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opened my eyes slowly. It was dark wherever I was. I was a little surprised I
was alive. I touched my chest where my injuries had been. I was dressed in
clothes. It felt like I was in some kind of dress. I realized how incredibly
thirsty I was. It wasn’t a thirst for blood. I just wanted water. I put my
hands out in front of me pressing against whatever was enclosing me. I pushed
against it harder, but it didn’t budge. I needed to get out. I was so thirsty.
Water was all I could think about. I felt like I hadn’t had any in forever.
Whatever I was encased in fell from my continuous movement. I landed with a
thud, and the top of my prison broke open. I crawled out of the box. I was slightly
horrified when I realized it was a coffin. I crawled away from it, and looked
around. I was in a dimly lit room with no windows. The walls, ceilings, and
floors were stone. I stumbled to what looked like the door. I attempted to open
it, but it wouldn’t budge. I considered transporting, but I got incredibly
dizzy and fell to the floor. I remembered being shot, but nothing after that. I
started banging on the door, but it was useless. In a final attempt I ran at
the door and threw my body into it. I winced in pain as I collapsed to the
floor. I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I was weak, and so thirsty. I focused
on the door trying to figure out how to open it. I started banging on the door
and screaming for help. The door suddenly opened and I landed on my hands and
knees. I realized I was in soft grass. I sat up on my knees and looked around.
Horror and fear rushed through me when I realized where I was. I was in a

a voice I recognized said in barely a whisper.

looked in the direction of the voice. It was Tanner, my cousin.  He was
holding the door like he was the one who opened it. “Tanner,” I said relieved
as I attempted to get to my feet. I was too weak, and I fell back to the soft

dead,” he said sounding panicked.

looked at him confused. “But I’m not. You guys made a mistake. I am thirsty,
and weak. Please help me,” I begged.

you have been buried here for over a month,” he said as he glanced around. He
sounded like he thought he was going crazy.

not dead Tanner! Look at me! Touch me!” I said impatiently.

watched me for a minute longer. “You are breathing,” he said quietly.

was a little startled by his comment. I remembered dying as a vampire, and
vampires didn’t breathe. I touched my chest and realized I had a strong
heartbeat as well. It didn’t make sense. “I’m human,” I said absently.

rushed to my side and helped me up. “We have to get you to Aubrey,” he said
sounding worried.

I want to see Cornelius,” I said confused.

glanced at me nervously. “Lillian, Cornelius left after you died. No one knows
where he went.”

felt my chest ache. I didn’t want to hear that after everything that had
happened. Tanner was half carrying me as we hurried toward the cemetery’s exit.
“I need water. I feel like I haven’t had anything to drink in forever,” I

led me over to a well and turned it on. I drank greedily. When I had my fill,
Tanner lifted me, and we continued on.

were you here?” I asked as we left the confines of the cemetery.

smiled slightly and shrugged. “I visit you now and then.”

kind of glad you do. I couldn’t get the door open,” I said quietly. He led me
over to a bench, and sat me down.

nodded as he pulled his cell phone out. “I know.” He called someone and they
picked up. “Hey Luca, I need a ride. I’m at the cemetery,” he said quickly then
hung up.

was watching me like I was something interesting and scary. “Stop staring,” I

smiled. “I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to think. Luca is going to flip

don’t understand how I am human,” I said quietly as I examined my hands.

don’t understand how you are alive. I was there when you died, and when they
buried you,” he said confused.

flash of headlights caught our attention. The road was vacant at this time of
night. “What the hell Tanner?” Luca’s annoyed voice called as he got out of his

helped me up, and led me out of the shadows toward Luca’s car. Luca froze when
he saw me. “Lillian,” he said in barely a whisper.

Luca,” I said softly.

alive?” Luca asked looking at Tanner. He looked like he didn’t believe what he
was seeing.

was screaming and carrying on inside the tomb, so I let her out. She isn’t just
alive, she is human again,” Tanner said happily.

This has to be a trick. What if it isn’t her,” Luca said unsure as he glanced

her. I don’t know how, but I know it is her. She needs food, water, a shower,
and rest. I thought it would be best to bring her to Aubrey,” Tanner said softly
as he helped me into the backseat of Luca’s car.

want to go to my house in Drake’s territory,” I said quietly. I wasn’t really
sure I wanted to see Aubrey. I didn’t want to be reminded of Cornelius. I would
have given anything to see Cornelius.

a good idea. Drake will be able to keep an eye on you,” Tanner said and smiled
reassuringly. He turned his attention back to Luca. “Are you going to get in
the car?”

this isn’t possible. I have seen a lot of things, but not this,” he said sounding

are we going to do? Rebury her? She is breathing, she has a heartbeat. She is
alive by my standard. Now let’s go,” Tanner said firmly as he climbed into the
passenger seat.

cussed and got back into his seat. He set off toward pack territory. He glanced
back at me every now and then like he was keeping an eye on me. No one spoke.
It was deafly quiet in the car, other than the low tones of the radio.

Drakes house came into view relief washed over me. It felt like I just saw him
a few hours ago, but I knew it had been over a month. He walked out onto the
porch as Luca parked the car.

climbed out. “You aren’t going to believe this, Drake,” he said excitedly as he
opened my door.

helped me out of the car, and I looked up at Drake. Luca was still watching me
like I was going to grow another head at any moment.

Drake said in barely a whisper. He hurried down the stairs to me. He pulled me
into a hug and breathed in my scent. “It’s you, but you are human,” he said
confused. “Where did you find her?” he asked looking at Tanner.

was trying to break out of her tomb. I opened the door and she fell out,”
Tanner said shrugging.

woke up in the coffin,” I said absently as I tried to remember more.

needs food, and more water,” Tanner said firmly.

nodded and lifted me into his arms. Normally I wouldn’t have liked this, but I
was tired and weak. I didn’t mind the extra help. Drake carried me into the
house and started giving orders.

carried me upstairs to my old room and laid me on the bed. “You don’t remember
anything?” he asked as he moved around the room.

shook my head. “I just woke up. Where is Cornelius?” I asked softly.

glanced at me then looked away. “He moved away after you died. We found out who
the vampire causing all the ruckus was. Cornelius killed him, and once
everything cleared up, he left.”

was the vampire causing problems?” I asked confused.

why else,” He said amused. The door opened and Tanner brought soup, and
something for me to drink. Luca followed with clean clothing.

everyone ok then?” I asked hoping they were.

everyone is fine. Most of us have gone our own way, but we still keep in touch
with one another,” Drake said obviously trying to reassure me.

about my uncle?” I thought I saw Cornelius kill him, but I wasn’t sure.
Everything was so foggy now. I felt like everything before now was some kind of

glanced at Tanner and Luca like he wasn’t sure what to say. “He is dead. Luca
is leading the hunters now.”

I said quietly.

offered me the soup. “You need to eat. You look pale and weak.”

nodded as I accepted the soup. It tasted so good. It seemed like it had been so
long since I ate food. I ate in silence. They excused themselves so I could
finish eating, then shower.

I showered I dressed in the pair of jeans and shirt Luca brought me. Once I was
dressed I walked downstairs. Luca, Tanner, and Drake were in the living room
talking. They quieted when I walked in. “What are you guys talking about?” I
asked as I took a seat not far from Drake.

are trying to determine how you are alive, and why you aren’t a vampire. It has
to be some kind of black magic,” Luca said softly.

who would want me alive?” I asked confused.

looked at one another. I knew they didn’t know. They were just reaching for
answers. The idea that I was resurrected with black magic was just easier to
believe then I just came back to life.

we will be able to figure that out. Tanner and I are going back to the cemetery
to look around,” Luca said as he stood. Tanner stood as well. Tanner smiled
reassuringly before he followed Luca out.

looked over at Drake. He was watching me like he still didn’t believe I was
here. “Do you think it is some kind of black magic?”

shook his head. “Normally people resurrected by magic do not breathe or have
heartbeats. They are zombies.”

smiled slightly, I was a relieved that I wasn’t a zombie. I moved closer to him
and laid against him. “I missed you,” I said quietly.

laughed softly and put his arms around me. “You have no idea how much I missed
you,” he said softly, and gently kissed my head.

closed my eyes and relaxed. I was glad he was happy to see me. I knew Luca and
Tanner was happy to see me as well, they were just unsure about how I ended up
alive. I wasn’t sure how it happened either.


woke up in my bed. I was alone, and I wasn’t sure what woke me. I sat up slowly
and looked around the room. The shadow of a man near the window caught my
attention. My heart started to race. I had no clue who it was, or what he

down, love. It is just me,” Aubrey said softly stepping into the light.

scared me,” I said breathlessly.

was nice to hear your heartbeat for a change. It seems like it has been forever
since I heard your heartbeat,” he said quietly as he moved closer to the bed.

not freaked out?” I asked watching him. He looked completely calm, then again
most of the time he did, unless I was with Cornelius.

am curious, but I am not freaked out,” he said smiling.

know you probably don’t care, but I want to see Cornelius. No one seems to know
how to contact him. Do you know where he is?” I asked hoping he did. All I did
was dream about him. I missed him so much. All I could do was think about him,
and it was going to drive me insane.

sorry Lillian, Cornelius has gone off the map. I have looked for him myself in
an attempt to bring him back. Wherever he is hiding, he is doing a good job at
it,” Aubrey said sounding apologetic.

swallowed hard and looked away. I felt the tears just below the surface. I
hated being human. As a vampire things like this didn’t affect me as bad. Now I
felt like a weak, helpless little girl. “I just want to see him.”

sat on the bed next to me. He reached out and touched my hand. I looked up at
him, and he smiled at me reassuringly. “I am sure once word spreads that you
are alive, he will come to investigate.”

smiled faintly, then moved forward and hugged him. “Thank you for being so nice
to me.”

stiffened at my show of affection, but he still put his arms around me. “I
never meant for you to think I didn’t care for you Lillian. Everything got
complicated so fast. I still care for you,” he said softly.

care for you too,” I said quietly. I released him and looked at him. “Do you
have any ideas that explain how I am alive?”

shook his head and stood. “There is nothing I can think of that would explain
it. I am going to consult a couple witches, but I do not think this has
anything to do with black magic.”

you think it is permanent? Will I stay this way?” I asked watching him. I was
hoping it wasn’t just something temporary. I didn’t want to die again.

couldn’t tell you, I hope it is permanent,” he said quietly. He didn’t speak
for a minute, he just watched me. He suddenly moved like he was snapping out of
a trance. “I should go. Get some rest. I will come see you a little later on.”

I said and smiled. He disappeared, and I laid back in bed. I was hoping he was
right about Cornelius. Maybe he would hear about me, and come to me.

BOOK: Awakening
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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