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mouth on my neck made me giggle. I woke up to the feeling of his lips on me. He
was kissing me and nuzzling my neck. His mouth found mine, and I tangled my
fingers in his soft hair as he kissed me aggressively. His tongue tasted sweet.
I loved how his mouth tasted. I loved everything about him. He pressed his body
against me. He no longer had any clothes on. I could feel the contours and
muscles of his body. His erection pressed against my thigh making my body surge
with excitement and anticipation. I opened my eyes, and looked into his eyes.
He smiled down at me. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to be with you
like this,” he whispered.

raised my eyebrows in amusement. “Are you sure you aren’t going to disappear
this time?”

laughed softly. “Not this time. You are not getting out of it this time.” He
pressed his mouth to my neck, and laid gentle kisses on my heated skin.

shifted my hips and relaxed my body, giving him permission to keep going. I
gasped in pleasure, and he moaned low in his throat as he slowly began filled
me with his hard cock. My body went insane with feeling as he moved his hips
encouraging me to accept all of him. I pulled him to my mouth and kissed him
frantically. He felt incredible inside me. I didn’t realize how much I wanted
him until now. He began to move aggressively forcing himself as deep as he
could go.  I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him as close as I
could get him.

sat up so I was straddling his lap. He was so deep inside me. My body was
surging with pleasure as he continued to move. I used my position on top to
encourage his movement even more. I moved my hips against him frantically. I
pressed my lips to his. The pleasure was overwhelming me. I cried out in
complete ecstasy as pleasure rushed over me. His eyes were dark and hooded as
he watched me let go. I pushed him down on the bed so I was on top. I rode him
encouraging the pleasure. His fingers dug into my hips making me cry out in
pleasure and pain. I loved how he felt inside me. I felt the pleasure building
again. I cried out as I let go. Moans of pleasure escaped his lips as he
released with me. I felt the heat of him releasing fill me. The pleasure of
feeling him let go was overwhelming. I collapsed on his chest. The euphoria was
reeling through my body. I felt weak and shaky, but in a good way.

was completely relaxed as I laid on his chest. He stroked my hair repeatedly
like he was coming down from the high as well. I could still feel him inside
me. I didn’t feel it necessary to separate
him so
soon. Just the connection between us was intimate and pleasurable.

was a knock on the door. I groaned and moved off him. I hated changing
positions. I liked feeling close to him. “What is it?” I called trying to keep
the annoyance out of my voice.

was just coming to see if you wanted to feed,” Tommy said weakly from the other
side of the door.

began kissing the back of my neck. I closed my eyes leaning into him. I
momentarily forgot about Tommy, just Cornelius’s mouth on my neck made my body
tingle. “I want you again,” I moaned.

laughed softly. “Then call your wolf in. We will feed, and you can have your

considered it for a minute. “Come in,” I called to Tommy. Tommy came in, and hesitated
when he saw Cornelius in bed with me. “Come here,” I ordered when he didn’t
move to come to me. I still wasn’t happy with Tommy. I didn’t mind treating him
like food. He blushed slightly and hurried over to me. He sat down on the bed
next to me. I could see the pulse in his neck, and the hunger suddenly hit me.
I moved forward quickly, and sank my fangs into his neck making him gasp. I
moaned as his hot blood filled my mouth.

Cornelius chided after a minute. I reluctantly released Tommy, and Cornelius
moved forward and bit him.

watched me nervously like he wasn’t sure about being shared. He agreed to do
what I wanted, and I wanted him to feed Cornelius and me. I was glad that he
didn’t protest because I didn’t feel like arguing with him. Cornelius released
him after a minute and pushed him away. “Go,” he ordered firmly. I was
surprised when Tommy didn’t argue. He got up and hurried out. Cornelius smiled
at me. “Where were we?” he whispered playfully.

giggled as he pounced on me, and pinned me to the bed. His hands gripped my ass
as he pushed his hard cock inside me. I moaned, and bucked against him. He
moved aggressively against me. My mouth found his, and I kissed him hungrily.
He was the center of my universe at that moment. He was all I could feel,
taste, and smell. I loved every second of it. I wanted the moment to last
forever. He was everything to me. I cried out as my body exploded with
pleasure. He cried out seconds after me as he released with me. He kissed me
frantically. His mouth went to my neck as he slowed his frantic thrusts.

love you,” I whispered before I could even think about what I was saying. It
was like I said what I was thinking, but I didn’t really mean to say it out

froze and looked down at me. Our bodies were still tangled together. The
euphoria of my release made me feel a little out of it. I couldn’t tell what he
was thinking. I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. I thought he told me he
loved me without saying the exact words. Now, as he watched me, I wasn’t so

door slamming open distracted both of us. Aubrey stormed in like he was on a
mission. “Everyone is on the brink of war, and all you two can think to do is
screw around,” he snapped.

scowled. “What is it you want us to do?”

could start by trying to find out who is responsible for all these attacks.
Instead you are more worried about messing up bed sheets!” It was obvious
Aubrey was angry. I was a little annoyed that he was barging in, but I was also
a little embarrassed.

the issue is the fact that you aren’t the one messing up the bed sheets with
her,” Cornelius countered.

expression darkened. “Don’t think you will be the last she rolls around in the
sheets with. Her affection strays quickly, and there are plenty of others
wanting her affection.”

is not true Aubrey,” I said angrily. “You cheated on me. My affection didn’t
stray, yours did. So don’t act like you were the one hurt in all of this!”

touched my shoulder, and I glared at him. “I know how devoted to him you were.
I do not question your loyalty to the men you are with, and that includes me.
He is just trying to start a fight.”

relaxed a little. I was glad Cornelius didn’t go along with Aubrey’s attempt at
a fight. “I meant what I said, whether you feel the same way about me or not
doesn’t matter to me,” I said softly.

smiled as he pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I know,” He said
quietly, then his gaze shifted to Aubrey. “She is mine now. Move on. I don’t
think everything is going to fall apart because Lillian and I decided to stay
in bed for the evening.”

scoffed. “You will figure out how difficult loving her is,” he snapped and
marched out.

sighed and laid back on the bed. Cornelius settled down next to me. “He had to
ruin everything,” he muttered as he kissed my shoulder.

laughed. “He is right. We shouldn’t be in bed while everything is falling

sighed. “Spending a few hours in bed isn’t going to change anything. No one knows
what is going on. We can’t do anything until we have more information.”

sat up and looked down at him. “No, but we could be out asking around.” I stood
and walked into the bathroom. I started the shower. I felt a little chided by
Aubrey. I wanted to do something now that he pointed out I was doing absolutely

stepped in the shower. My mind was back to racing. I was still no closer to
knowing who attacked Drake. I shouldn’t have wasted the time. I didn’t have
time to let my personal life distract me. Cornelius stepped into the shower
behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me closer to him.

isn’t much you can do. I don’t know why you are letting Aubrey get to you,” he
whispered as he nuzzled my ear.

turned and looked up at him. “He was right though. We are wasting time. What
are we going to do? We have to come up with some kind of plan.”

things cannot be controlled. We have people everywhere looking, and asking
questions. We will find out who did this,” he said impatiently.

sighed and looked away. He was right too. We were both doing what we could.
There wasn’t much more we could do. I just felt like I should be doing
something more, even though I didn’t know what it was.

pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me
aggressively. His tongue tangled with mine. I tangled my fingers in his hair,
and moaned against his lips.

loud banging on the door broke us apart. “What the fuck!” Cornelius growled as
he stepped out of the shower. He yanked the door open. “What!” he snapped

hunters were killed. The hunters are blaming us. Is that enough to warrant
your, and the princess’s attention?” Aubrey snapped.

will be down in a few minutes,” Cornelius growled matching Aubrey’s tone.

sure,” Aubrey muttered.

heard Cornelius mumble something as he shut the door. I stepped out of the
shower and wrapped a towel around myself. Cornelius looked at me. “He is getting
on my nerves.”

smiled. “Let’s just go see what is going on.” I walked out past him. I needed
to get dressed, and see what was going on. I was kind of curious about which
hunters were killed. I knew many of them, and I hated to see any of them get hurt.


descended the stairs and Cornelius followed. We were met by Drake, Adam, Eric,
Kate, Luca, Kai, and Aubrey. They all seemed like they were on edge. It was
obvious they were discussing whatever happened. I was sure the hunters were
gearing up to strike back, at least that was the fear.

nice you two decided to join us,” Aubrey said curtly.

them alone. They deserve some rest,” Drake growled glaring at Aubrey.

didn’t look like he liked being chided, but he didn’t comment. “Does anyone
know who was killed?” I asked disregarding Aubrey’s comment.

couple young guards. They are saying a werewolf attacked them near the hunter’s
compound. Werewolves don’t attack hunters,” Adam said quietly.

agree. I never had problems with werewolves as a hunter. They have to know
there is something off. I don’t understand why they would automatically blame
us,” I said quietly.

think you are on some revenge kick I am sure,” Drake said watching me.

and I have to go talk to them,” Cornelius said after a minute of silence.

is insane. They will try to kill you,” Adam said sounding like he didn’t like
the idea at all.

doubt that. I suggest we go sooner rather than later,” Cornelius said offering
me his hand.

agreed with him to a certain extent. Then again I agreed with Adam too. The
last few times I attempted any form of meeting with my uncle I ended up almost
dead. I decided I was going to trust Cornelius for once. If he thought they
would reason with us, then maybe they would. “We will be back before sundown,”
I said reassuring Adam, and the others as I took Cornelius’s hand.

looked like he wanted to protest, but before he could I felt the rush of
Cornelius transporting us. We stood in my uncle’s office. My uncle looked up
from what he was doing. I could tell he was slightly startled by our sudden
appearance. “What are you doing here?” he hissed as he stood.

I suggest you hear us out before you start a war. You know Lillian wouldn’t
send someone else to get her revenge,” Cornelius said firmly.

uncle seemed to relax a little at his comment. My uncle knew Cornelius was
right. I didn’t send people to do my bidding. My uncle’s gaze shifted to me.
“Is that why you are here then? For revenge?”

scoffed. “I am here to keep you and Julian from fucking up everything. The
werewolves and vampires would slaughter the hunters if you start a war.”

you trying to say you care what happens to the hunters?” he asked skeptically.

felt my temper flare a little. He was acting like I chose to be a vampire. “The
only reason I am a vampire is because of what you did to me. Don’t act like I
abandoned my people, and chose this way,” I said darkly.

uncle shifted nervously, and glanced at Cornelius. “She should hate you. You
turned her. All I did was give her to you. You said you were going to kill her,
and you didn’t. I don’t see why I am still taking your word.”

not dwell on past wrongs. We have too many present issues. I suggest you keep
your people at bay until we can figure out what is going on. You have to know
this was not Lillian’s people. I know you are intelligent enough to figure that
much out,” Cornelius said impatiently.

sat back down slowly. “I don’t know what to think anymore. It seems I am losing
all my alliances to my niece. You cannot fault me for thinking the worst of
you, Cornelius.”

niece is not the monster you make her out to be. We will find answers, but if
you start a war you will give whoever is doing this exactly what they want,”
Cornelius said impatiently.

uncle looked like he was considering it. He wasn’t speaking, and I couldn’t
tell what he was thinking. He suddenly moved, and I knew better than to wait
and see what he was doing. I shoved Cornelius out of the way as a loud crack
filled the room. It was a gunshot. I felt the searing pain in my chest as I
stumbled back from the force of the shot. I looked over where my uncle stood.
Cornelius was already on him. Cornelius yanked the gun from his grasp, and
forced his head sideways. I heard my uncle’s neck break, then Cornelius let him
drop to the floor.

fell to the floor. I was in intense pain. I didn’t remember ever feeling so
much pain in my life. “Lillian,” Cornelius whispered sounding terrified as he
lifted me.

was going to shoot you,” I said through gritted teeth.

should have let him,” he said angrily. “We should have never come. This is all
my fault.”

laughed then winced in pain. “You know me better than that,” I said softly. The
room was starting to spin, and there was banging on the door. The room suddenly
blurred and we were back in the foyer of my house.

the hell happened?” Drake said as he hurried over to us.

uncle shot at us,” Cornelius said angrily. “Tell everyone to be on guard and prepare
for war. When you are done I need anyone who can donate blood to her. I also
need a knife and alcohol.”

nodded and hurried off. Cornelius carried me up the stairs to my room. He laid
me on the bed and ripped my shirt open. The pain was almost unbearable. I knew
I might not make it through this. I felt myself getting weaker, and weaker.
Cornelius was rushing around trying to find everything he would need to remove
the bullets.

I said in barely a whisper. I winced as I attempted to shift so I could see

move Lillian, I am here,” he said taking my hand. The door opened and others
came in the room, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was Cornelius.

them,” I begged. “Everyone I agreed to protect, you have to protect them for

you will be fine. Don’t talk like that Lillian,” he chided.

moaned as the pain intensified. I reached up and grabbed his arm. “I know how
bad this is,” I said in barely a whisper. “You have to promise me.”

looked at me. I could see the pain on his face. He didn’t want to promise me
because it meant I was dying. I felt like I was dying. I didn’t see myself
coming back from this. “Ok, I promise.” His voice was a choked whisper as he

smiled slightly trying to make it seem ok. “I love you.”

he said angrily. “I am not telling you I love you because you aren’t dying.”

room started to spin. I knew I was losing consciousness. I wished he would just
tell me how he felt about me. I didn’t want to die without knowing how he felt.

BOOK: Awakening
12.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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