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By Delia Steele

Copyright © 2013 Delia Steele

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I’ve stared at my screen so many times trying to write this only to backspace every single time. I have a list of people I want to say Thank you to. So I will simply leave it at Thank you all for being patient with me and the constant refusal to give up on me even when I wanted to quit at least 100 times. No matter how many times I have read over this one I can’t stop changing it, so I decided to just say forget and leave it alone. I fixed mistakes along the way but I hope my raw version is good enough. I wrote this book with passion and speed. It started one
way  and Lexi decided she wanted it to go another…. So maybe she is the one I should give thanks to first and foremost!


Can you drop your shoulder and push through Lexi and her hateful ways?

is a young, beautiful, strong girl. She is sour and hardened by things she couldn’t control. She is likely the most hateful, rude, and hardest to love girl you will ever read about. It takes a lot to deal with Lexi but I believe she is worth it. Girls tend to be one of two ways. One being loveable, gullible, caring, and kind. The other is all of those things covered in a shell of hateful bitch. But if someone takes their time to peel back the layers, it’s there you will find the reward. There is a saying “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” And this book is just that. The question at hand though is… Can anyone handle Alexa Cruz at her worst?

Chapter One


I jerk up with a pain clenching in my chest, I can’t breathe! Where am I? Throwing my arm out and feeling the satin between my fingers; slowly my eyes focus with the dim light from the window. Yes that’s right; I’m home in my bed! “
Gesh Lexi get a grip” I scold myself, rubbing my hands down my face.  It’s always the same crappy stupid dreams, sweaty palms, trembling inside. I hate this feeling, how do they keep causing me pain they are gone & will never be a threat to me again, and even if they were I could handle it now. Climbing out of bed heading for the shower all I can think is how its time to step into my other self! Staring into the steamy bathroom mirror I slowly repeat my mantra… “La’Sette Alexa Cruz 21 years old, my house, my cars, my money, my company, my rules, my toys, IM THE BOSS… oh shit and yet again my mind has went astray  “What was that other shit I was suppose to remember?...errrr oh yea blah blah blah… I’m a beautiful young woman, I am loved, and I am strong and independent.(yes I am rolling my eyes) I don’t have to be so controlling or bossy.. Those around me deserve respect and trust”. Who the hell comes up with this shit? I don’t pay all this money to some half whit reject Dr. Alpine to “make me better” just because he doesn’t agree  with the way I choose to cope. Fuck it I think as I wipe my hand across the steamed up mirror.

As I get off the elevator I get my usual reactions. They all stare and trip over their own clumsy feet. Idiots! Wearing my brand new coral drastic v-neck semi-ruffled chiffon dress synched at the waist with a bulky black belt and of course my usual 5 inch matching stilettos I stroll
  down the black marbled hall  all aware everyone is gushing and they should I am stunning I KNOW THIS. I throw my over priced bag on the sofa as I glide into my office hitting the intercom for Maggie before my ass hits the chair. Maggie strolls in, all cheeks, sporting a 3 year old I just got ice cream grin… “Well Mags what’s got you all O-M-G WOOOOW this morning?” I don’t even get it all out of my mouth before she is spilling her story . She’s such an open book…  “Hang on Mags we need lattes” Yea she’s my assistant and should be getting me coffee but I hired someone else to be “OUR” assistant so we can gossip since that’s all I really do or so the world thinks. I employee people to run my company they just O-K everything with me. Gesh I’m 21 never wanted a company of my own, not this one anyways. I don’t care anything about Property or Business, good thing I have plenty of common sense I guess. I just ended up with it when my parent’s plane went down a few years back… OLD MONEY as we say, business has been in the family forever I just have to sit look pretty (again so they think) and enjoy the money. It’s all good I DESERVE it! I was self driven and attending college once upon a time and determined to not ride moms coat tail but hey she’s gone meaning NO COAT TAIL! I am sure I sound bitter but honestly people don’t know the half of it.

“So anyways now he wants to move in together can you believe it, 6 months and we are going to live together” Maggie squeals clapping her hands, while turning circles in that stupid over priced chair that only she ever uses! I’m happy that she is happy but I
don’t get how Alex makes her so GIDDY its nasty. Boys are just for entertainment not attachments. It naturally makes me cringe which Maggie notices “Oh Lexi one day you will see it’ll happen!” and out she runs to be productive so she claims and leaves me to Google, sign stuff, and read the tabloids. They have caught a great photo of me looking amazing while I was on a business trip close to T.J.  NICE JOB! I check a few e-mails look over a few contracts make the changes and scratch my approval which sends Maggie down 29 floors to drop them off in the right department by right I mean the under paid idiots who just PRINT, COPY, and  MAIL/DELIVER stuff.  When she returns I’m tired of being alone so I buzz her to see if we can do lunch. I hear the ding and look up about the same time she informs me that Alex and his cousin Cameron are taking her to lunch. I’M PISSED! She’s the only person in the world allowed to blow me off, I mumble under my breath about penciling in a lunch date with my RECEPTIONIST, I see her face light up and my anger is forgotten! She truly is my only girlfriend and I love her for it. I grab my bag and head out the door. She stops me for introductions which I could care less but I do it for her.  Cameron reaches out to shake my hand I just nod, while checking my perfectly manicured nails acting as thou I don’t care, I don’t do the touch thing! Its disgusting boys do nasty things with their hands which is kind of ironic seeing as what I do with my own. Oh well that’s not here nor there! As I slink away Cameron reaches out and snags my elbow I stop fast and turn with a soul burning glare “Mr. Cameron if you EVER put your germ infested undeserving hands on me again I’ll cut off your PENIS and stuff it for my collection. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!” turning on my heels fast and pull the call button the door opens and I sag behind closed doors relieved, who did he think he was to touch me…. That filthy little boy I should go back and slap him right in the face, jab him in the throat with a spork. As I say it another idea comes to mind, he should be punished. This idea leaves me with a devilish grin. I LOVE WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!


The day has come and gone and I set alone looking out over the grounds of what use to be my family home… I couldn’t leave it when my parents died but I did remodel a few things, paint, add some BLACK it’s not a color I dress in for the office but at home it’s my signature color!  I’m lounging in the oversized chair gulping my milk, and yes if you must know its chocolate, feeling so alone. I’m wrapped in my Old college sweats, hairs in a messy bun, and my tiny tank top is screaming to breathe. Not my everyday but absolutely my every night, UNLESS… I have business of another sort to attend to.

Same ole game day in day out,
its been a few days and I ask Maggie to contact Cameron for me, she’s not happy with the way I treated him, she grins and puts the call in once  I tell her its to apologize and make things right. I intend to make them right ok but not by her standards, of course when I am done he will only tell her what he is allowed!

After what I think is FOREVER Alex deposits himself on Maggie’s desk corner & Cameron strolls in wearing
  swim trunks, a sleeveless t-shirt, flip flops, and a pair of gold shades, DAMN HE IS HOT! I wonder if anyone has ever told him he looks like Kellen Lutz, yumm. How did I miss that? Gesh 6ft of divine MAN eeekkkkkkkkk this may be more fun than I originally thought. And its obvious my body likes what its seeing I can feel the twist in my stomach running lower and lower, I even catch myself having to clinch my thighs… my intercom buzzes making me jump “Cams here Miss Cruz”  Maggie beams I can hear the grin in her voice. I fast like and in a big damn hurry sit back in my chair kick my legs over the left arm pull the straps of my top over just little letting more skin shine, apply thick coat of shimmer gloss. Punching the intercom “Ok Maggie send him in…. oh and Maggie. Hold… my…. calls” and I know she can sense the seductive lip biting grin I now have myself! As Cam lets himself in he stops mid stride seeing me and I can feel the admiration pouring off him. “Like what you see Cameron? Pick your tongue up Babe and grab a chair! We have some thing to discuss” as I throw down my Cosmo magazine and stroll around the corner of my desk his eyes drop to my feet and slowly work their way up… I’m not sure so I ask him… “Cameron Babe what’s got you so intrigued?” He blushes which I find myself thinking “awww how cute”… then like a flash of lighting it’s gone this is going to be breeze… I get it I’d be stupid to not see how striking I am! 5ft 2 bronze skin nude stilettos with cream ruffle shorts just barely covering my ass! Topping off with a low cut black lace tank and layers of pearls wrapped around me. OH I GET IT!!!  But he actually stops me in my track when he answers me “Oh my Miss Cruz your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I’ve never seen black eyes and (as he gets VERY close) what’s that gold specs? Man that’s amazing” Not sure how long I stand there stunned filling frozen to the marble but I slowly gather myself walk to the front of desk and jump up on the edge. I drop my heels to the floor and use my feet to wiggle his chair where I am right in front of him. Placing my right foot in his chair right between his thighs I tug it a little closer. “Cameron it seems you and I have gotten off to a bad start, I am Alexa Cruz Owner of this here (waving my hand around in a wide arch) company. I fumed at you the other day because I do not take kindly to being fondled by men I do not know. However I should have given you a moment to say what you needed and maybe you have apologized to me?” as I sit looking  down at him through my dark heavy lashes  moving my foot back and forth then under his thigh I huff out loud bored with the wait.. WHATS HE THINKING?!  Finally I move my foot and turn sideways throwing my leg over the other and side swing my crossed legs in front of him.  When I lean down my dark brown tendrils fall over my chest and I see him push back against his chair. Oh yes he is quivering the poor thing. “Cameron honey (I croon) you need to chill and tell me what’s on your mind. I am still waiting and I haven’t the time to play today I have mounds of shit to sign and a meeting soon” he lets out a long sigh and says “Miss  Cruz I am truly sorry you felt I was meaning any harm by grabbing your elbow I just just …(swallow) I just wanted to say hello and tell you it was an honor to meet someone whose face I see every day on the yahoo OMG site , and that the photos do you no justice you’re a stunning girl I MEAN woman you’re a stunning woman!” Now it’s my turn to let him sit and worry while I just stare at him twisting the curly twig of hair. He shifts a few times in his chair before attempting to get up, which I have not told him to move so I slide my foot back down in place between his thighs on the chair cushion. He looks at me and I lick my lips. He feels it to, it’s like static /white noise its there and when my foot connects with him by mistake he jumps up and grabs me around my waist taking me by surprise and I let out a girlish giggle which hasn’t happened in years! I throw my hand over my mouth to hide the smile I have to break his grip I am in control NOT him. I slowly wiggle my hips and he lets his hands slide down, I make my way back around the desk.I am in control again “Cameron thanks for stopping by this meeting is over and I accept your apology. It’s time for you to go I have things to do, (he turns head hung low and steps out the door) And Cameron Babe leave me your most convenient number with Maggie and when I call make sure you answer..” and I’m sure he can tell by my tone alone I will be calling!

And yes I saw the devilish little grin he had. Oh Cameron honey you just don’t know
..  You are in so much trouble…



BOOK: Broken
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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