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She tried not to think about Shanda. Calls to her cell went unanswered and she gave up trying to reach out to her friend. Giuseppe of course, didn’t take the news well and fumed like a madman then flew out to New York. Shanda, the frightened heffa moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address and this set Giuseppe off. He had men searching the entire city for the woman and went so far as have
staked outside her brother and parents’ home. But, Shanda was gone. Vanished in thin air and the cryptic words at the airport rung over and over like the chime of a church
bell in Selange’s head.

You were always the optimist, the one who’d say, people can change their circumstances. Many are just too scared or lazy to try

That was Shanda’
good-bye. Perhaps she couldn’t do it
have a child with
someone in the
feared her father
’s reaction and
decided to leave. Goodness, Selange wished
her friend
would have stayed to face
tead of running.
What if Giuseppe
isn’t the father
, how w
she know
unless they took the test?

Selange knew first-hand about
she’d made a similar mistake not long ago.

After leaving the pantry she climbed the stairs to the living-room and walked to the patio doors. They were beautiful, stain glass in appearance but fortified with molten steel. She slid them back and let the flowery scent of the new landscaped garden drift inside the home. Alfonzo went crazy upping the security on this place and what he hadn’t thought of in
itially had become
part of the entire estate. The aerial detector, that was the most costly because it was linked to
PR’s satellite, military channels and the FAA. Anything upon approach he’d know and identify as friend or foe.

Jessica and Emilio had taken the kids for
giving Selange a much needed break. She heard the intercom buzz and walked back inside and
removed the high tech device the size of a cell phone from its cradle on a kitchen wall.  On the video screen she could see the security guard and simply spoke, “Yes?”

“There’s a visitor Ms. Diaz. He says his name is Mr. Johnson and he’s the father of your friend?”

Selange was given a visual of the man and there indeed was Shanda’s father, hands at his waist and an impatient scowl, “Okay let

The device returned to its place with
click, held securely once more
by a strong magnet.

She answered
the doorbell
on the second chime after taking a deep breath because she had an idea what prompted the unexpected visit and wasn’t eager to face
Shanda’s overbearing father.

As soon as
opened the
door the
imposing man scanned past her head inside the house searching for a sign of his daughter. There was no pleasant greeting, no hello Selange, how are you? What came from his terse mouth was, “Where is she?”

Selange stepped away from the door. H
e lacked manners, but she did not and invited him in. Mr. Johnson
was a big-wig in NYPD.
Work was his obsession and the years neglecting his family had finally paid off. The coveted position he sought came with the price of alienating his kid.

She sometimes wondered about the girl from Brooklyn who
thought she had everything
figured out
. Most of her plans went astray. L
ife steered her
an alternate road
and l
ove led her
. The man
she found actually found her. The package upon inspection was not the man she envisioned falling in love with. Hell. He was far better looking. The man like her father, holding down a 9 to 5 was
mafia son with
multiple businesses. Yet, the qualities that mattered were
there. He loved her whole-heartedly, was committed to family and generous. He was tough, too. Stubborn as hell but beneath the machismo, Alfonzo is a far better reality than her childhood fantasies and to think she almost blew it.

aspiration to teach in the inner city and shape the minds of the youth
, shifted to making a direct
impact on
udents by giving them what they needed to bust through the finish gate
They required f
inancial support and
concerned people who actually believed in their abilities
instead of people
ing them like specimens in a lab.
the economic
and the youth who are
counted out
can shine
. The
wouldn’t appear so
, now would they?

gives the illusion of

tment and
is w
when you don’t have any.
people such as Shanda’s father never change
ecause they are followers of another
rules which
applied to the poor

are you
Mr. Johnson
graciously, although her mood was sour.

Selange? I know she came
and we
haven’t heard

came but never left the airport. S
said she had to return home because she was sick
.” Selange said and walked to the sofa
to sit.

Mr. Johnson was not going to rouse her. His intimidation may work with his employees and family but Selange was neither. There were guards a click away if she needed and she’d throw his ass out on his face if she had to.

He puffed out his chest.
Mr. Johnson was
accustomed to getting answers and when he didn’t like the
response, dug in deeper.
“Well she never arrived
I know you know where she is.”

Selange’s tone remained calm. Unmoved and unemotional. She once felt affection for
Shanda’s father
but today she was rigid in heart
and a
pillar of stone.

“Then you know
more than
I do

The man glared, “Maybe Alfonzo
may have knowledge about
my daughter

“I’m sure he doesn’t.
Your statement
is bordering on accusatory, be careful.

so in love with
the guy you stopped caring about you

“I can love Alfonzo and care about Shanda. One doesn’t negate the other. It’s your implication that Alfonzo knows where Shanda is that I disagree with.”

“Then girl you’re a fool. The man’s a damn mobster. They make people disappear and my daughter’s missing and the last time I heard from her, she was on her way here.”

In the eyes of
some Alfonzo
was a criminal or infamous, it really depended on what color lens a person wore on any given day. To some he was charitable, a smart businessman, but to Selange he was more, he was an abstract painting. Her intimate knowledge of him made him a work of art.
He had nothing to do with Shanda’s absentia. She was sure of it and Mr. Johnson was far off base. But, hey most rigid thinking people are.

The offensive words did not move her body, instead her mind clicked and loaded a mental gun to its chamber and she fired a retort. “In your ignorance it never crossed your mind your loving daughter packed up and left
on her own free will
. You’re the cop, all you have to do is put the pieces to together if you’re smart. She broke her lease, disconnected her cell and quit her job
. This fool who doesn’t care knows that much.”

Mr. Johnson sputtered. He was unaware Shanda quit her
he thought she took a vacation. But, he didn’t reveal this to the self-assured woman sitting there
. Alfonzo
may not have told her anything. Men like Alfonzo were not stupid, he’d not admit to harming her best friend
. If he
found out about
the recording device, he’d handle it as his kind did,
by killing

“It’s tragic to see you like this. You had so much going for you Selange and you’re throwing it all away for a man who’s not worth
a damn. I
glad my daughter had a friend like you around…” He scoffed, “I’d hoped you’d be a good influence and rub off on her, but eversince your mom died and you got with this hoodlum you’ve become somebody I don’t want to know or want Shanda

Selange’s eyes
stung from the
statement. The self-righteous bastard!

um-hum. I knew that was coming.
It t
ook years to say it didn’t it? Funny, when my mom died
you had the chance to
show you c
d, but you didn’t. I was on my own. Poof, no emotional support from you, just police jargon about Alfonzo and nothing about how I’m doing. Nope. Yet,
the hoodlum was there
our daughter
out with thugs and drug-de
alers and you knew it. She was at risk
every day, yet you turned a
blind eye.
The cop couldn’t see the evidence of his neglect right in his face.
I guess if you were my father I’d give a damn about your opinion but you’re not
. M
y father was loving
cared. You, Mr. Johnson are not my father and your thoughts don’t

Your devotion to that punk is
going to get you killed one day.”

“We all die, even you.”

“Is that a threat, girl?”

If you can predict the future then it’s only fair I respond with
a known

“I feel sorry for you
Selange, I really do,

he said

“Save the sympathy
for your lost soul
I’m not anybody’s victim. Feel sorry for the crack-addicted babies or the innocent children
shot dead
on the same streets you
r officers patrol. Don’t ever mistake me for a helpless victim Mr. Johnson. Matter-of-fact, when
you can
part the Red Sea, resurrect the dead and end world suffering,
then you can come here and preach
to me
get the hell out of my home. You can go
standing or on
your head
, but you’re getting the fuck out of my face right now.
Estefan entre!” Selange scowled.

A man appeared from the adjacent room with his gun drawn and Mr. Johnson took a step back. He had no jurisdiction here and from what the FBI and DSS warned, the men working for Alfonzo were licensed to carry, none had felony arrests and most were Sicilian born.

This Estefan was massive
not on the
radar and he had a feeling there was a reason for this.

ow Mr. Johnson to the gate, he’s overstayed his welcome, por favor.”

“No problema
Senora Diaz. Vamanos!” The bodyguard exclaimed waving the gun toward the door and Shanda’s father stepped toward it. There wasn’t anything else he could do. He’d come for his daughter and instead found himself
in a position
many in
law enforcement s
to avoid
ointed at his
head. The bonds he once had with the girl were officially severed.
As far as he was concerned Selange was an accomplice in Alfonzo’s criminal activity and when the time came to
the bastard down, if she got in the way, he’d take her down, too

BOOK: Aftermath
4.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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