindy’s hair and
uses it to yank her head around in loose circles before pulling
sharply on it, forcing Cindy’s chin towards the ceiling to
alleviate the pressure. Cindy lets out a sharp yelp.


Oh, the poor little slut
can’t handle playing with the big boys,” Nikki says, laughing. She
bends down until her face is directly above Cindy’s. “I guess you
should have thought about that before you decided to start blowing
my husband you stupid little cunt.”

Nikki slaps Cindy in the face, eliciting a
flinch and another yelp from the smaller, younger girl.

Oh, you didn’t like that,
did you?” Nikki says, laughing some more.

Cindy shakes her head from side to side.

Nikki slaps her again. “Well, now you know
how I feel when I saw your slutty little ass in that closet.”

Nikki releases Cindy’s hair and spins her
entire body around so she’s facing away from Mark. Looking up at
Mark, who’s still standing above both of them, Nikki says, “What do
you say? Should we let her off the hook with just a warning?”

It’s up to you,” Mark

Nikki pretends to think about it for a
moment. “Nah,” Nikki says. “I don’t think she’s learned her lesson
yet.” She pushes down on Cindy’s shoulders, forcing the smaller
girl onto her hands and knees. “Now you’re going to see what
happens to bad little sluts when they fuck the wrong man.”

Nikki drops down to her knees directly
behind Cindy She flips Cindy’s skirt up over her back, revealing
Cindy’s tiny little ass, covered up only by a black g-string. Nikki
yanks the g-string to the side, putting Cindy’s shaved pussy on

Holy crap,” Nikki says to
nobody in particular. “You’re pussy is soaking wet you dirty little
slut. You love this shit, don’t you?”

Cindy reluctantly nods her head.

You actually enjoy getting
treated like shit, right?”

Cindy nods her head again.

Nikki smacks her on the asscheek. “What
about that?” Nikki asks. “Do you like that too?”

Cindy nods.

Say it,” Nikki says,
smacking her other cheek. “Tell me how much you like

I love it,” Cindy says,
although not all that convincingly.

I don’t believe you,” Nikki
says, smacking her again, harder this time. “Say it again. Like you
mean it this time.”

I love it,” Cindy says,
louder and more vigorously.

Close,” Nikki says,
smacking her ass yet again. “But you’re still not quite

I love it!” Cindy says,
practically screaming the words as Nikki continues smacking her
ass, one cheek and then the other, making them shine bright red
while Mark looks on with a vague little smile on his face. “I love
it! I love it! I fucking love it!”

That’s better,” Nikki says,
smacking Cindy’s ass one last time before stopping. “Do you think
you’ve learned your lesson yet?”

Yes,” Cindy says between
deep breaths as she tries to recover.

Do you?” Nikki says.
“Because I don’t. Not even close. We’ve still got a long ways to
go, missy.” She points her finger at Mark. “You. Over here. On your
knees in front of her.”

Still smiling, Mark does as he’s told, his
hard cock mere centimeters from Cindy’s mouth.

Now fuck her face while I
work on her pussy,” Nikki says.

Gladly,” Mark replies,
grabbing ahold of Cindy’s head and holding it in place as he
thrusts his hips forward, slipping his cock into her

Nikki drops to her knees and slips two
fingers into Cindy’s shaved, dripping wet pussy. They slide in
easily, with very little resistance.

You really
love this, don’t you?”
Nikki says, laughing under her breath. Sitting perpendicular to
Cindy, she works her fingers into Cindy’s pussy without mercy,
slamming them in and out as quickly as she can while Mark continues
to fuck Cindy’s face.

Answer me,” Nikki says,
sliding a third finger into Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy mumbles something as best she can with
Mark’s cock still working in and out of her mouth.

I can’t hear you,” Nikki
says, slamming her fingers even more aggressively into Cindy’s

Yes,” Cindy manages to
somehow say even though Marks cock is still in her

You can take even more,
can’t you?” Nikki asks.

Yes,” Cindy manages

Nikki slips a fourth finger into her pussy,
forcing it in despite the tight fit, and continues banging

Cindy lets out a deep groan but Mark just
takes the opportunity to jam his cock deeper into her mouth. He
holds it there, deep in Cindy’s throat, while Nikki holds her
fingers as far as they’ll go into Cindy’s pussy, also holding them

Cindy shimmies and shakes from the
double-ended deep penetration but there’s nowhere for her to

Take it,” Nikki says,
punctuating the words with another slap to Cindy’s ass. “Take it
like the dirty little slut you are.”

And take it Cindy does, still gagging and
moaning behind Mark’s cock but not fighting so hard to get

That’s a good girl,” Nikki
says, sliding her fingers out of Cindy’s pussy just as Mark slips
his cock out of her mouth. “You’re ready for the next

As Cindy fights to recover, Nikki grabs her
by the hair and spins her around so that her ass is now facing
Mark. Cindy still hasn’t fully caught her breath when Nikki jams
her fingers into Cindy’s mouth.

Do you know where those
just were?” Nikki asks, taunting Cindy. “They were jammed into your

Cindy gags, but whether it’s from the
thought of tasting her own pussy or because Nikki has jammed her
fingers so deep into her throat that’s causing it. Not that it
matters all that much, because Nikki has her own ideas on the

Oh, you don’t like that,
huh?” Nikki says. “Well too fucking bad, bitch. You brought this
onto yourself. Now lick those fingers clean of your juices while by
husband fucks your pussy from behind.”

Nikki looks up at Mark and nods her head.
Mark’s smile widens and he scoots his body forward until he’s
sidled up to Cindy. Then he slips his cock into her pussy.

Mark hammers away at Cindy, fucking her from
behind while Nikki continues to hold her fingers in Cindy’s

Fuck her good,” Nikki says.
“Pummel that pussy with your fucking cock. Give it to her deep and
hard, just like she likes it.” Nikki slides her fingers out of
Cindy’s mouth. “That is how you like it, right?”

BOOK: A Harsh Lesson
8.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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