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Bertie Ahern: The Man Who Blew the Boom: Power & Money (51 page)

BOOK: Bertie Ahern: The Man Who Blew the Boom: Power & Money
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About the Author

Colm Keena is public affairs correspondent with the
Irish Times
. He broke the story about the Mahon Tribunal’s inquiry into Bertie Ahern’s finances. His refusal to disclose his sources for that story to the tribunal was later vindicated in a ruling of the Supreme Court.

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Table of Contents



Part One: 2006

Chapter 1: Scoop
Chapter 2: A Political Reporter’s Diary

Part Two: Evidence

Chapter 3: St Luke’s
Chapter 4: Loot
Chapter 5: The Bookkeeper’s Books

Part Three: Power

Chapter 6: Deputy
Chapter 7: Minister
Chapter 8: Taoiseach, 1997–2002
Chapter 9: Taoiseach, 2002–8
Chapter 10: The Real Bertie Ahern

Part Four: Economy

Chapter 11: Despair
Chapter 12: Opportunity Knocks
Chapter 13: Partnership
Chapter 14: Competition
Chapter 15: What Governments Can Do
Chapter 16: Boil and Bubble
Chapter 17: Ahern, Europe and Monetary Union





About the Author


About the Publisher

BOOK: Bertie Ahern: The Man Who Blew the Boom: Power & Money
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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