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I frown as my mind deciphers the foreign
language Mason is speaking.  He stands before me in his work attire appearing
all smooth and sexy his tie loosened at the neck.

‘What do you mean you can’t do it?’ I
whisper as a knife pierces through my heart shattering it into a million

‘I love you Maddie I really do but… I
just don’t feel that the time is right for us just now’ he has the courtesy to
stammer slightly at his own words.

‘The time…..’ I absorb the words willing
my sluggish mind to comprehend the statement enabling me to respond

‘Sit down Maddie’ he sighs as he directs
me to the distressed whitewashed wooden kitchen chair pushed neatly under the tiny
square table leaning against the wall of my small but organized kitchen.  I
drop down into the seat my insides churning at his words.

‘The wedding’ I mutter.

‘I am sorry I really am but isn’t it
better to conclude this now rather than a year down the line and suffer all
that division of belongings and lives?’ he resonates as if he is being
extremely practical in his thought process, as if he is performing some huge
favor in breaking my heart!

‘No!’ I shock loudly.

‘Maddie’ he runs a hand over his blonde
floppy hair in what I can only assume is frustration.

‘No, don’t Maddie me’ I stand my lip
wobbling as I regard this handsome man before me, he is my world, my life.  We
have made plans.

‘Calm down’ he holds his hands up in that
way that infuriates me as if he is a teacher dominating an obstinate child.

‘No I fucking well won’t calm down’ I
speak quietly ‘we have a hundred people attending a wedding at the weekend,
what the fuck do you mean not the time?’ I fume.

‘I can take care of all that’ his face
sets into his business mask as if he has prepared all the solutions to any
issues that are going to stem from all this drama.

‘Why?’ I plop back down into the chair as
I feel bile rise in my throat and I swallow slowly, ‘what happened?’

‘Nothing happened.  I am not ready to
marry and settle down there are places I want to discover things I aspire to’

‘Things you cannot do whilst married?’ I
take a deep breathe in to lessen the nausea that is threatening.

‘Yes’ he regards me through his stubborn,
gorgeous blue eyes.

‘There is someone else’ I accuse realization

‘No!’ he replies automatically but I
sense a flicker of panic within his glance.

‘Tell me Mason, did you feel that the
time wasn’t right for us this morning when you were fucking me?’ I mutter
laughing in disbelief.

‘Yeah, that shouldn’t have happened’ he
becomes fidgety obviously embarrassed by his actions.

‘What’s her name?’ I stutter.

‘Maddie’ he warns.

‘Do I know her?’ I continue as I sense
the anger waving over me as the shock subsides.

‘There isn’t….’

‘Bullshit!’ I scoff ‘I know you Mason
there is someone else.  Tell me is she aware you are still fucking me?’

‘I am not doing this’ he turns and picks
up his keys.

‘Hold on’ I stand on my wobbly legs and
move up close to his front ‘leave your key!’ I demand.


‘Leave your key!’ I repeat, ‘this is my
flat and you are no longer welcome’

His eyes bore into mine and even now I
cannot prevent the flip of my insides at the intensity of his gaze.  I love
him, I have never desired another since the day we met.

My memory briefly revisits that day four
years prior in a coffee shop that I was employed by to gain the experience to
enable me to purchase my own but two years later. Every day for two weeks he
arrived and ordered the same Latte and a bagel flirting outrageously before
asking me out on a date. It was his eyes even then that captured and seduced me
I was mesmerized from day one.

‘I need to collect my belongings’ his
lips are tight across his teeth.

‘Then take them now’ I encourage,
‘because believe me you will never return into this flat or my life ever again’
I assure him my voice cold and unbelievably strong.

‘Now you are being dramatic’ he tosses
the door key onto the kitchen counter.

‘Are you kidding me Mason’ I whisper
shocked by his flippancy ‘you are breaking my heart and cancelling our wedding
four days before the ceremony and you feel I am being dramatic’ I dash at the
tears that are now cascading freely down my cheeks.

Ignoring my distressed state he moves
silently around me and enters the bedroom where he seizes a holdall from the
bottom of his wardrobe and begins to fill it with his belongings.  I retrieve
one of the new cases that I had recently purchased for our honeymoon from the
hall cupboard and heave it onto the bed.  I am hiccupping as the tears continue
and I numbly begin to fling everything that he owns into it.  Alarm clock,
cuff-link box, shaving mirror…

‘I don’t need all that’ he scolds but I
ignore him my insides dying as the comprehension of the situation hits.

When it is done I pull at the Tiffany
platinum solitaire diamond ring on my finger easing it over my knuckle.  A sob
escapes as I toss it over towards him and it hits the side of his head.

‘What the fuck?’ he turns his face
shocked by my behavior.

‘Give her that’ I cuff the tears blinding
me, ‘she must be used to sloppy seconds by now’

He bends and collects the shiny ring from
the swirly red rug at the bottom of the bed which as my eyes touch it I notice requires
dry cleaning.

‘I must say I thought you would be a bit
more mature about all this Maddie’ he whispers as he drops the ring into his
suit pocket.

‘Shows how little you know me then Mason’
I return ‘my life has fallen apart and yet you calmly fold your clothes into
the case as though you are going on vacation’

He stills for a moment and sighs his eyes
moving to mine, ‘I really am sorry Maddie you deserve better’

I scoff, ‘no fucking kidding Einstein’ I
mock, ‘you were the one that begged me to get married. I was happy how we were’
I remind him, ‘how can you treat me this way?’ I shake my head in incredulity
of the way the day has panned out.

‘I will take care of cancelling all the
arrangements’ he assures me as he lifts the case placing the holdall on the top
and turns to me. ‘I really am sorry’

‘Not as sorry as I’ I stand aside
stubbornly gesturing for him to pass by me.

‘I will call…’ he opens the front door.

‘Don’t bother I never want to see or hear
from you again’ I slam the door behind him as I sink to the floor before I


Chapter One

The sun is blazing down on our puny white
English bodies.

‘Oh my’ Courtney calls ‘that is hot’

‘Hmmm glorious’ I sigh absorbing the
rays.  Boy do I need this I think as I push my sunglasses up onto my head and
sit up to oil myself once against the Caribbean sun above.

‘You are way too skinny’ Courtney reminds
me as she flips sideways to regard me.

‘I am never going to be voluptuous like
you’ I assure her my eyes moving over her curvy body. 

Courtney and I have been friends since
school, there was a period where our lives took opposite directions when we attended
different colleges but we reconnected early on in our twenties and have been
inseparable ever since. 

We couldn’t be more diverse in appearance
her blonde fluffy hair and blue eyes along with her Marilyn Monroe body to my
dark hair and brown eyes with my slim boyish figure only forgiven by my full

‘You are even losing your boobs’ Courtney

‘No they are still there’ I assure her as
I drop my eyes to my red bikini top which holds my, although not huge rather
rounded breasts in comparison to the rest of my body. I gesture to the waiter,
‘you want a drink?’ I test.

‘A bit early isn’t it?’ Courtney checks
on her mobile phone beside her the time and relents, ‘ok I guess, but I do want
to actually remember some of this holiday Maddison’

I simply wave her comment away and order
two frozen margarita’s before twisting onto my front.


Brad Thompson watches from the opposite
side of the pool as the stunning slim girl in the red bikini glides her hand
over her body leaving an oily residue and he feels a tightening in his groin. 
She is a sullen creature but thoroughly gorgeous. He had observed her and her
friend arrive last night whilst he was indulging in a nightcap at the bar in
the foyer and perceived how dejected she appeared.  He likened her eyes to a
Labrador puppy sad but beautiful, she disregarded her surroundings as if she was
alone in a bubble of despair.

Brad would love to capture that striking
yet haunted face on film but most of all he was intrigued as to how it would
transform if she was amused or happy.  Or even better in the throes of passion
her head thrown back and her pink lips humming as he pleasured her.  Shit! He
turned over on to his stomach and groaned inwardly he needed to get laid.

He glances at his watch a short time later
and decides to enter the pool for a swim before he is needed on the beach for
the photo-shoot.  Brad arrived only yesterday for a week of work for the new
travel brochures before extending his stay for an extra week for a much needed vacation.

His toned arms glide through the water as
he swims laps of the pool the water refreshing him from the hot Caribbean sun. 
He loved Antigua he found it the ideal place to recharge his batteries and
enjoy some alone time.  Although he lived alone in London he never seemed to
find time for himself so welcomed the tranquility of the small island. 

The chain of adult-only, fully inclusive,
luxury five star hotels commissioned him annually to update the brochures of
various locations including Jamaica, St Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas & St
Kitts.  The majority of the islands held several hotels but Antigua had but one
and it was his favorite by far.

He stopped at one end of the pool and rested
his head back against the ledge as he regained his breath and allowed the sun
to warm his face.

‘Oops, I’m sorry!’ a small, polite voice
spluttered as a head appears against his legs which were floating on top of the

‘No problem’ he murmurs amused at the
sight before him, the red bikini girl had been swimming with her head down and
collided against him.  She was treading water rubbing the water out of her eyes
as her hair partially covered her face.  ‘You ok there?’ he guided her hand
towards the ledge which she grasped dipping down to re-emerge with her face up
allowing her dark hair to flow behind her.

‘Yes’ she utters turning to me yet again
no smile present ‘thank you’

‘That’s ok’ I encourage smiling but she
merely swims over to the nearby steps without her huge Bambi-like eyes reaching
mine and climbs out her petite body dripping as she twists the excess water out
of her long locks before locating her sunbed once again.  I observe as she
retrieves a pink fluffy towel from the bed and dabs it through her hair
absorbing the drips.  She then runs it along her long but tiny shaped legs and across
her washboard stomach up to her delightful full, pert breasts. 

She intrigues me, my eyes remain on her mesmerized
by her actions as she sits rubbing the towel through her hair oblivious to my
gaze.  I transfer my eyes to her friend who is witnessing my interest and
smiles as my eyes meet hers, I smile slightly embarrassed to be caught ogling
before returning to my sunbed and gather my belongings.


‘That guy is
checking you out’ Courtney notes quietly.

BOOK: Betrayal
3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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