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Gavin had been having sex with men since he was sixteen. He hadn’t been that interested in guys his age, but spent his adolescence chasing after camp counselors and younger teachers, graduate assistants. He hadn’t wanted fumbles and learning curves, but experience. He knew his way around a man’s body, knew what made his own hum, yet he still felt breathless with fresh want every time Jamie’s tongue swept in.

It wasn’t only affecting Gavin. Jamie’s breaths roughened, quickened against Gavin’s chest, hands threading urgently through Gavin’s hair. Gavin slid his palms down either side of Jamie’s spine, over the shifting muscles, resting against the lowest part of his back, urging him closer.

They sank deeper into it, Jamie coaxing Gavin’s tongue to follow back, a pause where Jamie tugged on Gavin’s lips to tease them with teeth and soothing licks. Something about the pressure, the taste, the rhythm of Jamie’s breath kept Gavin’s skin humming, warmth spreading under it as each time he thought Jamie would pull away, he started kissing more deeply.

No one had ever kissed Gavin that long, with anything close to that intensity, without moving quickly toward getting their dicks involved, and unless Jamie had hidden skills or a hidden ED pill, they’d still need some time. But Jamie seemed content to keep moving their mouths together, to let things build slowly again between them.

Until Jamie tore free as suddenly as he’d started the kiss, rolling off the bed and crossing the room to the sliding glass doors that opened on to the deck. With his forehead pressed against the glass, he raised his fist, then spread his fingers to press his palm gently on the surface.

Gavin swung his feet to the floor and came to stand behind. Jamie alternated pressing body parts against the cold black sky until Gavin wondered aloud, “Overheated?” He reached for the door latch. “You could stand on the deck. It’s still fifty yards to the beach. Unlikely anyone will see—”

“Nah.” Jamie’s reflection wore a rueful smile.

In the distance, starlight silvered the tops of some of the waves. Maybe they could borrow one of Soren’s boats, assuming he’d moved them from winter storage. Somehow he knew Jamie would love it, throttle open, steering out into the bay. In a wild fantasy, Jamie’s hair grew a few more inches, a flowing white shirt around him as he steered a pirate ship. Which put Gavin in the fair-maiden role. As he did not care for crinoline, he recast himself as a rakish first mate, loyal only to his daring captain.

As they stared at themselves and the water, Jamie bit his lower lip. “Didn’t think ahead. Should have brought gum.”

Gum didn’t make any sense, so Gavin said, “Your gun?”

“No. Gum.” Jamie’s laugh was much more bitter than the one before. “I just quit smoking. That nicotine gum, it helps. God, I miss it. Especially now.” Jamie jerked a thumb in the direction of the bed behind them, the meaning clear.

“Ah.” That kiss, the one Gavin had oddly romanticized, was simply oral sublimation. “Well.” Gavin stepped away. “I’m sure there’s something legal to smoke in the house. Along with other distractions.” Gavin offered his most charming leer.

“No thanks. Wouldn’t trust it.”


“Don’t read shit into that. Not saying I would turn down another round.”

But as Gavin reached to put his arms around Jamie, he ducked to the side. Gavin could now see a full tattoo under his left arm, on his torso, over his ribs. A parachute and eagle’s wings behind the empty helmet, boots and rifle that denoted a fallen soldier. There was a name on the helmet, but Gavin couldn’t read it.

He touched it lightly. “Brother?”

“No.” Jamie’s arm came down to cover the image. He stepped away from the window and looked up at Gavin. “Someone who saved my life.”

Chapter Eight

Jamie wasn’t sure why he’d blurted that out, or why he walked out of the room. He had been planning on another round. He’d enjoyed every bit of that. Not only the tight heat of Gavin’s body when he got inside, but the taste of him, mouth, dick, skin. And the feel of his smooth, cool flesh heating up as they moved together.

But it hadn’t been only the cigarette craving that had pulled him out of bed. It had been getting easy, damned easy laughing and teasing with him, kissing him. Jamie had been a few seconds away from confessing why he’d quit smoking. That it hadn’t only been the promise to Dad, but the actual fear of going out like that, twisted up with pain, wasted and weak, and barely two years into his retirement.

Jamie found his way into the bathroom where he’d left Tommy. There were fresh towels out, and the place didn’t smell like a locker room, which was more than he could say for the other bedroom he’d passed. He knew what a sling was; he’d just never seen anyone in one before. Never seen anyone with a hand up his ass either, but Tommy sure looked like he was having fun.

There were more levers than came with a usual shower, but Jamie figured it out quick enough, letting the water run out of the big circle thing directly overhead for a few seconds before ducking under the downpour.

Screw the rich. They could keep their drugs, cars, boats and beach houses. Jamie would take their showers. This was fucking awesome.

“Something I said?” The door slid open and Gavin’s head popped in.

Jamie stepped back and shook the water out of his eyes. At first, Jamie had pegged Gavin as pretty pathetic for what had seemed a desperate chase. Now he knew Gavin was just direct about what he wanted, and it was hot. A guy like Montgomery with the world at his feet and he wanted Jamie.

“Or didn’t say?” Gavin asked.

“Nah.” Jamie moved to offer space for Gavin to step in. “Just felt like a shower.”

Jamie squirted body wash from a dispenser on the wall and worked it to a lather in his hands before stroking the suds down his chest. “Thought maybe if I cleaned up some, I’d get you to go a little oral for round two. Get your tongue on my balls.” Jamie dipped his soapy hand lower, under the sac, cupping them and teasing them under Gavin’s gaze. “Maybe in my ass.”

There was no mistaking the heated intent in Gavin’s eyes—in fact that was the one expression Jamie was sure he read right on the guy’s face. Most everything else stayed buried under a bored look or a mocking arch of his brows. Jamie wondered if there was anything Gavin took seriously.

“Depends.” Gavin stepped into the shower.

Having someone like a Montgomery want him was hot, but Gavin’s way of ignoring every bit of fuck-off-and-die attitude Jamie threw out kept him off balance. But fuck if Jamie could ignore Gavin’s challenge, no matter what warning was carved into Jamie’s side in blood and ink.

“On?” Jamie asked.

“Whether my tongue is loosening up your ass for my dick.”

Jamie liked a dick in his ass now and then, as long as it was clear it happened on his terms. “Better do a good job of it then.”

Gavin’s chuckle was cut off under the sudden whoosh of water as he hit another lever and all the chrome half bullets Jamie had thought were decoration imbedded in the tiles began to blast water, nailing his shoulders, knees and yeah, ass. Reaching over the shampoo dispenser, Gavin pulled down a wand, attached to the wall by a silver snake-coil hose. The nozzle, full of perforations to spray water, made the object’s purpose clear as Gavin held it up in question. Jamie might not mind a dick in his ass, but he drew the line at that level of interaction. He’d be fine with soap and water like he’d always been.

With the shake of Jamie’s head, Gavin put the wand back over the dispenser, and Jamie made more use of the shower gel and the perfectly located sprays from the wall. Yeah, he definitely needed to make getting a shower like this his next priority. It was bigger than the petty officers’ cabin on the

Gavin slid to his knees with the same smug smile he wore facing Detective Franklin’s sneering questions or Tommy’s sweetly presented ass. Let him try to look bored when he had Jamie’s dick in his mouth.

First there was that rush, same one every time, wondering how a guy was going to take him, whether he’d start slow or suck him down right away. But before Gavin touched him, Jamie’s brain latched on to the knee-buckling idea that this was a Montgomery on his knees, the same Montgomery name that fronted the art museum and a street and probably held title on those buildings tall enough to fuck with GPS downtown. A Montgomery was going to suck Jamie’s cock and eat his ass. Which was pretty damned impressive for the son of an Irish dockworker and Polish hotel maid.

Jamie blinked as Gavin licked the head and then Gavin was only another guy, pretty, funny sometimes, but a guy who groaned as he stretched his jaw wide to pull Jamie’s dick into wet heat.

The groan made Jamie’s knees buckle again so that he had to slap a hand onto the tiles for support. Gavin chuckled around Jamie’s dick, and that pissed him off. Jamie bucked forward, filling Gavin’s throat with enough cock to keep him from more laughter. Gavin’s hands tightened on Jamie’s hips, but the spasm of his throat softened. Jamie rocked, rubbing the head of his dick across the velvety skin at the top of Gavin’s mouth, savoring the caress of his tongue on the underside.

Jamie sank deeper into the sensations. God, he could stay here forever, just sliding back and forth between Gavin’s wet, tight lips. The sharp edge of need was gone, replaced by the curl of a slow, long build.

Jamie hadn’t needed to grab Gavin’s head to keep him where Jamie wanted him, a mistake Jamie recognized when Gavin pulled off, grabbed the base of Jamie’s dick and took control of the action, bobbing fast and wet and tight enough to send all those good, lazy pulses of pleasure into an urgent need to thrust, to bury his cock in deep and keep it there until the pressure eased.

Driving Jamie back into the tiles, Gavin used one hand on Jamie’s dick while the other pulled Jamie’s balls toward the heat of his mouth. The shower made everything wetter, slicker, water touching everywhere, following just a step behind Gavin’s tongue probing the shapes under the skin, the draw of Gavin’s mouth as he sucked in one then the other. For the first time, Jamie wondered if it wasn’t more than the net worths involved that put Gavin out of his league. Gavin was as good at the game as Jamie, if not better.

Jamie’s legs felt like a pair of bad shocks when Gavin lifted his head and muttered, “Turn around.”

That voice, so normally unaffected, had gone rough from sucking, licking, wanting. Jamie was glad to turn his face into the tiles so Gavin couldn’t see the effect it had. Resting his head on his forearms, he arched his ass out, but the show-me-what-you’ve-got, smart-ass remark died before Jamie could get his brain to form one as Gavin’s hands pulled and rubbed Jamie’s ass.

Usually, having a guy eat his ass gave him a power surge, even more than having a man on his knees for him. That level of owning, controlling, nothing ever felt better inside. Outside too. The flick, caress, the stroke of something way more hot and flexible than a finger against all those nerves. Gavin ran his tongue down the length of Jamie’s crack before lapping at his hole.

Jamie arched his back, but he wasn’t feeling that usual rush. His breath left him on a gasp, and he bit his lips against a pleading cry, wanting more, now. Wanting it for pure sensation. To have this man spear him on his tongue then his cock. And there must be something in the water, in the fucking air pumped through this party, because Jamie had never felt like this in his life.

Gavin’s tongue circled, flicked, his lips becoming part of that kiss, a hum against Jamie’s skin to make him shudder. Gavin used his thumb along with his tongue, playing, pushing, pulling until it wasn’t only Jamie’s ass loosening up, but his head, his belly, and damn all the muscles in his legs so that he wanted to collapse and let Gavin do whatever the fuck he wanted as long as he brought Jamie with him.

Swallowing all that down, Jamie raised his head. “That’ll work.” Unsure how far his voice carried over all the sprayers, he cleared his throat and said more loudly, “I’m good. C’mon. Let’s go.”

Jamie didn’t know what he would do if Gavin had laughed while he stood up, and was glad they didn’t have to find out. Gavin rinsed his face and mouth under the shower, then opened the glass door to reach an arm out. Jamie wasn’t surprised Gavin was able to get his hands on latex and lube with a quick lean. The stuff was everywhere. As soon as the glass door shut again, Gavin adjusted the levers so that the water wasn’t pouring like a waterfall on their heads, but lightly spraying steam from the bullet noses.

Jamie quieted the sudden attack of nerves in his stomach by trying to work out exactly how much a setup like this shower stall would run. More than he’d put into his truck in the past five years, he’d bet, gas included.

Gavin stepped in close, body holding the steam between them like a breath, and Jamie barely controlled a shiver. Instead, he forced in a good deep lungful of moist air, heavy with the scent of their bodies. Sweat, and that faint leather-and-tree smell that seemed to hover on Gavin’s skin, like it was a part of him rather than some expensive aftershave. Gavin reached around to slide some lube over Jamie’s cock, a steady stroke that had the skin pulsing tight off the charge in his balls.

“Didn’t want you to lose interest,” Gavin murmured into Jamie’s neck. Stubble scraped pleasantly across the top of Jamie’s shoulder as Gavin rubbed his face against the skin, mouth soft and teasing under Jamie’s ear as strong fingers rubbed lube over his hole, pushing some in with a swipe of a thumb.

Jamie hated getting prepped from this end. He could finger-fuck a guy for a long time, watch his face shift, find the spots and the twist to make him start to come apart, even bring him off like that, nothing more than the friction and right place inside, maybe Jamie’s mouth for a little incentive. But when his ass was the one getting ready, he’d just as soon take the burn of stretching around a cock instead. He felt like a turkey being basted.

Reaching down and back, he shoved Gavin’s hand away and found his dick, aiming it at his ass, and Gavin didn’t need any more of an instructional diagram than that.

Gavin’s legs were braced outside Jamie’s to get their hips to match up, but even without his legs staying close together, Jamie knew how tight he’d feel around Gavin’s dick. It had been a really long time.

BOOK: Bad Attitude
9.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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