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“Michael! How are you sweetheart?” Molly shouted above the booming music.

“Molly? Jane? How the hell are you?” Michael exclaimed “You girls look fantastic, if I were not married I would pounce you both right now!” Michael stood up and gave them both hugs.

“Married?” Molly said surprised “Where were we when those invites got sent out? Jane did you get one?”

“Molly, don’t be rude. Did you marry Kelly?” Jane asked shyly. She was nervous to see Michael, they use to be very close but George cut off all friendships she had with any guy when they were dating. He said it was inappropriate to be friends with guys because no matter what it always led to trouble. She was not sure how Michael was going to react seeing her again.

“Jane, I’ve missed your sweetness. We eloped in Las Vegas, went through a drive-thru chapel, one of the most romantic moments of my life. The old wife is back home right now setting up the house and spending my money on a decorator. The boys wanted to take me out and get me acclimated to my new environment.”

Jane looked stunned. “Wait, you were traded?
To the Braves?”

“That is correct
Darlin’, looks to me like the Terrible Three are back together in the same city once again,” Michael exclaimed. “This has made my night! Oh crap, I’m rude. Molly, Jane these are my team mates, Marc and Brady.”

Both men got out of their chairs and shook the women’s hands. Jane nearly trembled when Brady looked her up and down and smiled. Oh boy was she in trouble. She needed to make sure her
intake of alcohol did not exceed her drunk limit, she didn’t need to look like a sloppy idiot in front of professional baseball players.

Michael asked the girls to sit down and join them, feeling bad Jane looked over to Albert who was watching the whole transaction between them and waved her off to have fun and forget about him. Looking at the crowd of men around
Alby now, it seemed like he was occupied anyway. Oh she loved her Alby. She only wished she had as much confidence as Albert right now, she could really use some so when she talked she didn’t sound like a teenager going through puberty. Maybe she should drink a little more to ease her nerves. Another fruity concoction needed, pronto!








































Chapter 2


Brady was irritated when Marc asked him to take out the new guy with him to Deuces, it wasn’t that he didn’t like Michael, he actually got along with him very well and enjoyed his company. Brady was just tired of all the stories about him in the gossip magazines that portrayed him as a playboy with every girl that came up to him. None of the stories were true, paparazzi just always happened to be in the right place at the right time. He couldn’t go anywhere without being followed by someone with a camera. It came with the territory though so he couldn’t be too upset. His bank account was looking rather sizeable and he gets to play a sport for a living, he has no room to complain. 

Except for the fact that there were paparazzi hounding the front of the club when they arrived, the guys were having a pretty decent night but once Michael’s friends from college came over, his night started to look a little bit better. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, but he couldn’t help himself. Jane was a bombshell. One of the sexiest women he had ever met, not even because of the blatantly come fuck-me-dress she was wearing. She had gorgeous long brown hair, a body to die for, breasts that just screamed to be touched and eyes that bore through a man’s soul. There was
a certain sweetness about her with an inner sex kitten dying to come out.

When she shook his hand he nearly split in two. Her hand was soft and feminine and her eyes glittered with passion. He could not stop staring at her or let go of her hand, it was strange but he felt an immediate connection with her. He reluctantly let go of her hand once everyone got quiet and started at him.

His zipper got real tight just at the sight of Jane which was utterly embarrassing, as if he had never seen a women before. All he needed now was for some stupid paparazzi taking a picture of him and selling it to a gossip magazine with the headline, “Brady: Boozing and Boners.” Nope, he had to stop letting the gorgeous women in front of him affect him so much. 

“Isn’t that right Brady?” asked Michael

Oh crap, what were they talking about? Great he was thinking about hiding his boner and wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation.

“Sorry Michael, I was so distracted by these gorgeous women, I wasn’t even paying attention.”

“That’s what I thought,” accused Michael. “You know buddy, you really need to get over your infatuation with anything with two legs and a pair of tits. These women want nothing to do with a playboy like you.” 

Yup, thanks Michael. That’s all Brady needed, his own teammate spreading wrong accusations about him. Granted Michael was most likely just pulling his leg but Brady was getting pretty sick of everyone thinking he was some kind of womanizer. Thank you Hollywood media!

“Hey speak for yourself, Mikey! I might be spoken for but little Jane over here is on the prowl!” Molly exclaimed.

Mikey? Really? I thought we got over that nickname a long time ago and hey, last time I heard Jane, you were getting married.” Michael said. 

Brady sucked in his breath, married? Well, of course, why would this extremely gorgeous woman be available, she would definitely be snatched up by some lucky bastard. She was too good to be single, but then Brady wondered if she was married, why was she in that dress drinking like a catholic school girl released from the confines of her parents for the first time?

“Yes, last time I checked I was supposed to be married, but when your fiancé fucks his co-worker it’s kind of hard to forget about that and commit your undying love for the man in front of all your friends, family and the gardener your parents so desperately wanted to invite.” Jane stated.

“Shit, I’m sorry Jane. I didn’t know. What a fucking bastard, do I need to mess him up? I know how to swing a bat pretty well,” Michael said with a wink.  

Jane sighed, “Thanks Michael, but last I heard George got fired and is now living in his sisters basement, working for himself, aka unemployed and mooching. Karma always comes back to bite you in the butt.” 

Brady was surprised by Jane’s attitude. God she was strong and a little feisty, he liked that. If he were in her position he would be wallowing in self-pity.
If he were in her position? He was in her position at one point in time. That Hollywood devil bitch Laney Johnson fucked him over big time. She made it seem like she was in love with him when she wasn’t, even though he gave her his whole heart. Come to find out, she was getting quite snuggly with her co-star on her latest movie. He was devastated when he found out she was cheating on him. But of course the media spun their relationship in a whole new direction, depicting him as the asshole breaking the heart of America’s sweetheart. Sometimes you can never win.

Brady’s relationship with Laney was a mess from the beginning but she had a way of trapping a man. She made it seem like she was the sweetest woman you would ever meet but deep down she had the devil in her. She would always get what she wanted, make promises and break them and she would use her body as a weapon. Her body was one hell of a lethal weapon. Brady had the hardest time resisting her. Somehow she would mess something up between them whether it was forgetting his birthday, not showing up for a game she promised she would be at or backing out of planned vacations, then she would always use her body as an apology and Brady always accepted until he found out she cheated on him. That was the end of Brady dealing with her devil ways.

The group was talking about local restaurants when he tuned back into the conversation and tried to part from the bad memories of Laney. Jane seemed shy, although he didn’t know why, someone who dressed like that was looking for attention. She had vixen written all over her but carried herself in a way that was genuine and attractive. He wanted to get to know her better. He leaned over to her ear so she could hear him over all the music.

“Hey sweetheart, can I get you another drink?” 

Jane crossed her legs, showing off the most amazing bronze tan he had ever seen and said, “You can get me a drink, but by no means am I your sweetheart.”

Hello! Yes, she was feisty. He called the waiter over and ordered her another drink. This was going to be harder then he thought, or maybe he was just out of practice. All he knew was that he was excited and up for the challenge. The gossip magazines always made it seem like he was dating someone new every night but the pictures were either old pictures or pictures of him with just friends, which of course heaven forbid he should have female friends. He actually hadn’t dated someone in two years. It was just too difficult especially now that he was a bit of a celebrity. Every woman threw themselves at him just so they could have a piece of him and his paycheck.  

He was interested in Jane though, she didn’t seem like the average girl. There was something in her eyes that showed innocence and purity which he liked about her. Plus she had a real fire to her and her body was something to drool over. Yes, he would pursue this woman. Thank you Michael for being little Mikey in college and best friends with these two vixens.




Oh my god, Brady was actually hitting on her. It had to be the dress. Her face must be just as red as the dress itself. What was she thinking? She was so embarrassed and so not used to getting any real attention from men, let alone from famous men. When she shook his hand she swore they bonded right on the spot but she was not going to fall for it, his handsome manly ways. Yes she was extremely attracted to Brady and more than anything did she want to take him home and run her hands all over his body but she was smarter than that. Tonight was the anniversary of the worst day of her life and she had grown since then. Why would she get involved with someone who was a known playboy? That was just asking to get screwed over once again.  

There was a little voice in the back of her head telling her to let loose and have fun. Maybe she would, might as well flirt back. Nothing would come from it because why would a professional baseball player want anything to do with her? Yes, the dress was doing wonders for her appearance tonight but when it came down to it he was in fact a player and she was just a low key event planner. They had nothing in common, so she might as well practice her flirting and seduction. She needed to get back on the dating train sometime.

She leaned over to Brady when he handed her the drink he ordered and seductively asked in his ear, “So Brady, Fuck Chuck or Marry; Eva Mendez, Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek?”

Brady was startled at first then shifted in his seat while he eyed her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. A devilish grin spread over his face while he leaned in closer and said “Fuck Eva, she is most likely feisty like you, marry Salma because she is a sweetheart and chuck Angelina, I don’t like how the whole Brad Pitt, Angelina thing went down.”

Hmmm, fascinating. He thought she was feisty. Ha, if only he knew that she liked to wear her kitty cat pajamas at night while watching the Golden Girls and enjoying a good facial mask. The Brad and Angelina comment threw her off though, what did he mean? Before she had a chance to even ask him his mouth was practically on her ear when he asked her, “Fuck, Chuck or Marry; Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling and Josh Duhamel.  

Oh what a handful of treats he laid out for her, how could she possibly choose? She placed her hand on his thigh, leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Fuck Bradley Cooper, marry Ryan Gosling and chuck Josh Duhamel, no one likes a cheater.”

Brady stared her in the eyes and she nearly collapsed. Confidence woman, you can do this. Do not show intimidation that is exactly what these kind of men try to do to women. They make them feel intimidated and then make them feel good with compliments as they drag them to bed and end up leaving them hanging in the morning with a taxi fare for their ride home. Brady and Jane just stared at each other for what seemed like forever until Brady startled her when he asked her to dance.




Brady nearly fell out of his seat when she placed her hand on his thigh, lord this woman was doing him in. He needed to be closer to her where they could be alone and away from the rowdy table they were sitting at. Michael and Molly were reminiscing about some baseball house party they went to in college where Molly ended up breaking the house’s couch because she acted like it was her own personal wrestling ring with Michael. Lord knew what they were like in college. He could imagine Jane though; she would be rolling her eyes at her two crazy friends while sporting some sexy outfit that drew all the male eyes’ attention.

BOOK: Caught Looking (Hot-Lanta Series)
6.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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