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It appears the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on the GCP, lost control, struck the rail and landed here on the
lower roadway
. This tragic death is on the heels of another terrible series of events involving the attorney. Her boyfriend and friends were killed during a home invasion a few months ago and police in Suffolk County only yesterday made an
arrest in that case. Two men with extensive criminal records ranging from
robbery to aggravated assault were taken into custody. Evidence linking them to the crimes, we’re told was found in their possession along with other incriminating information.

Once again this is Tiffany Nicole Andreas reporting from…”

Selange clicked off the flat screen TV and
gave a forlorn
She couldn’t cry anymore, she didn’t have any more tears.
Her heart was too sad.
Shanda said she always saw through an optimistic lens
Yet, at this hour of the
, she didn’t see anything

Then Alfonzo stirred, his legs kicked away the
thin spread.
He sat forward
, ran a hand down her spine and she turned to see him smiling
as if nothing happened
. Her heart
caved to
her feet at his callousness.
Yes, she loved him and would never betray him
but it was hard to reconcile he’d killed a mother and
children then rejoice in the

olá, bonita.

“Morning,” she answered crisply.

’m excited. We’re tying the knot again.
This shit is crazy.”

cynically, “That’s all you can think about after what you’ve done?”

“What did I do?” He asked.

Selange frowned, did he have amnesia or did he drink too much last night? She tossed the remote control at him, “

He drew back
grimaced, “Damn somebody’s mad.” Then h
dumb-ass cell started talking and he
moved to the nightstand to retrieve it, putting his feet on the floor and giving her his muscular back.

He was talking, first in Spanish then English. He did that a lot.

it’s for the best.”

Selange rolled her eyes. He had no remorse. Nothing!

Then he laughed, “Yeah,
fuck you too cugino. You
get to retire whether you like it or not, besides you’re a goddamn chameleon you can travel anytime you want. No one’s the wiser. Just remind Ari and the kids, no contact with their former life. That parts done.”

Alfonzo was laughing at a joke. She could discern the differences in pitch and tone. “Yeah, cugino. The
rogram is where your ass belongs. I’ll be visiting when things cool
down…ha…ha…of course…” Alfonzo took a breath and he remembered Alberti asking him once, “You got everything you want, right?”

He repeated the question to Nico, his former guardian, the savior hand of the family and the answer came in a swift bass, “You damn straight kid and then some. Ari’s pregnant!”

“She’s pregnant…oh man…congratulations…there must be something in the air, Geo might be having one.”

There was roaring laughter and
scrambled across the bed and jumped on Alfonzo’s back
kisses on his neck
as he talked
. Of course, goddammit, of course he tested her
love. He allowed her to
believe the worst
to find out how she’d react. Would she walk away or stay?

Alfonzo got off the phone
spun the clinging woman around to the front of his body and down to his lap. She smiled
through tears, “You didn’t do it…you saved them…oh God thank you
I can’t wait to marry you…I love you so much…
you’re the man…
my honey!

He kissed the salty tears
and caressed her throat.
She trusted
chose him. Blind and ignorant of the truth she stood on his side and that’s fucking ride or die.

Alfonzo withdrew
from her lips and his mouth glistened from her saliva.
Even in the morn she tasted like cinnamon.
In solidarity
he pressed
a fist
It was an AFFIRMATION of his commitment.

his fist, it’
always protect the heart
mi fam

and that’s you babe…that’s you!”

Yes, he’d always protect

. Now, what’s
is crap Nico said
about expecting
my heritage in
a box?’









BOOK: Aftermath
5.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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