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“Yes Mama.” Lily’s voice was small and Shelby finally stopped the motion of the rocker.

“I’m afraid you have earned yourself a real punishment spanking, Lily Anne. But after the spanking it will be all over and we’ll start over. I love you and I want you to remember to never do anything this dangerous again.”

Lily was already sniffling as Shelby helped her off her lap. Shelby stood and took one of Lily’s hands in hers. Picking a wooden hairbrush up off the dresser Shelby then made her way to Lily’s bed. “I am going to make an impression on you tonight, Lily, and I want you to know if you ever do anything like this again, this spanking will seem like a love tap. Got it?”

Seeing Lily nod as she focused on the hairbrush, Shelby spoke again. “What are you thinking Lily?”

“That I’m never going to sit again.”

“I promise you will sit again. It may not be comfortable, but you will sit. Do you understand why you are getting this spanking, Lily?”

Lily nodded slowly her eyes never leaving the hairbrush.

“I need to hear your words, Lily Anne.”

“I understand, Mama. I drank too much last night and something bad could have happened to me,” Lily whispered.

“Well then I think it’s time we get started,” Shelby gently took the stuffed bear from Lily’s hand and placed him on the pillow next to her. “Albie will wait right here for you.”

“I don’t want a spanking, Mama.”

“And I don’t ever want you to come home drunk again, Lily Anne,” Shelby said sternly. “And I am sure that this spanking will help remind you not to do it again. Over you go.” Patting her lap Shelby waited and finally reached out for Lily’s wrist. Pulling the whimpering girl over her lap Shelby put her hand on Lily’s lower back. “What you did was beyond dangerous, Lily Anne and I will not have you risking your health just to get my attention.”

Shelby paused and lowered Lily’s pajama bottoms and panties, “I hope this lesson stays with you for a long time, young lady.” Moving her hand to Lily’s pale cheeks Shelby waited for that brief moment when Lily relaxed before bringing her hand down for the first time. Her left hand repeated the motion at a steady pace and Shelby took her cues from Lily. The squirming began soon and Shelby’s firm, “Hold still.” allowed her to get a better grip on Lily and continue to bring her hand down on a steadily.

“Mama,” Lily whined. “I’ve had enough, I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will,” Shelby encouraged as she resumed her assault. The pale cheeks had now taken on a pinkish hue, but she was far from done. Redoubling her efforts, Shelby began to vary her swats. She never set into a pattern, but rather alternated cheeks with an occasional swat to the back of Lily’s thighs. After another long volley Shelby resumed her lecture.

“I cannot believe that you would come home drunk, young lady. Drinking underage is not only illegal but it is dangerous. I will not have you doing anything like that ever again.” Shelby lectured not even pausing to grab Lily’s wayward hand and pin it to the small of her back. “Don’t you dare try and cover your naughty bottom, young girl. You deserve every swat and I will stop when I decide that you have had enough.”

As Lily finally broke into sobs, Shelby stopped her hand and rubbed the now hot red bottom in front of her. “We are almost finished, Lily. I don’t expect you to ever repeat this mistake. Do you understand me?”

Lily didn’t answer, so Shelby repeated, “Do you understand me?” as she peppered Lily’s bottom with two hard swats.

“Yes, Mama,” Lily finally managed to gasp through her tears.

Picking up the hairbrush Shelby took a deep breath, and tapped it gently on Lily’s now scarlet bottom. “I am going to finish up now, Lily Anne. Let this remind you that it is never okay to put yourself in danger just to get my attention.”

Shelby then brought the heavy hairbrush down at a fast pace. Three well-placed swats to each cheek and sit spot happened two times in a random pattern. Finally feeling Lily go limp over her lap, Shelby put the brush down and rubbed the now flaming bottom. Only when Lily started to catch her breath did Shelby help right her and pulled her onto her lap. “It’s over, baby girl. All done and forgiven.”

“I’m s-sorry, Mama,” Lily finally managed to speak. “I won’t do it again, ever.” The tears began again and Shelby began to hum gently to Lily.

Shifting ever so slightly Shelby managed to get Lily to quiet once more. “Time for bed, Lily.”

Lily was still sniffling when Shelby placed her on the bed. Heading to the bathroom Shelby returned a few moments later with a warm washcloth. Gently cleaning the teen’s face Shelby then pulled back the covers of the bed. “In you get.”

“I’m not sleepy,” Lily protested through a big yawn.

“I know.” Shelby’s raised eyebrow managed to get Lily into bed rather easily and the older woman tucked the bear under Lily’s arm. Looking around the room she spotted Lily’s pink pig and tucked that animal into bed as well.

“I love you, baby girl. Sleep well.”

“Love you too. Night Mama,” Lily replied allowing herself to fall asleep as Shelby softly sang until all that Lily knew were her dreams.


* * *


Lily and Shelby entered the theater quickly and moved toward the backstage area. Giving greetings to various people who helped make the show run, the women had almost made it to their dressing rooms when a thick Long Island accent assaulted them.

“Shelby, Lily; Marv and I need a word with you in my office please,” Lou, their producer, motioned for them to follow him and both sighed.

“On our way, Lou,” Shelby answered. “Let us put our bags down and we’ll be right there.”

“Five minutes, Marv and I don’t have all day.” He ran his hands through his gray crew cut and hastily walked toward his office his long strides making the distance seem short.

“What do you think he wants?” Lily asked as she followed Shelby to the dressing rooms.

“No idea. Go put your bag in your room and meet me back here, you have two minutes.” Shelby entered her own dressing room as Lily went to hers and tossed her bag on the small couch that was pushed against the wall. Running her fingers through her hair she moved back toward the door just in time to meet up with Lily once more.

The women made their way to Lou’s office wondering what he and Marv, the director, could want with them. Hopefully they weren’t going to try and throw in some last minute change before the evening performance. Knocking at the closed door Lily and Shelby entered when they heard Lou’s voice.

“You wanted to see us?”

“Yeah, Shelby.” Lou looked at them for a long minute. “Look, there’s no tactful way to say this, so I’m just going to say it.”

“What do you want to say, Lou?” Lily asked.

“What our esteemed producer is trying to say, Lily is that a friend of ours called me on Friday night,” Marv said. Pushing his wire rim glasses back up his nose the man moved around the desk to stand in front of the piece of furniture before leaning on it. “Seems he was rather worried that our underage star seemed to be allowing someone to buy her shots. Not only that, but the fact that she was getting plastered on the shots.”

Lily shifted and glanced briefly at Shelby. Before she could say anything though, Lou spoke again. “We can’t have this, Lily. You know what could happen to the show if news of you getting drunk got out, not to mention what could have happened to you on Friday if Cally and Steve hadn’t gotten you out of the club.”

“Lily is aware of what could have happened to her,” Shelby spoke moving forward and placing her hand on the small of the teen’s back. “Cally and Steve had the sense to bring her to my place Friday, and she’s been staying with me ever since.”

“She has?” Lou’s blue eyes looked at Shelby in shock.

“She has,” Shelby’s hazel eyes met his. “I know this is unusual for me but after talking with Lily and finding out exactly what happened we decided that she would be moving in with me where I could keep an eye on her since it seems she needs that right now.”

Marvin pulled himself to sit on the desk while Lou dropped into an empty chair, “Seriously?”

“Why so shocked?” Shelby asked.

“Well we were actually going to ask you to keep an eye on her, you know, more like a mother…” Lou trailed off as Shelby began to laugh.

“I guess I beat you to it then, gentlemen because I have transferred my role of Lily’s mother to outside the theater. Right Lily?”

“Right Mama,” Lily answered with a wink.

Hearing chuckling Shelby and Lily looked at both men again, “What’s so funny?” Lily asked.

“Nothing,” Marvin smirked. “It’s just you’ve called her that now for at least six months non-stop off stage, and this is the first time Shelby doesn’t look like she wants to spank you for it.”

It was Shelby’s turn to laugh as Lily blushed. “Well, it’s grown on me,” the older woman answered. “Now, if we’re done here, we really need to get ready for the show.”


* * *


“Go on and break a leg tonight, you two.” Marvin shooed the women from Lou’s office before looking at the other man. “This should be interesting.”

Lou nodded, “Yeah, Shelby Bishop isn’t known for her patience. I hope Lily knows what she’s gotten herself into.”

“Probably not, but isn’t that why we were going to sic Shelby on the kid in the first place?” Marvin asked.

“Yeah, but let’s not let Shelby know that. I don’t want her mad at me,” Lou replied still in a bit of shock to know that Lily would be getting a lot of attention from now on, whether she wanted it or not.


* * *


“Give me one good reason we can’t go out for a bite to eat,” Lily demanded pouting on the couch in Shelby’s dressing room.

Shelby finished tying her shoes and sat down in her makeup chair across from Lily. “It’s ten o’clock at night, Lily. We are going home, grabbing a quick bite there and then getting ready for bed.”

“But I’m not tired. I always go out for food after the show.”

“Not anymore,” Shelby stood and grabbed her bag before helping Lily to her feet. Handing the teen her bag she waited. “We are going home and I don’t want to hear any more about it.”


Shelby leaned close, and Lily shivered as the woman’s words registered. “Because I am the Mama, that’s why, Lily Anne.” Taking Lily by the hand, Shelby pulled her from the dressing room and out the stage door where they would sign playbills before finally heading home.


* * *


“I want a hamburger,” Lily pouted pushing the scrambled egg around on her plate.

“Eat the egg, Lily. Now.” The tone in Shelby’s voice made Lily comply.

“Hamburgers are better.”

“It’s too late for a hamburger.”

“I eat hamburgers after shows all the time.”

“Not anymore you don’t.” Shelby’s tone left no room for argument and she smirked as Lily merely sighed as she continued to eat her egg. Noticing that Lily pushed her plate away in the midst of a large yawn, Shelby put her own fork down.

“Alright, little girl, it’s time to get you to bed.”

“I’m not tired.”

“I am.” Grabbing both plates Shelby quickly rinsed them and put them into the dishwasher. “Go get ready for bed, Lily, and I’ll be there in a while to tuck you in.”

Shelby made quick work of the kitchen clean up and made her way to Lily’s bedroom. Stopping at the entry of the room she allowed herself to watch Lily curled in the rocker with her two stuffed friends trying her best not to fall asleep. The teen looked adorable.

“All ready for sleep?”

Lily shook her head, “Hold me?”

“Of course.”

Shelby picked Lily up and sat in the rocker holding her on her lap. Beginning to rock the chair with her toes Shelby was quiet as Lily snuggled into her. “Do you know why I wanted this bear?”

“I figured you thought he was cute.”

Lily nodded, “He is, but he reminds me of the bear my dad gave me when I was little. That bear went everywhere with me.” Lily smiled at the memories. “When my dad left my mother threw the first Albie away. I cried for days but she told me to get over it. I was five years old.”

“Oh baby.” Shelby kissed the top of Lily’s head and continued to rock. “I can see why he’s so important to you. What about the pig?”

“I just thought he was cute.” Lily snuggled closer to Shelby and asked the question that had been bothering her. “Mama, do I have to sleep in here alone?”

“You don’t want to sleep in your room, baby girl?”

“Sometimes I might, but I like sleeping with you. I feel safe when I’m with you.”

“You can sleep with me if you would like to, Lily.”

“Even when you’re just Mama, not Shelby?”

“Even then,” Shelby confirmed. “We’ll find our way in this relationship, sweetie. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect for me. I want you to just be yourself and if you need to sleep with Mama that’s fine because I am sure that Lily and Shelby will spend quite a few nights together as well.”

“Yeah,” Lily yawned loudly causing the rocking chair to stop.

“Okay, then I think that means it’s time to get you to my room and tucked in before I join you for bed.”

“I’m not tired, Mama.”

“Oh, I can tell.” Shelby gently placed Lily on the floor and stood taking her hand and leading her out of Lily’s bedroom and toward her own. She made quick work of tucking Lily in and proceeded with her nightly routine.

Turning off the bathroom light Shelby returned to her room and slipped into bed. Lily immediately gravitated to her and Shelby wrapped her arms around the teen. “Goodnight, Lily.”

“Good night, Mama,” Lily muttered quietly easily falling into sleep as Shelby hummed.

Chapter Three



Lily grinned as Shelby opened one eye slowly and looked toward her. Lily had the older woman’s shirt pushed above her breasts and was currently bringing Shelby’s nipples to attention with her tongue. “Lily?”

“Morning sleepy head,” Lily purred. “So glad you’ve finally decided to wake up. Although they already seem pretty happy to be awake.” Lily smirked at the pebble hard nipples in front of her eyes before returning her tongue to the pert nubs in front of her.

BOOK: Broadway Baby
5.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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