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“Stay right there. Don’t move.” He ordered her.

Gabe walked over to the chest of drawers and went into her panty drawer to grab her Rabbit. Ever since he saw it the first day she’d moved in with him, he hadn’t been able to forget about it. And now that she was feeling good enough to have a little fun, he wanted to see her use it.

As he walked back over to her with the toy in his hand, Sunny’s eyes widen with what looked like trepidation. Once he was back at her side, he handed her the toy and she looked at him, unsure of what she was supposed to do with it.

“I want you to pleasure yourself…while I watch.” Gabe answered her unspoken question.

“Gabe…I can’t.” Sunny said shyly, unable to fully look at him.

“Sure you can. Stop worrying and just feel, like I’ve told you before. I think you’re beautiful and sexy as hell. And watching you would be so hot. Come on…for me.”  Gabe implored.

Sunny nodded her head slightly, as she grabbed her toy more firmly. Arousal at the thought of watching something so personal, coursed through Gabe’s veins instantly hardening his manhood. Not touching her was going to be a huge feat, but he was willing to try. So he walked over to one of the soft brown leather wing-backed chairs in the bedroom, turned it to face the bed and sat down to await her next move.

Sunny bit down on her bottom lip bashfully, unaware that it only made her look more desirable. She slowly slid her revealing gown up her legs till it bunched up at the tops of her thighs. She lifted her hips, skimming the delicate material higher to expose her beautiful waxed labia. Gabe could tell even from a distance that she was turned on at the thought of him watching her. Her sex glistened with her arousal. She hesitated, not sure of what to do next.

“Raise your hand to your mouth. Good. Now open your mouth and slide your index finger in. Now suck on it, get it wet. Once it’s good and wet, bring your hand down and touch yourself.” Gabe instructed, taking away the need for her to overthink it, trying to make it easier for her.

It was obviously working, because she followed his instructions to the letter. And now, she was able to continue without further help. She slowly circled her wet finger around her clit and then dipped down to further saturate her finger in her flowing nectar. She rolled her hips up to meet her finger and moaned at the sensation. Gabe was so hard now, he could barely stand it. But he forced himself to stay seated.

“Okay, now that you’re soaked and ready, I want you to take your Rabbit and glide it in slowly. I want to watch your pussy take in every inch.” Gabe commanded quietly.

Sunny clutched the vibrator in her left hand, her body flushed with need. She positioned the toy at her entrance. Slowly she began to slide it in, and though the toy was smaller in size than he was, her tight walls still made it somewhat difficult to slip right in. Just thinking about her tight muscles gripping him, almost made him come.

“Alright, now turn the rabbit ears on low.” Gabe said once it was fully inside her.

She hit the on button at the base of the Rabbit and the soft humming sound reached his ears, as well as her gasp from the initial vibrations hitting her clit. Her hips pulled back, as if she was trying to get away from the shock of pleasure it brought her. At this point, Gabe could tell that she was lost to the sensations. Her eyes were glazed over, pupils dilated and little sounds of pleasure escaped her lips. She was stunning. He adjusted in his chair, trying to relieve the pressure that his restricting jeans were putting on his erection.  

“Sunny, look at me.” Sunny looked up at his command, her eyes clearing slightly. “I want your eyes on me. Now turn on the rotating head and beads and the rabbit ears to high. I want to watch you come.” Gabe’s voice was gravelly with need.

Sunny hit the necessary buttons and the Rabbit went wild with movement, as well as its owner. Sunny’s hips pumped and rotated with the toy, her cries gaining volume. Suddenly her whole body tensed, completely still for a split second and then her feminine come spurted from her body as her head tossed back and a scream was wrenched from her body.

Gabe had no idea how tense, on edge and ready to pounce he was until it was over and he realized he had the armrests of the chair in a Kung Fu grip and the breath that he didn’t even know he was holding exploded from his lungs. Sunny pleasuring herself was the most erotic thing that he had ever seen.
She’s mine! She’s all fucking mine!

Once her breathing had settled down to a normal pace, Gabe finally spoke, not moving from the chair, still trying to control his raging need to ravage her, devour her whole.

“Come here Sweet Girl.”

Sunny removed the vibrator from her swollen sex on a hiss, still tender and sensitive from her recent orgasm. She placed the toy on the nightstand and got up from the bed to walk over to him, the hem of the gown sliding back down to the floor. Once she was in front of him, he silently stood up, raised her arms above her head, gripped the delicate material of the gown and slid it over her luscious curves and up over her head. Knowing that she could still be self-conscious about her body, Gabe was proud that she stood with her head held high, looking directly into his eyes.

“That was incredible. You continue to take my breath away. God, I love you so much.” Gabe leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you too.” Sunny whispered against his lips.

Gabe captured her mouth in a blistering kiss, unable to control his need any longer. As their tongues entwined, he started to unbuckle his belt. Sunny brushed his hands away, doing the honors for him. As she finished undoing his jeans, he reached back and started to pull his t-shirt off. Once his shirt was off, he saw that she was down on her knees sizing up his massive erection, seemingly deciding on how to approach it, but he grabbed her by her shoulders, forcing her up.

“There is no way in hell I’d be able to last with those beautiful plump lips wrapped around my cock. And I want to be inside you.”

Gabe sat back down in the chair, turned Sunny to face away from him positioning her between his legs, gripped her around her hips and guided her hot sweet entrance to the large mushroom capped tip of his manhood. The suction from her body drawing him in nearly killed him.

“Fuck!” He shouted out against her back.

All Sunny could do was whimper, her body obviously sore from the two previous bouts of love-making from the kitchen loving earlier and then the Rabbit. Especially after the lack of action her body had seen in the last month. But no matter the abuse, her body still reacted to Gabe as usual. Her natural extracts flooded her inner walls to coat his thick shaft.

After Gabe
held still for a moment, he clasped her hips guiding her up and then down his hot hard length. He wrapped his arms around her waist like steel bands and pressed his face into her back, kissing and nibbling as he pummeled her tender flesh.

“Ah….ah…Gabe please. I don’t think I can take much more.” Sunny begged.

“Just…a little…longer. Shit!” Gabe panted, sweat breaking across his forehead.

Releasing her waist, he sat all the way back in the chair, pulled her firmly onto his lap and clasped her under her thighs to lift them making her feet come up to rest on his spread thighs. The position opened her up to take him in fully, thrusting into her hitting a spot she had never felt before. One of his hands snaked around her thigh to touch her clit and the other caressed her heavy breasts and sensitive nipples. The onslaught of sensations overcame Sunny and her vaginal muscles started to convulse and contract. And she screamed, tears running down her face as he continued to pound into her weeping entrance.

Her pulsating walls was Gabe’s undoing and his orgasm exploded from him in a tidal wave. He pumped into her until his hips finally slowed down and his cock spilled its last drop. The tension released from their bodies and they fell back like limp noodles, boneless and satiated.

“OH MY GOD! You’re killin’ me! Death by orgasm.” Sunny panted, her back sprawled against Gabe’s chest.

“I love it. Your body is so responsive now, so much more that your orgasms are coming faster, stronger and more frequently.” Gabe said kissing her neck, making her shiver.

“You ain’t kidding! I go from never having one outside of The Rabbit, to having so many in a row it feels like my vagina’s going to explode.” She said with mock exasperation, but truly pleased.

“I’d like to think that I’ve had something to do with that.” Gabe said smiling into her neck that he continued to nuzzle.

“Hell yes, you do! You and your ginormous penis.” Sunny said at the same time as she squeezed her inner muscles around his softened manhood that was still inside of her.

“Ah…don’t do that, not unless you’re ready to face the consequences.” Gabe said and then bit her shoulder.

But it was too late; he was already becoming hard again from her little teasing squeeze. Sunny groaned with a combination of excitement and fear that her body wouldn’t be able to take any more.

Gabe lifted her off of his now fully erect shaft. He quickly stood up, grabbed her around the waist lifting her feet up off of the floor. She clung to him like a baby koala bear as he walked her to the bed. He laid her down, her butt on the edge of the bed with her legs resting against his chest. He caressed each leg gently and kissed each ankle. They quietly looked into each other’s eyes, like they often did, conveying with no words the overwhelming amount of emotions they were feeling. Warm honey to striking blue.

Poised at her entrance, he clasped her hands tight in his and slammed into her. Her scream reverberated off of the walls of the bedroom. He pounded into her continuously, till she tried to scoot away from him to the middle of the bed. He crawled onto the bed, stalking her like a lion. Once he reached her, he grabbed her ankles and with lightning speed twisted in such a way that she was instantly flipped on her stomach. He clasped her hips, pulling her ass to him and he slid home, taking her from behind.

He started off slow, gaining speed rapidly, their skin slapping together on every pump of his powerful hips. Gabe reached over to firmly grasp her mass of curls, holding her in place. And with a final thrust and smack on her ass that caused Sunny’s already quivering walls to clench, they both exploded from their mutual climaxes.

They collapsed with Gabe half on top of Sunny, unable to move they fell asleep in the same position. Gabe woke up several times throughout the night, to make love to Sunny over and over again, his appetite insatiable, from the month of abstinence since the accident.  He couldn’t get enough of her. And every time Sunny thought that it wouldn’t be possible to do it again, but her body always responded to Gabe the same way, with unquenched need.

He made love to her so many times and so thoroughly that when he got up to leave for work, she never moved. Even when he gently pushed back a strand of curls from her cheek and kissed her goodbye, she didn’t move a muscle, just continued to breathe deeply. Walking out of the bedroom to leave for work had to be the hardest thing he’d ever done, with her tempting lush naked body only somewhat covered by a thin sheet.

But then Gabe realized that he had phone calls to make, involving their trip to New York City and the huge surprise he had planned for Sunny. And with that reminder, he happily strode out of the house with a big grin on his face.








Chapter 6





The next few days flew by.
Of course, time always flies when you have to do something you’re dreading.
Sunny thought as they got off Gabe’s private jet at Teterboro airport, just a few miles outside of Manhattan. It was Monday night, and Wednesday morning was rapidly approaching, making the bats in Sunny’s stomach fly around so violently she found her hands continually shaking.

Gabe was sweet and thoughtful, sensing her nerves and constantly tried to distract her, talking about the beautiful city as they drove through, looking out the tinted windows of the towncar they were picked up in.

The lights and people of the city outside of the car passed by, filling Sunny with excitement. Though she was nervous about the show, there was something about the city that made her blood pump. The energy even from the car was undeniable.

The towncar pulled in front of sleek tall building. Gabe got out first, and as he held Sunny’s hand to help her out of the car, she noticed what hotel they were at.
Oh boy The
Gabe smiled down at her when he saw recognition cross her face.

“I thought you might like to actually
at one of their hotels this time. And I’ve booked the perfect room for us.” Gabe said with a knowing look on his face.

“Sweet Jesus, you’ve already worn me out this week. I’m surprised I’m even walking straight. So I need no repeats of the
Hollywood rooftop incident. Keep it in your pants buddy!” Sunny groaned inwardly.

“You might just change your mind about that when you see the room.” Gabe smirked at her.

Just like the
in Hollywood, the lobby was all lustrous and modern with a touch of vintage here and there, giving it a slightly cool but cozy look.

Gabe checked them in, asking that their stay be kept confidential. As they rode the elevator up to the very top floor, Gabe kept his distance. They stood on opposite sides of the elevator and he just stared at her, devouring her with his eyes. She wasn’t even wearing anything all that spectacular, just comfy jeans and a cute tee, with ballet flats for the trip. But his piercing blue eyes still sliced through to her soul, taking on a darker shade of blue when he was turned on. She knew she was in trouble.
Till the day I die I will never get tired of those eyes…or that hair…or that body…OH HELL all of him!

The elevator pinged, signaling that they’d reached the penthouse suite.
They stepped off the elevator and Gabe led her to the door and unlocked it with a keycard. Walking into the large open room was like walking into a modern oasis of decadence and comfort. The large king sized bed looked inviting, the huge oval legless tub surrounded by glass walls beckoned and the wraparound terrace with large green and white striped chaise lounge chairs made Sunny’s mouth drop open on a gasp.

“I hoped you’d like it.” Gabe smiled at her look of awe.

“I love it!” Sunny exclaimed.

“Good. There are quite a few of these hotels in the city, but I was looking for one with just the right amenity.” Gabe said as he pulled her towards the outdoor terrace.

“Oh no you don’t! There are a ton of buildings surrounding this hotel, and we’ve already got an audio sex-tape out there of us. The world does not need a visual. And besides, as much as I would like to partake in your extensive gifts”, Sunny paused to look him up and down, focusing on the front of his pants. “My vajayjay needs a moment to recuperate from the excessive overuse.”

“Fine, I guess we need to get some rest anyway. It’s late and I want to get up early to show you around town. But you only get one night…one.” Gabe said holding up his index finger.

Sunny knew that there was no arguing with him
. I wonder if the hotel has some Epsom salt to soothe my aching hoo-ha in a hot bath.
So as Gabe grabbed their bags and started taking out their clothes to hang up, Sunny walked over to the phone to call the concierge. She knew Gabe was curiously watching her.

“Hello. I’m in the penthouse suite, and I was wondering if you have some
salt to add into a bath?” Sunny asked politely into the phone.

“Yes, Miss Stone we do. I’ll send a bellman up right away.” The pleasant and professional voice answered back.

“Thank you so much.” Sunny hung up the phone and headed to the bathroom.

She sensed Gabe at her back following her into the bathroom, but she remained quiet purposefully trying to drive him crazy with curiosity.

“What are you up to? What was that phone call all about?” Gabe couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“For your information, I just ordered some bath salt. It soothes aching muscles. And since you’ve left me only about 24 hours of recovery time, I need to do something to prep before you unleash the
one more time.” 

“You are a complete nut, do you know that?” Gabe said chuckling deeply.

“That may very well be true, but aren’t your
sore and overworked?” Sunny said with a cheeky grin.

“When it comes to you I seem to have the stamina of a hu
ndred men.” Gabe shot back, inching closer to Sunny and the tub she was filling up with steaming water.

“Lucky me.” Sunny rolled her eyes and sidestepped Gabe, trying to keep her distance.

She really did want to bump nasties with him all night, especially in such a beautiful setting. But her body truly couldn’t handle another night. She needed at least one day. So with a sigh, she rose up on her tippy-toes and kissed Gabe on the cheek.

  “I’m sorry I’m being a brat. I would love nothing more than to make love to you all night. But my body
couldn’t handle it right now.” Sunny pouted.

“No, I’m the one that should be saying sorry. I should’ve shown more restraint this week. It was just a long month and I thank God you were alright.” Gabe stepped closer to Sunny and raised his hand to gently caress down her cheek. “And I don’t want to take for granted that I still have you. So every moment that I can be near you, inside you, I’m the happiest man alive.”

The sincerity in his eyes melted her heart, and she couldn’t believe that this was her life. A few months ago, she couldn’t get a man to even look at her twice. And now the most desirable man in the world wanted

“No, you’re perfect. And I wouldn’t change a thing.” Sunny laid her face in the palm of his hand, closing her eyes savoring the feel of him. “Even a sore cooter.”

Gabe busted up with laughter right as a knock sounded at the door. He strode over to the door to get the salt from the bellman and tipped him generously.

“Here, I’ll let you take your bath in peace. I brought a few scripts that I need to read anyway.” Gabe handed the salt to Sunny, then kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room.

Sunny poured in a liberal amount of salt into her steaming bath. She toed out of her shoes and slipped her jeans and t-shirt off. She grabbed a hair clip that she had brought in with her, and piled her hair on top of her head, securing it with the clip. She turned and leaned down to swirl her hand in the water, making sure the salt was all mixed in, when she remember that the bathroom had glass walls. She quickly looked up and Gabe was sitting on the bed with the forgotten script in his hands, watching her intensely.
If he wants a show, I’ll give him one.

Reaching behind her back, Sunny unclasped her bra and slowly brought the straps down her arms, and then dropped the bra on top of the pile of clothes already on the floor. Gabe unconsciously crushed the script in his hands at the sight of her little striptease. Just as slowly
, she pulled down her cute pale pink with sparkly hot pink kisses printed boyshorts till they dropped at her ankles, and she stepped out of them. And facing Gabe she stepped into the tub and slowly lowered herself in, careful not to get the her cast wet as she let the hot soothing water envelope her.

Once she was ful
ly submerged, Gabe’s hands loosened around the pages and his jaw relaxed. She watched him look down at the crumpled script and a blush spread across his cheeks at the sight of the nearly destroyed papers. When he bashfully looked up at her again, she gave him a sassy grin and a wink.
This is going to be a long night.






The next morning they woke up bright and early and well rested. Gabe of course was draped across her body like a giant heated “man” blanket. He nuzzled her neck and his full firm lips started to kiss a path to her collarbone.

“Nope, I don’t think so buddy. First of all, you do realize that yo
u’re about two-hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle smothering me to a slow death every morning.” Sunny smiled in delight. “Second, we’ll be in bed all day if you start down the road I think you’re going down. And I’d personally like to see the city, then come back later and make love into the wee hours of the morning.”

“Hmm…that actually sounds like a good plan. But you really are super cozy to snuggle up on.” He completely covered her with his massive body, but rose up on his thick cored forearms to take some of his weight off of her.

Gabe then started kissing Sunny all over her face, making her giggle and squirm. “You know we should really go and brush our teeth before you start kissing on me.”

“What, you don’t like my morning breath?” He purposefully started breathing on her.

“Aaaahahahaha…” Sunny laughed uncontrollably while trying to dodge his aim.

“I guess not. Alright, up you get.” Gabe jumped off of her and the bed and grabbed her hands to help her up as well. He smacked her butt, making her yelp and scamper off to the bathroom.

Once they were both ready, Sunny in a yellow with large white polka dot vintage 50’s style halter dress and cute white flats for a day of walking and hair piled high in wild curls. Gabe dressed in relaxed fit jeans that did wonders for his great ass, a white button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his sexy newsboy hat pulled low, his jet black waves curled around his ears, hat and collar. 

They spent the day carousing through the city hand in hand; getting
gourmet bagels for breakfast at a classic New York deli, taking a trip to the Statue of Liberty, visiting the site of the Twin Towers, eating
hotdogs for lunch and going up to the top of the Empire State building. And as evening approached, Gabe led Sunny to see the lights of Time Square.

They stopped in the middle as Sunny turned around in circles taking it all in.

“It never seems this bright on T.V. Wow, it’s amazing!” Sunny said in awe.

“Just wait, it gets even better.” Gabe smiled down at her with the biggest and most radiant smile she’d ever seen on him.

Just then she heard the familiar strains of the song
Hey, Baby
from the movie
Dirty Dancing
start to play from unknown speakers. And all of a sudden all the people that were surrounding them started to dance. What seemed like hundreds of couples were doing the exact dance from the movie when Baby and Johnny Castle were on the fallen tree over the creek. Then the music changed to
Unchained Melody
and the dancers did a synchronized slow dance.

Sunny couldn’t believe her eyes, at what was happening. All the pieces still not fitting together of what was going on. She was still trying to wrap her head around the amazing flashmob when
the song changed once again to
I’ve Had the Time of My Lif
e and the couples again started recreating the moves of the last scene in
Dirty Dancing
. It was one of Sunny’s all-time favorite movies, and so she just thought that it was a happy coincidence.

At the perfect moment in the song all the men picked up their partners in the unforgettable “lift”, and Sunny clasped her hands together in front of her, giddy with delight over being in the middle of the awesome show. Then as the song came to that moment when Patrick Swayze lip-synchs the last lines of the song, Gabe grabbed her hand and spun her out and back and holding her close started to reenact that classic movie moment that every girl dreamed of. Singing to her and nodding his head towards her to punctuate every word.

Then all at once, all of the dancers stopped and did a type of “wave”, like at a sporting event, all eventually pointing at the giant screen under the ever present famous
sign and on it, it read SUNNY WILL YOU MARRY ME? Sunny gasped and whipped her head around to look at Gabe, who was now down on one knee in front of her with a ring box in his hand.

“Holy shit! This was all for
?!” Sunny exclaimed, instant tears coming to her eyes.

“Haven’t you figured out yet, that I’d do anything for you?” Gabe gazed up at her with his heart in his eyes. “Madison Stone, you make me happier than I ever dreamed possible. You literally burst into my life like a ray of sunshine. And if I can spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me, I could die a truly blessed man. So Sunny, would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”

BOOK: Awe-Struck, Book 2
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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