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Gabe opened the ring box and inside was the most breathtaking ring she’d ever seen. Nestled in the cushion was a platinum set ring, with a two carat round cut canary yellow diamond in the center with several smaller white diamonds around it, forming what looked like the sun shining with rays of light coming off it.

Sunny hesitated a moment, gaping at him in disbelief. “And don’t you dare say that it’s too soon! If you can honestly say that you could find what we have somewhere else-” Sunny placed her good hand over Gabe’s mouth, silencing him in the middle of his tirade.

“Yes.” Sunny said softly, tears streaming down her face.

Gabe shot up, grabbing Sunny around her waist and lifting her off of her feet and twirling her around in his excitement. “Really?!” Gabe asked.

“YES!” Sunny laughed and cried, kissing him all over his face. “Yes…yes…yes…yes…” She punctuated each ‘yes’ with a kiss.

The crowd surrounding them went nuts cheering and clapping loudly, startling Sunny. She had forgotten all about the crowd, wrapped up in her little bubble of happiness with Gabe. And then just as suddenly as they came, the dancers disappeared into the crowd.

“I think it’s time to go back to the hotel now.” Sunny said smiling down at Gabe who was still holding her up.

“I want to take you out to a nice dinner to celebrate.” Gabe teased her.

“The hell you say? We can order room service. That’s all the celebration I need.” Sunny said, unwilling to be swayed.

“As you wish.”

Gabe finally set her down on her feet. In their excitement they had both forgotten about the ring. So Gabe handed Sunny the box, and she shakily took the ring out looking at it with shining eyes, glistening once again with tears.

“I talked to you
r mother, and she said that if I got you a diamond over two carats, that you’d throw a fit. So instead of going too extravagant in size, I went for a unique design and color just for you. There’s also an inscription.” Gabe said softly.

Looking inside the band Sunny saw the beautiful script that read:
My love. My sun. My Sweet Girl.
Her hands started to shake so violently, she was afraid she was going to drop the ring. Gabe stepped up and took the ring from her hand and gently slid it onto her ring finger on her left hand. Sunny looked up at his handsome face, so overcome with emotions she couldn’t even name all the feelings coursing through her.

“It’s perfect. Thank you, Gabriel.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Come on, let’s get back.” Gabe said, grabbing her hand and leading her to a line of cabs.





As Gabe helped Sunny into a cab, all he could do was smile like an idiot. The whole plan for the proposal went without a hitch. The Patrick Swayze themed flashmob, the giant electronic screen with his proposal on it and the ring being ready at an exclusive California jewelry store on such short notice even before they left, came together perfectly. He had been worried that with so many people involved that something would go wrong.

Now that it was all over and it had turned out so well and the fact that she said ‘yes’, he was ready to burst at the seams. And he couldn’t wait to marry her. He wanted to make her his in every way, to tie her to his name figuratively and legally.
I wonder if she’d mind eloping.

Sunny’s head was resting on his shoulder, their fingers entwined and he played with the ring now on her hand. “What do you say we elope in Vegas or Tahoe?” Gabe asked quietly against her hair.

Sunny’s head shot up off his shoulder, “What?! Do you want to live? Do you want Donna Stone to hunt you down like a rabid dog?” Sunny exclaimed.

“No, I guess not. Sorry, I just wanted to do it now. I want you to be my wife…yesterday.” Gabe sighed, resigned to wait.

Sunny looked at him in wonderment. “Really? Aren’t most men deathly afraid of marriage, and have to practically get drug down the aisle?”

“I’m not most men.”

“Ain’t that the truth?! I don’t know. I guess I just still don’t get it. I keep expecting to wake up to find all of this a dream. Waking up in my little studio, still crushing on some douche, which will never go anywhere and watching your movies, fantasizing about what it would be like to meet you. I did have a huge fangirl crush on you for years, ya know.” Sunny grinned up at him, still unable to process that he was hers and would be forever.

“If I have to spend the next fifty years trying to convince you that you’re the love of my life, I’ll gladly do it. I just wish I could’ve met you years ag
o. But I can tell you one thing, I’ve never in my life been so glad to have gone out for a beer.” Gabe leaned over to kiss the tip of Sunny’s nose.

   The cab pulled up to the front of their hotel, Gabe helped Sunny out of the car and led her into the building, straight to the elevator. A few other hotel guests got onto the elevator with them. They silently stood next to each other holding hands, anticipation building. Gabe knew that her hands were an erogenous zone, so he purposefully started to caress her hand. Her mouth opened on a silent gasp. Her eyes closed and her chest rapidly rose and fell with every pant. With every exhale of her breath Gabe’s pulse pounded in unison, his blood flowing straight to his groin
with the familiar tightening of his pants.

The elevator doors opened and the few people that were left exited, leaving Gabe and Sunny alone. Before the doors could fully shut, Gabe had Sunny in his arms and up against the wall in a split second. He crushed her lips with his, plunging his tongue into her sweet warm mouth. She clung to him like a second skin, never getting close enough. The elevator dinged the top floor and they tumbled out, Gabe walking Sunny backwards to the door of their suite.

Gabe fumbled around in his pocket trying to find the keycard, unwilling to relinquish his hold on Sunny’s lips to search for it. Finally finding it, he was able to get the door unlocked without even looking. Lifting her up, he walked her over to the bed to lay her down. He stood up and started to unbutton his shirt, but before he could finish the first button, Sunny sat up quickly and crawled towards him on her knees on the bed.

“No. Let me.” Sunny said softly, slowly undoing each button with a slight tremor in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” Gabe asked looking at her with concern.

“It’s nothing. I’m just so overwhelmed with emotion, it’s coming out any way it can.” Sunny smiled up at him reassuringly.

“Well then, I have just one question…are you happy?” Gabe asked stroking a hand down her soft cheek.

“Beyond belief.” Once again tears glistened in her eyes.

Gabe swiped his thumb across her cheek catching a single drop that rolled down. He took a deep breath, recognizing the need to tamp down the passion that raged through him. This was a moment that needed to be savored and cherished.

“I love you Madison.” Gabe whispered before dipping down to gently kiss her soft lips.

She moaned against his mouth, opening her lips to flick her tongue against his lips. Overcome, Gabe wrapped his arms around her pulling her tight against him, to deepen the kiss. He dipped his tongue into her awaiting mouth, stroking hers, diving in and retreating, imitating what he had planned for her body. Pulling back slightly, he nibbled, licked and bit at her luscious lips.

Sunny’s hand squeezed in between their bodies, to finish unbuttoning his shirt. She pushed the shirt down his arms, letting it fall to the floor. Pulling away from the passionate kiss, she pulled his undershirt over his head. The moment it cleared his head, their lips came back together, neither able to get enough. Sunny started to unbuckle his belt, unzipped his pants and reached into his boxer-briefs to wrap her hand around his thickened cock.

Gabe released her lips, throwing his head back on a gasp at the feel of her delicate warm hand clasping him. She took the opportunity of the broken kiss to sit in front of him on the edge of the bed. She pulled down his pants and briefs, helping him out of his shoes and socks before he stepped out of the pants. His thick shaft bobbed near her mouth, awaiting the feel of her lips around him. But Gabe always felt guilty about letting her perform oral sex on him, her small mouth barely able to get around him.

“Sunny, you don’t have to. I’ll never last.” His body raged in protest.

“Hush. We’ve got all night.” Sunny reprimanded.

Gabe did as commanded, his body tightening in anticipation. Sunny wrapped her left hand around him again, her right still casted and unusable. Leaning forward, her tongue darted out to lap up the pre-cum on the head of his erection. Slowly her mouth slid over the mushroom cap, enveloping him in the wet warmth of her mouth. The feel of her lips around him was indescribable, but to look down and see her mouth on him was nearly his

She was only able to reach about a quarter of the way down, but her hand assisted the rest of the way. Her head bobbed up and down and her hand twisted and stroked down his length in unison. He gritted his teeth, his jaw flexing and nostrils flared. The second that he thought he had control and thought he’d be able to last longer, Sunny decided to moan, humming around him. It was his undoing.

“Ah God, Sunny I’m gonna come.” Gabe panted, warning her.

Sunny sped up her pace, taking him as deep as she could go; making him hit the back of her throat. His sack tightened and on a loud shout he came hard in her mouth. Sunny released his semi-soft shaft on a gasp, after swallowing every drop of his orgasm, looking up at him with heavy lidded eyes.

Gabe’s passion snapped, grasping Sunny under her arms he lifted her up and tossed her onto the middle of the bed. He flipped up the skirt of her dress and ripped down the pretty little frilly white panties down her legs and tossed them away. Quickly he slid his hands up her legs from ankles to knees and then spread her thick creamy chocolate thighs open, fitting his shoulders in between. The scent of her arousal intoxicated him. He lowered his head to her wet opening, taking a quick swipe of his tongue up her hot slit. Sunny’s hips bucked against his face and she cried out in need.

Her rich nectar coated his tongue as his tongue continued to plunge into her. Her hips moved to bring him closer to her aching clit. Sensing her need, he obliged her, flicking his tongue up to tease the tiny nub. The cries escaping her lips and the uncontrollable movements of her body sent the blood roaring in Gabe’s ears straight to his manhood, making him hard once again.

He brought out every bit of his oral arsenal. His tongue stroked up and down, swirled around in circles, made figure eights; and his lips nibbled and sucked on her clit driving her to the point of madness. Her cries turning into screams, her hips turning into pistons fucking his face and her hands dove into his hair holding him in a death grip.

Sliding his index finger into her tight warmth and crooking his finger up to hit her G-spot, Sunny’s body stopped and tensed, a scream logged in her throat for a split second. Then her entire body started to tremor violently, her thighs quivering against either side of his face and the scream released from her throat; her climax ripping through her body.

Gabe got on his knees in the middle of the bed, sat back on his hunches and pulled Sunny up to straddle his hips. He slowly lowered her onto to his once again erect length. She arched her back and threw her head back in ecstasy as her wet heat encircled him. He lowered the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly worked the dress up and over her body, tossing it on the floor with his clothes. He unclasped her bra, releasing her full breasts from their binding into his large palms.

Once she was fully bared to him, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, usi
ng him as leverage to lift up and slowly ride up his extensive length. His hands clutched her ass as he guided her back down. Their bodies began to glisten with sweat as they strained against each other. Sunny squeezed her muscles around him, shooting pleasure through them both. Sunny’s back bowed and Gabe took advantage of her exposed breasts.

He licked around one large milk chocolate areola, and then flicked his tongue across her erect nipple, alternating between each breast not wanting to leave the other out. With each flick of his tongue against the hardened buds Sunny cried out and clenched her inner walls reflexively, both of their climaxes simultaneously building with each pump of their hips.

Releasing a tender nipple, Gabe looked up at Sunny whose head was thrown back as she rode him, rolling her delectable hips into him. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

“Sunny, look at me.” Gabe commanded, wanting to see her eyes.

Sunny obeyed his order, looking at him with molten heavy-lidded honeyed eyes. He plunged his hands into her hair causing the pins holding it up to slip out, her curls fell down her back and around her shoulders in wild and sexy disarray. Gabe thrust up into her hitting the top of her womb and her lips opened on a gasp. He pulled her closer to him to flick his tongue out against her lush lips.

Gabe felt her hot wet warmth start to quiver with the first signs of an impending orgasm. “Yes. That’s it Sweet Girl. Come for me.” Gabe said, pulling back to look into her eyes again, he watched as her pupils dilated and her breath quickened.

He clutched at her hips, speeding up his pace wanting to share her climax. He pulled back and raised her up at the same time, pulling out just to the tip of his cock. Gabe hovered just a few seconds, prolonging the moment. Then he plunged back in deep, hitting the perfect spot and they both detonated. They shouted out each other’s names in unison as her walls milked him, contracting violently around him.

BOOK: Awe-Struck, Book 2
8.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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