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Seven weeks later…


              It’s been a long time since the last time I was invited to the clubhouse to celebrate anything, let alone something as special as Lexi’s eleventh birthday. Actually I can’t remember the last time I
to step foot in the place.


After my altercation with Lou things changed. They didn’t change overnight, it was slow going, but in the end she apologised to me for her behaviour, the way she treated me, the things she said, and I forgave her. I’m not stupid, I know someone that can turn on you that quickly shouldn’t be trusted, but it came from a good place. She meant well, and part of me can understand she was doing it to protect her father-in-law, but it didn’t lessen the sting of rejection I still felt from time-to-time.


I expected more from Lou, Kendall, and V. Above everyone else they were my friends, or at least I had thought they were. And while we’ve taken the time to get together, talk things out a few times, I wouldn’t jump in and classify them as friends again just yet.


The men are a different story altogether…


The younger guys, Glock, Saint, Train, and Shifty have all made an exerted effort to talk to me if they see me in town. They’ve carried my groceries to the car, paid for my lunch before I’ve had the chance, and generally been a pain in my ass with how overly friendly they’re being. While I appreciate the gesture they don’t have to try so hard. They didn’t do anything wrong. They might have ignored me before, but they didn’t partake in any of the shit the rest of the club did.


Cage, Steel, Arrow, and Digger were harder for my brain to reconcile. I get that loyalty between brothers means everything, but there’s a line, and each of them crossed it. Cage, Arrow, and Digger toed the line eventually making it clear which side they stood on, and it wasn’t mine. Steel on the other hand, he was firmly planted on the opposite side to me, and made it clear at every turn that I wasn’t wanted, or welcome to be anywhere near his family or his father.


Strangely Steel was who I still had the most trouble forgiving, even more so than Max. I couldn’t understand why he purposefully started such hateful rumours that Dakota wasn’t Max’s child, I was sleeping with half the town’s single men, even some married ones, and that I was a danger to Anna and Caleb. One of those things alone would have been a bitter pill to swallow, but all of them? That was what I was still trying to work through, trying to make right with myself.


I desperately want to forgive him. I don’t like feeling like I’m walking on eggshells around him, and as sweet as he’s been, and he has been so sweet, I’m just not there yet.


Tank, Pipe, Vic, and Priest were the easiest to let off the hook. One conversation with them when they cornered me at Mo’s, and I caved. I probably should have let them think I was still angry with them, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it when I looked at the exaggerated pout on Pipe’s face, and the praying hands of Vic.


The most important development was that Max had respected my wishes, and had spent the last seven weeks sorting himself out. I saw him around, all the time in fact, but he kept his distance, and I appreciated that more than I could express. It wasn’t that I didn’t miss him, because I did with a desperation I didn’t know I possessed, but this time apart was crucial to both of our recoveries.


Today’s invitation came as a surprise, not an unpleasant one, but a surprise nonetheless. Kendall took her cues from Lou, so her reaching out to me without Lou’s influence was also something new. I know most people think of Kendall as weak, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s one of the strongest women, besides V, I’ve ever met.


Yes, she may have forgiven Cage to easily for some people’s liking, and yes, she can come across as Lou’s accessory occasionally, but if you look deeper you’ll see a core of steel and a will of iron buried underneath her soft exterior.


I stopped in Boulder earlier today and bought Lexi a new Kindle for her birthday. I had no idea what to buy an eleven year old, but after hearing Kendall bitching about how many times she has to take Lexi to the library each week, or the fact that Cage promised months ago to build Lexi some new bookshelves to house her overflowing book collection, I figured this might be a godsend for Lexi and them.


Making my way into the courtyard that looks like a party store has exploded in it, I see Kendall consoling Lexi, and Cage pacing while talking angrily to someone on the phone. Everyone else is milling about trying to ignore the guest of honours melt down. Unsuccessfully, but it’s the thought that counts I suppose.


Spotting me standing there Lou approaches me saying,

“I hope that’s a flask of Vodka in that box you’re holding, because I could do with a drink right now.”


Laughing at her I ask,

“What’s going on?” gesturing toward Kendall and Lexi.


Sighing dramatically she responds with,

“Party Princess over there is having a minor crisis because, and these are her words not mine, ‘her favorite person in the world has forgotten her birthday, and the whole day is ruined’.”


I’m figuring the eleven-year-old in question is referring to Glock who is noticeably absent. If he was here he’d be glued to Lexi’s side like always.

“Glock I take it?”


“Yeah. Pipe made the mistake of sending him on a run a few days ago, and he got held over. Poor guy’s been riding all night to try and make it back in time, but he called Cage a few minutes ago to tell him he was pulled over by highway patrol outside Denver, and they aren’t releasing his bike until tomorrow, so he’s not going to be able to make it.”


Poor Lexi.

“Why have they impounded his bike? Was he carrying?” I know it’s not my business, and I’m probably overstepping by asking, but it doesn’t make sense the police would confiscate his bike.


Rolling her eyes she relies,

“Nope, he was clean as a whistle, but travelling thirty-miles over the speed limit in an attempt to get back here was enough to have the cops asking questions. Apparently an eleven year olds birthday party isn’t counted as a good enough excuse to break the sound barrier these days.”


Now I know I said I wouldn’t rely on anyone to clean up my messes anymore, but in this instance if there’s something I can do to get Lexi’s day back on track I think it calls for an exemption.

“Hold that thought,” I say to Lou. Pulling my cell phone out of my purse I dial the man who has the ability to fix just about anything.


“You’ve got me,” Fury’s deep voice rumbles down the line.


“It’s me, I need a favor.”


Chuckling he asks,

“I know who it is, darlin’. They created this little thing called caller ID a while back.”


Laughing at his bluntness I launch in,

“Ha-ha, funny man, about this favor though.”


“Yeah, what can I do you for sweetheart?” That’s the Fury I know.


“It’s Pipe’s granddaughters birthday today, and the one person she wanted here has been pulled up outside Denver, and has had his bike impounded. I need you to pull some strings, and see if you can get him and his bike released as soon as you can.” I add, “Pleeeease,” to the end in an attempt to sway his decision.


Clearly it wasn’t necessary.

“Could have done without the ass kissing, but yeah, sure I’ll give the guy I know down there a call and set it up. What’s his name?”


Holding my hand over the mouthpiece I ask Lou,

“What’s Glock’s full name, Lou?”


“Thomas Xavier Davis,” she replies excitedly. And loudly at that.


“Did you hear that, Fury?”


“Yeah, sweetheart. Consider one Thomas Xavier Davis a free man. It’ll take about an hour, but he should be home in the next four.” I breathe a sigh of relief, ending my call with a thank you, and the promise to call him again soon. Not that I should have to promise. I mean I talk to Fury at least four to five times a week as it is, he knows I’m good for it.


Signalling to Cage, I smile at him when he reaches where Lou and I are standing. He doesn’t look happy, but I’m hoping my news changes that.

“I made a call, and Glock should be released within the hour. You can tell Lexi he’ll be here by dinner.”


Grabbing me in a bear hug of epic proportions Cage crushes me to his broad muscled chest whispering,

“Thank you, Ade,” in my ear.


If it wasn’t for the loud, rumbling growl emanating from behind me I would have enjoyed being embraced by the sexy, younger, married biker. I’m not blind, Cage is hot, he’s not my type, but that doesn’t discount the fact that the man is one Grade-A piece of man-meat.


My tastes tend to run to older, grumpier, rougher bikers with at least three days of stubble lining their jaw, bags under their eyes that would rival the amount of luggage Lou would need for a trip, and the body of a Greek God. Bikers exactly like the one standing behind me making the menacing sound that has Lou moving away to a safe distance, and Cage releasing me from his grip…Bikers like Max.


“Two things about a biker you don’t test; his devotion to his club,

and his willingness to break your fingers if you touch his woman.”

Bikers Guide to Living


Holy shit! I don’t know what’s come over me. Not only is Cage happily married to Kendall, who might as well be my niece, but I’ve never felt this possessive over a woman in my life.


Seeing Cage, with his arms around Adelyn has me moving in their direction before my brain has time to process where my feet are taking me. The growl that erupts from my chest isn’t something I did consciously, it is more like a primal reaction to seeing another man touching what I consider mine. And if that isn’t a kick in the ass I don’t know what is.


I’ve never felt the urge to rip one of my brothers’ limb from limb before, and definitely not my sons’ best friend, but right now I’m willing to do hard time in a federal penitentiary if he doesn’t get his hands off her. Fast. I’ll give Cage this, he’s smart enough to know when to move away, because right now he’s backing up like I’m some kind of dangerous animal. And I suppose to a degree he’d be correct.


“Hey, you alright old man?” The cocky little shit’s enjoying this. I take note to teach him a lesson later on about respect, paying particular attention to proving to him how not old I really am.


“Take a hike, Cage. You’re daughter’s looking for you over by the food table that’s about to give under the pressure.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it did either. There’s enough food on it to feed an army or two.


“Sure thing, but do me a favor?” He asks raising an eyebrow. With a head tilt I signal him to get on with it. “Try not to fuck this up, yeah?” Sending him a withering glare, he strides off to find Lexi. Fucking smartass.


Not only do I not intend to fuck this up, I intend to have Adelyn in my arms, my bed, my house, and my life permanently from here on out. She might not know it yet, but today is the last day of soul searching she’s getting. Staying away from her for nearly two months has been fucking agony. I spend most of my time alternating between worrying about her, and wanting to run to her. I know she doesn’t need me to fight the battles going on in her head, but I want to if only she’d let me.


I’m not saying a relationship between us will be all smooth sailing, but I’ve got no doubt she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I plan on being the same for her. We’ve had a lot of shit to work through separately, now it’s time to get through the stuff we can only put to rest together. The downside is that I have to convince her to give me that chance she promised me. Knowing Adelyn it won’t be easy, but I’m not known for giving up when the going gets tough either.


“Hey, dad, what’s shaking?” Fucking hell. Between Lou and Cage I’m going to have to give myself a time out. There’s only so much sarcasm, over-enthusiasm, and excitement I can handle in one day, and these two are already pushing me to my limits. I just thank fuck Lexi doesn’t have the place crawling with all her little friends from school. That would have me drowning myself in a vat of bourbon in a hot minute.


“Your ass, now go find my son and harass him some would you? You’re giving me a headache.” Adelyn eyes us with interest but doesn’t say anything. Little does she know I’ve been putting up with Lou’s constant chatter all day, and so far I think I’ve done a pretty good job leaving her alive, seeing as she’s still breathing I think.


“You read my mind. I haven’t given Billy a hard time for,” looking at her watch she says, “Oh, three hours, I think he’s past due.” Glancing at Adelyn, Lou puts her hand on her forearm asking, “You okay, or do you want to come with.” I could seriously kick my daughter in-laws ass for giving her the option. I need some time with Adelyn, and seeing as I was banned from making contact with her, this is the only chance I’ve had since she told me what she wanted me to do.


Shaking her head hesitantly Adelyn replies,

“No, I’m good. Thanks though, you go ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” And she will, but it’ll be much later. Much, much later if I have any say in it.


Reaching for her hand after Lou’s walked away I’m encouraged by the fact she isn’t trying to pull away.

“Missed you, Angel.”


Smiling shyly at me she nods,

“Me too. You doing okay?” Fuck she’s cute.


“Yeah, Angel. I’ve been doing what you talked about, setting shit to rest, trying to make sense of where we go from here, how I can make it up to you, all that good stuff. How about you, you doing okay?” This small talk shit isn’t cutting it, so tugging her with me I make my way toward a sun lounger that’s set away from the party a bit. I want to talk to her. As in, really talk to her, and that’s not going to happen when we’re five feet away from all those nosy bastards.


Narrowing her eyes she mumbles something about “pushy assholes”. Chuckling I drag her down on to the lounger with me, directly into my lap. Nuzzling her hair I whisper into the crown of her head,

“That’s better. Now, how about you tell me about how you’ve been, Angel. I hate that you didn’t want me around, it fucking killed knowing you were only a few miles away, and I couldn’t show up any time I wanted.”


Sighing, she leans into me absorbing the heat from my chest, giving me more of her weight.

“I won’t lie, there were days I wished I hadn’t made you promise you’d stay way, but it was good for me, Max. I found a therapist in Clearwater that deals with grief counselling, and he’s been helping me understand a few things about myself…”


Cutting her off with a growl I demand,

“Who is this asshole? I don’t want you locked in small rooms with strange men, Angel. It’s not safe, and I don’t fucking like it.”


Pushing herself upright a little looking me in the eyes, she lets out a giggle. Noticing the latent anger behind my blank stare she covers her mouth trying to stem her laughter.

“Oh my God, you’re serious right now aren’t you?” Smacking my chest she adds, “You have absolutely nothing to worry about, I can promise you that. He’s freaking sixty-five, or close to it. I have no interest in pursuing a relationship with a man old enough to be my grandfather, you’re bad enough.”


Tickling her ribs I make her break out in fits of giggle.

“Not funny, Angel. What’s with all of you calling me old today anyway? You weren’t saying that when I had my dick buried deep inside your tight pussy were you?”


Suddenly the air around us goes charged. I knew what I was doing when I said it, and from the feel of her body that’s gone solid in my arms, the short choppy breaths she taking, and the erratic pulse beating at the side of her neck, I affect her the same way she does me.


I make the strategic decision to tighten my arms around her in case she considers running, slowly drawing small circles on her lower back with my thumbs.

“Do you remember what it felt like, Angel? Being so connected to me that you don’t know where I start and you finish? Can you remember the way it felt to have my cock so deep inside you, you could feel every inch while you came all over my dick? Because I can remember everything from that night, fucking every single thing.”


My cock is throbbing in time with the beat of my heart, and if I don’t either get her naked and underneath me, or let her go in the next few seconds, I’m liable to do something she might end up regretting. That’s the last thing I want, for her to regret a damn thing I make her feel, regret anything I do to her sweet, luscious body. I’m not willing to let her go though. I’ve waited too long to have her like this again, so my impatient dick is just going to have to wait a while longer. Not that he’s not making his disagreement with my decision known, because I’m pretty sure by the end of today I’ll have a permanent zipper imprint down the length of my shaft.


Adelyn’s wriggling in my lap, and whimpers aren’t making it easier either. If she doesn’t stop moving I’ll be hard pressed not to strip her naked, bend her over the lounger, and fuck her hard.

“Angel, you’ve gotta cut me some slack. I’m hard enough to pound fucking nails, if you don’t sit still you’ll find out first-hand how much cum a man can store up.”


Gasping she settles asking,

“What do you mean? You haven’t been…you know?”


I know exactly what she’s asking; if I’ve been with anyone lately. The answer to that is no, I haven’t. To be honest I can’t remember the last woman I was with. That in and of itself is a fucking small miracle, but thinking on it I can’t say that I’ve missed that type of sex either. The only woman my body craves, night and day, is Adelyn’s. I highly doubt I’d be able to get hard for anyone else, and I don’t plan on testing the theory.

“If by you know you mean have I been indiscriminately fucking my way across the state, no Angel, I haven’t.”


“Hmmm,” she murmurs, humming the sound against my throat.


Fucking hell. My willpower is only so strong, and that’s just snapped the last goddamned thread. Standing up I cradle her like a groom would carry his bride, and have her through the crowd, the clubhouse, down the hallway, and spread out on my bed like a feast inside of two minutes.


Looking down on her laying there like the Angel she is has me taking stock of everything I want to do to her. Everything I want to make her feel. Everything about her I want to catalogue.

“Take off your clothes, Angel,” I demand urgently.


If she doesn’t hurry she’s going to have to go without the rest of the day, because I intend to rip them to shreds.

“Um, okay, I think we should talk about this first, Max.”


She can talk while I eat her out, it doesn’t matter to me, but I’m not waiting a minute longer to get my mouth on her sweet, pink pussy.

“Okay baby, you talk, and I’ll lick. We’ll see whose mouth works better, yeah?”


I reach behind my neck ripping my shirt over my head. Where it lands, fuck knows, and who cares, I won’t be needing it any time soon. Rushing through stripping myself, I toe off my boots and socks, unfasten my belt and pop the top button of my fly. Before I can refocus on the gorgeous woman waiting for me, I feel soft hands tracing the lines of my abs.


Looking down I see Adelyn’s hands moving south. I’d like to say I’m a reformed man, and my selfish tendencies evaporated when I was faced with losing her for good, but that would be a fucking lie. I’m still just as selfish, and proof is in the way I groan encouraging her to keep going. I should be taking my time with her, showing her what she’s been missing for years, but I can’t think of anything other than the fact that Adelyn’s pouty red lips are hovering not far from the head of my cock.


In an instant the rest of the buttons of my fly are undone, they’re peeled down my legs along with my boxers, and her mouth is wrapped firmly around my cock. Heaven. That’s what this is, and whatever I did to get here I fucking hope I never leave. The suction, the way she’s licking around the head teasing the vein down my shaft with every pass has me close to blowing already.


Sinking my hands into her hair I attempt to ease her back a bit, I don’t want her to stop, but she needs to slow this shit down if she wants hers afterwards.

“Jesus, Angel. Fuck. Yessss. Just like that, baby,” I say when she grips the base of my cock tightly in her hand. Peering up at me her crooked grin says it all; she’s proud of the way she’s making me lose control. As long as she knows turnabout is fair play, she can do whatever the fuck she wants.


Doubling her efforts, Adelyn strokes in time with the motion of her mouth, drag, tug, drag, tug; her rhythm is hypnotic. It feels so good. Too good actually. All too soon I feel my balls tightening and the head of my cock start to pulse. Tugging on her hair again I disengage her mouth almost whimpering at the loss of heat.

“I’m two seconds from cumming in your mouth, Angel. You don’t want that to happen lie back, and let me take care of you.” That’s the only warning she’s going to get. It’s up to her what she does with it.


What I don’t expect is for her to yank her hair from my grip, grab my thighs, and guide my dick back into the warm cavern of her mouth. Hitting the back of her throat in one thrust I know I’m done for. Throwing back my head extending my neck I grunt out her name.

“Adelyn. Angel. Fuck, keep going.”


Using her mouth and tongue to milk my orgasm from me, I’m a bit worried she’ll fucking choke. I haven’t cum so hard, and so long in years, since the last time I was with her, I’m not sure she’ll be able to take it all. But she surprises me again by swallowing the lot. Well, all of it bar the tiny dribble that escapes the corner of her mouth, which I helpfully use my thumb to capture, feeding it to her like the delicacy it is.

BOOK: Captive
5.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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