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Married? How thrilling! So it is conceivable to actually
erase the stain of prostitution and leave this life behind at some point. The
thought stirs a deep longing within me. I can barely breathe. A future beyond
Carnal Pleasures. “So life can be whatever I wish it to be.”

“Of course,” says Phineas, as if I were saying something
blatantly obvious.

But for now I am content to remain here with Phineas and
Madam Rowena. In a few years, who knows where I may be. Perhaps in Dublin,
Amsterdam or Rome! “The world is full of possibilities. My new identity has
also caused me to think more about my origins. My mother never spoke of my
father, and over the years, I have been called many things due to my dark
complexion. Yet my mother did not choose a traditional English name for me. She
did not call me Jane, Sophia or Mary. She named me India. We lived in a part of
Lower London populated by high numbers of Indian laborers. It is only logical
that my father was from that country.” This explains why I feel such a
connection with my new persona as India of Rajasthan, because my blood truly is

“I should like to write a paper about you, India,” says
Phineas. “I would conceal your true identity, of course.”

A paper about me to be published in a journal of psychology?
“And what of the paper’s title?”

Imagination and Intellect—A Courtesan’s Sexual Awakening

“You must let me read it before it is published!” I laugh.

“I will. In exchange for a few more interviews with you, I
would like to offer you two of my facilitators, one for each sex.”

Oh, the things I can do with the fornication facilitators.
“Thank you, Phineas.” Yes, I shall put them to good use. “And what about the
next article you plan to write?”

“The next one?” he asks.

“Yes, the one you will title
Uranians—Pathology, Perversion
or Permissible Pleasure

Phineas chuckles and Madam Rowena joins in. I wonder how
many times Phineas has included
in his research papers.

“Uranians?” asks Madam Rowena. “Whatever have you been up

“Since Phineas helped me broaden my horizons,” I explain, “I
helped him expand his.”

Phineas and I exchange conspiratorial glances and he briefly
touches my cheek. I have never seen Madam Rowena express consternation before
and her wide eyes are amusing to behold.

“Excellent idea, India. A paper of this nature will garner
much attention in the world of sexology. I will have to conduct more research,

“With the aid of a certain architect?” I ask in a teasing

He smiles and reclines in his chair. “Ambrose will indeed be
invaluable to my research. I am also considering a short compilation of sexual
terminology, the
Lexicon of Lust, Lechery and Lasciviousness

I am about to make a further comment when Madam Rowena draws
my attention to the stairs, where a young man in a military uniform is
descending, his red coat thrown over one arm.

Mr. Tandenberry. The man I am obligated to bed free of
charge. Hmmm. I do not look at him as a chore this time, but as a challenge. I
am about to greet him when Madam Rowena stops me.

“Read this first.” She reaches into her long skirts and
pulls out a card.

I take it.



Son of Colonel Darvis Tandenberry, an accomplished
military strategist. Richard has always aspired to follow in his father’s
footsteps. He is an avid horseman with a passion for stag hunting. He enjoys
the company of spirited women who are creative and participate fully in the
lovemaking process. Regularly attends the opera and the theater. He has acted
small parts in a few plays and had affairs with actresses.


At the bottom are a few hastily added comments.

Recently enrolled in the military (Airship Brigade),
granted the rank of lieutenant, will be posted in Deutschland, although he
would have preferred India.


This card provides me with everything I need. Why did I not
read this before? Well, since he wanted to be sent to India, I can ensure that
he spends one passionate night with the daughter of an Indian rajah before he
is posted to Deutschland.

I stand at the bottom of the stairs and when he recognizes
me, I see bewilderment on his face, followed by a lustful appreciation of my

“I don’t believe we have met,” I say.

He seems puzzled. “As a matter of fact—”

“No,” I correct him firmly. “We have not. I am India of

He smiles, undoubtedly understanding my game. He knows all
about acting a part, after all.

“Before you are posted abroad, I should like us to share an
evening together, so I may teach you the secrets of the
Kama Sutra

His pupils widen. They are a brilliant blue, as blue as the
ocean on a summer’s day. “What will be the cost of this private performance?”

“For you, for this evening, there is no fee.” I lick my lips
in the most seductive fashion. “Only pleasure. To be given and received.”

His eyes are alight with a fire that I kindled. Richard
Tandenberry has fallen for me. He wants me. What methods shall I use to send
him to the heights of erotic satisfaction?

“Then I shall see you this evening, India.” He takes my
hand, raises it to his lips, and kisses it.

Tonight will be a memorable evening for both Mr. Tandenberry
and myself. I will make sure of it. Indeed I have all the power in my
relationships with men, just as Madam Rowena stated earlier. And Phineas was
correct about the influence of the mind, for a woman’s mind is the most
powerful carnal device of all.

About Helena Harker


Helena Harker is a teacher by day, writer by night, a
daydreamer who loves to escape to other worlds. Her fiction is populated by
strong men, passionate women and lots of paranormal creatures. In her free time
she enjoys photography and curling up with a good book. She is multi-published
and also writes in other genres.


Helena welcomes comments from readers. You can find her
website and email addresses on her
bio page




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