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“It was the worst day of my life. I was on the other side of the street and I wasn’t able to get to her in time, so watching it unravel in front of my eyes and feeling helpless killed me.” A pained expression crossed Gabe’s face.

“What other ways has the media effected your life, Sunny? We already know you’re used to it Gabe.” Hope asked Sunny seriously and playfully taunted Gabe.

“I had no idea what celebrities really go through, and now that I know, it isn’t pretty or fun. Aside from the obvious,” Sunny held up her cast. “I can’t go anywhere without being harassed and hounded. And I didn’t realize how much I loved sweatpants, bad hair days, and the occasional butt scratch,” Sunny dead-panned.

The audience busted out in laughter and Gabe and the ladies of The Chat guffawed, trying to keep it together. Winnie had just taken a sip of coffee and started choking at Sunny’s comment. Kerry patted her back, trying to help.

“Alright, you have to explain that one.” Kerry asked once the audience’s laughter had calmed as well as Winnie’s coughs.

“Well there was a time; on my days off work I’d go to the grocery store in just sweats and a t-shirt, or if I had a bad hair day I’d just throw on a hat and go on my merry way and if I had an itch or a wedgie the only people that would see it might be some random passerby. But now if I have a fat day and want to wear sweats, that hateful day is documented for the world to see. If a hair is out of place, I’m ridiculed. And if I just so happen to have a boob, pit or butt itch I better think twice about scratching it, because next thing you know it’s photographed and uploaded onto the internet for all of eternity. Basically in the nutshell, you have to be on your best behavior and look pretty at all times, and that’s not reality. And it sucks like a mother.” Gabe leaned over and kissed Sunny’s temple after her tirade.

“I think there should be some new laws passed in the States that keep the paparazzi at a distance from celebrities, because it really has gotten out of hand. Just like they did in England after Princess Diana was killed.” Winnie agreed.

“But isn’t that kind of the deal when you get in the business? Shouldn’t you expect to have your life to be on display? Some celebrities even like it, because it keeps them in the spotlight and relevant.” Kerry argued.

“It’s one thing to get your picture taken when you’re out on the red carpet or at an event. But it’s a whole other thing when they dog your every step and put your life in danger. The media has become so overly intrusive that I’m ready to call it quits if they don’t back off.” The audience gasped in shock, but Gabe persisted. “I can’t continue to watch as they repeatedly hurt the one person that means the world to me. And that goes for the bloggers, tweeters and overall haters online.” He looked directly into the camera as he rallied. “You’ve got something to say, say it to my face. I’m so sick and tired of people thinking that they can hide behind a computer and say whatever the hell they want and think that their words don’t affect anyone. Who are you to say who I can and can’t love? What do
look like? What flaws do
have, and would you enjoy them being ripped apart online for the world to read. Enjoy basking in your self-righteousness and just remember karma is a bitch. Now tweet about that, jackasses.”

The audience went nuts with applause, getting up to give Gabe a standing ovation. Sunny rubbed his back, knowing he was pissed and worked up.

“Wow Gabe, tell us how you really feel.” Hope nudged him with her shoulder.

“He can be a little protective of me. And all we’re trying to do is have a normal relationship like everyone else has and deserves. But instead it’s being picked apart.” Sunny defended.

“Yeah, well that brings us to our next topic…cyber-bullying. But before we get into it, we have a quick commercial break to get through. We’ll be right back.” Winnie said.

They all bantered back and forth during the break, and Sunny relaxed a little more. She tried to think of it as sitting around gossiping with her friends, trying her best to ignore the cameras.

“We’re back and currently discussing the growing problem of cyber-bullying that’s spreading across the world. Gabe, before the break you got pretty worked up about the mean things that people have been saying about Sunny. Sunny, how did you feel when you saw some of the comments?” Kerry asked.

“It was horrible and hurt like hell. And it’s not just me. There are so many kids and teens being bullied at school and now they have to deal with it when they get home, if they go online.
That’s such a tender age. No wonder some are committing suicide over it. It used to be that people kept their mean thoughts to themselves or in their circle of friends. But with the anonymity of being behind a computer screen, everyone now seems to think that they can share their views no matter how hurtful.” Sunny said passionately.

“But isn’t that just freedom of speech? It’s everyone’s right to voice their opinion.” Hope threw back.

“But shouldn’t people consider speaking online the same way they would if that person they’re discussing was right in front of them. If you can’t say it to the person’s face, then it stands to reason that you shouldn’t say it online.” Sunny pushed right back, and the audience applauded their approval. 

“Well a lot of people have voiced their opinion about that sex-tape that was leaked to the media, so what is the real story behind the tape? Everyone has made their own judgments on it, but what’s the truth? Kerry asked them.

Sunny just blushed profusely and ducked her head.

“That was us on the tape. We got a little carried away in my trailer one day on the set of the movie I’m currently filming. Someone had to have been standing right outside of the trailer and recorded it, and thought that it would be entertaining to edit out me saying Sunny’s name and spread rumors that it was someone else. You can ask anyone on the set that day, and they’ll tell you that it was Sunny.” Gabe smirked at Kerry.

“Well I think the whole world listened to that audio, and let me just say…” Hope fanned herself with the papers that were in front of her. “You two have a
healthy sex life. Woo!”

“I can’t even imagine, but I try. You are one
girl, Sunny.” Kerry teased.

laid her head down on the table. Her face and neck had turned a very bright shade of red, even through her brown skin.

“And on that note, we’ll be right back after the break.” Winnie said as segue to the commercial break.

Sunny sat up and looked at Gabe with an ‘oh my God’ face. He clasped her face between his large hands and kissed her gently on the lips, both not realizing that the camera picked up the last few seconds before the commercials started.

“You’re doing a phenomenal job, Sweet Girl. You’re showing the country what I see every day; someone funny, bright and adorable. I’m so proud of you.” Gabe kissed her nose and the audience sighed collectively.

They all got up as the crew removed the table and chairs  that made up the ‘Trending Topics’ set and brought in the giant couch they’d sit on for the interview. Gabe stood behind Sunny and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close into his back.

“You two are disgusting.” Hope laughed.

“That’s your pet name for her? Sweet Girl?” Kerry asked.

“Yeah, he’s called me that from the very first night we met.” Sunny smiled radiantly.

“That is
cute!” Kerry said in admiration.

“Yeah, I kinda melt every time he says it.” Sunny grinned goofily.

They all quickly sat down on the couch before the cameras started rolling again.

“Welcome back everyone. If you’re just joining us, we have with us today the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and his newly affianced lady, Sunny Stone.” Winnie introduced.

“I’m sure a lot of hearts have broken today at the news of Gabe’s recent engagement. But I think the video we’ve got for you will make it all better and warm those broken hearts.” Kerry said.

On the screen behind them a video of last night started to play. Sunny could tell that it was a professional recording and not some bystander recording from a cellphone. She looked at Gabe and he just winked at her.
This was all planned too!
And once again Sunny flushed but this time it was with tears at watching one of the best moments of her life. This time she was ecstatic over the fact that it was filmed, so that she could go back years from now and watch it, to show her children in the future.

“So what’s the story behind the Patrick Swayze themed flashmob?” Winnie asked after the clip was finished playing.

“Sunny has a huge thing for Patrick Swayze since
Dirty Dancing
and just earlier in the week I bought her
since she couldn’t find it to add to her extensive movie collection. And it’s our little inside joke that she loves Swayze more than me. So I thought using the songs from his movies would be perfect.” Gabe smiled down at her adoringly.

“And I didn’t even realize until my name was on the screen that the whole thing was for me. I just thought it was a happy coincidence.” Sunny smiled back. “I still can’t believe it all. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen to me.”

“So how did it all start? Where did you meet?” Hope asked.

“Ha, at a bar! The one place they say you’ll never find someone to be in a serious relationship with.” Sunny said incredulous.

“I was there winding down from a long day of shooting the movie I’ve been working on. Sunny showed up a while later. And the moment she walked in, I was a goner.” Gabe grinned.

“Yeah, no one knew he was even there since he was hiding in a corner. But then he decided to ambush me outside of the women’s restroom.” Sunny nudged Gabe playfully with her shoulder.

  “And I’m sure a lot of people think that Sunny’s only with me because of who I am and is using me, but I had to work to even get her to spend time with me. She kept trying to dodge me and finding reasons to cancel our first date.” Gabe scowled at her.

“Girl, are you crazy?! If someone as
as Gabriel Wolf hits on you and asks you out, you accept!” Kerry exclaimed.

“I know, I know. I just thought that it was a joke or
that I was getting
. I hadn’t been on a date in four years. The guys in California had no interest in me whatsoever. So you couldn’t expect me to believe that the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ would be attracted to
. I’m that girl that if someone is setting me up on a blind date they say, ‘she has a really great personality’. Or I love when people say, ‘you have such a pretty face’, which translates into ‘the rest of you isn’t so great’ or ‘if only she’d lose a few pounds’. That was my life, so Gabe is a dream to me.” Sunny said, still in awe over the change her life had taken.

“Gabe you keep shaking your head, what are you thinking?” Winnie asked?

“It just doesn’t make sense to me. She’s gorgeous. And I love every inch of her.” Gabe said without shame.

“Apparently…we heard the sex tape.” Hope joked, making everyone in the studio laugh and Sunny blush profusely.

“I’m never going to live this down. And it’s totally his fault too!” Sunny laughingly exclaimed, pointing to Gabe with her thumb.

“Hey, what did I do?!” Gabe raised both hands in the air in surrender.

“You completely distract and discombobulate me.” Sunny grinned up at him.

“So loud sex in public isn’t normally your speed, Sunny?” Kerry asked.

“Not at all! But Gabe makes me forget everything around me. I can’t believe I’m saying this on national television. But he took a sexually insecure woman and turned her into a She-Beast.” Again Sunny had everyone in the studio laughing loudly.

“She’s a very secure person in every way. She’s the most genuine person I’ve ever met, totally comfortable in her own skin. She’ll burst out into song and dance no matter where she’s at. But when it came to being intimate, she was incredibly shy.” Gabe looked at her with eyes filled with love.

“Can you blame me?!” Sunny asked all the ladies in the room, while she gestured up and down Gabe’s whole ridiculously fit and muscular body.

“NO!” Everyone in the audience shouted back.

“Thank you!” Sunny responded back. “It’s a lot easier to be confident when you’re fully dressed. Taking your clothes off in front of the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is a bit intimidating. But he’s been great in making me feel beautiful.”

“And has race been an issue for you?” Winnie asked them.

“Absolutely not.” Gabe answered without hesitation. “We’ve never even talked about it. When I first saw her, I wasn’t looking at the fact that she was black, though her skin is gorgeous. I saw the light in her; she glows with her inner joy.”

“I had a crush on him for years and have all of his movies. It wasn’t about color, I just thought he was totally hot and couldn’t believe he was talking to me and wanted to spend time with me. Then I got to know him and couldn’t believe how sweet and considerate he is.”

“That’s exactly how it should be, not about color but about a connection with another human being.” Winnie said to them, and then turned to the camera. “We’ll be right back with more Gabe and Sunny.”

BOOK: Awe-Struck, Book 2
3.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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