Blake, Abby - Soldier [Altered Destinies 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Blake, Abby - Soldier [Altered Destinies 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Altered Destinies 5


Jenna is a soldier. From an early age, she's been told to try harder, work longer, and be stronger, so she can't explain the emotion that draws her to the operating theater where her twin girls died during an emergency Caesarean. But an overheard conversation leads her to believe that her girls are actually alive. She knows she has to find them.


Zane and Rick are special agents for the government. They've been assigned to watch Jason's old apartment just in case Jenna returns. When Jenna actually turns up, she's suffering several bullet wounds. Desperately, they work to save her, unable to explain the instant emotional connection.


When she finally recovers and Zane and Rick are tasked to protect her and her girls, can they convince a woman who has never known love that they want more than just a little fun?


Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
24,698 words


Altered Destinies 5

Abby Blake


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For Rusty


Altered Destinies 5


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Jenna eased around the corner and into the stairwell, her movements silent and her focus intent. Careful to shield her presence from other telepaths and empaths in the building, she slowly made her way to the medical wing of the facility.

She hadn’t been here for a very long time, not since she’d been rushed in for an emergency caesarean and woken hours later to learn her babies hadn’t survived. Jenna wasn’t sure why she needed to be here tonight. She just knew that something drew her here. Something called to her in a way nothing else had in seven long years.

Maybe she was finally coming to terms with losing her twin girls.

She listened intently, concentrating on searching the area with her mind as well as her eyes. Many people in this facility, including her, were able to shield their emotions. Long considered impossible, Jenna had developed the talent soon after being injected with a routine vitamin shot the Professor had designed. He’d seemed inordinately pleased that she’d developed the talent, and Jenna had often wondered just what the vitamin shot had really contained. The Professor had seemed far too smug for the addition to her skills to have been an accident.

After making sure that she was alone, Jenna stood beside the operating table, staring down at the place where she had last felt happy. She’d spent the last seven years training and honing her skills, but despite her achievements, she’d felt hollow inside. The only time she’d even felt alive had been when she’d tracked down her brother Jason. Stupid moron thought he could switch sides in this war. And that’s what it was—a war—the next generation of human evolution fighting to bring peace to a world gone mad.

At least with an advanced human in charge, things would be better for everyone. Heaven knew the disasters inferior species had wrought on this planet. The only hope for peace were the advanced humans being trained right here in this facility and others like it all over the world.

But tonight Jenna grieved for a future lost, for the children she’d never met and, even with her advanced telepathic skills, had barely known. Tears misted her eyes, and for a moment, the soldier within growled disgust at her weakness, but a noise down the hallway froze all thoughts.

“I don’t care what you have to do.” The Professor’s voice was angry, very angry. “Find the twins and bring them back.”


“Kara and Hailey are the most advanced children we’ve managed to breed. We already know their potential. They are more valuable than you could ever understand.”

“What about Dana’s child? Should we continue the search for her?”

“No,” the old man growled. “They have proven too resourceful. We jeopardize everything we’ve worked for if we continue to clash with the government unnecessarily.”

Jenna held her breath as the men passed by the operating theatre without coming through the door. Her mind raced with questions. The twins? They couldn’t be her girls. They’d died at birth. Surely, the Professor wouldn’t have lied about something so important. She shook her head sharply as doubts crowded her mind. She hadn’t trusted the old man in a very long time.

She spun on her heel, her gaze bouncing around the room until she found the computer she sought. Sparing but a moment to consider the consequences if she was caught, Jenna booted up the computer and set to work hacking into her own medical files.

Chapter One

Zane shifted in his seat, the cool leather and soft cushion seeming neither cool nor soft after four hours of surveillance. He sensed the same discomfort and impatience in his partner.

“How long do they expect us to sit here waiting for something to happen?” Rick growled as he also shifted in the cramped space of the car.

“Until the boss decides otherwise,” Zane answered tiredly. Normally he enjoyed rattling Rick’s long-fused temper, but today his own seemed so close to breaking that they might end up in more than their usual good-natured argument. Zane flexed his fists at the thought of swinging just a few punches at his partner and best friend. He was sure Rick would enjoy the release of steam as much as he would, but they had a job to do, and explaining to the boss that they missed their target because they were busy pounding each other into the ground was not high on his list of things to do in this lifetime.

BOOK: Blake, Abby - Soldier [Altered Destinies 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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