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Jamie came in and dropped the towel he’d been carrying near the bed.

“Might want to lock the door,” Gavin suggested.

Jamie clicked the knob then his hand moved toward the light switch. “On or off?”

“On please. I like the view.”

Jamie nodded at the sliding glass doors that opened onto a deck. Beyond that blackness was the bay. “Can’t see the pretty with the lights on.”

“God, you try really hard, don’t you?”

“Excuse me?” Jamie drew himself up.

“You. Abrasive as sandpaper. But don’t think I didn’t see through your wanting to clean up as a way to check on Tommy.”

“You’re the one who said he’s passed out— You know, forget it. We gonna talk or fuck?”

“Thought we had that figured out. Though I’m not the one who walked away last time. Maybe you should work a little harder for another chance.” Gavin arched his brows.

“You’re lucky I’m too fucking horny to go back out there and grab another piece of ass.”

Gavin laughed. “So, are you going to show me how lucky I am or not?”

Jamie hit the bed hard enough to make them bounce, then his warm, solid body pressed into Gavin’s, sinking him into the sheets.

“God, Jamie. Your mouth.” It had fascinated Gavin from the instant he became aware of it on the rescue boat, that one link to consciousness, to life. And now, it was so close. He brought his thumb up to sweep across the full lips, and Jamie sucked it in, hips swiveling against Gavin’s. He tried to tell himself he didn’t care how one-sided this was, that sex was always good enough to burn away the irrelevancy of his existence, but right now he wished it mattered that he was the one in this bed. That it mattered to Jamie.

Jamie lifted his head so that Gavin’s thumb fell away, then kissed him with slow deliberation, hips still, hands holding his head, taking full control of Gavin’s mouth and lips with the thrust of his tongue.

A kiss full of the rhythm, the taste, the man Gavin had been wrapped up in while his cock was buried in tight, spasming heat. The sensation rushed back so fast his balls ached with need. Jamie groaned into Gavin’s mouth, hips shifting so he felt the fat length hard and ready against his dick.

Jamie raised his head. “My mouth, huh?” His half smile didn’t give much of a warning as he slid back to wrap those full, soft lips around the head of Gavin’s cock.

“Yes.” Another shudder ran through him. “Jesus.”

Gavin wasn’t about to start comparing Jamie to Tommy, but it was good, so good and hot and, considering Jamie’s attitude, something Gavin didn’t think he’d have a chance to experience. Jamie gave every indication that he was happy to be there, tongue swirling, lips firming to glide down and back, hand working the shaft.

He pulled off and swallowed one of Gavin’s balls, making Gavin’s fist twist into the sheets to hold back the hot rush. He usually had far better control, but the intensity of Jamie’s attack, the hint that his tongue would drift lower, had Gavin on the brink.

He tried to shift away, but Jamie’s shoulders held Gavin tight. Trying to tell Jamie things were getting urgent got caught in the moans Gavin was holding back. The first sound he managed was a coughed grunt, then Gavin sounded as if he were clearing his throat to make a best-man toast. “’Hem, Jamie.”

Jamie lifted his head and scooted back, smirk firmly planted on shining lips. “Yeah?”

The bastard. Gavin swung a leg over Jamie’s head to flip over onto his stomach. “Should be condoms and lube in the nightstand drawer.” He coughed again. “Hell, Soren keeps them in the kitchen.”

He heard and felt Jamie reach over him, then was relieved to hear the snap of something far more substantial than those small lube packs. Gavin wasn’t going to say Jamie had the biggest cock he’d ever seen, but that thing was far from average, especially in width. Plenty of lube was in his best interest.

“Roll over.”

Before Gavin could move, Jamie grabbed Gavin’s ankles and flipped him onto his back.

Gavin sucked in a deep breath. “Control freak.”

“Shame to waste this angle.” Jamie stroked his sheathed cock, and Gavin noticed the slight bend giving it a U-shape.

Gavin nodded and lifted his legs toward his chest. But it was harder to take this way, harder to control how fast Jamie went in.

Jamie stroked two slick fingers over Gavin’s balls, then lower. Gavin’s stomach started to squirm. He liked fucking and getting fucked, but the first few minutes, the gloppy, chilly lube in his crack, that was almost never part of the fun. Not being stretched enough for Jamie’s dick wouldn’t be much fun either, and he didn’t think Jamie would appreciate a run to the kitchen for a quick hit of amyl.

Gavin forced himself down onto Jamie’s fingers, swallowing back a wince and shifting around to ease the sting.

“Got another date?” Jamie asked. “Some time limit I should know about?”


“Then let me drive. I’ll get us there.”

Gavin rolled his eyes. Jamie grinned back, teeth showing, eyes crinkling with it. This would be so much easier if Gavin was on his stomach. Ass up didn’t feel quite as vulnerable as that grinning face watching him.

Jamie turned his wrist, fingers curling inside, rubbing, stroking in a way to melt Gavin right down into the sheets. More lube, warm now from friction, and Jamie’s fingers back to finding all the spots that opened Gavin up from the inside out, made him want to swallow Jamie’s whole hand.

Which was fine in theory, but when Jamie’s thumb pressed around the rim, Gavin stopped rocking into the thrust of his fingers.

“Why’d you get—?” Jamie’s grin vanished. “Shit, you’re not—?”


“A virgin?” The depth of incredulity in Jamie’s voice was at least some compensation.


“So relax, then. I won’t hurt you.”

For a moment, Gavin wished he were Tommy, submissive and full of fuck-me-Daddy pouts, earning first Jamie’s rough manhandling then tenderness, instead of this matter-of-fact approach, as if he were checking under Gavin’s hood, seeing what made him run. What did it take to make Jamie lose himself enough to murmur endearments in some Eastern European language?

“Where’d you go?” Jamie asked.

Gavin ground down on Jamie’s knuckles. “No place.”

“Don’t lie.” Jamie’s eyes were intent on his face.

“Does it matter?” The words were shuddered gasps as Jamie’s wrist pumped hard.

Jamie looked like he was going to shrug, then he said, “You don’t need to lie to me.” His thumb pressed along the rim as his fingers scissored and stretched. “Moment of truth. You ready?”

“Yes.” Gavin couldn’t say for sure about his ass, but the rest of him was past ready to move this to a fuck. To someplace Jamie had as much skin on the line, where Gavin wasn’t the only one laid bare under examination.

Jamie paused to slick the latex over his cock, then the head was there, pushing, demanding, and just when Gavin thought he’d have to ask for a break, his body opened enough to take in that first solid inch.

“Yeah.” Jamie’s grin was feral. “S’gonna be good.”

Gavin tried arching his back to speed it along, but Jamie took a tight grip on Gavin’s hips and controlled the pace. In and out, a little deeper each time, Gavin growing more desperate for the fullness, the weight inside him, the burn and stretch of hard dick sliding home that could blot out everything.

Jamie kept Gavin trapped here. Hanging, waiting, hungry.

Gavin licked his lips, wanting Jamie’s mouth. Body, arms and legs reaching out to drag Jamie closer. As Gavin’s ass came up off the mattress, Jamie thrust in all the way, setting off a flash fire under Gavin’s skin until he expected to see sparks fly out of the fingers that gripped Jamie’s shoulders.

Jamie held himself there while Gavin’s muscles shuddered with contractions, spilling out from his belly until he thought he was going to start coming from that hard, humming pleasure of fullness.

“Damn.” Jamie swiveled his hips. “Knew this was gonna be good.” His voice rumbled between them.

It was. Holy shit it was.

“Can you get your legs—?”

But Gavin anticipated him, hiked his knees higher and let Jamie fold him in half, calves slung over Jamie’s shoulder. It drove Jamie’s dick deeper, forcing a gasp from Gavin’s lips, then Jamie’s mouth was there, sucking the sound in a kiss. Jamie found Gavin’s hands flung over his head and interlaced their fingers, palms squeezing together as they began to move.

There weren’t any more words, not in any language except moans and grunts. Jamie fucked, and Gavin fucked him back, until the sweat that dripped in Gavin’s eyes could have been from either one of them. There was no holding back, no pulling away or finding a different position. No need for Gavin to say he thought he could come from the perfect thick thrust of Jamie’s cock inside because there was no other choice. Gavin’s body was flying toward that, the pulse inside coiling the tension in his balls, the pressure of Jamie’s belly, and the caress of the silky hair on Gavin’s dick more than enough stimulation to push him over the edge.

They moved faster, Jamie’s balls slapping against Gavin’s ass, Jamie diving in for another kiss that sent off echoing sensations in Gavin’s gut.

As Jamie lifted his head, Gavin tightened his muscles, and Jamie jerked his hips in a stutter that made that sweet curve on his cock rub everything right. Gavin stretched his neck to bury his face against Jamie’s, tasting him, breathing in his skin as Gavin shuddered past the point of no return. Pleasure arced from his ass to his balls, then flew out his dick, shot after shot. Jamie’s cock still forced more from Gavin until his body burned with the shocks firing off from overstimulated nerves.

Jamie gave him a quick smile before he arched up. Gavin’s legs fell away to the sides as Jamie’s spine rippled, hips slamming him convulsively deep, and Gavin could put up with the burn in his ass and the cramp in his stomach if it meant he got to see Jamie come apart like that. Eyes closed, face gone so soft and vulnerable Gavin wanted to hide Jamie and keep him safe. A harsh groan rattled in his lungs, and Jamie shivered through the explosions Gavin could only read in the squeeze of Jamie’s fingers around his.

Gavin let his legs rest on Jamie’s hips as he slumped down, untangling their fingers, prompting them both to shake in some circulation. Jamie rested his forehead against Gavin’s as their breaths settled in time with each other.

“Knew it.” Jamie breathed into Gavin’s face.


“It’d be worth it.”

Controlling a grin, Gavin said, “It was all right, I guess.”

“All right?” Jamie pressed up, an action which also yanked his dick roughly free of Gavin’s ass. He glared down, his eyes searching Gavin’s face, which was now contorted in a grimace. “Serves you right, you bastard.”

At that, a breath escaped Gavin, not much, but enough for Jamie to hear the humor in it.

Jamie’s lips twisted. “Asshole. You never had it that good and you know it.”

Gavin worried his next sound might be a snort if not a giggle, so he rolled to the side to find the towel Jamie had discarded. “You, Officer, need to lighten up a little.”

“Yeah right. I’m a cop with a very distinctive truck parked outside a house with who knows how many illegal substances in it.”

“Who has also just had the best sex of his life?”

“I said you had, not me.”

“I said it was all right.”

At that moment, a piercing squeal echoed through the house, almost a high-pitched laugh, followed by chattering squeaks and another longer tone like the first.

Jamie sat back, bemusement putting a deep line across his brow, then he began to laugh. “Don’t tell me. Flipper?”

Gavin nodded. Jamie’s chuckle became so different from the flat sneer Gavin was used to hearing from him, growing into a big belly laugh, head thrown back, eyes bright and an oddly beautiful full octave of amusement, until Gavin couldn’t help joining in.

“Does he do that every time?” Jamie gasped between warm bursts of laughter.

“Has as far as I know. I made the mistake once before I knew. Thought I was killing him.”

The smile faded under a sneer. “Yeah, guess that shouldn’t be a surprise given how much shit you guys seem to need to ingest to have a good time.”

“Self-righteous get you laid often?”

Jamie ignored the barb. “Fucking hell. I am so glad I didn’t hook up with him.”

“You should do that more often.” Gavin held out the towel.

Jamie stripped off the condom and flung it at the wastebasket before taking the towel. “You mean be careful who I pick up?”

“No, laugh. It looks particularly good on you.”

“Yeah? Thought you said I looked good with something in my mouth.” Jamie tossed the towel away and stretched out horizontally on the bed.

Even soft, his dick made Gavin start thinking of a way to get it in him again, to have it stretch his jaw, fill the ache he still had in his ass. The bright copper of Jamie’s hair was more of an auburn on his chest, not too thick, but silky and crisp under Gavin’s palm as he ran a hand up his sternum where it was thickest. Over his heart was a military tattoo, Gavin guessed it was a name of his unit. A thin gold chain held the cross and St. Michael’s medallion Gavin had felt brush his skin while they fucked. On Jamie’s forearms, his hair faded to blond, thighs thick with the same bright copper as his head, and his dick and balls lay in a patch of reddened bronze.

Tattoos and religious icons spelled out Jamie’s life on his naked body, more than any uniform or style, family, military, police. Gavin moved his hand up and over Jamie’s freckled shoulders, over the image of an anthropomorphized shark wearing a sneer that was almost a copy of Jamie’s, then across the satiny prickle of his jaw and sideburns and across his pillowed lips.

Jamie’s tongue flicked out, making Gavin’s skin hum and his balls tingle almost with pain as his body responded.

“You do. You look good anywhere, which you obviously already know.”

The corner of Jamie’s lip quirked up. “You’re only saying that because you want to get laid again.”

“The thought did cross my—” Before Gavin could finish, Jamie reared up and kissed him, drove Gavin onto his back.

BOOK: Bad Attitude
2.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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