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Annihilate Me: Holiday Edition

BOOK: Annihilate Me: Holiday Edition
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Christina Ross


For my dear friends.


And my family.


And especially for all of my wonderful readers.
Happy holidays to all of you.


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VOL. 5

Holiday Edition


By Christina Ross





New York


and I were sitting in the living room sipping martinis after a long day

s work when out of nowhere he asked if I had
any specific plans for the holidays.
I screwed up my face and just looked at him.


m spending them with you.”

held up his glass and touched mine.

you think that I wouldn

t be?”

I had a feeling you would be.
on to the next question.”

are you up to?”

hear me out.
I have an idea.”

means we need another round of drinks.”



s your idea, stud?”

about if we spend it in Maine?
out of the city.

ll probably be snowy there, which would be
Remember the fireplace in
the living room?”

did remember it.
“It was
And huge.”

should see it in full ablaze.

s fantastic.
So is the ocean in Maine this time of
year, as if you don’t already know that.
After everything we

ve just
been through, I think we need to get the hell out of Manhattan and spend some
time away.
So, why not Maine?
We could chop down a Christmas tree on
the property, decorate it, make dinner, open presents, have sexy times—the
whole thing.”




re killing me.
As if we wouldn

t have them otherwise.”

he said.

ll just need to be more creative this time.”

I don’
t know how much more creative you can
The other night?
That thing you did with your tongue—”


s not really what I meant.”

do you mean?”


s another part of my plan.”

other part?”

sipped his martini.
“Just this
other minor part.”


maybe not so minor.”

just looked at him.
“And you

ve also got this planned?”


ve totally got this planned.
But I haven

t set anything into motion yet because first
I needed to run it by you.”


s hear about this plan of

know you don

t want to be away from
Lisa over the holidays, so why not bring Lisa and Tank with us?
The house is certainly big enough.
You saw how many bedrooms are there, and
each has its own attached bath.
Privacy for everyone, which is important.”

of the sexy times?”

and something else.”


s the something else?”


m figuring why just stop with the four of


not bring Blackwell and her two daughters with us?
They both just flew in this week from
university for winter break, and there

more than enough room for seven of us.

ve actually had several
holidays with Blackwell.
You can
imagine the hilarity.”

I can see that.
And I

d love to meet her daughters.
What are their names again?”

Alexa and

I don’
t think Blackwell ever told me their ages.”

is twenty-one and Daniella is twenty-two.”


re close to my age.
And Lisa’s.”

what do you think?

ve got ten days before Christmas.
I say we go down on the twenty-third and
leave on the twenty-sixth.
will give us plenty of time to decorate, buy food from the Ellsworth Hannaford,
make sure that we are well-stocked on champagne, wine and other spirits, and
have plenty of DVDs in case we want to watch movies.
You know, like

s a Wonderful
Who doesn

t watch that movie on Christmas Eve?

make a party of it.”


m down with it.
But here

s the thing.
Lisa and Tank haven

t had their own sexy times yet.
They’re closer, for sure, but they still
haven’t gone there yet.
What do we
do with them?”

plenty of bedrooms.
One for you and
me, one for Alexa and Daniella, one for Blackwell, and there are two other
rooms in case Tank and Lisa would prefer sleeping in separate bedrooms.”

maybe they won


never know.”


ll hear them creeping
between bedrooms in the middle of the night.”

’s possible.

need to get the word out tomorrow before anyone makes plans, if they haven

t already.”

if they have, that

s fine.

know that Lisa hasn


I know that Blackwell always stays in the city at Christmas.”


t been to Maine in the

that I know of.”

she agrees to this, talk about a fish out of water.”

think of the potential.”

is the question mark.
I don

t know how he spends his holidays.
Does he typically go home?”

He did last year, but he didn

t the previous year.
So, it might be every other year, but
I’m not sure.”

we start in the morning.
You work
on Tank, I

ll handle the others.”

He put down his drink on the table
in front of him.
“Now, come over

close do you want me?

m practically in your lap.”

fact, I want you
my lap.

I see.”
I shot him a demure look
and put down my cocktail on the coffee table.
“Well, if you insist, Mr. Wenn.”
I lifted myself up, sat in his lap and
touched his nose with my finger.
“You know, you

re the
hottest Santa I

ve ever
Unusually young, fit and
No belly.
And your stubble is sexy—I have
none of that messy white beard to deal with.”

kissed me on the lips.
“You don

t say?”

do say.
And after that kiss,
certainly you are the freshest Santa I

ever met.”

what would Jennifer like for Christmas?”

what I

m sitting on.”


s already yours.
You must want something.”



m being serious.”

BOOK: Annihilate Me: Holiday Edition
7.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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