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Authors: Troya Black

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CHOSEN BY THE BILLIONAIRE (bwwm interracial billionaire romance)

BOOK: CHOSEN BY THE BILLIONAIRE (bwwm interracial billionaire romance)
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Troya Black

2015 © Troya Black

All rights reserved.

To my friend LaBelle who’s always in need of a good man to read about…

“What about Connor? he seemed okay” asked Tahlia as she passed me a shot glass full of tequila. We clinked glasses and tossed them back.

“Thanks, I needed that!” I replied giggling as the tequila instantly made my head light “Connor’s just…he’s boring! he’s aint got any game either”.

We were discussing my love life or rather lack of one. I’d been single eight months now since my first proper relationship had ended, I’d been left for another woman and it stung. I had been heart broken for a while but now I was ready to get out there again and meet someone who would sweep my off my feet. The problem was I couldn’t help but find flaws in every guy I met - they were either too eager to get in my pants or didn’t show me enough attention and my patience was dwindling.

It was new years eve and we were heading to the hottest party. It was at the elusive Brayden Cooper's mansion - a hot young millionaire who made his fortune on the web as a teenager. To be honest I hadn’t heard of him before Tahlia mentioned the party but since then I’d been briefed a little about who he was and what he represented. He was a big shot I guess, an equality activist and a human rights lawyer. That’s the kind of man I wanted - someone who fought for freedom. I heard he was also incredibly sexy.


The party was up in the hills, an area reserved for the rich and famous with views that captured the entire city, it was totally exclusive but Tahlia’s boyfriend just happens to have the right connections and scored us some invites. I was kind of nervous, I didn’t really care much for parties, especially where I wouldn’t know anyone, but Tahlia begged me to go along with her and promised to be my wing woman in case there were any potential matches for me. She was desperate to hook me up with someone, since she was about to get hitched herself.

“You’re too fussy Aleysha, not everyone is perfect but they could be perfect for you…if you just gave them a chance!” said Tahlia while she looked in the mirror, her black figure hugging dress clung to her perfectly placed curves - she looked amazing. “What do you think?” she asked looking at me for approval.

“You look hot - like you always do you lucky bitch! I still don’t know what to wear though, this just feels wrong” I gestured at what I was wearing - a frumpy grey ill fitted dress.

“That’s because it is wrong! you gotta show a little skin babe, you gotta show off that amazing booty of yours too!” she rummaged through the clothes hanging in my wardrobe before pulling out a white body con dress I’d bought last season but never had the guts to actually wear “This is what you’re wearing” she said throwing it at me.

I put the dress on and stared at myself in the mirror. The contrast of the white against my dark ebony skin was a nice comparison for sure but I wasn’t sure if I liked it - I didn’t like attention and this dress was something that would definitely turn heads. My cleaving looked good though, it showed just the right amount without making me look like a total skank.

“Yes! That’s the one, you look amazing, no man will be able to resist you tonight” Tahlia squealed at me. “Just one thing though” She reached for the back of my head and removed the bobby pins keeping my tight curls in order so it fell down around my shoulders. “Much better, now were good to go!”.

I loved Tahlia’s enthusiasm, it was a definite confidence booster being around her, she was positive and full of energy. In a way it’s strange we became best friends since I’m almost the opposite of her - I’m shy, I’m awkward and I’m sure my lack of confidence is pretty noticable. Despite our differences Tahlia and I have been best friends since 1st grade and now fresh out of college we were still inseparable.

“How do you know Cory’s the one for you?” I asked Tahlia “I mean you guys are great together, I can tell you both love each other, but what made you say yes when he asked you to marry him?”

She looked down at the sparkly diamond on her finger. “You just know! I know that sounds cliche but it’s true, there was so much chemistry between us in the beginning, so much passion, when we touched for the first time it was electric” she gushed “And you know…three years later it’s still there, I still get goosebumps when he kisses me, that’s how I know, I feel it girl!”

I was silent for a second - I was truly happy for her to have found the love of her life but at the same time I couldn’t help feeling a little sad. I had never experienced the feeling she was taking about, I loved Damien - my ex - but it was never “electric”, I never got goosebumps when he kissed me. I longed so much to have what Tahlia and Cory had - true love and true happiness. I didn’t know if everyone got that though.

“That’s really sweet Tahlia” I said. I poured us a margarita each - time to get that false sense of confidence only achieved by alcohol I thought, we clinked glasses and each took a long sip of our drinks. Tahlia put on some music and we playfully danced around each other.

“Here’s to a great night!” Tahlia said holding her glass up to mine as I clinked it against hers “let’s ring in this new year!!!”

We heard Corys car pull up outside, so his excessive honking was unnecessary. Tahlia and I had finished a few strong margaritas at this point and were a little tipsy. We went out to meet Cory giggling like school girls. He hopped out of the car and picked Tahlia up spinning her around. She squealed before he placed her down and planted a big kiss on her.

“You look amazing babe” he said holding her close to him “had a bit to drink I see” Tahlia giggled at his knowingness.

“Just a little sweetie” she said “Tell Aleysha she looks hot!”

Cory glanced at me and smiled “Well Aleysha, you do scrub up nice! you look fantastic!”. He was the perfect gentleman, I couldn’t be happier that my best friends future husband was such a great guy that I genuinely adored.

We jumped in his car and took off to the party.

We were all in awe as we pulled up to the party. The place was breathtaking but for it’s size rather than it’s beauty. It was all wood and steel and stark - I’m sure some famous architect was responsible for it.

We entered the enormous lobby where we were escorted to the main event and greeted by Stefanie Morgan, a hot publicist, socialite and also a good friend of Tahlia and Cory’s.

“Tahlial! Darling! don’t you look gorgeous!” Stefanie gushed at Tahlia in her snooty upper class accent.

I straight away was uncomfortable. Of course this party would be full of people like Stefanie. It wasn’t like they were bad people but they just weren’t my kind of people. I didn’t come from money and I didn’t care about money the way these people were obsessed by it.

“I need a drink!” I turned to Cory smiling.

He laughed “Of course you do, let’s go scout the bar”.

We wandered around the party. It was lavish indeed, waiters walked around holding up trays of canapés, others trays of champagne. I grabbed a flute and sipped as I walked with my arm linked in Cory's scouting the place.

“Bar!” he said enthusiastically pointing as we entered a new room. It was less crowded in here, people were gathered around a grand piano where a man was playing in an upbeat fashion, he smiled at me as we walked across to the bar. We took a seat on the bar stools and Cory ordered us some sophisticated sounding cocktails.

I probably didn’t need another drink by this point but I drank it anyway. Cory was engaged in conversation with the man to his right, I was fine with it though because I couldn’t keep my eyes off the man playing piano. He was a talented player of course but it was more than just that, he had passion. It was as though the music was telling his story, a sad, beautiful story. Aside from that he was totally gorgeous. Tall, handsome with light brown hair swished back so you could clearly see his stunning features. The white sleeves of his dress shirt were rolled up to his elbows and he had delicious forearms that flexed with every note he hit. His eyes were piercing blue and every time he glanced in my direction a shiver ran through me. I was captivated by this mysterious man.

Cory moved his attention to me. “Do you know who that is?” he asked me referring to the piano player.

“An incredibly gorgeous man!” I joked back at him, laughing.

“I would agree on the gorgeous part too he’s also filthy rich, that’s Brayden”

“Brayden? as in the Brayden Cooper who's party this is?” I was a little shocked, he was nothing like I had imagined.

“The one and only, you should go talk to him” he said nudging me.

“Like he would ever be interested in me!” I stood up feeling a little dizzy from the alcohol. “I’m going to find the ladies”

“Okay, don’t get lost!” he called after me.

I was definitely tipsy, I hoped it wasn’t obvious as I felt like my walk was a little staggered. I made my way down a hallway, the place was huge, high ceilings and all the walls were strangely laced with mirrors which perceived the space even larger. I caught a glimpse of myself, my make up and hair ws still well enact and for that I was grateful. I never thought of myself as particularly beautiful, not in a conventional way anyway. I wasn't ugly either but I definitely wouldn't be first pick, especially for a guy like Brayden. I sighed and kept walking until I came to a door.


No answer. I turned the knob and walked in. It was a library but not the traditional old, it was modern and sleek. There were thousands of books, shelves upon shelves but the centre piece of the room was what caught my eye. A beautiful painting of a man and woman making love.

“You like it?” a deep voice said behind me. I turned around startled, it was Brayden.

“It’s beautiful…very sexy” I smiled at him. “Sorry, I was looking for the bathroom and I ended up here” I blushed hoping he wasn’t mad with my nosiness.

“Don’t worry about it…my security alerted me and when I saw that it was you I decided to come deal with the situation myself” he looked at me seriously.

“Oh…I’m really sorry, I’ll leave, I—“ I stood up from the bench before Brayden put his hand on my shoulder.

“Relax, I’m just joking…I guess my sense of humour has never been my strong point” He half laughed shaking his head as he sat down beside me.

“Oh…” I half laughed back at him. Suddenly his closeness caused me to sweat, the energy between us ignited something in me I’d never felt before.

“I’m Brayden” he said gesturing his hand towards me.

“Aleysha” I said shaking it, I pulled my hand back quickly, it was as though electricity pulsed from his body to mine through the hand shake.

“Aleysha? I’ve always loved that name, it’s beautiful, just as you are, if you don’t mind me being so bold. I couldn’t help but notice you all evening, you’re glowing skin, the way that dress hugs your amazing curves, that wild hair….You’re a very attractive woman Aleysha” he stared at me as he said it although I had to look away his gaze felt like it was burning into my flesh, it was too much for me.

“Oh…Ah…” I was tongue-tied, could this really be true or was this just some ploy he used on all women to get them into bed, for all I knew he could be some serial womaniser. Either way at this point I didn’t really care. If for just one night I could experience a man like Brayden Cooper it would be enough for me. “Thank you” I said turning to lock eyes with him.

“And I noticed that you were watching me to Aleysha” he said, our eyes still glued to each other.

“Of course, it would be hard not to notice you, I’m sure you know what kind of effect you have on woman” I surprised myself with what I said, it was out of character for me to be so bold.

“And what effect would that be Aleysha?” he smirked a little as he still held he moved his eyes to my lips then back up to meet my eyes again.

BOOK: CHOSEN BY THE BILLIONAIRE (bwwm interracial billionaire romance)
4.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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