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I pulled out at the last possible
second and slapped my cock down to her belly. She hurried to grip me,
squeezing, gently pumping, letting all my warm release spray on her body. I

t remember her name,
but she had been the one playing with herself while Buzzy watched. Buzzy didn

t have the edge to take the
chick to a room and actually take care of her, so I did it.

Her breasts were big and full. They
danced the entire time I fucked her and even as she jerked me as I finished,
her tits kept moving. I reached and cupped one of her breasts, playing with her
nipple as I gritted my teeth.

When I was done, she stayed right with
me, stroking me slower and slower. Her hand then cupped down and under, playing
with my balls for a second. A little too weird for me, so I pulled back and
climbed off the bed.

She then touched herself again, two
fingers massaging her wet folds and then sliding back up her body, through the
creamy mess I made on her stomach.

I took a few seconds to catch my
breath and then pointed to the door.

can leave.


the woman asked as she propped
herself up on her elbows.


t even gotten started


m finished,

I said.

You can take a shower, then get the fuck out of my

I picked up my jeans and found my
t-shirt and leather cut. If I came back to the room and found the chick still
here, I

d simply pick her
up and drop her ass outside my room.

Done. Over. Goodnight.

I left the room and grabbed a beer
at the bar. I needed some fresh air and some thought. Talon hadn

t come back yet which made me
hope he found a little comfort to enjoy and take away the sting of today. I had
licked every possible inch on that woman

body so I could still taste her. I

seen her plenty of times lingering around the clubhouse. She never fucked any
of the guys except me, which really pissed everyone off.

But she wasn

t afraid to get naked, dance around, and touch

What a life.

Outside, I heard voices talking.

Coming from the right side of the
clubhouse, I slowly started to walk toward the voices. I couldn

t believe myself, keeping some
kind of guard like the voices could be enemies. That

s how vulnerable the damn MC was right now. Because
of Nash and how he was handling things.

And speaking of Nash, one of the
voices turned out to be his.

He stood there, holding a cell
phone in his hand, leaning against the railing. Next to him was a tall guy with
thick arms. I could see a tattoo on the guy

arm. A big thing that ran from his shoulder to elbow. It looked like a skull
with barbed wire.

I hung back, listening.


s going to be great,

Nash said into the phone.

A third voice, from the phone

I trust we won

t have any bloodshed, Nash. You
hear about the motel today?

was internal,

the big guy

Personal matters.
All resolved.

had my best guys on that,

Nash said.

It wasn

t bloody by choice.

had been there all day,

the voice from the phone said.


s okay,

Nash said with a laugh.

Who do you think is controlling them? Come on, man,

ve been dancing around
this for years.


the big guy said.

This is good, Peter. This is
right. I can promise you that.


the voice over the phone said.


re worth shit.


Nash said.


been in this for years. So have you. We may have walked different paths

the shit, Nash,

the voice
over the phone said.



ll talk soon. Let

see how the night pans out.

Nash pressed a button and the call

Fuck Peter.


the big guy said.

But everyone needs him right


ll figure this out. Thank you
for being here. The muscle


s what

s lacking. Loyalty and muscle.

I watched as Nash and the big guy
shook hands.

I slowly walked backwards and stood
there, staring out as the night swallowed up the day. I drank my beer fast and
left the bottle on the table. Maybe I did it to leave a little sign for Nash.
That someone was there. Maybe to get him to worry.

When I went back inside the
clubhouse, the music was blasting, the drinks were flowing, and the entire aura
of the place was more party than it should have been. We were constantly at war
and if not managed, we were all going to be in trouble. We

d end up dead. The MC would be nothing
but a memory. And Brocke would become a shit hole. An instant shit hole.

I got another beer, took two steps,
then froze. I went for a second beer and then made my way to the bedroom. When
I opened the door, there was nobody in the bed, but the bathroom door was
slightly open with steam coming out. I heard the shower running and gave a nod.

I kicked opened the bathroom door
and tore open the shower.

There she was -
what the fuck
was her name again?
- and she turned and gasped. She cupped her breasts, a
feeble attempt at showing some class.


And that

s when her name finally came to me.


I held a beer out.

Have a drink, Rissa. We

re going to have a long night






I had her on the edge of the bed,
on her knees, as she tore at my shirt. My leather cut was already on the floor.
My jeans were opened and down to my knees. My cock was thick and stiff, her
small hand already stroked it half a dozen times, gasping each time she ran her
hand root to tip.

Her fingers clawed at my chest as I
rolled my shirt up with one hand and dropped it to the floor.


she growled and then
started to kiss my chest.

I had to hand it to her. She was
bold and wild. Definitely different than what I was used to. A nice distraction
from all the bullshit lingering around.

Her lips and tongue were fast,
kissing down my body, moaning each time her tongue flickered against my
muscles. She wasted no time in going for what she wanted - my cock. Her right
hand cupped the base of my cock as her lips kissed down to her hand. She then
groaned and the tip of her tongue touched the top of my cock. She made a
straight line right up my cock.

I groaned and let out a long

Lexa then put her wild mouth right
over the head of my cock and went to work. She slid down, taking me into her
mouth. Her eyes strained, looking up at me. Her body was almost flat to the
bed, bending her knees, feet in the air, still fully dressed. It was like she
was just relaxing on her belly on the bed, but her mouth was full of me.

She pulled back, her hand sliding
up my shaft now. She hurried and went right back down, taking even more of me
into her mouth. I just kept my eyes down, appreciating this amazing sight. Her
mouth was tight and warm, her tongue battling hard to move against the bottom
of my cock, trying to coax me into coming quick.

Not a chance.

I knew how to control myself. When
I was ready to go, I

d go.

But I wasn

t ready yet.


sweet mouth continued to move up and back on my cock. She started to pick up
speed, daring herself to go more and more down. I started to thrust, adding a
little extra. Each time I did it, she let out a moan, the warm feeling
vibrating against my shaft. I hissed and took a breath, feeling myself wanting
to let go.

I hadn

t even gotten to the best part yet.

I reached down and touched her
head. Gently, my fingers dug into the back of her head and I pulled, bringing
her even further down on my cock. I kept the pressure, curling my lip, wanting
to test her threshold. Goddamn, she took almost my entire cock before her eyes
shut and she looked ready to gag and scream. I slid my hand down her back and
bent a little, lifting her shirt and sticking my fingers into the back of her

Lexa let out a groan and pulled off
my cock, stroking me as she collected her breathing. My fingers crept down
around her bare ass. I cut between her cheeks and pressed, making her cry out
and jump. My middle finger slid along her tight, forbidden hole and slipped
right down to her wet, silky pussy.


she whispered as I
sank the tip of my finger into her sweet hole.

I quickly pulled my finger out and
left a trail of her own wetness up her ass and back as I took my hand from her

up here,

I growled and
Lexa listened.

Before I could say another word,
she stepped from the bed, her hand wrapped tight around my cock, pushing me
back a couple inches. She then let me go and hurried to strip herself.

I had to give it to her, she knew
her shit. She knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

I wasn

t in the mood for any foreplay bullshit, taking one
piece of clothing off at at time. Face it, I didn

have the time for that in my life. I had time to fight and fuck.

Lexa had herself standing in
nothing but a bra. I touched her shoulders and trailed down her arms. Such soft
skin. She shivered and bit her lip. I could smell the wild desire pouring from
her body.


t know the half,

I whispered.

But if this is what you want,
tonight, then fine.

My hands touched her waist and I
pulled at her. I brought her close and bent my knees, my cock sliding between
her legs. I felt her wetness running along the top of my shaft. One hand moved
up her back and I unsnapped her bra. It fell forward and Lexa hurried to let it
fall to the floor. Her tits were nice, a little smaller than my hands, her bra
and shirt making them look a little bigger than they actually were. Her nipples
were big and round, hard, looking delicious.

My hand stopped at the small of her
back, my other cupping her ass. I lifted her up and walked the three steps to
the bed. I put my knees to the bed and put her down on it. My mouth then came
down and easily engulfed her left breast. When I did it, Lexa cried out. She
clawed at the back of my head. Her hips thrust at me, her other hand grabbing
at the sheets.


she groaned.


I rolled her nipple between my
teeth, bringing her to another scream. I closed my mouth and pulled back,
letting her breast go with a wet suckling sound. Lexa looked at me, blue eyes
wide, her mouth hanging opening.


t get it,

she said.

How good it feels.

sweetheart, I fucking know,

I said.


m the one tasting it all

I brought my mouth down to her
other breast and repeated the same thing. Tasting her soft, warm skin. My
tongue swirling hard and fast around her nipple. I put my hand to her belly and
felt how fast she was breathing. I inched down to her soft mound and kept
going, my fingertips loving how wet she was. I found the hood of her clit and with
one little flick of my finger she was thrusting and groaning again.

Her hand slapped at my ass, nails
digging hard. I nibbled a little harder on her nipple, making her yell my name
again. She pulled, begging for my cock to be buried inside her.

This was the closest to teasing she

d ever get from me.

I pulled back on her breast and
looked down at her. Her breasts were glistening from my mouth. Her soft skin
red, nipples swollen from my aggressive mouth. I grinned and watched Lexa bite
at her lower lip again. I put my right hand to her hip and pressed, holding her
down to the bed. My other hand gently touched her cheek. Fuck me for being a
little weak in that moment, but the woman had some kind of meaning to me for that
moment -
and that moment only.
She was doing a fuck of a job at keeping
my mind at bay.

I thrust down at her body, finding
her eager hole and tearing her open. Nothing gentle about what I needed to do
to her. I sank deep and hard into her. Lexa shot forward, bending up, trying to
cry out but having no breath, it was nothing but dry gasps. I put my hand to
the back of her neck and held her as I kept thrusting. I wanted to be deeper -
deeper than any man had ever been or ever would be.

Lexa finally managed to gasp and
cry out. Her mouth then kissed my chest and then she fucking went to my nipple.
She tried biting at me, but I thrust hard at her again and she threw her head
back, crying out again.

 I eased her back down to the bed
and kept fucking her. One hand on her breast, the other still at her hip,
thrusting in and out of her. I pounded at her sweet and tender body, watching
the sight of my glistening cock sliding in and out of her.


I groaned, gritting my teeth.

Yeah, I was ready. I

d been ready from the second I
saw her on my motorcycle with one leg bent, trying to be seductive and cool.
But there was no room in my life for relationships. Not even hookups. Just
fucking and getting the fuck out of my room and life.

I came forward harder, my body
smacking against hers. Lexa made the entire thing crazier and she reached down
and clawed at my waist. Her other hand slid down her body and touched her
pussy. She pulled at herself, massaging her fingers against her clit as I
continued to fuck her. She started to arch her back with almost convulsions as
she shut her eyes and kept moaning.

I felt her start to come and had to
battle through it. That wild warm and tight feeling, pulsing on me, holding me,
wanting me to let myself go. Normally, I probably would have right then, but I
liked the sight before my eyes. I liked the way Lexa couldn

t decide what to do next.
Clawing at my ass, clawing at my stomach, sliding her finger harder against her
slick pussy, or just going old fashioned by taking two handfuls of the sheets
and arching her back.

When she arched her back, I made
what I knew would be my final move as my hands slid to the small of her back. I
held there and inched down until I had handfuls of her tight little ass. I
lifted her and kept her there for my taking, my enjoyment. I thrust hard, fast,
feeling my legs tighten and my cock thicken as it was really full. When I
finally did let go, I thrust deep and held there, hissing each time my cock
throbbed and spilled into her warm body. My thrusts were hard as I remained
deep. It was only when I was done that I pulled back at her, but I wasn

t completely finished just yet.
I kept going, kept fucking her. And she took it. Her back eased to the bed, her
hands finding comfort at my legs, holding there, pushing at me when I got too
deep inside her, everything slow and gentle.

I ended up grinning when I pulled
completely out of her. I stepped from the bed and grabbed my jeans, putting
them back on.

Lexa sat up in the bed and peered
over the edge.

Where are
my clothes?


I know how this works. You fuck me and then I leave. I get it. Trust me, I know
about all this shit.

My hands balled into fists as I
stood there. Lexa definitely had my interest. Something about her was very
intriguing. And it wasn

just her tight body, little tits, and sweet pussy. Just the way she was honest
and didn

t seem to have a
worry in the world.

I reached down and grabbed the
covers on the bed. I pulled them hard, forcing her to jump back or else she
would have ended up on her ass on the floor.

She was on the edge of the bed,
legs bent, together, trying to hide herself from me. Her knees covered her
breasts, but the sight of slit was just beautiful. Certain times in life I
wondered what it would be like to have a different job, a different path, a
different life. This was one of them.

Then again, it was just a woman. It
was just pussy. I had to keep that in mind. Pussy took down some of the biggest
and toughest guys I ever knew. Getting your mind fogged and fucked would end up
with you in prison or dead. Even though Devil Call MC controlled Brocke, we

t control everything.
Federal shit could come down on us

and hell, there was plenty of local shit that could take us down, too.

back on the fucking bed,


Lexa listened and kicked back.
Still fucking naked. Still giving me a show.

I threw the covers at her.

Get some sleep. You

re crashing here.


eyes went wide. I walked to the side of the bed and reached down and touched
her left breast. My finger played with her nipple for a few seconds and then I
touched her chin.


re not going to fall in love,

I said.


not going to do anything but fuck when I feel like it. You

re not going to live here. You

re not going to be a pain in my
ass. I

m not going to save
you when you fuck up. And when I tell you to get the fuck out, you leave. Got

Lexa swallowed hard. She then

Got it, Talon.

I curled my lip.

I turned and walked to the door. I
opened it and Layne stood there. He glanced over my shoulder at Lexa, eyebrow


he said.

should talk,

I said.

You know what you smell like?

Layne laughed.

We have to talk, man. In
private. It



s serious.

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