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sizable tip from the hot guy in the tux went straight into her bra.
Franklin snug
gled right on her breast like her hubby
at home.

Alfonzo poured
the dark brown, amber color
and an
aroma of oak
wafted to his nose. A very distinct odor not ty
pically f
He wanted her to have a
super flavorful experience
. He
on the stool,
nudged a glass at her and asked,

“Damn straight!” She downed the heavy
liquid and
smiled. “This is good.”

Alfonzo leisurely drank as she poured her glass to the rim and he thought how amateur, but she
’s the one getting inked, he wasn’t and he couldn’t wait.

Only three drinks and boom. His
babe was falling apart,
talking inappropriately, in other words super drunk.
relaxed but far from drunk. He helped Selange from the stool
, “Tattoo or home?”

“You’re not squirming out on me...that’s not right…honey…I think I’m drunk.”

“You think?”

She stopped, blinked then passionately affirmed, “I’m toasted.”

“Yep, mujer. You are.” He held her by the waist and walked her over so they could say good-bye to his mom.

Maria and Bruno were sitting and laughing when they approached and his mother looked up, “Everything okay hijo?”

“We’re leaving mama, buenos noche.”

chimed in
ake care
…bye mister hottie…take care of my second mom…alright now kids…have fun.
I’m getting a tattoo…right here…

looked disapprovingly
Alfonzo when Selange pointed
between her legs.
“Good night
Selange and hijo
I will
tomorrow to check on her.”

I will call to make sure you get home
mama,” he said while glaring at Bruno, “

steered Selange toward the door
and once she reached the brisk air she stopped to inhale as if oxygen
, “
, that’s nice

“Okay babe, let’s keep moving.”

“My tattoo…
did I get it already?

he lift
the hem of her gown
to check. Damn woman h
iked the
silk fabric
right up to her thigh and he
instantly covered her hand and
the dress down. Chica wanted to give everybody a

Babe, there’s no tattoo.

“What, why not
, you promised
Her gait was unsteady as she leaned on him like a savior, “Come on honey…I want
…” her

honeybunch…my babies daddy..
my amor…
fine ass thing you

She giggled, “Papi...big daddy…
.I’ll be good

Lou hurried to his aid, “
You need some help

Alfonzo laughed, “
Nah, Lou.
I’m good.

He had a tight hold
besides he
thoroughly enjoyed hearing the inebriated woman talk
. “
Lou, d
id we pass a tattoo parlor?”

Selange’s diatribe of endearments continued, “You’re so cute…oh…no…wait…you’re hot…yep…
you know it don’t you?

“Yeah, it’s right over there.”
Lou smiled as Selange’s voice trailed on.

“My lady wants a tattoo.”

Lou laughed, “
sailors do it all the time.”

sure do.”

And that’s where they
went. An all-night tattoo parlor with a lively group of drunken revelers getting everything from
pledges to tribal
; p
assing beers and laughing at their friends even Alfonzo got in on the fun.

There she lie, his silly can’t drink for shit woman in an
expensive ball gown hiked up to her waist.
The shapely long legs
open and
giving the tattoo artist an introduction to satin and lace
’s cautious eyes on the man, making sure he didn’t botch the job.

buzzing of the needle as it etched across her lovely skin received an, “Ooh-ooh-ooh,” from Selange’s lips as if she were giving birth.

The tiny picture of a
, started to take shape and the drippings she wanted going toward her
were perfect
liquid shaped

She did the, “Oooh-oooh-oooh,” sound and every time Alfonzo heard it h
is smile widened
She was losing the bet big-time.
When the buzzing instrument descended closer to the
her pubic mound
, the panting ooh’s increased
in volume

Bow-tie loosened, jacket clutched in his arm,
beer in hand, he chuckled.

nything breaking the skin near the pelvic line hurts like hell woman and I warned
you, didn’t I?’

Of course, liquor numbs the effect a bit but her stubborn ass was sobering up quick on the last design. He could tell by the
contortion of her face and the loud shrieking of, “
Oh My God that hurts!”

the urge to fi
nd humor in her pain but goddammit
it didn’t work and he
spilling some of his beer and
ing with mirth
at the woman he desperately wanted
as his wife







“Thanks I had a wonderful time,” Maria said from the vestibule.

It was three in the
the faint sounds of sirens in the distance were the backdrop music after one of the best evenings she
had in forever. Bruno had been a perfect gentleman all night and she decided to invite him in for coffee. He accepted and took a seat on the sofa.

She removed her shawl and shoes then busied herself in the kitchen, pulling down cups, fussing nervously to herself, wondering whether she’d made a mistake inviting Bruno in at this late hour.

She ran water into the kettle, turned on the burner and stood there trying to collect her thoughts on how to proceed. Then she felt a presence, smelled
masculine cologne and a warm breath at her neck. She did not need to
it could only be one man. Firm hands settled on her hips,
and the mouth on her neck made her gasp not in fear but excitement. There were no words to explain the sensation burning her like the flickering flame.

Bruno massaged her breasts as his mouth grew bolder and traipsed the slope of her neck to the edge of her bare shoulder. He whispered, “Bella,” then spun her around to face him and Maria did not protest when his mouth crushed hers in the most passionate kiss it
caused her knees to go limp.

The moan in her throat caused him to pull away and she breathed in air. “Bruno.”

He reached around her and shut the burner off, “I have wanted to kiss y
ou for over thirty years Maria.” He cupped her face, “Now I want more than a kiss, I want you
then his mouth covered hers in ardent want.

The touches on her skin of a man after Luzo burned imprints into her skin and she tensed, uncertain, utterly afraid. He slowed, took her hands, kissed her fingers and stepped back. “Are you afraid?”

Her doe eyes did not lie, “Yes.”

Afraid o
f me or getting hurt?”


“I will never hurt you Maria
, never!

Maria’s fingers went to her throat to grasp her beads but they were not there. They were in her purse. “You can’t promise that. You
a man.”

“And there is no man you trust?”

Maria considered the question, “My son.”

“I want to earn your trust. How do I do that Maria, tell me?”

She had no answer and sighed, “It’s been so long since I’ve trusted anyone Bruno. Luzo hurt me with his lies and it hasn’t been easy to forget the foolishness
of my heart.”

“And to keep you warm at night has been regret?”

This question surprised Maria and she frowned. “Having faith is a comfort, it warms me.”

His hand traced the contours of her arm, “Let me keep you warm, let me comfort you and show you the beauty of loving again. I am not Luzo, my secrets I’ve revealed. It is how much I wanted you and still want you now.”

She was nervous
and stuttered


He took her hand and led her from the kitchen into the hallway. He did not release her
until he found her bedroom and they were inside the neat confines of her sanctuary. The place no man ventured
except this once.

He walked to the bed and sat on the edge
of it
, his eyes on Maria. “Sit with me.”

Her feet moved slowly as if in a trance. The holy figure with his head bowed seemed to watch her approach from its place on the wall overlooking her bed. The votive candle
sitting next to
prayer beads on the night stand were symbols of her faith and caused her to pause.

Bruno smile
and the words, “You are beautiful. A woman a
s special
as you
deserves to be loved

flowed from his mouth in a seductive caress.

Maria reached the bed and sat stiffly beside him with her hands on her lap, praying silently
, a
sking forgiveness for wanting to be touched and adored and to feel the power of a man. When he put his hand on her knee and leaned
to her she tensed.
He was patient and kissed her slow. In the exploration he shifted and she felt the clasp unleash at her spine and her dress was brought down from her shoulders. Bruno’s actions were smooth as water, undressing her
. Trailing kisses on her body as he did so. The path of the kisses were going down and he was kneeling at her feet, removing her shoes, then kissing her toes
with adoring pecks
. He stood upright, staring down like a giant tower, admiring her naked flesh. The dress was at her waist and instinctively under his gaze she crossed her arms over her breasts.

“Do not cover
there is nothing shameful in nudity. In the
of Eden a man and woman were naked, and they knew not shame. We are in that place you and I, Eden is in the mind.”

Bruno stepped out of his shoes. He
smiled as he removed his suit
cloth by cloth
she watched each one
to the floor. His body was powerfully built
, the beauty of a mature man who takes care of himself. Firm and strong, lovely to her eyes and glorious to behold.
The sculpted man’s desire was evident by the prominence of his staff. It was erect
in her direction. The size of it took her aback. He was quite large and fear resurfaced. Luzo she could not recall his girth, it was too long ago.

BOOK: Aftermath
2.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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