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Extending the bottle in her direction, our eyes locked in a rock solid stare. She tipped her head back and took a long slow swig without taking her eyes off of me. I pushed up the center console armrest to make the front seat a bench and slid over next to her. I watched her lick her plump lips with the tongue I had designs on. That tongue was mine. It would taste like Jack Daniels. I wanted it in my mouth. I moved closer. My face was inches from her lips. I smelled the heavy scent of her cheap perfume. She lowered the bottle from her lips, leaving her mouth open, inviting, still gazing into my eyes. Her wide brown eyes didn’t seem to notice the blood stained gash on my face. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, wetting her lower lip. My cock twitched in response.

She stared at me with those eyes and said, “Hey, wanna fuck?”

Oh yeah, game on.

Sliding my hand around the back of her neck, I filled my fist with her long loose hair and pulled those wet lips onto my mouth, firm and hard. Full lips filled me, with the flavor of Jack and her fruity cranberry drink, which I sucked off her teasing tongue. I shoved my other hand up under her loose top searching for the warmth of those perky tits I had envisioned earlier. She pawed and scratched at my chest, pulling and tugging at my T-shirt. She shoved her hand in my crotch as she swirled her tongue deep in my mouth. My cock raged hard and ready, her hand squeezed at it through my thick jeans.
Oh yeah, baby.
I needed more of that, but without the jeans. I sucked her plump lower lip and drew it between my teeth, as I pulled back to readjust my position to get down and dirty with this chick.

She crawled up on my lap, spreading her legs to straddle me. I slid under her and shoved her top up with one hand, pushing her tit up with the other. Her long hair fell around me as she leaned in to smash her mouth onto mine, panting, rocking and grinding on my lap. I tore at her bra, pushing and pulling the fabric, reaching with my mouth to find a dark circled nipple.
Damn, she’s hot.
Her wrenching and grinding moves were making me harder.
The firm nub of her nipple rewarded my tongue and I sucked and flicked across it. Her hands couldn’t find my hard cock fast enough, as she tore open my belt buckle. I was unzipped in a flash. Heavy breathing filled the cab of the truck with hot vapors. She ripped open my jeans and grabbed my cock, wrapping her warm, small hand around it. Grabbing her face with both of my hands, I shoved her head down to it. She went willingly. I threw my head back, and sucked in a quick breath as those hot wet lips closed around my cock.
That’s a girl.

“Suck it, baby,” I whispered. I held her; my hands tangled in all that blonde hair, and watched her head bob up and down on my dick.

I heard a noise.

Jesus fucking Christ. Who the fuck would ruin a good blow job?

Someone was crashing my party here in the cab of my truck with Little Lu Lu.

! I opened my eyes to the awareness of a large, angry looking dude swarming my truck. Beast Master of the Universe had realized Cha Cha was missing and came out to find her. I was remiss in my duties as a gentleman and had forgotten to get her name. Ah, but now we were about to be introduced.

“Carrie. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

She screamed.

“Get the fuck out of that truck,” he yelled. His face screwed up in anger. “And you, dick head.
are a dead man!”

Damn, this dude was pissed.
Maybe Lucy, or Carrie,
his girl after all? I had her pegged for the town tramp.

“Fuck off, Brian. You don’t own me.”

“Get your ass out of that truck. I’m tired of you yanking me around every time we have a fight.”

Oh fuck, a lover’s quarrel and I’m the lucky asshole caught in the middle. His ugly face was screaming at my passenger door window. The door yanked open and in one swift pull, Beast Master snatched the girl. She squealed and wrenched, as he tore her slight body from the truck by her one arm.

“You asshole. Get your hands off of me,” she screamed.

“I can’t believe you were sucking this guy’s dick. You’re nothing but a fucking whore.”

The Beast was fuming and before I could intervene, he hammered her so hard she went flying into the ditch.

“Hey, what the fuck, dude. You don’t hit a lady like that,” I yelled as I stumbled out of the truck. Before I had a chance to throw a punch at the fucker, two guys grabbed both my arms.

Fuck! The Beast had brought back-up. This was not going to turn out well.

“Hallelujah. So you’re going to defend the
honor. How heroic. Only problem here is, she is no fucking lady. She is nothing but a stupid whore.”

Oh shit. Hairy Beast was a psycho lunatic. The arrow on the pain-o-meter in my brain arched to the “high level” mark when his two buddies pulled hard on my already sore arm, attached to my already sore shoulder. I think I may have squealed like a girl. Both brutes had a solid grip and stood me up in preparation to be a human punching bag for Beast Master number one. I figured my life was pretty much over now. No need to worry about racing motocross again. Now I could be a whiny bitch about not being able to
ever again.
Shit! What’ve I gotten myself into?

Chapter 2 – Lenny



“American woman, stay away from me...” blasted out in a high wailing chest voice. No one other than Lenny Kravitz could sing with such a, “in your face” style. He was oozing tone. I turned to my best friend Kat and gave her an approving nod. The entire crowd was on their feet, screaming and singing along to the lyrics of the legendary tune we all knew. A monumental smile spread across my face as we all bobbed up and down, hands up in the air, to the music at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. I was psyched to be here with Kat in Vegas. It was Spring break and after studying hard in the last semester of college at UCLA, I needed to blow off some steam before finals rolled around.

“This is so cool!” I shouted, trying to be heard above the music.

“I know!” Kat shouted back.

“Lenny is so passionate when he sings.” Lenny had the crowd dancing and singing along for the entire set.

“…hot. He’s so hot!” Kat shouted again.

“Yes, Lenny is hotter than hot. He is—“

Kat poked a sharp elbow in my side and leaned close so I could hear.

“Not Lenny. The guy over there…check him out. Cute and hot.”

“Where, where?” I craned my neck and stood on tippy toes. I don’t know why I paid for the seat. I hardly used it the entire concert.

“One row up and to the right.”

“Your big head is in my way. Get out of the way.” I laughed as I pushed down on her shoulders. I bobbed and ducked searching for an opening in the crowd and a clear view of this, supposedly hot guy.

“Don’t be so obvious. Act like you’re not looking.” She turned her back towards him while I peeked over her shoulder. The light show pulsed deep indigo blue, to the beat of Lenny’s next song, hampering my vision.

“See any cute friends with him? We need one for you and one for me,” Kat said. “Here, I know, take a sneaky pic of him.” She gave me her iPhone.

“Kat, no. I can’t. He’s gonna see us.” I was too embarrassed to try such a move, but this was right up Kat’s alley. “He’ll think we are stalkers.”

“No, he won’t. Who cares anyway? He’s cute!” Kat yelled. The sound of her voice battled against the loud music. She grabbed the phone out of my hand and held it high in the air to shoot over the heads of the people in front of us.

“Oh shit.” I reached up and pulled her arm down, as I saw “cute guy” turning in our direction. “He’s looking, he’s looking.” Kat and I grappled with her phone to keep it from falling to the floor. We both dropped into our seats laughing, as Lenny launched into a new song. The epitome of cool, he rocked the place for two hours. The climax of the concert came during an encore jam session when Lenny came down into the crowd, walking the entire perimeter of the arena, singing on a wireless microphone and hi-fiving screaming fans in the audience.

The concert ended, leaving us energized and wanting more.

“I wanna dance. Let’s hit the clubs.” Kat said, still pulsing to the imaginary beat in her head.

“Sure, we’re in Vegas baby. Let’s party.” We pushed our way out the exit doors and followed the flow of the crowd into a wide hallway that lead to the casino area. I was on the last leg of my life as a college student and although my dad had plans for my future, right now I just wanted to be spontaneous and live for the moment. The words of another one of Lenny’s hits churned in my mind. I wanted to “fly away” just as in the lyrics.

“Kat, it’s always such a blast hanging with you. Hey, you know what we should do?” I turned to her, walking sideways for a moment, as best I could in my strappy black high heels. “We should get an apartment together...this summer. You know, on our own, be free. I’m so fucking tired of living at my dad's house.”

“Niki, I’m shocked. You’re usually all, “I gotta be Miss Logical thinker.” That’s the best, crazy idea you’ve had in a long time,” she said, clicking along in her heels and swinging her small silver sequined purse by its chain strap.

“I know…right? Let’s frigging do it. I can’t wait. We should start looking for a place when we get back home.”

Kat stopped abruptly and with a serious face, grabbed hold of my arms. “Just promise me one thing…No PINK walls.” She burst out in laughter.

I shook my head laughing. “Okay, I promise. No pink walls, Miss Fancy Pants.”

The thought of moving out of dad’s house felt refreshing. No more hyper-focusing on the negative side of things. In the past, I let my anxiety sour my happiness, but things were looking up. Tonight, I shoved all worrisome thoughts aside, stronger and determined to make this time of my life a new beginning.

We cut through the casino floor, weaving our way between the slot machines with all their colorful lights and binging noise. In between the Blackjack tables, on a raised stage, a girl in black mesh tights danced seductively to the pulsing beat of a DJ. There’s always a party in Vegas.

Two young men in dark suits were handing out free passes to one of the clubs in the casino. Kat took the passes and handed me one. “Woo hoo. This looks like the place for us. The coupon says free
Jell-o shots.”

“ Jell-o shots, what are you…in high school?”

“I just want to have fun, Niki girl. Its Spring break and I don’t need an excuse to let loose.”

I rolled my eyes and followed her through the door, showing our ID to a very stern looking door attendant. Standing next to him was a handsome young guy, attaching red colored wrist bands to everyone’s wrist as they entered.

“Left wrist, please,” he said and showed a beautiful charming smile.

I positioned myself in front of him, my mouth hanging open, gaping at the dimples in his cheeks. I wondered if one of the Chippendale dancers had escaped from the show, as I stood mesmerized.

“Um, thank you, you can go in now,” he said, to get me to move it along. Kat shot me a glance and smiled coyly, giving me a little shove.
Oh no, she’s up to something.
I could practically see the gears turning in her head.

Kat was very alluring with her petite body and long blonde hair. She had the typical California girl look, was very social and a notorious flirt. I moved aside and she stepped up in front of Mr. Handsome, staring him in the eyes.

“Can I have your wrist?”

Without breaking her stare she said, “Which one? This one, or this one?”

She held each petite wrist up in front of him, still staring.

“Left please,” he said with a smile.

Kat held her left wrist up in front of her chest, while Mr. Handsome proceeded to do his job. As he fumbled to attach the paper wristband, she said, “Here, let me help you. Sometimes it helps to hold it up against something.”

She pulled her wrist into her breast, the guy still working on attaching it, until his hands were up against the bare skin of her cleavage. Slowly, she moved her wrist up and down taking his hands along for the ride. Without batting an eye, she said, “Thank you,” in a breathy voice. Flustered, Mr. Handsome exhaled a sigh of relief when I pulled at Kat’s arm to make her stop.

“Oh my God, Kat. Leave the poor guy alone.”

“What?” she squeaked in a high pitched voice, following me into the interior of the club. “I was just messing with him. Besides, he's’ my future husband. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

“I thought Adam Levine was your future husband.”

“Him too. The two of them will have to fight it out over me, but you need to loosen up, have some fun once in a while. I think college fried your brain, girl.”

BOOK: Breathless - Jesse Book 1
9.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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