BEFORE THE PATCH – book one (A Devil Call MC Book) (2 page)

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Layne called out.

What are you doing?

I looked back.


going to get a drink and find someone to fuck. I don

t want to go near the clubhouse right now.

I left the motel room and stepped over
the dead bodies - one hanging over the railing, the other halfway down the
steps, contorted - and walked to my ride. I fired up my motorcycle and was
gone. To do just as I said

drink and to fuck.






you have clothes?

I asked
Jasmine after I took the rope off her wrists.

She turned to her side, revealing
her big and fake breasts to me. She had both nipples pierced with loops,
something Nash said he

stick his fingers into and pull until she cried. That crazy shit I didn

t get. Fuck, I didn

t get anything right then. I
just had a shotgun to my neck and then had to tackle a naked dude into a wall.

on, Layne,



s just us. Nobody would ever
know. I can

t help but
wonder what your dick looks like. Big and furry, I bet. Like your body.

I curled my lip.

Get dressed. We have to go. I

m sure the police will be here


t come yet,

Jasmine said. She ran a hand
down to her breast and squeezed. Her hand then started to keep going, down her
curvy body.

I hurried and grabbed her wrist and
pulled it away from her body. Her nails were long -
- and painted a
dark red. She made a grab for my jeans and I jumped back.


s wrong?

she asked.

into guys? That

s okay if
you are. You can fuck my ass. I can still come


I said, trying to
keep cool.

I was getting a little pissed that
Talon had taken off. But I got it. I knew what he was thinking. Fuck, I was
thinking the same thing. Nash sending us out on something like this was
bullshit. Not what we were meant to be for the club.

Right now, I had to focus on
getting Jasmine dressed and back to Nash.


she said and sat up on the bed.
She kept her legs open and put her palms to the bed.

Just let me see it. Touch it. Lick it.

a chance,

I said.


t you like what you see?

course I do,

I said.


re pretty, Jasmine. But you

re Nash

old lady.


s our secret.

have no secrets.

Jasmine sat there for another few
seconds, an eyebrow raised.

Nash had found her and
saved her
from a life of stripping, which wasn

much saving at all. She had a wild body for stripping and probably made a
killing at it. Plus, she probably made a ton more by fucking the richest
clientele that came in. But she liked the protection from Nash and Devil Call
MC. Even if she couldn

keep her legs shut.

me my thong, Layne,

said with a grin.

I hooked my finger around the neon
green piece of string and threw it at her. She caught it, stood, turned around,
and then stepped into it. I don

how the fuck she wore something like that, considering it covered next to
nothing. She then walked toward me and I hurried out of the way. She gathered
the rest of her clothing and dressed slowly, seductively, maybe hoping I

d break down and just throw her
to the bed and have my way with her. Yeah, the thought was temping, but it wasn

t going to happen. I had too
much respect for myself, for Jasmine, and maybe even Nash. I didn

t know what to make of him
anymore. He was the guy who brought Talon and I into the club. He did it
because we were tough and had no fear.

But this

tracking down his old lady

When Jasmine was dressed, I grabbed
her by the arm.

She let out a purring sound.

I like it rough.

I ignored her and we finally left
the fucking motel. The scene was bloody and it would be a hell of a mess to
clean up and cover up, but it wasn

my problem.

Jasmine climbed onto the back of my
ride and slid her hands around my waist. That

when I realized it was going to be an interesting ride to the clubhouse. Her
fingers played with my leather cut, my shirt, and teased down to my dick. At
one point, she cupped my dick and squeezed as I was trying to focus on the

I managed to get back to the
clubhouse without getting too hard.

I pulled into the lot, rode right
up to the door, and stopped. I got off the motorcycle and grabbed Jasmine by
the elbow and pulled her.

still have time,


we don


I said.

I took her into the clubhouse and
Nash stood at the bar, a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was thick, not so
much with muscle, but fat. Six inches shorter than me, a full black beard, and
eyes that were damn near black and full of evil.

you go,

I said and offered
Jasmine back to Nash.

baby, where were you?


He knew the answer. He knew

Jasmine strutted slowly to him and
touched his beard.

I love
this, Nash. Go down on me, right now. Show everyone how good you are.

I cringed. Nobody needed to see
Nash and Jasmine together like that.


s go for a talk,

Nash said with his lip curled.

He grabbed Jasmine by the hair and
took her for a ride. I stepped forward, not really liking the situation, but I
held back against my own will. The rest of the clubhouse was alive and
bustling. And by that, I meant not just drinking, but the pool tables were
being used as places to enjoy the company of women. There were two women on the
pool table, knees bent, legs spread. Maxen was down on one of them with Buzzy
standing at the other, watching as she touched herself.

Just another day in the life of
Devil Call MC.

The entire place stunk of filth,
sex, and even drugs. Something about the place didn

t feel right anymore. We were on a cliff and we
were slipping

Nash took Jasmine into the room
where the guys met at the table. It was supposed to be for MC use and nothing

The first slap made me jump. Then
came a second, and a third. I rushed forward, needing to save Jasmine. Whether
she liked to get slapped around or not didn

fucking matter. This was bullshit.

I was an inch from the door when a
hand grabbed me.

I turned and saw Gabel eyeing me.







I heard another slap, followed by a
crying sound.


s in pain,

I said.


s his old lady,

Gabel said.

Back off, Layne.

I turned and faced him. I grabbed
Gabel by the shirt and pulled him close.


t ever tell me to back off. You
want to follow blindly?


I pushed Gabel away and then went
to the bar. A prospect hurried to get me a beer. And I sat there, waiting for the
door to open. To see what Nash had done to Jasmine. Like it actually mattered.
I was suddenly jealous of Talon. He was at a bar right now, drinking and
probably eyeing someone up to take for a ride for the night.

And here I was, caring about
something that didn

matter to me.

The door finally opened and Nash
came out, wiping blood off his lip.


I asked.

Nash slammed the door shut, but not
before I caught sight of Jasmine with her pants and neon green thong down to
her ankles, bent over the table, her ass red raw.


Nash said as he
slammed the door.

smack you?

I told her to. Gets me in the mood.

two are made for each other,

I said.

right. Now if I could get her to stop fucking other guys

you should introduce her to girls then,

I said with a grin.

could work double for you.

Nash bellowed a laugh and put an
arm around me.

Layne. You

re something.
Hey, where

s Talon?

for a drink.

him then,

Nash said.


t like what I asked, huh?

I shook my shoulder away.

Nash, it

s not our business

Nash made a fist and pounded the


s your business if I say so. Got


I said.

I hurried away from the bar and
went outside. I needed to take a breath and get the fuck out of the clubhouse.
There was nothing like hearing the wet sounds of Maxen slurping at some chick
and Buzzy groaning as he stroked himself to the sight of a woman playing with

Yeah, the MC had its wild moments
of complete debauchery. And why not? We were the muscle in Brocke. We were the
law, the power, the outlaws that kept the town alive. But all that seemed to be
more of a dream anymore.

As I finished my beer, Jagg came
walking up to me. He finished off a cigarette and threw the butt to the ground,
sending it bouncing and embers scattering.

hell in there,

I said.


Jagg said. He put a leg up on a
chair and ran a hand through his hair.

worse, Layne. Nash is out of his skull.

agree with that,

I said.

what do we do?

I looked at Jagg.

What the fuck are you talking

want to get whacked someday, Layne, trying to pull some guy

s cock out of Jasmine

s ass?

I didn

t respond. I didn

need to. Nobody wanted that job. That was prospect work. Not patched in guys.
Fuck, we should have been worrying about Los Ahn. They were pushing boundaries
again. Working against the border of Brocke. Fuck, all the drugs in the motel,
where did they come from?


s what I thought,

Jagg said.

what? You want to have a takeover?

that be the worst thing?

I laughed.

You need a table vote on that. And Nash isn

t going to give up the gavel.

someone has to make him.


I asked.

Like who?

Jagg grinned and put his foot back
on the ground and walked away.

Like who?

There was only one person that came
to mind. And, no, it wasn

me. Someone who could actually help the MC.







The beer was ice cold. It was
smooth. Two down, plenty to go. The chatter and murmurs of the people around me
were almost a comforting noise compared to what was going through my mind. When
I first got to the bar I had to run to the bathroom and wash some blood off my
hands and face.

All in the clear, I sat at the bar
and thought about Devil Call MC. From the first time I saw the guys barreling
down the road in leather cuts and mean looking faces, I had found my purpose.
My mother was dead from a suicide I didn

believe was her fault. I was out on the street because living at home with the
asshole she had married wasn

cutting it. Of all things, the asshole was a cop. Well, now a detective.

It was just me and Layne on the
street, surviving. That meant hustling people down for money, taking bets on
pool games and even fighting people for money. Slowly, we ended up getting
closer and closer to Devil Call MC until we were finally there. And we skipped
the whole prospect bullshit thing too, because we were meant to fight and we
were meant to wear the leather cuts.

It was all different then. There
was some kind of structure and purpose. Now, we all had no clue what the fuck
Nash was thinking, doing, or planning. Living each day to die was just how the
life was

but to live to
die because of Nash was not a way to live. I couldn

t take a bullet for him. Because of him. And since
he was the President of Devil Call MC, that presented a major fucking problem
for me.

If I didn

t respect him, then he didn

t deserve the patch.

The problem was that there were a
lot of other guys in the MC besides me. Plenty of them I wasn

t sure about, to be honest,
because they seemed to love the life more than they appreciated what the life
gave back.

I finished another beer and another
was waiting for me right away. I knew Johnny - the bartender - from years ago
when I broke into the bar and stole a six pack of beer for me and Layne. We
were young, stupid, and the assholes who looked right at the security camera
while robbing the place. Johnny looked at the tapes and knew who we were. He
tracked us down and made Layne and me work three shifts to pay for the broken
lock and the six pack of beer.

Goddamn, he was a cool guy.

But I wasn

t at the bar to reminisce. I was pissed the fuck
off. I couldn

t believe
that I had blood on my hands for something like Nash and his fucking old lady. Jasmine
would never stop fucking more cock than her pussy could handle

and Nash would never stop
chasing the whore down. But to put me and Layne right in the line of fire like
that, that was wrong.


s another,

Johnny said.


I asked.


just got one.

from me, Talon. Down the end of the bar.

I turned my head and saw a little
blondie looking right at me. She smiled and I could see her blue eyes burning
from the distance. I grabbed the bottle of beer and pushed it back toward

it back,

I said.

She doesn

t know what she


paid for it,

Johnny said.

drink it.

Johnny took the beer and put it
down under the bar. He knew by the look in my eye it was best to just back away
a little and give me space. At the same time, if I got too rowdy, Johnny kept a
wooden bat under the bar, complete with plenty of blood stains, and he wasn

t afraid to swing it.

I looked down at the blondie and
just shook my head.

She really had no fucking clue.
Nobody did. Unless you were in the MC you didn

get it. Yeah, part of me was out looking for something to take back to the
clubhouse and fuck, but I didn

need the flirty bullshit stuff like buying a beer and smiling.

That didn

t fly with me.

I set my eyes forward again, trying
to get lost back in thought. Los Ahn had been pushing hard lately. Drug arrests
were through the roof. Street violence was kept on the west side of Brocke, but
it was getting bad. And I feared some of the cops were on the take from Los Ahn
and other clubs or drug pushers. Which was scary. If Devil Call MC lost the
police and lost the power, we were fucked. We

just be a bunch of guys wearing leather cuts, trying to look cool.

I hadn

t given a shit about looking cool since I was seven
and my mother refused to buy me some really cool light up shoes. She said we
were broke and I had to wear the same shoes from the year before. My toes were
curled when I wore them because my feet outgrew them. That

s where the fire seemed to
start. The desire to be free. To be truly fucking free.

A hand touched my shoulder.

I turned around and there she was.
The blondie, standing there with a pissed off looking face.


I asked.


trust me

came to give you something,

she said.


I asked.


re a dick.

have a dick.

She smirked and leaned in. Her lips
were right at my ear.

it to me then.

I felt something touch my hand and
when blondie pulled away I looked down and saw a pair of red panties in my hand.

I looked at blondie and raised my

I don

t wear these.


she said.

Well, I did. Just took them off
for you.

just took them off?


t believe me? Want to
smell them?

I laughed. The chick was raunchy.
Really pretty, too. She was short, bold, her breasts pressing against her
shirt, jeans that hugged all the rights curves.


I said.


take good care of these.

I started to turn back around and
blondie grabbed my shoulder. She leaned in again and said,

My name is Lexa. Just so you
know it. Because I know your name is Talon. I hate commitments. I hate
relationship. I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. I just like being
free. Like you. And I

like you inside me.

I laughed again. I looked over my
shoulder and watched as Lexa was walking away. She cut through the crowd and
went for a door that read

When I faced the bar again, Johnny
stood there, a dirty rag over his shoulder. His hands gripped the bar and his
face and eyes looked weary. Probably as weary as I looked.

know that one?

I asked.


Johnny said.

Friend of a friend thing. Her
old man was done in a couple years back by some of your old friends.


of the other clubs.

was her father?

a good man. Nothing good ever came of her poor life. But she

s the most free woman I

ve ever met.


s bold, Johnny. I

ll give her that much.

owes me two hundred bucks for drinks.

giving too much trust, huh?

Johnny grinned.

I should have beaten you and Layne

s heads in with my bat when I
found you two. You started this.

I stood from the bar and dug in my
pocket. I threw plenty of cash on the bar.

covers me and her, right?

Johnny put a hand on the cash.

Not a problem, Talon. Be safe
out there.

That was something Johnny always
fucking said.
Be safe out there.

I left the bar, feeling a little
regret of not messing around with Lexa a little more. But that was fine. Life
moved on. She was better off finding someone else to fuck around with.

I turned the corner of the bar and
saw someone standing



on my fucking ride. Sitting in the wrong
direction, one leg up, relaxing on my motorcycle.

As I got closer, I saw that it was
none other than Lexa. She was smoking a cigarette, finishing it off and
throwing it to the ground. I reached back and grabbed my handgun. I pulled it
out and stood there, the gun at my side.


s not a fucking joke,

I said.

Who I am. What I do. You better understand that
right now.

Lexa sat up on the motorcycle. She
slid her hands along the seat. I couldn

help but notice that her legs were spread wide open.


she said.


not that far from your lifestyle either, Talon.

how do you know my name? And what the fuck do you want?

in this town knows your name,

Lexa said.

And I already
told you what I want. Your dick.

I still had her fucking panties
with me, tucked in my back pocket. I took out the red panties and threw them at

Take these and go
home. Or go back inside and try your trick on someone else.

I walked toward my ride, hell bent
on getting this chick off of it and out of here. But as I approached, she swung
her leg over the motorcycle and stood up, facing me. I towered over her, but
she showed not an ounce of fear.

We were just inches apart. Part of
me wanted to grab her and plant a kiss on her lips and send her packing. That
maybe would have been the right thing to do.

As I debated, the sound of a
shotgun rang out just feet away from me.

My arms were quickly around Lexa

s body as I looked back, trying
to figure out what was happening. I heard people screaming and it seemed like
the entire bar was ready to explode.


I growled. I looked at Lexa.

Get on my ride and don

t fucking move.

I turned and she grabbed my wrist.

What are you doing? Did you hear


s what I

m trying to tell you, sweetheart. Other guys in
leather cuts run away and ride away, scared. I go into the fire. I like to get

I ran toward the bar, gun ready. I
realized I was still holding Lexa

panties so I finally dropped them to the ground. The backdoor to the bar flew
open and Johnny came charging out, his bat in hand.


I yelled.

out of here!

he bellowed,
pointing the bat at me like a really big and swollen finger.


re looking for you!



t know. Black cuts.
Dark hair. Dark faces. Dark everything. Warning shot, Talon. They

re looking


I yelled.

I turned around and saw Lexa on the
back of my ride still. Just like I had told her to do. She actually fucking
listened to me. And now I had to take her with me. I couldn

t just leave her in harm

s way, right?

Fuck it, I could have left her in

s way, but I didn

t want to. She

d given me her panties and
begged for my cock. If she wanted to spend a night with a real biker and a real
man, then so be it.

First, we just had to get out of
this fucking place alive.

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