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like trouble in paradise,” Aubrey said as he came to stand near Luca and me.

was never a paradise, despite the rumor,” I said trying to keep the annoyance
out of my tone.

had me fooled. It seems like every time I see you two, you are friendly toward
one another,” Aubrey said dryly.

really wasn’t in the mood to analyze my personal life. It was obvious Aubrey
was jealous. I didn’t really understand why. He was the one who pushed me away.
“I think there are bigger things, other than my personal life, to worry about,”
I said sharply, then I took a sip of my drink. I kind of wondered where
Cornelius went. I pushed the thought away, I didn’t want to think about him
now. I had other things to worry about.

called for everyone’s attention. The room directed their attention to him.
Aubrey and Luca moved to the center of the room where Kai and Kate was
standing. I felt someone brush up against me from behind. I turned and I was
looking up at Tommy. He smile apologetically like he didn’t mean to brush me,
he was just trying to get close to me. I disregarded him, and turned my
attention back to Kai and the other renegades.

are all aware of the attack on Drake, one of our friends. We are currently in
the process of trying to figure out who is responsible for the attack. There
are rumors that the hunters are not involved like we first thought. It is
possible there is another threat out there,” Kai said as he addressed the room.

continued to listen to him talk about how we needed to be vigilant and patient.
Part of me wanted to roll my eyes and leave, but I remained in my place. Adam
and Eric moved closer to me, so did other’s in their packs. I was starting to
feel a little crowded, and even more annoyed.

would you like to say something?” Kai asked once he ended his speech.

attention turned to me. I wanted to tell them they were all idiots for waiting
to see if there was another attack. It had to be the hunters or someone related
to the hunters. I couldn’t see it being anyone else. I decided it would be best
if I didn’t say anything at all. I was going to have to find out what was going
on my own. I wasn’t the sit and wait kind of person. “I have nothing to say on
the matter,” I said quietly.

looked a little startled at my refusal to encourage peace. He had to know
better than that. I wasn’t the type to stand up and try to reassure everyone. I
was the type that went out, found the problem, and got rid of it.

you think you should say something considering you control the three main
lycanthrope packs?” Kate asked sounding slightly annoyed.

considered telling her off, but Cornelius appeared out of nowhere and spoke
before I could. “I think it would be for everyone’s benefit that she not say
anything. I am sure anything she has to say would not be in the effort of
peace,” he said sounding slightly amused.

rolled my eyes and took another sip of my drink. I hated to admit it, but he
was right. Nothing I had to say would be in the effort of peace. I didn’t trust
the hunters anymore, and I didn’t even want to pretend I did.

has to make sure the packs do not make a move that could compromise our
position,” Kate said haughtily. Her tone was really starting to get to me. It
was taking all my patience not to say something cruel.

don’t do anything without her say,” Eric said sounding as annoyed as I felt.

the packs make a move it is on Lillian request,” Adam said agreeing with Eric.

was going to add to the conversation, but the sound of my name being called
distracted me. I realized it wasn’t someone in the room. It was in my head. I
paid closer attention to the voice and I realized it was Drake. Before I even
really thought about it I was in my room.

was awake. His eyes seemed heavy like he didn’t really want to be awake, but he
was anyway. “Hey,” he said in barely a whisper.

hurried over to him and touched his hair. “Hey,” I said as I settled in the bed
next to him.

didn’t go after the hunters did you?” he rasped. It seemed like it was painful
for him to even speak.

looked at him confused. I didn’t really understand how he knew what I would do.
“I did, but Cornelius stopped me. Why?”

took a breath like he was relieved. “They didn’t do this. This was all part of
a plan to start a war.”

did it then? Tell me, and I will go after whoever it was. I will make them pay
for this,” I said trying to remain calm. I wanted to know who it was. I had so
much pent up anger.

don’t know who. I just know what. The guy that shot me was a werewolf, and
there was a vampire with him. I think it is another pack controlled by a
vampire,” he said softly.

were making it seem like the hunters. Why would they want us to fight? What
would they have to gain?” I asked confused. I knew I shouldn’t be asking him so
many questions, but I needed answers. I hated sitting around doing nothing.

would weaken us. That would give them a chance to take over. It has to be a
play for power,” he said. He winced like he was in pain.

say anymore. You are too weak,” I said quietly as I caressed his cheek.

watched me for a minute. I could see the pain in his eyes. He was still
hurting, and there wasn’t much I could do for him. “I should be guarding you,
not lying in bed,” he said sounding slightly angry.

have others to guard me. You need to get better. I am lost without your
guidance,” I said smiling slightly. It was true. I had grown used to getting
his advice. I was beginning to think that was why I was so indecisive lately. I
relied on him to make suggestions, and tell me what I should do.

him to sleep. It will take away some of the pain,” Cornelius said softly from
behind me. He startled me a little. I didn’t even hear him come up behind me.

looked back at Drake. Drake was watching me like he was waiting for me to give
an order. “Go to sleep,” I said quietly as I looked into his eyes. His
expression changed, and I knew he was going to obey. His eyes closed slowly.
His breathing slowed as he went to sleep. I covered him with a blanket, then
pushed his hair out of his face.

take it he told you it wasn’t a hunter that shot him?” Cornelius said curtly.

looked at him, then stood. “Yes, he said it was a werewolf. What do you want a
pat on the back. You were right, who cares. The hunters are still a threat.”

are, but they aren’t a pressing threat, and I don’t want a pat on the back, but
a little more trust would be nice. I don’t see how you immediately accept what
he says, but when I say something you doubt it,” he said angrily. I could tell
by the way he was standing, and the amount of tension in his body, that he was
gearing up for a fight.

didn’t want to fight with him. I hated to admit it, but I felt a little bad for
not trusting him more. Cornelius and I had a rocky past, but he was trying to
win me. I didn’t really understand why I was trying so hard to fight him. I
didn’t feel like fighting him tonight. I wanted him to hold me more than
anything. With Drake hurt, I felt alone.

moved closer to him and ran my hands over the lapels of his jacket. I looked up
at him, and smiled playfully. I could see the confusion in his eyes. I knew he
thought I would start yelling, and telling him off. I didn’t want to yell. I
was tired and worried. I didn’t know who hurt Drake, and it bothered me. I felt
powerless, and it was annoying. “Would you stay with me tonight?” I asked
quietly. I kept my tone calm and light hoping he would agree. I didn’t want to
be alone. Being with him would make me feel better. I would feel safer, and I
yearned for that feeling.

didn’t speak immediately like he wasn’t sure what I was asking. “I suppose I
could stay. I know there is an empty room across the hall, unless you want me
to stay in here with you to watch over Drake.”

smiled a little wider. He thought I just wanted him to stay for support. It was
kind of funny. “Tommy can watch over Drake. I meant stay with me, as in come to
bed with me.”

raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Oh, I thought…”

pressed my lips to his before he could finish speaking. The taste of his mouth
made my body tingle. His lips were soft, and his kiss was hungry. He was
exactly what I needed. I broke the kiss, and we were standing in the bedroom
across the hall. I had Tommy make up the room for me since Drake was in my bed.
I slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

looked around with an amused smile on his lips. “You are really getting good at
the transportation thing. I didn’t even realize you moved us.”

laughed softly as I slid his coat down his arms. “Maybe I am just that good of
a kisser,” I teased.

laughed softly, and his eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. “I am
going have to kiss you again to see if that statement is true.”

pressed his lips to mine and I relaxed into his kiss. I tangled my fingers into
his hair, and pressed my body to his. He tasted and smelled so good. The sudden
urge to bite him came over me. I broke the kiss, and buried my face in his
neck. I sank my fangs into his soft flesh, and cool blood filled my mouth. I
groaned in ecstasy. The taste of his blood made my body feel like it was on
fire. I released him and pushed him down onto the bed. I straddled his hips and
ripped his shirt open. He closed his eyes as I laid kisses over his perfect
chest. My mouth found his again. My tongue tangled with his. We both fought for
control as our kisses became more aggressive and needy.

rolled suddenly pinning me to the bed. He ripped through my shirt and bra like
they were made of paper. I closed my eyes as his mouth covered me in kisses. He
sank his fangs into my exposed breast. The slight pinch, and sudden euphoria
made me gasp. He growled low in his throat as he fed from me. His mouth met
mine again, and the sweet metallic taste of my own blood filled my mouth.

froze suddenly and broke the kiss. I looked at him confused. He looked confused
and distant. He did this before, not too long ago. “I have to go,” he said in
barely a whisper. Before I could reply, or even process what was happening, he
was gone.

sighed as I sat up. I attempted to do something with my shirt, but it was
ruined. I stripped my shirt and bra off and tossed it aside. I didn’t
understand why he just disappeared on me. I thought he wanted to be with me.
His signals were so confusing.

finished undressing and laid down in bed. I wanted to sleep, but my mind was
racing. I was slightly worried about Cornelius. I wished I knew the reason for
his sudden disappearance. I didn’t think there would be much that could take
him away from me when I was about to give him exactly what he had been working


woke up when I felt someone climb on the bed next to me. I could smell
Cornelius’s light cologne. I was relieved he was back. I was worried about him.
I hated how secretive he was. He claimed I didn’t trust him, but he didn’t
trust me either. The thought annoyed me a little.

gently kissed my shoulder as his hand slid down to my hip. “I am sorry I had to
leave in such a hurry,” he said softly.

you going to tell me why?” I asked trying to keep the annoyance out of my

sighed like he didn’t want to answer the question. “Lillian…” he started, but I
cut him off.

forget it. I need to go check on Drake,” I said angrily as I sat up. I got to
my feet, and put my robe on. I glanced at him wondering if he was just going to
stay there. He was watching me like he was trying to decide what to say.

don’t see why you are running away. I thought we were finally getting
somewhere,” he said dryly.

scoffed. “We were, then you disappeared and won’t tell me where you went. You
want me to trust you, but you won’t trust me. I don’t see how that is going to
work.” I walked out before he could say anything else.

walked across the hall toward my room. It was early evening, and the house was
starting to come to life. I was trying to relax before I went in to check on
Drake. I didn’t want him to see me upset. I didn’t want to worry him. I calmed
myself and knocked gently on the door.

in,” Drake said from the other side.

slipped into the room and smiled when I saw Drake sitting up. He was eating,
and he looked a lot better. “You look better,” I said as I walked over to him.

don’t have to knock. This is your room,” he said amused.

laughed as I sat down on the bed next to him. “It is yours temporarily.
Knocking is the polite thing to do.”

nodded and went back to eating some kind of soup. “Is everything ok?” he asked
as he glanced up at me.

shrugged. “It’s ok as can be. I am a little irritated with the lack of
information. I want to know who tried to start the war. There are all kinds of
rumors, but no real answers.”

glad you didn’t follow through with going after the hunters. I know your uncle
deserves a beating, but I think it is better to try to handle things with them
diplomatically,” he said quietly.

didn’t agree with him, but I wasn’t going to start a war because I had a
personal issue with my uncle. My uncle tried to have me and others I cared
about hurt because he wanted things his way. My issue was between me and him.
The packs, vampires, and hunters weren’t to blame for it, so it wouldn’t be
right for me to drag them all to war. “I think they will eventually try to
start the war themselves,” I said absently as I stood and walked to the window.

shook his head. “They trust Cornelius. I think he is keeping them at bay for
the most part. I don’t really understand his relationship with the hunters, but
it works, whatever it is.”

scoffed. “All the more reason we shouldn’t trust Cornelius.”

looked at me surprised. “You don’t trust him. I thought you two…” he started,
but trailed off at my expression.

are nothing. He expects me to trust him blindly, but he won’t even trust me. He
disappears, and he won’t tell me where he is going. He is working with my
uncle. There is just too many things he is doing for me to ignore,” I said as I
looked out the window.

if my opinion matters at all, I think he loves you. He has done a lot to keep
you, and everyone you care about safe. Older vampires are just secretive. You
will eventually get used to it. Nothing he has done has been to harm you,” he
said softly.

looked over at him trying to decide if I should agree with him. What he said
made sense, but that didn’t ease my annoyance with Cornelius. “I don’t know
what to think anymore. I am going to get dressed. I will check on you a little
later,” I said forcing a smile. I didn’t want him to worry. I left him alone to
finish eating.

walked back to my room. Cornelius was still lying across my bed. He was
shirtless, and asleep. He looked so relaxed. I slipped my robe off and crawled
back onto the bed next to him. I nestled against his chest and breathed in his
scent. I loved how he made me feel. It seemed like I forgot about everything when
I was this close to him. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Maybe Drake was right. I
should trust Cornelius more, maybe he did care about me. I knew I cared about
him more than I liked to admit.

BOOK: Awakening
12.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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