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“Nice one.”

“I’m trying to soften you up for the big question.” His face grew serious and he took one of her hands in his. “Do you think we can get a bigger bed?”

Laughing, she pulled her hand away. “There goes all that lovely floor space.”

“All three square feet of it. And maybe a TV?”

She tilted her head and smiled. “There you go trying to change everything.”

“And maybe if I have to make a quick trip just to check on something and you can get somebody to cover your shifts, you could go with me so we can have sex in the hotel shower.”

“We’ll have to put your computer on the stove and live off microwave meals.” This time, she was the one who turned serious. “Or, we could find a house together. One with a giant bathroom so we don’t
to have sex in hotel showers. I’d like to stay close enough to town so I can walk everywhere, but there are a few to choose from.”

“I know how much this home means to you, Paige.”

“And I’ll keep it. Rent it out. But the house we pick together will mean even more to me.”

“I want you to marry me. I want to have your ring on my finger so I can feel it when I’m away from home. I want to tell people, ‘I’m going home to see my wife,’ when I’m waiting to board my plane. And someday I’ll tell them, ‘I’m going home to see my wife and kids.’”

She threw her arms around his neck and said “yes” over and over, punctuating each time with a kiss.

“How about we go inside before somebody calls the cops on us.”

“Are you kidding? They’re taking notes—maybe even video—so they can get all the details right over coffee tomorrow.”

He took her hand and led her into the trailer, where he kissed her long and slow. “The sooner we go to bed, the sooner I get the pleasure of waking up next to you. Or, you know, kind of under you, since we don’t really fit side by side.”

Laughing, she pulled him into the bedroom. “It’s going to be fun, being your wife.”

As he lowered her slowly to the bed, he kissed her and then said, “And I’m going to love being your husband.”

* * * * *

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About the Author

New York Times
bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her two favorite activities are writing stories of happily ever after and riding her four-wheeler. From May to November, the Stacey family spends their weekends on their ATVs, making loads of muddy laundry to keep Shannon busy when she’s not at her computer. She prefers writing to laundry, however, and considers herself lucky she got to be an author when she grew up.

You can contact Shannon through her website,
, where she maintains an almost daily blog, or visit her on Twitter at
, her Facebook page,
, or email her at
[email protected]

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BOOK: All He Ever Needed
10.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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