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Authors: Michael Scott Taylor

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A Harsh Lesson (3 page)

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Cindy nods.

Nikki gives her a mildly threatening look,
tilting her head and narrowing her eyes.

Yes,” Cindy says between
moans of pleasure. “That’s how I like it. Hard and

See?” Nikki says, looking
up at Mark. “Straight from her own mouth. You heard the girl. Give
it to her like you mean it.”

Mark’s grin grows wider and he starts
pumping his hips harder and faster, his groin slamming up against
Cindy’s tight little ass, pushing her body forward every time they
come together.

The sounds of sex fill the room—the wet
smacking of flesh, grunts and groans and moans and heavy

There you go,” Nikki says
to Mark. “I always knew you had it in you. It just took a dirty
little slut to bring it out of you.” She rises up and leans forward
and sticks her tongue into Mark’s mouth and the two of them make
out while Mark continues fucking Cindy from behind.

After breaking off the kiss, Nikki positions
herself so she’s on her knees in front of Cindy. “Are you ready for
the next stage in your punishment?” she asks Cindy.

Yes,” Cindy answers between
deep, gasping breaths.

Very good,” Nikki says.
“You answered without even being told this time. You’re progressing

Thank you,” Cindy

Now it’s time for the
master class,” Nikki says, pulling her own shirt and then bra off,
revealing perfectly round, incredibly perky tits which are
obviously fake but tastefully done. “Are you ready?”

Yes,” Cindy

Smiling, Nikki grabs ahold of the back of
Cindy’s head with both of her hands, and simultaneously pulls
Cindy’s head forward while leaning in towards her, smashing Cindy’s
face up against Nikki’s flesh, right in between her tits.

With Nikki’s arms wrapped around Cindy’s
head, she hold Cindy in place against her, smothering the younger
girl with her flesh while Mark continues hammering away at her
pussy from behind.

Ten seconds later Nikki releases Cindy,
giving the younger girl a chance to breathe. Nikki allows Cindy two
deep gulps of air before pushing down on the younger girl’s
shoulders, forcing her head to the carpet.

Get your head down,” Nikki
says, angling Cindy’s face so half of it is pressed up against the
carpet before climbing to her feet. “Right there. That’s right.
Just like that. Stay right there.”

As Mark continues pummeling Cindy
relentlessly from behind, not letting up at all, Nikki slips her
sandals off then puts her foot on Cindy’s head, pressing down on
it, keeping flush against the carpet.

Slap her ass,” Nikki says
to Mark. “Punish that dirty little slut while you fuck

Mark obliges, smacking Cindy’s ass cheek
with an open palm until it’s bright red.

Okay, I’m sick of being on
the outside looking in,” Nikki says, slipping out of her jeans,
revealing a red g-string. “Time to get more involved.”

Go for it,” Mark says,
pausing for a little break but keeping his cock planted deep in
Cindy pussy. “Show her what it’s like to play with the big

I’m planning on it,” Nikki
says, dropping down to her knees with her shins on the floor. She
drops her pussy on Cindy’s head and rubs it back and forth. But
that’s not enough for her.

Something’s missing,” Nikki
says to Mark. “We’re still taking it too easy on her.” She thinks
for a moment, then sees her shirt on the floor. “Aaaahhhh,” she
says, reaching over and grabbing the shirt. “I’ve got

Still sitting atop Cindy’s head, Nikki lays
the shirt across Cindy’s shoulders, then grabs the younger girls
arms and wrenches them backwards until they’re folded behind her
back, her wrists crossed over at the small of her back.

Cindy lets out a little yelp.

Oh, you didn’t like that?”
Nikki says mockingly. “Well too fucking bad. You should have
thought about that before you decided to try and fuck my husband.
Now shut up and take it.” Nikki turns her attention to Mark. “Hold
her arms there,” she says.

Mark does as he’s told, keeping his cock
inside Cindy but not moving for the time being.

Did I tell you to stop
fucking her?” Nikki says.

No,” Mark replies. If he’s
bothered by being bossed around like that he makes no indication.
In fact, from the little smile perched on his face, it seems like
he enjoys it.

That’s right,” Nikki says.
“I didn’t. So start up again.”

Mark obliges, working his cock in and out of
Cindy’s pussy more aggressively than ever while continuing to hold
onto her arms.

That’s better,” Nikki says.
She grabs the shirt and wraps it around Cindy’s wrists in a
complicated pattern, binding them together behind Cindy’s back,
incapacitating them.

There we go,” Nikki says,
obviously satisfied. “Now we can get to work on this little slut
for real.”

Riding Cindy’s head once again, Nikki leans
forward and starts making out with Mark while he continues fucking
Cindy from behind.

You like fucking this
little slut, don’t you?” Nikki says after breaking off the kiss.
Her face is mere centimeters from Mark’s.

Smiling, Mark nods.

That’s good, because I like
watching you fuck her,” Nikki says. “But I can’t help but think
we’re still being too easy on her.”

I agree,” Mark

What do you think?” Nikki
says. “Should you stick your cock in her tight little

Mark nods vigorously.

Yeah?” Nikki says. “Do you
want to fuck her ass?”

Very much so,” Marks

I’d ask Cindy if that’s
okay with her,” Nikki says. “But it doesn’t really matter, does it?
Because we’re going to do it anyway. But first, we need to get it

Keeping her pussy on top of Cindy’s head,
Nikki leans down further, takes one of Cindy’s asscheeks in each
hand, and opens them up, exposing her tight little asshole.

You hold these open,” Nikki
says to Mark. “I’ll get her warmed up.”

Mark takes over, spreading Cindy’s asscheeks
with his hands while Nikki sticks the middle finger of her right
hand into her mouth. Once it’s good and lubed up with her saliva,
Nikki slides her middle finger into Cindy’s asshole.

Cindy lets out a little shriek.

Again, I don’t care,” Nikki
says while working her finger into Cindy’s asshole while Mark
continues fucking her pussy. “If you play with the bull you get the
horns. Next time maybe you’ll think about what you’re doing before
you play with another woman’s husband. Now shut your mouth and take

After Nikki loosens up Cindy’s asshole with
one finger, she lets a trail of saliva drop out of her mouth and
into the crack of Cindy’s ass and watches it run down the edge of
her ass and into her anus. Nikki uses this extra spit to slip her
index finger into Cindys asshole, making it two total.

Cindy doesn’t shriek this time, instead her
moan reveals more than a hint of pleasure.

Oh,” Nikki says to Mark. “I
think she likes it.”

Then I guess it’s time for
my cock,” Mark says.

My thoughts

Nikki pulls her fingers out of Cindy’s
asshole and grabs ahold of the base of Mark’s cock. She pulls the
rest of his cock out of Cindy’s pussy, then nestles it up against
Cindy’s asshole, which is gaping and ready to accept it.

Mark pushes his hips forward and lets out a
low groan as his cock slides into Cindy’s asshole. Cindy takes in a
sharp breath and lets out a high-pitched moaning whine. But Mark
pays no heed, continuing to push ahead, forcing his cock deeper and
deeper into Cindy’s asshole, one inch at a time while Cindy squirms
moans beneath him.

There you go,” Nikki says,
her smile wider than ever. “Give her the whole fucking thing. Don’t
stop until your cock has disappeared inside her.”

Mark’s hands have migrated to Cindy’s hips
for leverage and Nikki replaces them with her own, holding Cindy’s
asscheeks open, giving her a clear view of her husbands cock
disappearing inside Cindy’s asshole.

That’s what I’m talking
about,” Nikki says once Mark is balls deep inside of Cindy. “Now
pummel her fucking asshole like there’s no tomorrow.”

So Mark does, pulling his hips back before
pushing them forward, fucking Cindy’s asshole with his entire cock
with every thrust. He takes it slowly at first, getting her nice
and loose, but it isn’t long before he’s hammering his cock in and
out of her, his balls slapping up against her pussy while his cock
slams in and out of her asshole.

Holy shit that’s so fucking
hot,” Nikki says. Her head is lying on top of Cindy’s ass, her face
mere inches from the younger girls asshole. Nikki looks up at Mark
with gleaming eyes. “She takes that cock good in her ass, doesn’t

Mark nods.

Yeah,” Nikki says.
“Something tells me that she’s been fucked in the ass a few times

While Mark continues pummeling Cindy’s ass,
Nikki climbs off her head so she’s sitting on the floor in front of
the younger girls face.

Nikki grabs ahold of Cindy’s hair and lifts
her head until they are face to face. Looking deep into the younger
girl’s eyes, speaking only loud enough that she can hear, Nikki
says, “Have you learned your lesson yet?”

Cindy nods. She’s biting down on her bottom
lip and a grunt escapes from her throat every time Mark slams his
body into hers. From the look on her face she appears to be in
distress but her eyes tell a different story. They are positively
gleaming. She is enjoying this.

But you like it too, don’t
you?” Nikki says. “You like getting dominated and fucked by
relative strangers, don’t you?”

Cindy nods again.

Yeah, I can tell,” Nikki
says, still holding Cindy’s head up by her hair. Her tone is
measured, calm, as though they were having a regular conversation
that didn’t include one of them getting fucked in the ass as they
talked. “I can see it in your eyes.”

Mark lets out a low moan and starts to speed
up, fucking Cindy even more aggressively, hammering her so hard
that her body is pitching forward every time he slams into her.

Nikki looks up at Mark and smiles, then
returns her eyes to Cindy. “Well, fortunately for you—or
unfortunately, depending on how you look at it—Mark is just about
done. Isn’t that right, Mark?”

Mark just nods. From the look of pure intent
on his face he couldn’t talk even if he wanted to.

Which means,” Nikki
continues, returning her gaze to Cindy. “We are almost done here
today. But if you truly enjoyed yourself as much as I think you
did, there’s no reason why today can’t be the only time we do
something like this.”

Cindy opens her mouth to speak but Nikki
clamps it shut.

No need to say anything
now,” Nikki says, her tone still as calm and measured as earlier.
“Just go home when we’re finished here and decide what you want to
do. No hurry. And if you decide you want to continue along this
path we’ve started here today, then come on over sometime and we’ll
pick up right where we left off. And next time we’ll start to get
real filthy.”

From above them, Mark mutters “shit, shit,
shit,” under his breath.

Well, that’s his cue,”
Nikki says. “Just a few more seconds now. But remember what I said.
We’re game for more of this if you are. Anytime. Just come on over.

Cindy nods between grimaces as Mark slams
his cock into her asshole harder than he has all night. Nikki
flashes her a smile and gives her a playful little smack on the
cheek, then turns her attention up to Mark.

Are you ready?” Nikki

Mark nods vigorously.

Then let her have it,”
Nikki says.

Mark pumps his hips a couple more times,
then groans “holy fuck,” and yanks his cock out of Cindy’s asshole
and jerks himself to completion, shooting stream after stream of
cum all over Cindy’s back.

Nikki laughs softly and shakes her head in
amazement. “That was pretty impressive,” she says to a smiling
Mark. “I think you even got some in her hair.”

Mark laughs goofily while Cindy remains in
the doggy position, her back arched and her ass sticking up in the
air. Her back is painted white with Mark’s cum and her chest is
heaving but there is a huge smile on her face.

That’s a good girl,” Nikki
says, matching her smile. She leans forward and slips her tongue
into Cindy’s mouth. They make out while Mark stands over them,
watching and smiling.

After a few seconds, Nikki breaks off the
kiss, then stands up and helps Cindy to her feet. “Now you get
cleaned up and get yourself home,” Nikki says. “And maybe we’ll see
you again soon.”


Ten minutes later, Nikki closes the front
door behind Cindy then heads into the kitchen. Mark is sitting at
the dining room table, drinking a soda and staring through the
window at Cindy as she makes her way across the lawn and down the
sidewalk, towards her house.

The younger girl has a spring in her step
that has her practically bouncing. She looks back at the house,
smiling, and gives a little wave. Nikki waves back then sits down
across from Mark.

BOOK: A Harsh Lesson
6.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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