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Alexandra James


Copyright © 2014 by Stormy Night Publications and Alexandra James





Copyright © 2014 by Stormy Night Publications and Alexandra James


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.


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James, Alexandra

Broadway Baby


Cover Design by Korey Mae Johnson

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This book is intended for
adults only
. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults.

Chapter One



“What the hell?” Rolling over in bed, thirty-three year old Shelby Bishop squinted as she made out the time on her clock. It was three twenty-three a.m. and the doorbell rang yet again.

Leaving the comfort of her bed and muttering about doormen who let anyone in, she made her way through the spacious apartment to look out the peep hole. “Damn.”

Opening the door, she shook her head as the three young stars of the newest Broadway musical she was starring in came into her apartment. “What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I wanted my mama,” the co-star of her show, up and coming nineteen-year-old Lily Prescott, drunkenly slurred.

“Guys, doesn’t her mother live in Manhattan?” Shelby asked as the girl moved from her friends and clung to her.

“She does, but she didn’t want to go there. Besides her mother is out of town again,” Steve, Lily’s onstage brother, explained as he ran his hand through his dark waves. “We tried, Shelby, honest. I didn’t even know she was drinking. You know she doesn’t normally drink because she wants to protect her voice,” he sighed.

“We offered to take her home once we got her away from a wanna be model with store bought tits,” Lily’s blonde stage sister, Cally, who had helped carry the petite star to Shelby’s door added as she looked at her shoes and then back to the woman that had become a mother figure to them all. “But she begged us to bring her here. I don’t know why. She just kept saying that you didn’t get to not be her mama. It was weird.”

“Pretend daughters,” Shelby rolled her eyes. “Thanks for making sure she was okay. I will talk to you all before the show on Tuesday. Go on home.”

“Thanks Shelby,” Steve finally relaxed. “Oh, and no worries about the model, she may have been buying the drinks, but Lily didn’t actually make out with her. We got to her first.”

Shelby nodded, closing and locking the door after the younger actors left. “Alright, Lily, time to get you into the shower and then into bed.”

“Don’t wanna shower,” Lily whined. “Want my mama.”

“Well you have me,” the older woman’s hazel eyes clouded as she helped the younger actress to her guest bathroom. Lily was barely four feet ten inches and it wouldn’t have taken much to get her drunk. Alcohol poisoning was a real danger in this case, and Shelby sighed knowing she’d have to be sure to get some water in her diminutive costar before putting her to bed.

Sitting the drunk teen on the toilet lid, Shelby turned the shower on and then helped her undress. Placing Lily into the shower, she smirked when the water hit Lily, causing her to start.

“What, the—” Lily grumbled, opening her eyes. Shelby grinned as she saw the realization dawn on Lily’s face that she was in the shower being watched by her co-star.

“Mama?” Lily asked, “How did I get here? The last thing I remember clearly was the tall redhead with the nice…”

“Still drunk, I see,” Shelby grumbled letting the barely warm spray rain down on Lily for a few minutes before she turned off the shower and then helped wrap the petite girl in a towel before moving her into her bedroom. She wanted to keep an eye on her and she figured she may as well try to get some rest while being close to Lily if the teen needed her in the night.

Pulling one of her t-shirts from the drawer, she pulled it over Lily’s head and figured that it would do as a nightshirt. She then brushed and braided Lily’s hair before tucking her into her large bed. Moving to her bathroom Shelby brought out two aspirin and a glass of water. “Take these, and drink this.”

“Okay, Mama.” Lily did as asked without complaint before falling back onto her pillow and closing her eyes.

Putting the glass in the bathroom, Shelby returned to her bed and crawled in. Looking at the clock again she sighed. Four seventeen a.m. Thankful that neither of them worked the rest of the weekend, Shelby got comfortable and fell back to sleep not even noticing when her stage daughter turned and snuggled up against her.


* * *


Feeling pressure on her chest, Shelby opened her eyes and looked down smiling slightly when she saw her young costar clinging to her in her sleep. Finally deciding she needed to answer the call from her bladder, she managed to escape Lily’s grasp and made her way to the bathroom.

Deciding she needed coffee, Shelby headed to the kitchen and wished that she could have slept past eight-thirty. Figuring she could always have a nap later, she was heading to lounge on the couch and wait for Lily to wake up when she noticed something on the floor by the front door.

Placing her coffee mug on the end table, she moved toward the door and picked up an envelope addressed to her. Recognizing Lily’s handwriting she returned to the couch and got comfortable tucking her feet under her. Taking another sip of her coffee she opened the envelope and removed the letter inside.


Dear Shelby/Mama,

I’m sitting here in my dressing room after our final number together and wishing that so much of the musical was true. I know it may seem strange to you, but I love that I get to play your fourteen year old daughter eight times a week.

When I’m on stage I can pretend that you really are my mama and even though I know it drives you nuts when I call you that off stage I can’t seem to help myself. I just wish it was true so badly sometimes and my mouth tends to speak before my brain catches up.

I guess what finally possessed me to put this all down on paper is the ad-libbing you did for the matinee today. In fact, Marvin told me that you’d be doing it from now on in every show. Yeah, that bit in the show when you turned me around and swatted me a few times. Marvin wanted to make sure I was okay with it since he thinks it was perfect for our characters. He couldn’t believe that a director such as himself didn’t already think of it.

Anyway, I told him it was fine with me if we did that at every performance. You didn’t really swat me too hard and for the first time in a very long time I felt like somebody cared about me. I know it was in the moment on stage, but I will look forward to that scene until the show’s run is over.

I know I’m rambling and this letter isn’t making much sense but I don’t know if I can put in a letter what I am truly needing or feeling like I need. I didn’t have much of a childhood. I’ve been working on stage since I was nine and my mom treated me more like a mini-adult than a kid. I guess it’s just nice to be a kid again with a mother who really cares about what I do, even if it is just in the context of a musical.

I think I’m going to go out tonight with some of the other ‘kids’ from the show and have a couple of drinks. It doesn’t take much to get me drunk and then maybe I’ll have the courage to give you this and ask you to talk.

Then again, it may just go into the garbage after I sober up. I don’t want to go home, my mother left on a trip again, and I really don’t want to be alone. I hope I can get Steve and Cally to bring me to your place.

Sorry if I’ve made you uncomfortable or just confused the crap out of you. Believe me, sometimes I’m scared and confused about what I’m feeling as well.

To hell with it, I’m going to stuff this in an envelope and burn it tonight. I can’t chance you changing how we work together. I don’t think I could stand it if you didn’t want to work with me anymore.




Staring at her now cold coffee, Shelby folded the letter and put it away. Letting her mind wander, she tried to decide what she wanted to do with the new found information. Of course she knew what Lily was talking about; age play. And that was interesting, for it was something that she was neither adverse to or a stranger to.

Shelby was a dominant woman by nature and when she had tried to add age play and spanking into some of her previous relationships (both male and female), it had never truly worked out. Maybe because she wanted to be in control twenty-four/seven, or maybe she’d just not found the right partner, but it seemed that Lily perhaps wanted the same thing. Yes, she wanted a mama, and maybe even more. Shelby knew that Lily tended to gravitate toward women in her personal life and wondered if she could make this work.

There was no doubt that she was attracted to the petite creature. Her mahogany locks framed her face and the smattering of freckles off set her deep brown eyes to a tee. And then there was her size. She was so petite it was easy to get caught up in the idea that she was a young teenager. It had been easy for her to play the fourteen year old because of her stature and because she looked as young and on some days even younger than fourteen in real life.

Putting the envelope on the table, Shelby made a decision. Slipping from the couch, she headed down the hall and into her bedroom. It was time to wake up Lily, and let her know just how upset Mama was with her antics the night before. But first, they had to have a very serious and grown up talk.


* * *


“Lily, wake up,” Shelby encouraged as she gently rubbed the teen’s back.

“Tired,” Lily muttered.

“I know, but you need to get up. Come on, time for more aspirin and water.” Seeing that Lily wasn’t moving Shelby shook her head. “Lily Anne Prescott, move now!”

Shelby took deep breaths as Lily groaned, pulled herself up, and accepted the aspirin and water with no more arguing. Shelby had been sure to use what Lily referred to as her “mom” voice. Lily had told her that voice was scary on a good day, and Shelby hoped it was even worse with a hangover.

“Do you have to yell?” Lily asked.

“I’m not yelling, young lady. Not yet anyway,” Shelby muttered under her breath.

“Why couldn’t I sleep? It’s not like we have to work today.” Lily’s whining made Shelby more determined than ever to address the teen’s letter and behavior.

“Because we need to talk,” Shelby said as she scooted on the bed and put her back against the headboard. Before she could say anything else, Lily had snuggled against her and made herself quite comfortable.

“Are you ready to talk?” Shelby asked when Lily’s head tilted upward from Shelby’s shoulder to look at her.

“I guess. What do we need to talk about?”

“How about the fact that you were brought here last night drunk?”

“So? Everybody drinks.”

“You know that isn’t true, Lily. Now, despite the fact that it’s not very good for your vocal cords, there is also the small detail that you are under age. You will not drink again, Lily. Not out in public and not to point of intoxication. Do you understand me?”

Seeing Lily only shrug, Shelby decided to ignore the quiet attitude and press a little harder. “We will finish our discussion about drinking later, Lily. However, right now I need to talk to you about a letter I found this morning.”

“A letter?” Lily squeaked.

“Yep, a letter. Anything you’d like to add to what I already read?” Shelby’s voice was encouraging but Lily shivered anyway.

“Do you think I’m weird or hate me?” Lily whispered.

“No, Lily.” Shelby moved so Lily was sitting up. Putting her thumb and finger on Lily’s chin Shelby held it firmly and looked into her face. “I do not think that you are weird, nor do I hate you. In fact, I admire the courage it took for you to write that letter to me. Now, before you say anything else, let me tell you a few things about me. Okay?”

“Okay.” Shelby released Lily’s chin and Lily immediately sought comfort from the older woman, leaning her head on Shelby’s shoulder once again.

“First, I know what age play is, Lily, and I’ve experienced it in former relationships. It doesn’t always work out the way you hope, but I’ve gotten more experienced, and I know this time will be different. As you know, I like to be in control, sweetie. And by that, I mean control twenty-four/seven. I can’t be in a relationship where I am not the dominant partner. I’m not going to lie to you, Lily. I am attracted to you, but I never thought you wanted anything from me other than our friendship.”

BOOK: Broadway Baby
4.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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