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Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited

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Ancient Guardians: The

By S. L. Morgan

Copyright © 2014 SL MORGAN

All rights reserved.

The characters, places and events portrayed in this book are fictional and are used as such. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the Author.

Pasidian Press 2014

ISBN-13: 9780615946634 (pbk)

(Pasidian Press)



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arkness was still on the lands of Pasidian Palace when Levi, Harrison, and a group of Guardians finished their combat drills in the training unit. After all of the chaos of dealing with the Council of Worlds, and preparing Reece to take up permanent residence in Pemdas, Levi was relieved to be in his normal routine again.

“How is it that you were able to counter my last attack so efficiently?” Harrison asked as he swallowed a gulp of water.

“Why would you believe that I would be incapable?” Levi questioned. “You completely gave yourself away with your conceited smirk, as you always do before you attack.”

Harrison shook his head. “It was obvious your mind was somewhere else! I knew I had you.”

Levi reached for his water, “I have told you time and time again, your arrogance will always give your opponent the upper hand.”

“Arrogance!” Harrison huffed, “I prefer to think it is merely extreme confidence.”

“My point has been made.” Levi said as he took a sip of the water. “And even though my thoughts were indeed otherwise engaged, I still was able to counter your stealthy attack.”

“Regardless, I figured I’d have you on that particular attack—especially now that you are betrothed.”

“Betrothed?” Levi scoffed. “I will never understand your way of thinking, nor will I try to. How could Reece accepting my hand in marriage serve as a distraction in combat training?”

“Love is weakness, my good friend.” Harrison clapped him on the shoulder before turning to clean up their equipment.

Levi followed him, picking up sparring weapons, “And that is where you will always be wrong,” he glanced at Harrison with a knowing smile, “as it was that particular emotion that served to enhance my fighting skills this morning.”

Harrison sighed, “Nevertheless, I am exceedingly happy for you and Reece. Have you determined whether or not you will go through a Pemdai ceremony, or will you choose something from Earth’s cultures?”

“I think that answer was obvious when I reported to our training.” Levi said with a laugh. “Reece would have woken up in my arms today, had I chosen the Pemdai ceremony.”

“If you ask me—” Harrison said as he smiled wryly at Levi.

asking you,” Levi interrupted, “or seeking your relationship advice.” There was no point in taking part of a discussion like this with his cousin. Harrison’s views about relationships differed immensely from Levi’s, and any topic of conversation over the matter would be pointless. “I will honor the traditions that Reece is most familiar with. She is sacrificing a lot by being forced to live here and adjust to our customs. The least I can do for her is to give her a ceremony that she is more accustomed to.”

“Forced?” Harrison said with a laugh. “I saw the look in her eyes when your father ordered that she should live in Pemdas for her safety, and she hardly seemed upset about it.”

Levi studied Harrison for a moment. “Well, the least I can do for her is to give her a ceremony that she is accustomed to.”

romantic!” Harrison teased as they left the building. “Well, get ready. I am quite confident that the palace will turn into a whirlwind of chaos as frantic, female emotions commence preparations for such an event.”

“I’ll find my way out of that!” Levi grinned. “I am
the groom.”

“Yeah, right!” Harrison said mockingly. “We have witnessed firsthand how women on Earth deal with such events, and we’ve greatly pitied those
as well! You will be lucky if you are able to return to your duties, as Reece will need your opinions on—”

“Fortunately,” Levi smoothly interrupted him, “having paid close attention to her throughout the years, I know perfectly well that she is not one to over react over such things.”

Harrison said nothing as they entered the palace, but the expression on his face told Levi that he was about to discover a whole different side to the woman he loved. Levi smiled in return. Harrison’s opinions about women and social affairs were always ridiculous; and no matter what Levi said to defend any of it, Harrison would never listen.

They walked into the command center to retrieve their assignments from Samuel. There was a larger group of Guardians reporting than usual, and Levi was concerned as to why.

“Gentlemen,” Samuel said as the men took their seats, filling the large conference area. “It appears as though Emperor Navarre and I were correct to assume that guarding Earth would consist of us needing more men. The Emperor’s final demands to the Council of Worlds have led a few domains to challenge our obligation to protect Earth.”

Harrison sat back in his seat and crossed his arms, “Do they not understand we revel in a good challenge?”

A tiny grin drew up in the corner of Samuel’s mouth, “Apparently not. Either way, they are taking their humiliation out on us by trying to harm and terrorize the humans, and it is up to us to prevent their contact. We are dispatching more men to Earth than usual until it quiets down some.”

Vincent, Samuel’s chief advisor, stepped forward, “The military leaders from Earth have permitted the use of our aircrafts, so long as they remain invisible to the human eye. If any of these species try to frighten those of Earth by making their presence known through their space crafts, it is your duty to transport their crafts back to their realm and permanently disable them.” He looked over at Harrison and Levi, “You men will head up this operation until we have familiarized more Guardians with the process of removing the unidentified crafts from airspace.” Vincent addressed the rest of the Guardians, “If these realms seek to argue with the disabling of their crafts, you will take action against the beings as your training commands you.”

Levi exhaled in frustration. The last thing he wanted to do was to leave Reece the morning after he asked for her hand in marriage. He nodded in agreement, but resolved to speak to Samuel about it after the meeting. Harrison, of course, was beaming with excitement that they had the opportunity to use the Pemdai aircrafts on Earth.

“We are not in a state of emergency,” Samuel said, “but they are definitely making us work for our cause.”

A few other men interjected their thoughts, but all-in-all the meeting went smoothly and was concluded quickly. When the meeting was adjourned, Levi followed Samuel into his office. “Commander.”

“Ah! Levi.” Samuel said as he approached him. He held out his hand and shook it, “Congratulations are an order for you and Reece.” He walked back over to his desk and sat down, “I must say, your father and I just discussed your seeing the map to stone…extremely intriguing.” He stated confidently, “And helpful as well, although, I am quite confident we will never have use for its powers.”

“I agree, sir; however, aside from that, I am here to request leave for at least one or two days.”

Samuel smiled, “Granted! I’ll have Vincent assign another instructor in your place; however, I am sure Harrison will give you a hard time about this.”

“He’ll get over it.”

“Enjoy your leave, and extend my well wishes to the future Mrs. Oxley as well.” Samuel said as Levi turned to leave.

On his way out of the command center, Harrison left the group of men he was speaking to and followed Levi. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Levi never stopped, but continued to walk back toward his room with purpose. “Daylight will be in an hour, and I have plans for Reece and myself.”

“And so it begins,” Harrison taunted.

“What begins?”

“Your backing out of your duties to be with a lovely lady.” Harrison stated with a knowing smile.

Levi glanced over at him. “I’m sure you’ll survive.”

“Indeed, I will,” Harrison boasted. “But I am still perplexed as to why you would back out on a rare opportunity to use our aircrafts.”

“Perplexed?” Levi said with a laugh. He stopped and faced his cousin, “Harrison, Reece and I haven’t had any time together, period.” Levi answered and then continued walking toward his rooms, “Besides,” he added, “Her Excellency has been summoned to the palace; my father wishes to learn more about how I was able to unlock the map within Reece’s mind.”

“Well,” Harrison started while continuing to walk at Levi’s side. “I’ll give you that, I’m curious myself.” He nudged Levi with his elbow, “So,” he said mischievously, “Where’s the stone?”

Levi looked over at Harrison, “Do you remember where the Ciatron set up their domain on Earth before the great battle?”

Harrison seemed intrigued, “Atlantis?” He questioned in disbelief, “It’s hidden there? Don’t you think that would be an obvious place to hide the stone?”


“Well then, we must relocate it to a place that Reece’s ancestor may have not been able to get to because he was human; but, with our talents, we can find a place that is more inaccessible.”

Levi smiled impishly, “There is no need for that.”

“What? Why?”

Levi glance at his cousin’s puzzled expression amusingly. “Because the stone is not hidden there.” He said haughtily.

Harrison gazed at Levi darkly, “So you
hold to your word. Do you not even trust your closest friend?”

“It is not that I don’t trust you, but there is a reason Reece’s mind only opened to mine. Until we learn more, I believe it is safest for all of us if I am the only one who knows the location.”

“Well, is it vulnerable in any way?”

“Harrison, quit prying; I am not saying a word.” He went to turn up the stairs to his rooms, “Let’s just say, I am quite surprised that Paul Xylander, with his human limitations, was able to hide it in this location.” Levi laughed at Harrison’s expression of confusion, “Have fun on Earth, I’ll see you in a few days.”

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