BEFORE THE PATCH – book one (A Devil Call MC Book)

BOOK: BEFORE THE PATCH – book one (A Devil Call MC Book)
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book one (A Devil Call MC Book)





before Everly

before prison

there was



With his life on
the line and the wind in his face, Talon rides how he takes care of women -
hard and fast. The life has treated him well... that is, until he's almost
killed during a botched mission set forth by Devil Call MC's President, Nash.


Layne spends his
days trying to keep Talon under control and spends his nights sharing his bed
with a beautiful woman named Rissa. Layne is just trying to protect her. Just
as he's trying to protect Talon from himself.


The more Talon
sees of Nash, the more he sees the bad road the MC is heading down. He wonders
if maybe it's time for a change... but will he have a chance to call the
meeting before he finds himself under another attack.





I tucked another gun into the back
of my pants and crouched down at the base of the steps, looking up, wondering
if my number was going to get called tonight. Not that I was afraid of a bullet
or dying, it was just a sense of something like excitement, knowing you were
about to face death. But the honor behind the death, that

s where it all waited for guys
like me. I had nothing but my gun, my leather cut, my ride, and my cock. All of
them big and powerful.

for this?

Layne asked as
he crept up next to me.

I glanced at him, his beard big
like he had just come off a ten year stint of living in the mountains. His eyes
were weary from drinking too much last night. I couldn

t lie to myself and say I wasn

t as hungover, but I was ready
to kill. Or be killed.

I think Layne feared it though.

He loved the life and he wasn

t afraid to pull his trigger,
but he feared taking one. Maybe because he

never been shot yet. I had. A few times. It fucking hurts like a bitch, but you
get over it. Plus, you get a gallon of whiskey and plenty of women to ease the

Hell, we had a guy in the MC who used
to shoot himself in the foot every time he was ready to fuck so he could get it
on the cheap. Fucking punk

he finally took one to the back of the skull, not his own doing.

I touched the first step and looked
around. We had to keep a low profile for plenty of reasons. First off, we didn

t need the fucking police riding
up on us right now. Not that they would do much, we had them on the take, but
they would fuck this entire thing up badly. And if the guy we were here to take
out - some guy named
- got wind of us, he

d open up a shooting match or just take the fuck

I wasn

t in the mood to chase anyone down right now. I
just wanted to fight, kill, then fuck. Nothing was better than the high of
defending yourself and then finding someone to fuck. That was the kind of high
I lived on and demanded. Anyone else around Brocke who shoved powder up their
noses or needles in their arms, that was a quick way to the grave.


re clear,

I said to Layne.

each take a side of the door and then kick the fucking thing in.

start shooting?


d love to. But Nash said Jasmine
might be in trouble.

old lady is always in trouble,

Layne said.

She loves cock. And not Nash


Nash was the President of Devil
Call MC. His old lady, Jasmine, was tall, thin, big fake tits, dark skin,
darker eyes, jet black hair, a body to die for, and a pussy always wet and
eager. Nash used his power to impress her and she used her body to get
everything she could ask for in life. Which meant trouble. All the fucking
time. Nash lived his life in a constant fight because of, and for, Jasmine.

If that were me, I

d put a gun to the bitch

s head and tell her to make a

But Nash didn

t have a heart, balls, or a

I crept up the steps to a sleazy
motel in Brocke, where everyone came to fuck and deal drugs, and counted four
doors down and stopped. This place had no name and kept the sole purpose of
having the junk here. That meant prostitutes, druggies, dealers, bums, hippies,
where businessmen brought their mistresses or came to live out fucked up
fantasies. It was an array of nasty shit.

In the back of my mind I was a little
excited. Hoping to find this Crash guy setting up a big drug deal. So I could
put a bullet in each of his legs and call Nash to come in and meet him. Then we
could not only stop the drug deal from happening within Brocke, but we could
find out who was supplying this Crash guy and then go after him. That

s how you did it. You attacked
and attacked

and then
fucking attacked. The second you gave up or even pulled back, the shit would
flood right back into Brocke.

While I respected Nash and his
ability to keep the shit in this motel, the shit shouldn

t have been in Brocke at all. The people deserved
more and better. The authorities were under our control, which meant we ran the


Layne said.


Layne was on one side of the door,
I on the other.

I listened intently and heard the
murmurs of someone struggling to breath. Painful whimpers. Then came grunts

followed by whimpers.

I looked at Layne.


Layne said.


If Jasmine was killed on our watch,
we were fucked. We wouldn

get our patches stripped because Layne and I were the heart and soul of Devil
Call MC. But we

d never
live this down. And Nash would go fucking crazy.

Part of me wished Nash would go
fucking crazy. Then I could finally have the club. The patch. The power and
direction Devil Call MC needed.

have to move,

Layne said.



s go,

I said.

I stepped to the door and reached
for my gun.

I saw movement from the corner of
my eye and saw two men at the top of the steps, wearing nothing but black,
carrying coffee, freezing and reaching for guns when they saw me and Layne.


I growled.

Layne turned and I already had my gun
ready to go. I pulled the trigger and shot one of the guys, sending him flying
back and down the steps. The other guy shot, but his eyes were focused on the
first guy I had shot.

Layne dropped down to avoid the
bullet, but I stood there and kept shooting. I hit the guy in the leg, then the
gut, dropping him.

Now I had to focus on the motel


I growled and grabbed Layne by
the back of his cut and pulled.

you hit?


Layne said.

Come on.

Layne lifted his big foot and
kicked the door. It damn near exploded from Layne

intense strength. The door swung in and we ran into the room, guns drawn, ready
for whatever waited.

What I didn

t expect to find was Jasmine on the bed, ass high
in the air, legs, spread enough Layne and I could both see her glistening
pussy. It was pretty obvious the sounds we had heard were of her getting
fucked. She was throbbing, dripping, her hands tied behind her back, wearing
black heels that matched her hair.

the fuck?!

she cried out,
her face on a pillow.


Layne said.

put your ass down,

I said.

on, Talon,

Jasmine purred.


t act like you haven

thought about it. I

m ready
for you.

She started to shake her ass,
squeezing herself, releasing, biting her bottom lip, working that dark vixen
style she had to perfect.

Fuck if I was distracted for a
split second.

Bad on me

Because that

s when I heard the pump of a shotgun.

the guns down!

a voice

It was goddamn Crash, standing
there butt naked, covered in tattoos, his cock dangling half hard, his eyes red,
wide, bloodshot, and obviously pissed off.

I couldn

t blame him for being mad. We had definitely burst
in at the wrong moment.

He had the barrel of the shotgun to

s neck. One pull of
the trigger and Layne

head would be hanging by a few random pieces of skin and muscle. And I

d be covered in blood.


I said. I unloaded
the clip from my gun and dropped it to the floor. Layne did the same.

You know why we

re here.

I fucking don


Crash said.

was just about to fuck my ass,

Jasmine said.

Crash, baby, come back here. Do it. Hard. Make me cry.


Layne said.


s wrong?

Crash asked.

man enough for her?


I said.


the drugs?

Crash looked at me.

Drugs? What drugs?

His voice suddenly seemed to echo

what drugs?

There never was any drugs here.
This was only about Crash fucking Jasmine. Nash had gotten wind of it and
instead of taking care of this himself, or sending some fucking prospects to do
it, he sent me and Layne. Another waste of our time when we could have been
doing something that mattered for the MC.


I growled.

Jasmine put your fucking ass


Crash said.

Leave it up, baby. Leave that
pussy right there for me. You don

mind a little blood, do you?


Jasmine purred.

Make me bleed, Crash. Fuck me
until I bleed.


ll do that,

Crash said.

Just let me finish off these
fucking punks.

I had to make a move and make it
count. My senses were in overdrive. There were two dead bodies outside. Layne -
my fucking best friend - had a shotgun to his neck.  (I knew he was ready to
shit himself, but he played it off cool and tough. That was always Layne

s style.) And if that wasn

t enough, Nash

s old lady was on the bed, pussy
showing to us all, gently rocking her hips, waiting for someone to take care of

to die?

Crash asked Layne.


when I knew Crash would never do it. Real men didn

t ask bitch questions like that. They just pulled
the trigger.

It left me with one choice.

I turned, put my shoulder into
Layne, and charged. Layne bumped into Crash. Layne then grabbed the shotgun and
pointed it up, and stayed with me as I drove both of them into a wall. We all
hit with a thud. Layne yelled and pushed back at me, not wanting to be on top
of a naked dude.

Crash stood there, hesitating long
enough for me to grab the shotgun and keep it pointed up. Crash pulled the
trigger and a hole was blasted in the ceiling. Plaster rained down on us as
Jasmine let out a scream.

I threw a punch and smacked Crash
in the nose. It exploded with blood and he let the shotgun go. I grabbed it and
tucked it under his chin. He shook his head.



I fucked her

that was it

I would never

I gritted my teeth.

I had my orders in hand. Whether I
liked it or not, Nash was the fucking President of Devil Call MC. That meant I
had to listen.
For now.

I turned my head and pulled the

I dropped the gun and refused to
look at the spray of blood, skull, and brain on the wall and ceiling.

I made fists and walked to Jasmine.

Talon, please,

she said.



I grabbed her by the ass, my
fingers digging into her skin. Fuck, if I just pulled her back a little

I could unzip my jeans and take
my cock out


I growled.

I pushed and knocked her down on
the bed.

I turned and looked at Layne.

You okay, bro?

I think his cock touched me. Fuck.

than taking a shotgun to the neck, right?


her back to the clubhouse. Throw her at fucking Nash.

I started to move toward the door.

BOOK: BEFORE THE PATCH – book one (A Devil Call MC Book)
10.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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