The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)

BOOK: The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)
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The Professor: Stranger Addiction

Lia Marsh


Copyright © 2013 Lia Marsh


All rights reserved.


This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without expressed written permission from the author; exceptions are made for brief excerpts used in published reviews.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are above the age of eighteen, and all sexual acts depicted are consensual.


Adult Reading Material

Disclaimer: his short story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language including spanking, creampie, and a messy facial. All sexually active characters in this work are 19 years of age or older.

One: Masked


Laura couldn’t believe the situation she’d gotten herself into. As she stood looking in a mirror of a hotel’s bathroom she didn’t recognize the woman staring back. The perfect, little red dress that hugged her curves, her long, blonde locks which had been curled so that they sat on her shoulders and her pink, perky lips now coated in a deep ruby-red.

She kept asking herself – who am i? She couldn’t answer that question until she’d completed her nights work.

When she left the comfort of her isolation and walked into the shared double-bedroom that Paul had bought them for the weekend she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. It was their five year anniversary and Laura had just agreed to go to a swingers club because the man who invited her – Alexander, was a long-time crush of hers ever since she laid eyes on him at college.

He was her lecturer, he smoked, he drank, she was raised to be a pure-of-heart catholic and everything about his sinful lifestyle drew her in.

Laura’s mind was raging with what-ifs. She was lost in the thought of Alexander’s member pressing up between her legs as she roared with passion.

She would be lay down and spread out, her juices dripping and his hard, stiff body ramming up against her. Her breasts would fly through tears he made in her dress and her eyes would water as he rammed his thick shaft deep into her tight, little hole.

She’d cry out like it was her first time all over again, she’d scream and howl and beg for more as he teased her sensitive spot with the tip of his manhood. He’d make her beg, he’d make her degrade herself and shout out that she was worthless, that she was his and he could do what he wanted.

These were the thoughts that roamed her mind that excited Laura more than anything. She was ready for tonight; she’d been ready for tonight for a long time.

Paul sighed when he looked at the sight of her, she’d put in more effort for the swingers club than she had for their original five year anniversary plans and it showed. He kept trying to grasp what it was he wasn’t giving her. He was loving, he cared, he was there for her through everything and yet Paul couldn’t quite keep Laura’s affection solely on himself.

The two of them just stood there a while in silence until finally Paul’s thoughts got the better of him; he stood up from the edge of the hotel bed and looked at his girlfriend with disappointment.

“It’s him isn’t it, that Alexander.” Laura’s heart began thumping away in her chest, banging against her ribs at the sound of his name.



She didn’t know what it was but there was no denying it now – she wanted Alexander all over her skin.

Looking at the man she’d always been with and always wanted to be with Laura questioned her actions however she’d gotten used to feeling guilty and even with her secret-crush out in the open she didn’t want to apologize or regret it.

Laura took a deep breath followed by a sigh, she parked herself on the end of their bed and looked down towards her little-red dress and perked up breasts; she wanted this more than she’d wanted anything in a long time.

“Do you hate me for it?” She didn’t know what else to say. All she could think about was Alexander and even though she wouldn’t say it out loud Paul’s feelings came second place to her desire.

Not knowing how to respond to his girlfriend Paul headed over to the door and grabbed his jacket. He was wearing the simple black and white suit that he’d been wearing at dinner before they were offered to join Alexander.

What hurt him the most was seeing all the effort Laura was putting into herself, there was a small part of Paul that hoped they’d get to this club and Laura would get her thrills just from looking around and then they’d leave together; hand-in-hand and stronger than before.

Looking at her in that dress, with her freshly coated make-up and a nervousness that came from excitement Paul knew that Laura was going to go through with this and although he didn’t feel comfortable he wanted to be there to support her.

“Well they said turn up after eleven so – we best get going.” It was Paul’s way of showing Laura he could forgive her for this and somewhere in the back of his mind he couldn’t get that pretty blonde that Alexander had with him at dinner.

He thought that if this was Laura’s chance for a little fun then the same rules applied to him as well.

The two were surprised to find a limo waiting for them when they got to the hotel lobby. They’d not spoken a word to one another in the elevator which they shared with an aggressively and openly romantic couple that were kissing in-between insults, their lips saying vulgar things followed by their tongues doing vulgar things.

Paul tried to make sense of the situation using this couple as an example of what not to become – a part of him thought that if he let Laura relieve herself from this frustration she was carrying around then maybe in the long run it would save their relationship and they wouldn’t end up hating one another for missing out an parts of their lives.

As the two of them strolled down the steps and the limousine doors were opened by the sort of drivers Laura thought looked very ‘British’ she turned to Paul just to see if he would show her any sign of affection.

It wasn’t his intention to be dismissive but the man was in a world of his own and struggling with his morals; they’d both been raised to go against this stuff and although Laura found herself trying to break away from that Paul rarely strayed from his strict, right-wing path.

A little hurt that her boyfriend went ahead and got in without saying a word to her Laura stopped, sighed, pulled herself together and followed his lead. She was going to go through with this no matter the consequences but she hoped that Paul could forgive her someday.

By the time Laura had taken her seat Paul was already opening a bottle of champagne he’d found in a little bucket of ice on one of the seats going down the side.

The two were forced to face one another at the limo was laid out with black leather to the right and left, from the back to a tinted window at the front where the driver was. Above their were little lights in the lining of the ceiling, they glowed a red-pink colour and changed ever so slightly; it made the entire limo look like something out of a romantic movie or as Paul thought – it looked like something overpaid men used to go to burlesque balls.

Laura couldn’t contain her excitement despite the awkwardness she felt between her and Paul. Her mind kept roaming to the endless pleasures she was about to face.

To the sea of ecstasy that Alexander would bring her, she didn’t doubt he abilities in the bedroom for a moment and she couldn’t wait to find out for herself just how skilled he was.

The thoughts going through her mind left her damp in her seat but looking over to her boyfriend she also felt a slight sense of discomfort from enjoying those thoughts.
Paul poured himself a glass and then handed over the bottle to Laura without saying a word. Laura swiped the bottle from her boyfriend’s hand and took three large gulps of the stuff before it began to foam around the lid and she had to hold it to the side as it spilled out onto the leather.

She chuckled to herself and looked back at her boyfriend who still didn’t have the slightest smile painted on his face however Paul was deep in thought and didn’t notice how much his blank expression seemed to be affecting Laura, he was trying to make sense of the situation and trying to think what it was about Alexander that Laura got so excited about; if anything he was trying to think of ways to better himself for Laura so that in the future he could get her fired up the way she was tonight.

“Do you want to go back?” Laura finally managed to break the silence as the guilt grew heavier on her mind.

She felt its sluggish grip weighing her down and killing her mood; if he really wanted to stop then she would but she couldn’t help that Alexander was always going to be a person of interest.

Her words brought Paul out of his deep thought, he finally realized that for the last twenty minutes of their ride he’d been ignoring Laura who’d worked herself up into a state during that time and who had also managed to finish of the champagne on her own.

Filled with drunken courage she leapt over to Paul, spreading her legs apart and riding on his crotch. She placed her lips on his – the champagne transferring from her tongue to his own and she began to forcefully kiss her boyfriend.

Paul was slightly taken aback by his girlfriend’s sudden burst of arousal; he slowly pulled his head away from her and looked up at her as she came close to tears on his knees. Gently he brushed Laura’s blonde locks away from her face and smiled.

He realized that she still cared – she wouldn’t be like this is she didn’t; this was just something she had to do and after placing a gentle, warm kiss on her lips and lowering her beside him on the leather seats, Paul reassured her

“I’m sort of looking forward to it.”

He wasn’t sure if he was or not but with those words now lingering in Laura’s mind he knew she could go into this and do what she needed to do without regret.

The couple began to get restless as the journey had been over an hour long and they hadn’t heard a word from the two men sat in the front.

Laura’s mind was at ease as cuddled up to her boyfriend, her head on his shoulder and her arm locked with his however Paul’s mind was going to all conclusions – What if this was some cult? What if they were in danger? He’d always been the over-thinker of the relationship but this time it really showed. He got up and made his way to the tinted window, banging on it and asking the men what was going on.

“We’ve been back here for over an hour, what’s happening?”

As his first went to meet the glass once more the window began to pull down and Paul almost hit the guy facing him.

He sat back on the edge of the leather couch and looked at the man who had somehow gotten changed in the front seat, he was now wearing a mask the likes of which we worn at fancy balls.

Confused Paul continued to question what was happening and eventually the man in-front managed to get a response out without being interrupted.

“You should put these on, Alexander wants tonight to a little more fun than usual.” He handed back two masks similar to his own, one black and one white. Immediately Laura went for the black mask without question, red and white
just wouldn’t work for her and Paul was left with the white mask which he hesitantly placed over his face.

Almost instantly the car halted and the sound of the doors unlocking echoed throughout, the drivers removed themselves from the front and both took a door to the right and left, letting the couple out after their long journey to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.

A manor in the middle of a forest at the end of a dirt path. Laura looked on in amazement and Paul continued to question their safety; it was like something from fiction, something so surreal that Laura’s excitement got the best of her and she went walking off towards the door without waiting for her boyfriend.

She burst through into a hall filled with people wearing masks, black and white chest-board styled flooring with red drapes hanging in the door ways and a dim, elegant lighting that bathed the entire place in a the same pinkish colour the limo had. Classical music played in the background and laughter filled the halls along with a groaning sound that ran through Laura’s ears right away – the sound of pleasure from somewhere deep in the manor.

Paul slowly followed, the moment he walked through the manor doors they were shut behind him by the men that had driven them there – who then proceeded into the manor and vanished into the crowd. Everyone was paired up, they were all couples with either a black or white mask on and their partner wearing the opposite.

This was undoubtedly a place of high quality with only the finest socialites entering its halls. Little did Laura know that among the crowd were politicians, celebrities and government officials; that’s why the masks were needed.

It was a secret getaway that everyone seemed to indulge in but was never spoken of outside the walls of the manor. It just happened – every weekend – no exceptions.

Two half-spiral staircases lead up to a platform on the upper floor which several men in their black and white masks stood gazing down at everyone.

One of them held his glass into the air and within an instant every person in that room stopped speaking, the laughter halted, the people paused and all that was left were those moans of joy that you could hear if you listened hard enough.

“Welcome to the third-hundred anniversary weekend at our manor. Tonight is a special night as we celebrate the secrecy of our pleasurable affairs and also welcome new guests.” Suddenly all eyes fell on Laura and Paul who now stood side by side in awe of all that was going on around them. They couldn’t do anything apart from look at the man who was putting on a deeper voice than his actual one – although it all fell into a role that everyone seemed to be playing; no one wanted to let on who they were.

“Remember everyone, no names, just pleasure and may we continue to enjoy our gatherings forever more.” Pauls fears of this being a cult were beginning to brew more and more; he was close to grabbing Laura and running out of the place but Laura was too busy watching the man who had spoken out.

BOOK: The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)
6.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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