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“You don’t want to know, but you may find out later, unless you brought earplugs,” Gavin explained.

“You two going to stand there all night?” Soren said.

Gavin shrugged out of his jacket and pulled his shirt over his head. His shoulders looked broader now, the muscles running into his collarbone beautifully defined. The rest of him was smooth, not soft, but not gym-bunny ripped either, and no winter tan, creamy skin with swirls of dark hair around his coppery nipples. Jamie had to fight the urge to lick his lips.

A grunt of pleasure echoed off the high-beamed ceiling, followed by a “Fuck yeah” from someone out of view. The smell and sounds of men and sex sent a fresh flood of heat to Jamie’s dick, a sensation like a tongue running over his balls. He yanked off his shirt and kicked free of his sneakers. A glance at Soren and Gavin had him toeing off his socks.

“Nice.” Soren offered the pipe to Jamie.

“No thanks.” Jamie turned away.

“Not at the moment,” Gavin said, and Jamie looked back to see him wave the pipe away.

Soren shrugged as he took a hit. From the smell, it was just weed. Jamie relaxed a little.

One solid stroke of his hand over his jean-covered dick and he knew things were good to go. He undid his fly and stepped out of his jeans. He’d decided if clothing was optional, he’d might as well freeball it.

“A commando operation?” Gavin asked.

“Don’t like to waste time. And I’ve got nothing to hide.” Jamie straightened from making sure his phone was buried but still accessible in the pile of clothes on the counter.

“I wouldn’t say that at all.” Soren’s gaze dropped, and he licked his lips in appreciation.

Gavin slid out of his jeans, legs as leanly muscled as Jamie had imagined, a nice bulge in the bright blue boxer briefs. “Want me to introduce you around?”

Jamie didn’t need his hand held to get laid. He’d been doing just fine since he turned fourteen.

“Nah. I’m good. Catch you later.”

He moved through the archway toward the sounds. Track lighting fell on a couch facing the fireplace, a pair of guys fucking at each end. There was a three-way blowjob on the floor between here and the fireplace, and a guy spread-eagled against a picture window, two guys kneeling behind him taking turns eating his ass.

The gut-stringing tension of walking into an unpredictable situation faded. Sex Jamie got. It wasn’t complicated. It felt good. And it was all around him. Testosterone seeping into his pores, filling his head and his blood, the groans vibrating into his bones right along with the pulse of the bass from hidden speakers.

Didn’t matter if it was The Arena, the grocery store, the gym, a parking lot or even once over an M198 Howitzer stowed in the hull of the USS
, Jamie knew how this worked. He knew the rules and was good at the game.

All the players there were occupied, so he moved along a hallway. A twink with a hard-on stretching his microscopic briefs shook his ass to the beat as he bounced down the open stairs.

Jamie stopped to watch him. As soon as the twink felt Jamie’s gaze, he paused and put on a pout. Yeah, the guys at this party might all be worth more the GNPs of most of the hellhole countries Jamie had seen during his time in the Marines, but they still played the same way.

Jamie gave him a slight nod, and the guy followed him down the hall. He’d spotted an armless-couch-type thing that would come in handy if Jamie decided he didn’t want to fuck standing up.

When Jamie turned back to face the twink, it was obvious the guy was getting a little long in the tooth to be working that sweet-young-thing angle. That wasn’t Jamie’s deal anyway. But the pouty lips would feel good on Jamie’s dick, and that curly dirty-blond hair would be great for digging his hands into.

“I’ve never had ginger before.” Stroking a hand across Jamie’s chest, the trick looked up at him through sandy lashes.

Jamie flexed a pec under the guy’s hand. He knew the type, wanting a daddy to put him on his knees. “So what are you waiting for?”

“I’m Tommy.”

“Don’t care.” Jamie threaded his fingers through the trick’s hair and pulled him closer, tonguing a line up from neck to a triple-pierced ear. “But you can try to make me. Suck it.”

“Yes, sir.” Tommy was on his knees in a flash. “Thank you.”

He did know what he was doing, lips rubbing across the head, tonguing down the underside, and then, oh yeah, he could swallow cock good and sweet.

Jamie relaxed his grip on the curls and wrapped a caressing hand around the trick’s neck. “Yeah.”

The mouth on Jamie’s dick backed off, then he felt the flick of a tongue barbell under his cockhead. He’d definitely made a good choice. He widened his stance, sinking into sensation. The trick went deep again and swallowed. Jamie was beginning to think he should have started this leaning on a wall, but he couldn’t move. Didn’t want to lose a second of that mouth on his cock. A flick of that tongue. The rub of the barbell in the slit.

A sharp, fresh scent hit his nose, leather and pine, and he knew whose warm skin pressed up against his back.


A solid arm came around Jamie’s waist. The dick pressing along the crack of his ass was still under the cotton and nylon of those look-at-me briefs. Jamie wanted to say something about Gavin not being able to keep away now that he’d had a look, but most of his brain was gliding in and out of Tommy’s mouth.

Gavin’s breath was sweet with rum as he whispered into Jamie’s ear, “Didn’t waste any time.”

“Life’s short,” Jamie managed.

A cross between a grunt and a laugh rumbled against Jamie’s back. “Now I know how you found me that night. You’ve got preternatural instincts.”

Jamie wasn’t sure if that was an insult, but he didn’t care. Tommy had pulled off to get his tongue on Jamie’s balls. Gavin made a good wall, so Jamie leaned back.

“Tommy’s the best cocksucker on the East Coast,” Gavin explained.

Hearing his name, Tommy eased off and sat back on his heels. If this was Gavin’s payback for Jamie leaving him hanging at that stuffed-shirt party, it was overkill.

“Jealous?” Jamie asked and felt Gavin shrug. “I can share.”

Jamie moved so that he and Gavin stood side by side, then reached into Gavin’s fly. The silky hard flesh twitched in Jamie’s hand, and he couldn’t resist working it until he milked a drop from the tip. Pretty dick. A pulse tingled his palm under the now-rigid satin covering a nice eight inches. Cut, smooth and slick. Gavin didn’t need those neon-bright shorts to get attention.

“Suck him, boy.” Jamie dragged the trick’s head toward Gavin’s dick.

Gavin didn’t watch the mouth moving toward the head of his cock, instead he studied Jamie with that same unnerving stare. Jamie’s thumb was still slick with the precome he’d pressed from Gavin’s slit. As Gavin watched, Jamie brought the thumb to his mouth and licked it, right as Tommy’s lips brought a gasp from Gavin.

Jamie smiled.

“You are way too fucking full of yourself.” Gavin’s hoarse whisper rippled across against Jamie’s breath as he leaned in to kiss him. They were standing so close, Jamie’s dick rubbed along Tommy’s cheek as he sucked Gavin, which must have seemed like a demand, because Tommy wrapped his lips around Jamie again.

Gavin was still getting some attention, based on the moans he was pushing into Jamie’s throat. Jamie locked an arm around Gavin’s hip, the other hand threading back through the trick’s curls, only to find Gavin’s hand there too.

For all that Tommy was the one trading one dick for another, Jamie felt Gavin down there too, the slippery thrust of his tongue showing how much he wanted to taste Jamie. Hell, Jamie knew he was dying to find out how that silky length would feel in his mouth.

Then their fingers tangled together at the back of Tommy’s head as he proved that his reputation as best cocksucker on the East Coast wasn’t exaggerated when he managed to get both heads in his mouth.

They groaned, the vibration echoing between them, Gavin’s dick against Jamie’s cradled in that wet heat, rubbing, sliding as Tommy’s hands worked the shafts. Jamie’s balls buzzed with it, filling him, electric shocks running through him as he thought about them both coming down that willing throat, locked together, sharing the same sensation.

Gavin lifted his head, then dragged his cheek along Jamie’s to whisper, “Don’t come yet, I’ve got an idea.”

Since Gavin’s last idea was turning out pretty good from where Jamie was standing, he decided to go along. With one motion they pulled Tommy off their cocks. Jamie’s balls screamed in protest as his body crawled back from the edge.

Gavin nodded at the armless sofa. “Climb up, Tommy.”

As Tommy stripped off his briefs and positioned himself on all fours, Gavin produced a pack of lube and a condom from the waistband of his shorts, leaning to mutter in Jamie’s ear, “You think he’s good now, wait until you feel him while he’s getting fucked.”

Jamie had seen condoms and the small packs littering the counter and table near the fireplace on his way in, but he hadn’t expected to be watching Gavin be the one to roll a rubber on before lubing it up.

Jamie didn’t know where Tommy had been hiding it, but he handed back another little pillow pack of lube to Gavin, murmuring something Jamie didn’t hear over Gavin snapping off the top.

Jamie was looking forward to getting that agile mouth, tongue and tight-squeezing throat on his dick again, but he had to admit that wasn’t the only thing he was anticipating as he stepped toward Tommy’s head.

He wanted to see Gavin fuck, watch it in his face, see his eyes get dark with it when he pressed inside.

Jamie cupped Tommy’s cheek as he stretched to take Jamie into his mouth and keep his ass in contact with Gavin’s hands. Jamie moved to help him. “Here it is,

Gavin raised an eyebrow at Jamie’s lapse into the little Polish he knew, and Jamie started to shrug, but Tommy’s mouth short-circuited Jamie’s muscle control into a jerk so that all he managed was a snap of his spine as he arched into the wet heat. The speed of Tommy gulping Jamie down was less of a shock this time, but almost harder to ride out given how close he’d been a few minutes ago. He reached down and took Tommy’s wrist, placing his palm on Jamie’s hip.

“Should hang on,” Jamie said to Tommy because Gavin was lining himself up.

Jamie knew the exact moment Gavin pushed in, first in the gulping shudders from the mouth working him, but more, he knew it because he felt it in his gut, like Gavin was fucking into Jamie through the body between them.

Tommy’s mouth bobbed in a frantic pace as Gavin moved in slow deep thrusts. Jamie wanted to throw his head back, shut his eyes and ride out the sensation, but he couldn’t look away from Gavin’s cold smile and hot gaze. Couldn’t let it all go, not even when Gavin fucked into Tommy hard enough to drive him deeper onto Jamie’s cock, not even when the slam of Gavin’s hips forced vibrating whimpers from Tommy’s throat. Couldn’t let it go because this needed to be between them, and it was time to clear the room and get down to it.

Jamie leaned over Tommy’s back, and Gavin met him in a kiss that only made everything Gavin did to Tommy echo deeper inside Jamie, made his ass clench down on nothing, like he could feel Gavin there.

As good as the kiss was, Jamie broke it off. “Don’t come. We’re finishing this together.”

Jamie stepped back too far for Tommy to reach. Tommy groaned as if someone had snatched away his last meal, and Jamie stroked his head. “That was good, Tommy. You were a very good boy. Now I want to see you come for me.”

Like they’d rehearsed it, Jamie helped Gavin lift Tommy up until he was spread-eagled over Gavin’s lap. Rocking and bouncing, Tommy clung to Jamie’s shoulders for balance.

“Want my hand, Tommy?”

Tommy nodded, and Jamie licked his palm before making a fist for Tommy to slide through. They held Tommy between them, listening to the sounds in his throat growing more and more desperate.

“Can you hang on when he comes?” Jamie whispered into Gavin’s ear.

“Sure as hell going to try. Kiss me.”

The skin on Tommy’s dick got harder to slide, vein pulsing underneath, his balls on Jamie’s thigh tight as he bounced one more time, then started to jerk. Jamie dove back onto Gavin’s lips. God, that kiss, the heat and intensity of it, everything Gavin was holding back poured through that kiss. Tommy went off between them, warm, thick spurts, and Jamie held all three of them up, sharing Gavin’s breath, riding out what felt like three orgasms, Tommy’s, the one Gavin had forced back and the one Jamie was going to drive into the man he was still kissing.

Tommy rested a sweaty forehead on Jamie’s collarbone. “You guys are fucking hot together.”

Gavin pulled back from Jamie and stroked a palm up Tommy’s chest, aiming a smile at Jamie. “You ready for me to pull out?”


Jamie took Tommy’s sagging weight as Gavin disentangled himself.

“Damn.” Tommy looked down at the drying streaks on his chest. “I need a shower and a nap. Or maybe a bump.”

“Shower first,” Gavin ordered. “And don’t pass out in there again.”

“You kidding? It’s barely one o’clock.” With renewed energy, Tommy slid off the sofa. “Unless I could watch?”

“No.” Jamie’s words had enough force that both Tommy and Gavin laughed.

“Feel free to bring him back anytime,” Tommy said over his shoulder as he walked away.

“Thought this was Soren’s place.”

“It is.” Gavin’s voice was amused. “Tommy’s his boyfriend.”

“Jesus, who’s the top?”

“That’s kind of an old-fashioned way to look at things.”

“Yeah, I’m an old-fashioned guy. You ready?”

Gavin’s lips quirked. “Just promise me you know how to use that thing.”

Chapter Seven

Gavin waited in the guest bedroom he’d pointed out to Jamie. Apparently, Jamie’s old-fashioned nature required a quick clean up between fucks. Gavin had wanted to see what happened when the eyes-on-the-straight-and-narrow cop let loose a little. It had been worth it so far. Gavin couldn’t wait for Act Two. Especially since he was going to get to star in it. Gavin couldn’t ever remember seeing someone so hungry for fun and so determined to convince himself and everyone else he didn’t want any.

BOOK: Bad Attitude
4.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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