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“Thank you for wanting to help, Lily, but Mama gets the tub ready for your bath.”


“Because I don’t need you to use the whole bottle to make bubbles,” Shelby explained.

“But I wasn’t gonna use the whole bottle,” Lily protested as she flushed the toilet. “Just half.”

“That’s still too much, Lily.”

“But I like tons of bubbles.”

“And you will have a ton of bubbles,” Shelby promised. “Pick some toys for your bath and by the time you’re done you can get into the bath.”

“Okay.” Going to the basket of toys in the corner of the bathroom, Lily rooted through it, quickly and pulled out three of her favorite toys in addition to a large bath crayon. “I think I’ll use purple today, I feel it’s a purple kind of day.”

“Ready?” Shelby asked.


“In you go,” Shelby helped Lily into the tub handing her the toys and placing the bath crayon on the edge of the tub. “I’ll let you play for a bit, and then I’ll help get you washed.”

“Will you wash my hair, Mama?”

“Don’t I always?”

Lily nodded, “Yeah, but I had to check. You are getting old,” Lily teased again.

“You are such a scamp,” Shelby kissed the top of Lily’s head and sat down on the closed toilet lid, allowing Lily to play as she had promised.

Shelby watched as Lily seemed to lose herself completely into little Lily. The girl was singing to herself as she played with her toys and then began telling a story as she took the purple bath crayon and began to draw pictures to go along with the story on the wall.

“Do you like my pictures, Mama?”

“I love your pictures, baby.” Shelby kneeled on a folded towel on the floor and grabbed the nearby washcloth. Dipping it into the tub she once more thanked the inventors of three in one bodywash. Shelby slowly began to wash Lily’s back as gently as possible.

“Tell me about the cookies this morning, Lily.”

“I just felt like cookies, Mama.” Lily shrugged. “They make me feel better when I’m sad.”

“And you were feeling sad this morning?” Shelby pressed.

“Maybe just a little bit,” Lily admitted. “But not as sad as I was last night.”

“Can you tell me what made you so sad?” Shelby moved to wash Lily’s arms being sure to take her time and pay special attention to massaging her fingers.

“I’m glad you’re my Mama,” Lily replied skirting the question.

“And I’m glad you’re my baby girl, but you didn’t answer my question, Lily.”

“Do I hafta, Mama? I don’t like to think about it.”

“I think it would help if you talked to Mama about this,” Shelby pushed. “I’m safe, Lily and I will not get upset at anything you have to say.”

“You promise?” Lily whispered as Shelby began to wash Lily’s torso.

Putting her hand under Lily’s chin Shelby moved her face until they were staring into each other’s eyes. “I promise, baby. I will never get mad or upset with you when you have something important to tell me. I love you, Lily Anne Prescott, and there is nothing you can tell me that will change that.”

Looking into Lily’s eyes Shelby tried to convey the unconditional love she had for her. She was rewarded by four words, “I believe you, Mama.”

“Good,” Shelby returned as she continued to gently wash Lily. Putting the washcloth down she picked up a cup and began to wet Lily’s hair. “Tilt for Mama, baby girl.”

Closing her eyes as Shelby massaged her scalp, Lily spoke once more, “I was sad because Cora doesn’t love me the way I wish she did. Why doesn’t she love me like you do?”

Feeling her heart break into pieces, Shelby stood and took down the shower attachment. Turning the water back on, she gently rinsed Lily’s hair in the silence of the room. Finishing up she pulled the plug and watched as the water began to drain.

Picking up Lily’s favorite towel Shelby helped her from the tub and wrapped her in the towel before speaking again. “I don’t know why Cora doesn’t love you the way a mother should, Lily. I only know that she is missing out on one great kid and I am very lucky that you’re mine.”

“Really?” Dark eyes looked up into Shelby’s face with a look of disbelief.

“Really,” Shelby affirmed moving to pick Lily up and carry her the short distance to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed Shelby held Lily in her lap. “I love being your Mama, Lily. As much as I enjoy big girl Lily I feel so blessed that I also get to know little girl Lily.”

Lily placed her head on Shelby’s shoulder. “I’m glad I have both Shelby and Mama in my life,” she said softly. “I don’t think I’d feel complete without both of them.”

“I love you, Lily.”

“Love you too, Mama,” Lily yawned and then groaned. “I haven’t even been up for two hours, how can I be tired?”

Shelby laughed and kissed Lily on the temple, “I think that you are emotionally worn out, little girl. So it’s time for us to have our little chat about getting into the cookies before you take a morning nap.”

“Did you say cookies?” Lily’s face broke into a wide smile.

“I did,” Shelby picked up the long t-shirt on her bed and pulled it over Lily’s head.

“Mama, you forgot my panties and shorts.”

“You don’t need them yet, baby girl,” Shelby explained as she grabbed Lily’s arm and quickly pulled her over her lap. Taking a moment to appreciate the naked backside in front of her, she gently patted the girl’s bottom as she continued. “It’s time to have that chat about the cookies.”

“Aw Mama, no fair having a chat with my hiney,” Lily protested.

Pushing Lily’s t-shirt up to expose her bottom Shelby placed her hand on the now exposed orbs. “I think having a chat with your hiney is just what needs to happen, Lily. Do you know why?”

“‘Cause you have something against cookies for a breakfast snack?” Lily yelped when a sharp swat was brought to her bottom.

“I would watch that attitude in your position, Lily. Would you like to answer Mama the right way, please? Why am I having a chat with your hiney?”

“Because I was a little bit naughty.”

“And how were you naughty, Lily?” Shelby’s hand began to slowly pat Lily’s bottom.

“I got into the cookies even though I’m not supposed to climb for them or eat them unless you say it’s okay.”

A painful swat made Lily yelp once more, “You’re closer, but not quite there, Lily.” Shelby lowered her hand four more times to each cheek and rubbed the sting out of Lily’s bottom for a few seconds. “Try one more time.”

Lily sniffed and finally spoke, “I got into the cookies and that’s not allowed at all.”

“Good girl.” Shelby took a breath and spoke again. “I hope this conversation with your hiney helps you to remember not to get into the cookies anymore.” With that Shelby brought her hand down again in a steady rhythm.

Shelby watched as Lily’s bottom turned from white to light pink to dark pink as Lily began to wiggle and cry over her lap. “Mama please, I promise I’ll never take the cookies again.” Lily cried.

“I hope not,” Shelby respond adding four zingers to Lily’s sit spot, so named because her hands actually stung when she was finished giving them. Rubbing Lily’s bottom gently Shelby allowed her crying to lessen before pulling the t-shirt down to cover the now hot pink bottom in front of her.

Helping Lily up Shelby held her in her lap and rubbed Lily’s back as Lily leaned into her, “I love you, Mama.”

“I love you too, baby.” Shifting slightly Shelby helped Lily get comfortable in her bed. “I’ll be right back.”

Nodding sleepily, Lily accepted Albie and her pink pig when Shelby returned with a yawn. “Thank you, Mama.”

“You’re welcome, baby. Have a nice nap and I’ll see you when you wake up.”


* * *


Shelby was curled up on the couch nursing her third cup of coffee and studying a book proposal her agent had sent over when she heard the shuffling of feet. Looking up she smiled at the still sleepy-looking Lily.

“Feel better?”

Lily nodded and shuffled into the kitchen before re-emerging with a large mug of coffee. Placing it on the coffee table she sat next to Shelby and curled into her before bringing the mug to her lips. “Bliss.”

Shelby chuckled. “I’m glad it takes so little to make you happy.”

“Coffee is a wonderful thing, Shelby.”

“It is,” Shelby agreed.

“What are we going to do today?” Lily asked putting her mug back on the table and leaning once more into Shelby.

“I think we need to talk about a few things and I thought maybe we could do some other grown up things,” Shelby teased bending down and kissing Lily gently.

Eyes sparkling with mischief, Lily shifted and kissed Shelby deeply. Their tongues battled for dominance and only the need for air caused them to separate.

“Wow,” Shelby grinned. “You are very talented.”

“So are you,” Lily quipped. “So do you want to talk first or”—Lily moved to straddle Shelby’s lap and leaned down to put her mouth close to Shelby’s ear—“play first?”

Shelby captured Lily’s mouth with hers again and allowed her hands to wander under Lily’s t-shirt. Not surprised to find Lily hadn’t put on panties yet, Shelby cupped Lily’s bottom and pulled her even closer to her.

Shelby put her hands on the hem of Lily’s t-shirt and moved it upward. She only broke their kiss for a moment when she removed the shirt completely and tossed it on the floor. Looking up at the now naked perfection perched over her Shelby licked her lips, “Perfect.”

Her hands moved to Lily’s breasts and flicked the younger woman’s nipples. Moving so she could capture a nipple in her mouth, Shelby nipped a bit before using her tongue, causing Lily to moan as it pebbled into a hard nub.

“You have on way too many clothes,” Lily gasped.

“Do I?” Shelby leaned back and raised an eyebrow. “What do you suggest we do about that?”

Lying flush on her lover Lily brought her hands under Shelby’s shirt and pushed the woman’s bra up as her hands explored. “I would suggest we remove”—Lily nipped Shelby’s neck—“the offending items.” she finished pulling Shelby’s shirt off the woman before removing the bra as well.

“Much better,” Lily brought her mouth to Shelby’s nipple and slowly rolled her tongue around it while her hand flicked the other nipple to attention. The battling sensations caused Shelby to squirm and she became almost lost in the sensations.

“I think it’s time you lose your shorts, Shelby.” Lily began to slowly kiss her way down Shelby’s body. She continued to kiss and licked as she removed Shelby’s shorts and panties in one fluid motion.

Watching Lily between her legs Shelby gasped when she lightly nibbled the bundle of nerves in front of her causing Shelby to arch her back and moan loudly. Shelby licked her lips and moved her hips hoping for more attention from the woman now lightly tickling her clit.

“Tell me what you want, Shelby.” Shelby barely heard Lily’s question as a gentle puff of air caused another gasp when it hit her bundle of nerves. Lily’s tongue then moved to her inner thighs and she parted her legs as far as she could feeling Lily push them even farther apart as Lily’s fingers began to trace the wet lips in front of her. Feeling one finger slide inside of her, Shelby groaned in frustration when Lily stopped and sat up on her heels.

“Tell me what you want, Shelby,” Lily repeated, licking off her finger as Shelby watched.

“Make me come.”

“How would you like to come?” Lily moved back to Shelby’s center. “I could kiss you.” The statement was followed by light kisses on Shelby’s sex. “Or use my tongue.” Shelby moaned loudly as Lily’s tongue licked her clit before sucking on it until it was no longer hidden. “Or I could use my fingers.” Lily smirked as she traced the wetness of Shelby’s lower lips once more never entering the woman or touching her clit but merely teasing the woman who was now almost writhing under her.

“Yes,” Shelby replied. “Please…”

“All you had to do was ask,” Lily put her mouth on Shelby’s clit and easily slid two fingers in the woman before adding a third and a fourth. Finding Shelby’s g-spot Lily began to squeeze against it as her mouth sucked Shelby’s clit. Feeling Shelby tense up beneath her, Lily increased the rhythm and with a final squeeze Shelby found her release, her muscles clamping down on Lily’s hand as she screamed the woman’s name.

Holding her hand still Lily kissed Shelby’s clit again and when she was able to remove her hand she moved up Shelby’s body and sucked on a nipple. “You taste amazing,” Lily stated as Shelby opened an eye to watch Lily licking her wetness from her fingers. “Amazing.”

Shelby was quiet for a long moment and then pulled Lily on top of her hugging her body. Kissing Lily, Shelby tasted herself on Lily’s lips and sighed. “If I can’t hit my notes tonight, you are so getting a spanking.”

Lily giggled, “It’ll be worth it.”

Swatting Lily half-heartedly, Shelby chuckled. “Alright, little girl, let’s get you into the bedroom.” Shelby sat up and shifting from the couch she pulled her into the bedroom where she planned to show Lily exactly what she could do to make the younger woman scream.


* * *


“Slow down, Lily, you’re going to choke.”

Chewing and swallowing her sandwich Lily snickered. “Sorry, but I worked up quite the appetite today. You are, without a doubt, very talented, Shelby.”

“I aim to please.”

Lily took another drink of her water. “We are both going to have a hard time hitting our high notes tonight.” She laughed outright this time. “I think we may need to take a steam shower or bath to relax our vocal cords.”

Shelby nodded. “Yeah, good idea. Steam showers—alone.”

“You’re no fun,” Lily pouted.

“Nope, no fun at all,” Shelby agreed putting her now empty plate in the dishwasher. Sitting down again Shelby watched a few moments as Lily ate.

“I wanted to talk to you, baby,” she began.

“Sure, about what?”

“About what to do with your condo and all of your stuff. I’m certain that I want to make this permanent, if you’d like that as well, and I think it’s time to move all of your stuff in if you’re ready for that.”

“I’d like that very much.” Lily smiled shyly before placing her now empty plate in the sink. “I own the condo so that shouldn’t be an issue. I still have some clothing and a few personal items there but I don’t want any of the furniture. Cora had it decorated and it’s not really my style.”

BOOK: Broadway Baby
10.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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