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See, my mother and Renzo’s mother were best friends, but both of my parents were killed in a drug deal gone wrong. My father and Renzo's father ran the streets heavy back in the day, and our mothers, well, of course they were their riders, so when they were killed, Renzo's mother took me in with no hesitation. That's the nigga I was going to ride for.

When I turned eighteen, I received some money off of an insurance policy my parents left for me. I gave Renzo's people some money for looking after me, and I went and enrolled my ass into barber school. By twenty, I had my first shop, and Renzo was driving 18 wheelers. We were still hustling, but his father didn't know that shit. It wasn't like we had to do it; we were just being greedy. Renzo got caught up on a run, and Jessa took the charge. I knew why the bitch did the shit. Hell, she was trying to get in good, but I saw right through her.

We all went to school together, so I knew what she was about, and honestly, I just didn’t care for her ass. I felt like she did the same type of shit as her girl Tasha, and she was the biggest thot then and still to this day. She was always trying to get with me, but I wasn't feeling that shit. I wanted a bitch who wanted more out of life than free rent and Birkin bags.

Jessa used to be a go-getter, but the second Renzo said I do, all that shit changed. I guess it wasn't nothing wrong with a woman that didn't work, but from the things Renzo said, she wasn't handling her wifely duties either. Before that nigga married her, I asked him more than once was he sure that he was ready to make that leap, and he said yes. Now, two years later, he was seeing what everyone else saw all along. No one liked that bitch, and I honestly couldn't believe he went and said I do, but that was my brother, so of course I was gonna support him; that didn't mean I had to like her ass for one second, though.

"Well, you know my door is always open for you. Come thru; I got the Henny on deck." I said. We talked a few seconds longer before releasing the call. I flipped through the channels before finally settling for highlights on ESPN. It was a Friday night, and my bored ass was finna entertain my best friend. We needed to go to a naked booty club or some shit. I needed some damn entertainment, and sitting around talking about Jessa definitely wasn't it.

That nigga made it to my place about thirty minutes after our phone conversation. We were some northside niggas all day, but when we got a little money, we moved far away from the hood. That nigga had a nice ass house in Atascocita, and I had a house off of 290 and 1960. It wasn't as nice as his shit, but I didn't have a family either. I wanted that shit one day, but for right now, what I had would work just fine. Especially, if I had to go through all the shit my boy was going through. Nope, I would pass on that shit.

"Man, I'm done with that bitch." He said, as soon as he walked through the door. I passed that nigga a drink, and we went and sat in the living room.
              "So what did she say?" I asked, referring to the picture.

"Man, she didn't know what the fuck to say, so she started crying. I can't deal with this new Jess man. Then, I didn't even tell you Raven over there telling momma Jess be hollering at her, cursing her, all types of stuff man."

"No shit."

"Bruh, I'm so serious right now. So you know momma was pissed the fuck off. I'm just like fuck this marriage. I want out, so I told her ass tonight I want a divorce." He said. He took a sip of his drink, and I took a sip from mine. I wasn’t expecting all this shit he had just said.

"What was her response then?" I asked, curious to see how that bitch was going to weasel her ass out of that one.

“She started talking about how all she want is me with those big crocodile tears and shit. Man, fuck all that… So I met this chick today." He announced. Now, he really had my attention, because that nigga didn't go around meeting folks. When I say he was dedicated, that was real. That was one nigga that took his vows serious as hell, so that’s why I couldn’t understand why Jess felt the need to hang around her single thot ass friend partaking in thot ass activities. She was a married woman, and to me, married women and single women didn’t mix, but that was just me.

"Well, I didn't meet her, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to know more." He said. That statement had just confused the hell out of me. What did he mean he met her but not really? That didn't make any sense.

"What nigga? Say that shit again, because you making no sense right now."

"So this chick ran into the back of the BMW and--"

"Wait, what? You wrecked the car nigga?" I asked. He was talking a mile a minute.

"Nigga, shut up and listen shit. She ran into the back of me, and initially, I was pissed, but she got out the car looking all good and shit. I was like fuck this car, I want to know more about you." He said. I knew that nigga was lying, because he wasn't that blunt at all.

“Stop lying.” I said. He busted out laughing. I knew that nigga hadn’t talked like that. That was the type of shit I would say, not him.

“Nah, I didn’t say that, but I did tell her to hit me up so we could take the cars to Carlos tomorrow to see what that nigga hitting for. I gave her my card, but she hasn’t reached out yet; I hope I hear something from her soon.”

“How you want to hear from somebody and you still got a situation nigga? You need to fix that shit before you jump into something else.” I said. I was just being honest. I didn’t want my boy hurting any more than he had to. I can’t lie; things that I saw around me had my grown ass scared of commitment, but maybe, one day. It seemed like, every time a bitch was trying to get serious, I pushed her ass away. I just didn’t feel like I was mentally ready for that attachment.

“Nigga, I know what the fuck I got going on. I don’t want to talk about that bullshit no more. Come on; let’s go somewhere.” Renzo said, downing the rest of his drink.

“I’m not riding in no wrecked up ass car my nigga. I’ll drive.” I said laughing.

“You real funny nigga. Okay, whatever I’mma crash here tonight anyway. I’m going to get up and take that car to Carlos in the morning. He’ll probably be working on it all day, so maybe I’ll get you to take me to get a rental or some shit. A nigga can’t be without a car all day, so I’m going to figure something out.

We hopped in my Range and hit the city. I wanted to go see the stripper hoes, and I knew that shit would distract Renzo as well. It was still pretty early, but the line at V Live was ridiculous.

“Nigga, you know I’m not doing no fucking line.” Renzo said.

“Shit, you know I’m not either. Let’s see what it’s hitting for and go from there.” I said pulling up to valet. I rolled down my window so I could speak to the valet guy.

“How much?”


“Well, damn. How much to get in?” I asked. They was really taxing tonight, because V Live usually had twenty dollar parking, and they charged fifty for VIP, but you had to be spending some bread. Spending that shit wasn’t no thang to me; it’s not like I had a woman to spend it on or anything like that. It was just me, myself, and I, so I didn’t mind splurging. I’m sure I had paid plenty of these strippers bills in the past few months. No biggie.

“It’s one twenty-five.” The valet guy said. I looked at Renzo, who sat in the passenger seat looking unbothered. We both had money to do what the hell we wanted when the hell we wanted, but that wasn’t the point. They was really taxing tonight, and I wanted to know why. I wasn’t tripping off no damn 500 dollars, but it had to have been a reason they were charging so much when on a regular night shit was much cheaper.

“Damn, who they got in there, Mayweather or some shit?” I said while digging the money from my pockets.

“Nah, Drake in there.” He said all smooth in shit. I knew it was some get money niggas in there the way they was taxing. I paid valet and Renzo paid the charge for us to get in VIP. It was just the two of us, but we went upstairs and got the section right next to Drake. That nigga loved the stripper bitches, so I guess we had something in common. I went and cashed out on some ones and enjoyed my night. Renzo looked like he was having the time of his life too. I couldn’t lie, I missed being able to just hang with my boy and to see that big ass smile on his face had me smiling. We were gonna be super turnt tonight so let the party begin.

















Chapter 10




              I had a blast last night, but I was paying for it this morning. We ended up on Southmore at this lil’ spot called Faces. Daria knew the bouncer or should I say, he had a crush on her ass, so we never had to pay to get in there. I can’t even recall how many times Jacob hit my line last night. It got so bad to the point that Daria decided to block his number. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before, but when the private calls start coming through, I knew why. All he had to do was call from another phone or block his number. I wasn’t tolerating his shit last night, though, so I turned my ringer off and enjoyed my sissy.

              I went into the restroom to handle my morning hygiene, and I decided to hop in the shower as well. Getting out about ten minutes later, I noticed it was close to ten am. I threw on some lounge around clothes, and it wasn’t until I walked back into my room that I noticed Daria in my bed.

              “Daria, what the hell you still doing here? Don’t have Drake come over here with that dumb shit.” I fussed. She rolled over groggily, opening up only one eye, and immediately closing it.

              “Please stop screaming Renee. As a matter of fact, can you close the blinds, and cut the fan on please.” She said rolling over. I smacked my lips and walked out of the room not bothering to do either of the things she asked. When I walked into the living room, I noticed Lisa sprawled out on my couch.
What the fuck is this
, I thought before going into the kitchen to make me a bowl of cereal.

As I sat eating my cereal, I wondered where my phone was. Once I finished, I rinsed my bowl and put it in the sink. Then, I went to search for my phone. It wasn’t on the charger where it usually was so I grabbed my keys. That way, I could go search my car. When I walked downstairs and saw that my bumper was messed up, I cursed myself. I must’ve had too much fun last night, because I didn’t remember much about it until I saw my car.

“Just more money going down the drain.” I said to no one in particular. It was already dark out when the wreck happened, so I hadn’t been able to see the damage, but it was bright as ever outside now, and I was a little pissed that my little baby (Mazda 6) was wrecked. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for that though, because Jacob had me so upset that I wasn’t paying attention to the other drivers. Just as that thought came, it went, and then I thought about the man I hit. He was so attractive, and his smile was sure to melt any heart. Oh, and let’s not forget, he was a true gentlemen. He told me to bring my car to the shop that was going to fix his, so I didn’t have to pay all those fees, and that’s surely what I planned to do as soon as I found my damn phone.

I searched the car up and down, and I finally found it in the backseat under the driver’s seat. I powered the phone on and grabbed the card Renzo had given me last night, then I walked back into the house. Everyone was still asleep, and I didn’t want to wake them, so I went and sat out on the patio as I waited for the phone to power up. It was no surprise that I had over ten new messages. Jacob was really a sad case and a dead issue. The last time we had sex shouldn’t have happened, but I was horny as hell that night. I should’ve just came home and let my toys do the trick, but I needed a real release, and every since that last time Jacob had been on one. I picked up the card and dialed Renzo’s number. It was still early, but I needed to know how to plan my day. He answered on the fifth ring, and he sounded just as groggy as Daria had not to long ago.

“Hello.” He said dragging his word a little longer than necessary.

“Someone must’ve had a long night.” I said.

“Is this Renee?” he asked. I knew he probably had a flock of girls hitting him up, but that wasn’t really my business.

“Yes sir, it is. I was trying to see what time you wanted me to stop by the shop so that we could see what is what.”

“Damn, what time is it?” he asked. He really sounded like he was wiping the sleep out of his eyes. I laughed lightly.

“It’s a little after ten.”

“Ok, meet me there at noon. I’m going to text you the address. Cool?”

“Ok then, I’ll see you in a few.” I said, hanging up the call and blushing hard as hell. I didn’t even know why I was blushing but I was. I went back into the house and decided to climb back into bed for about an hour. He had already sent the text, and from the distance, it looked like it was about thirty minutes away, so as long as I was out of the house by eleven fifteen, I was cool. I was sleep in no time.

I didn’t even need the alarm, because around eleven, I heard Daria and Lisa laughing loud as hell. I rolled over and sighed because I was still a little tired. I really didn’t feel like doing anything, but I needed to get my ass up and go meet this man. I went into the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth once more. I threw on a PINK outfit and some Chucks, sprayed myself with my Nicki fragrance, and walked out of the room.

BOOK: All I Want Is You
4.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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