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All I Want Is You

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All I Need Is You

By Ms Neicy












Copyright 2016 by Ms Neicy

Published by Shan Presents

All rights reserved

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales or, is entirely coincidental.

No portion of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without writer permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.














Message from the Author


As I sat here and typed this book I had so many different emotions. I appreciate every single person who’s been rocking with me and who continues to rock with me. My readers mean the world to me, and I can’t say it enough; without you all, I’m nothing. Shout out to my entire team from friends to family. I appreciate all the love and support. Well, get ready to take a ride with my new crew, and I hope you all enjoy…As usual until next time…
















Renee is a young go-getter who’s all about the hustle, but even with the money coming in, what’s a true hustle without someone to share it with. After trying to force a dead relationship with Jacob, she finally says enough is enough. Renee is burnt out and ready to give up on her prince charming until she runs into Renzo. Literally!

Renzo is a businessman; a true entrepreneur who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He has what most guys long for… the good looks, the money, the power, and a beautiful wife, but lately he feels something is missing. When he meets Renee, the hole is instantly filled with their magnetic connection. She becomes the muse bringing out emotions that he didn’t even know he could possess, but will this new found love force his WIFE to take a backseat?

Jessa and Renzo have been together for years and have so much history. She wants nothing more than to keep her family together for obvious reasons, but when she begins to feel her husband pull away, will love be enough to hold them together? 

All Jessa wants is him, and all he wants is another. With the lies, secrets, and betrayal, will anyone find their happy ending?













Chapter 1


Life couldn’t seriously be this complicated. Thinking back, I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. I once had a good man, but I ran him away with my actions and infidelities. Now, he has moved on, and I’m sitting here with no hope that there will ever be another him out there. Here it was, two years later, and I still found myself comparing other guys to him. I really needed to snap out of my feelings though, because I was now getting ready to be late for work. I rolled over, looked at the clock, and instantly became irritated. I hated my fucking job. I wanted more out of life than what the hell had been presented thus far. I sighed as I watched the phone ring for the third time in a row. I definitely didn’t have time to deal with his shenanigans. Shit, I was already running late for work. He wasn’t going to do anything but slow me down more with his petty ass. I don’t even know what the fuck I ever saw in him.  

“Hello.” I said, in the most irritating voice I could muster.
Lord, this nigga made my ass itch.

“Why you not answering the phone? I’ve called you three damn times. You know I don’t like when you don’t answer the fucking phone man.” He spat as soon as the word hello rolled from my mouth.
Hell, you know I don’t like when you call me period, but that doesn’t stop you from doing it
, I thought to myself, but I decided not to actually say it, because again, I was already running late for work, and I didn’t feel like all the extra shit with him this morning.

“What’s up, Jacob? I’m running late right now. Can I call you when I get in the car or something?”

“Why can’t you put the phone on speaker and do what you have to do? Why the hell you running late anyway Renee?” I sighed, before hanging up the phone. It was Friday morning and already he was making my nerves bad. I had to go to work to deal with this white man who treated me like I was stupid just because he had a few degrees under his belt. If you asked me, he was the stupid one. Hell, he needed my help just as much as I needed his. I finally got myself out of the bed and went to handle my morning hygiene. It took me all of fifteen minutes to get myself together and get out of the house.

Once I made it to the car, I hooked my auxiliary cord up and put Pandora on Toni Braxton radio. I just needed to get my mind right, because I definitely had more than enough on my mental. After about five minutes of my music, the songs kept being interrupted, and of course, that was because Jacob wouldn’t stop calling. He would really do shit like this is real life. It was annoying as hell, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why I kept him around, but then again, I had a clue.

He was consistent, and I needed consistency in my life at this age. I was getting ready to hit age twenty-three in a few months. Sure, most girls my age were still out partying and having the time of their lives, but I had been there done that. I didn’t find a thrill in that shit anymore. I had been thotting around since age sixteen, and I wanted something serious these days, but that wasn’t Jacob. Sure, that nigga kept the pussy in check, but anything besides fucking, he was seriously lacking to me. Don’t get me wrong, he had a good job making six figures, but he wasn’t the one for me. Jacob had issues that were beyond my damn control, and I didn’t want to be the one having to repair that shit. Nope, I would take a raincheck on that shit.

“Hello.” I said, sounding so irritated. I really didn’t want to talk to his ass. I wish he would just go away, but I guess that shit was easier said than done.

“Renee, what the fuck is your problem!” he yelled through the phone. It wasn’t like I was hiding my got damn feelings. Shit, he was the fucking problem.

“Nigga, you are my damn problem. I don’t want to be with you, yet you act like you can’t understand that shit. Yes, before I may have thought that was something that I wanted, but the more I talk to you, the more I can’t stand your ass. You want us to force a relationship that it’s obvious neither of us would be happy in, and I don’t want to do that shit, man. I’ll be twenty-three in what, a few months, and we still be doing the same shit. No deal nigga.” I fussed into the phone.

“Bitch, what you mean a forced connection. If I could trust your stupid ass, then we wouldn’t have to go through none of this shit.” He hissed. That was his biggest problem. That nigga lived in the fucking past. Whatever happened was a long time ago, and if he couldn’t forgive and move on, it was no reason for us to move any further. Besides that, I didn’t want to move further with his fool ass.

“See Jacob, this is why we can’t be together. First thing, you are so disrespectful. You don’t know how to talk to me, and I’m really sick of that shit. Look, I need to go; I just made it work. We’ll talk later.” I said, before disconnecting the line. I took a deep breath before going into work. On my way in, this lady stopped me to say good morning.

“Good morning.” I responded.

“Your hair is so pretty.” She said. I didn't know if she was trying to be funny or what, because I knew damn well she knew that those twenty inches of hair wasn't mines. Hell, I was black. I'm not even sure if our hair grew out that long, but whatever. I was going to take her compliment and keep it pushing.

“Aww thank you, ma’am. You enjoy your Friday okay!” I said, right before the elevators closed. I gave her ass a fake smile and all. I wasn’t kidding when I told her to enjoy her Friday. Friday was my favorite day of the week. That meant that, after work, I was free to sit around with my wine, cuddle up under my blanket, and watch Lifetime or something if my best friend didn’t try to drag me out of the house. I swear that girl wanted to hit up a club every damn weekend. Sometimes, it was cool, but this wasn’t one of those types of weekends.

Riding the elevator to the fifteenth floor, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I walked to the door and noticed that it was locked. I rolled my eyes and sent my boss a text letting him know I was here and to text me when he made it in. This man would be late all the damn time and have me rushing from the Willow Brook area to get all the way to the Galleria only for him not to be here. It was Friday, and I was really trying to put myself in a better mood, but so far, I really wasn’t feeling it. I started to get in my car and go home, but I thought, what the hell, and went to grab some breakfast instead. Making it back to the office about forty-five minutes later, he finally decided to show his face.

“Good morning, Renee. Sorry I was running late; I had to go pay a few bills this morning.” He said. I smiled politely and kept it pushing. It would have been nice had he told me that shit at six am this morning instead of just now, but whatever. As long as he paid me for a full day, I was cool with it. I went to my desk and started doing my work. He came into the office and told me he was going to make a breakfast run. He was the boss. Hell, he didn’t need to tell me his whereabouts, but I said okay and got back to work. I had about six more hours to go, and my day would be over. As I was sitting there trying to get my work done, my sister called me. I had one older sister and one older brother. Wyatt was married, but Madonna, she was a totally different story. Sometimes, my siblings were really a pain in my ass.

“What’s up sissy?” I said, as soon as I answered the phone.

“You better call your brother and talk to him Renee. I’m telling you right now, because his ass is going to end up in jail fucking with me.” she yelled into the phone. Lisa and Wyatt had been married for as long as I could remember, but I couldn’t understand why for the life of me. Wyatt was my brother, Lisa was my sister-in-law. I just called her my sister because she had been around since I was like two years old, so she was family if you ask me.

My mother only had three kids, Waytt, Madonna, and then me. My mother was a damn good mother, and everyone came to her when they were in need of something. There were so many people who looked up to her and called her momma. She just had that type of connection with people. I never let a day go by without talking to her. My father died of a heart attack when I was one, so I don’t know much about him, but my mother did a great job if you ask me. Wyatt… well, his ass was just a whole ‘nother story.

“What’s going on now, Lisa?” I said, not really wanting to hear the shit. I had told her ass so many times to just leave his fool ass, and a few times she did, but she would always take him back. I think my father’s death really did something to him, but I didn’t feel that was enough reason for him to carry on the way he did, but that nigga wasn’t my damn responsibility though.

“This motherfucker trying to bring this bitch to where I lay my head, Renee, and you know I don’t play that shit. My fucking kids stay here. What if she decides to just up and do some crazy shit? I’m telling you now; I’m going to whoop her ass and then call the laws on his ass. You better call your brother Renee.” She fussed into the phone. I sighed, because I really hated to be in the middle of their drama. There was always two sides to every story, but I was at work right now. I didn’t have time for this shit.

“Okay, Lisa, I’m going to call him. Just calm down and try to focus on work.”

“Girl, fuck work. I’m already on my way home. I’m not finna play with him or his bitch.” She said. I never did understand why the woman would always be mad at the other woman when the husband was cheating. First off, a man is only going to do what you allow his ass to do. If he never has any consequences for his actions, then of course he’s going to continue to play the game. Number two, the issue should never be with the female. It should be with your mate. Half the time, these chicks don’t be knowing, because niggas lie so got damn well. I just shook my head as I listened to my sister-in-law rant about my brother. After about ten more minutes, again I told her that I would call him and that I would talk to her later. I really didn’t have time for their drama today. I needed to get back to work.

Chapter 2


BOOK: All I Want Is You
10.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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