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Begging for

Pinewood Creek
Shifters, Book 2


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Chapter 1


August 10

pushed the plate away and rubbed his now full stomach.
Another excellent meal and, in truth, it was
what kept him coming back through this small town.
That and he couldn’t go home to Xavier, not
like this.
Not with a fresh kill on his
Sometimes he thought the lines
between his status as an agent with the Shifter Council blurred with those
who’d broken the laws—killed or hurt humans bringing attention to shifter’s
Was the world a little better
without the wolf shifter that hunted and murdered humans for no reason?
Sure, but how did it make it right for Skylar
to end his life?

took a long drink of his water and sighed.
Now all he needed was to crawl into bed beside his mate.
His shaft hardened at the thought of taking
Xavier's cock into his mouth until he lost control and spilled his seed down
Skylar's throat.
He could almost feel
the hard column of Xavier's thighs tense as he came.
Skylar's wolf scratched at the surface on the
same page with taking his mate.

was your meal, sir?"

looked up into the grey eyes of the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes
Her black hair was pulled back into
a ponytail that bounced with her every movement.
Her eyes were tilted slightly giving her a
cat-like appearance and her lips were a lovely shade of pink.
Her scent wrapped around him and his cock
hardened even further, his wolf clawing to be released.
Skylar wanted this woman underneath him as he
slid balls deep into her warm, wet pussy.

gasped her tongue slipping out to wet her lips, ensuring that his dick
He wanted her tongue on him,
teasing the head of his cock before her pink mouth took him deep within its

wolf was no different.
He clawed at his
ribs wanting a taste of the delectable female that stood before him.
Her grey eyes glowed momentarily before she
smiled and her mouth formed a word that he knew would change his life forever.


stood and took the female he'd just met by the hand and she didn't resist when
he led her from the crowded restaurant.

need to tell them I'm going home," she whispered as he crowded her against
the side of the building.
couldn't wait for a taste of her, so he crushed his lips on hers and his wolf
howled as she responded so readily.

arms wound around his neck and her lithe body plastered against his.
He was sure he'd found paradise.
She tasted sweet, like the chocolate pie he'd
just consumed moments before and Skylar decided not to fight the temptation to
lick every curve this female possessed, because he was sure that she would be
just as sweet everywhere else.

pulled back her teeth grazing his bottom lip and a seductive smile graced her
lips as she whispered in his ear.

be right back."

was only gone for moments, but to his lust addled brain it felt like a
Skylar captured her again,
taking her lips in a bruising kiss and she responded just as sweetly, her body
going lax as he explored her mouth.
Something nagged the back of his mind, but he pushed it away too intent
on exploring the sexy morsel clinging to him.
The trip to her house was a blur and he was thankful she didn't live far
from the little restaurant he'd fallen in love with over the last six
His dick felt so hard that he
was sure there was a permanent zipper print down its length.

walked through the door and he was on her, his foot closing the door behind
He didn't have eyes for anything
but the dark haired beauty whose grey eyes flashed with a desire that burned
him with its intensity.
Somehow he made
it to her bedroom, or at least he assumed it was her bedroom.
There was a bed and a warm willing woman in
his arms.
Again his wolf whined and he
soothed the wolf with the promise of taking this woman over and over again.

your name?"

question ended on a moan as he cupped her breast through her shirt, the nipple
pebbling against his hand.
He captured
her chin and she smiled.
So trusting.
It made
him want her that much more.
He couldn't
remember a time he'd ever been so in lust before.
Memories attempted to assail him, but he
kept them at bay by losing himself in her mouth.
She responded so sweetly to his every
She was like a drug that he
couldn't get enough of.

he whispered in her ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth.

He captured her name in his mouth and his
last coherent thought was how beautiful her name was, how perfect she felt
beneath him.
Then it was a flurry of
activity as clothing disappeared and he sampled each inch of her flesh that he
He took the dusky nipples that
topped the delectable mounds of her breasts into his mouth.
Skylar's eyes rolled back in his head as he
sampled each nipple before taking a journey down her abdomen.
He took just a moment to take in the
perfection of her body.
All feminine
curves with a hint of muscle, but what really drew his eye were her ample
Skylar's mouth watered as he took
in her pussy and its small thatch of black curls.
Her arousal coated the now puffy lips of her
The smell of her arousal was
intoxicating and he didn't waste time taking her in his mouth, his tongue
diving right into the source of her arousal.


hands curled into his hair and her hips moved as he snaked his tongue through
her folds.

Skylar; I need you inside!"

didn't have to be tempted twice. He scrambled out of his pants his cock begging
to tunnel deep within her core.
spread her legs wider, her pussy on full display and curled her finger for him
to come to her, and come he did.




couldn't contain her moan as Skylar's hard cock tunneled through her core
connecting them in a primal way.
Of all
the ways she imagined tonight to end, this wasn't it.

expected coming home, drinking a glass of wine and passing out to the nightly
infomercials that always seemed to lull her into unconsciousness.
Never in a million years would she have
dreamed meeting her mate and claiming him in one night.
But she couldn't help but feel elated.
She'd been alone for so long that she
couldn't wait to start her new life with Skylar.

as his cock bottomed out within her willing channel she could imagine a life
where he'd be there when she came home for the rest of her life.
Aspen pushed away the doubts and lost herself
in the pleasure of her mate's thrusts.
Her climax was just in reach, but she needed a little something
It was as though they were already
in sync when he pulled her legs over his shoulders and began to thrust harder
and faster.
Suddenly the climax that
seemed just out of reach crashed over her and Aspen smiled as his climax mixed
with her own.
She couldn't even bring
herself to care that she'd not thought of protection.
Besides, he was her mate so children would naturally
come next.

fell asleep in his arms and didn't let thoughts of her parent's mating deter
dreams of her future happiness.

woke later still comfortably situated within Skylar's arms.
He looked so peaceful in sleep, but she
couldn't resist the temptation to look her fill.
Although she'd seen him, every glorious inch
as Skylar had exposed himself to her view, Aspen felt the need for a closer
He’d been coming to Cinder’s
occasionally for the past six months.
He’d always looked so sad and Aspen had wanted nothing more than to kiss
his full lips to make everything better.
She never thought he’d end up being her mate.

carefully from his embrace, she sat on her knees and took in every beautiful
inch of him.
Of course, he'd probably
take offence to being called beautiful, but that was exactly what he was to
Aspen bent and sniffed, her nose
taking moments to sort through all the data she received.
It wasn't her best sense, but she could smell
the pine and sandalwood that made up his unique scent, as well as another
masculine scent that though faint made want to roll around like the cat she
Underneath all of those scents the
aroma of wolf tickled her nose.
she'd captured a wolf.
She was sure he
knew exactly what she was, their sense of smell tons better than a

sighed as she sifted her hands through his soft and messy tawny locks that
barely fell past his ears.
He moved in
his sleep, his face nuzzling against her hand.
Aspen smiled.
She gave him a
gentle kiss on his cheek before smoothing her hands down his firmly sculpted
chest and abdomen.
She would spend years
memorizing every muscle with her hands and tongue, but first she wanted to
taste the part of him that had taken her to heights she'd never known before.

took him in her hands and licked her lips as his dick hardened almost
She swiped her tongue over
his mushroom shaped head and a purr rumbled low in her throat when his flavor
burst over her taste buds.
His thighs tensed
beneath her as she took more of him into her mouth and sucked gently before
releasing him with a pop.

looked up into beautiful green eyes, his surprise making her giggle as she took
his dick back into her mouth desperate to make him lose control like he'd done
Skylar growled and his head
tilted back the chords of his neck standing out as she continued her oral
She loved the way his hands
tangled in her hair and he took control, moving her head gently to find the
rhythm he liked best.
Aspen cupped his
balls and yelped when he pulled her off him and pinned her to the bed.

Skylar’s green eyes glowed as his wolf came
closer to the surface, his mouth spread in a wicked grin that showed off his
lengthening canines.
Then he was seated
deep inside her where she craved him most, his pace frantic.
Aspen could feel her claws and tried to
retract them, but the way he pounded into her snapped her control.
She dug her nails into his shoulders as his
mouth teased the place where her shoulder and neck met.
Everything in her tensed waiting to feel the
pain and pleasure of his bite, but it never came.
Aspen cried out as her climax took her away
from the moment of disappointment.

cried his completion as his seed shot deep inside her yet again.
Aspen was still reeling from her orgasm when
Skylar scrambled off the bed toward a ringing cell phone.
She curled against where he would lay next to
her for the rest of her life.
The orgasm
proved too much and she let herself drift off to sleep with more dreams of
Skylar and her sharing a wonderful life together.




moment Skylar was shouting his completion as he filled Aspen with his seed and
the next a sick ball of dread replaced any of the happiness coursing through
One glance at the caller ID and all
the little reasons why his wolf was trying to remind him of something flooded
back to him.

baby," he whispered into the cell phone as he left a now sleeping Aspen in
her bed.

Skylar, I got worried.
Thought you were
going to be back last night?
Did the
Council business run over?"

BOOK: Astrid Cielo
2.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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