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BOOK: The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)
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She knew who it was right away, her heart pounded faster and the air grew thick. Alexander continued to walk down from the upper level and quickly approached the couple, grabbing Laura by the hand and dragging her into one of many of the rooms that lead away from the main hall, Paul followed like a lost-puppy not knowing what to say or do and the moment they reached what appeared to be a study Alexander shut the door behind them and removed his mask.

“I’m sorry about that; the theatrics get the regulars going. You know they pay a pretty penny to come here.” He appeared to be more informal now, more himself; the Alexander Laura recognized and craved.

What is this?” Paul was confused; he was beyond confused.

This whole place was a giant pit for sexual fantasies, it was a den of lust and joy but beyond anything he imagined when he agreed to this.

He was scared and worried for Laura who seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much for his liking.

“I know it must seem unworldly to you now but I promise you this isn’t a shady place. It’s essentially a social gathering, a club in which upper-class people meet and chat and drink and if anything beyond that happens then they’re welcome to use one of the many rooms. We put on little balls and themes every weekend. It keeps them coming back; it allows people to live out fantasies and takes them away from their stressful lives. Surely you can understand that?”

Laura felt like she was back in one of his lectures, she was stood there nodding, gazing into his bottomless brown eyes and biting her bottom lip as she became aroused at his passionate speech.

Two: Release


Alexander managed to calm Paul down who had been on edge since the ride over. The three of them removed their masks and spent a short while in the study room discussing how this place was founded and who it belonged to.


Alexander was merely the face of the ball, he was the man who stood and spoke but the people who owned the building were nothing more than business men looking to make a quick profit.

There was a chain of these ‘clubs’ throughout the country and each was host to rich couples wanting a night of freedom. The more Alexander talked it down the more Paul found himself sinking into the comfort of an armchair with ease, the soft-red fur on the cushions gently brushing against him and the wine in his hand which Alex had offered easing his nerves more-so.

It’d been about another ten minutes of awkward conversation before Paul stood to his feet and was prepared to go through with this.

Suddenly the door to the room burst open at within an instant Alexander threw his mask back on. A blonde woman came in giggling to herself with a drink in her hand, Alexander sighed with relief as he removed the mask from his face once more and greet the woman by pulling her in by her behind and shoving his tongue down her throat.


It was Bunny, the blonde woman Alexander took to dinner and it seemed she was wearing an even shorter skirt than she had been earlier. Laura knew that there was nothing under that fabric and Alexander went as far as to even run his hands up her legs in-front of both Laura and Paul.

“I’ve been looking for you.” The woman seemed to be speaking to Paul who got up nervously from the armchair, he looked to Laura who was actually excited to be rid of him – she was waiting for her chance to be with Alexander and she gave him a nod to show that it was okay for the two of them to leave.

They both placed their masks back on and headed out into the manor to explore – there were many rooms with many themes and Bunny knew exactly where she wanted to take Paul. The woman wasted no time in getting what she wanted.

Both Laura and Alexander stood there for a moment smiling at one another, this was it, the moment she’d been waiting for and her heart couldn’t contain itself from raging inside of her. Every inch of her being was screaming at her to jump on him, he may have been her lecturer outside of this manor but as he’d stated this was an escape from reality.

She took her chance; she pressed up against him and slapped her ruby lips on his own. She didn’t care anymore, she wanted him, she needed him and she wasn’t going to back down.

His lips tasted of whisky, his skin smelt of cigarettes and the throbbing that began to happen instantly in his pants was even more complimenting than Laura had been imagining it. He grabbed her forcefully and rammed the girl up against the wall, she’d turned him on with her bold and to-the-point actions but Alexander was going to show her that he was the one in charge. He pulled her hair back and used his lips to graze her neck as she stood moaning, lingering in the moment she’d been waiting for her for ages.

His hand was sliding up her legs and to his surprise he could feel a lack of fabric between her thighs; inspired by Bunny Laura decided to go natural under her dress.

Just as Laura could feel the man’s thick, rough hand begin to brush over her aching hole he stopped and moved his tongue to her ear.

“Let’s have a little venture around shall we?” She didn’t know why he was stopping now but she wasn’t going to deny Alexander either; they both quickly put their masks back on and he dragged her away into a maze of hallways.

As she passed through the many doors Laura noticed things inside, through the cracks of one she saw a man spread out on a wall and a woman whipping his bare behind. He was crying out for more as she hurled abusive words at him but he seemed to enjoy it; Laura soon grasped that this place had something for everyone and she was curious as to where Alexander would take her.

In another room she saw two woman as they both pleasured a young, blonde guy. He was lay back with one woman sat right at his face and the other wrapping her mouth around his throbbing member, they were wearing middle-eastern styled gowns whereas the man was completely naked, crying out muffled moans from beneath the woman he was eating and she seemed to be loving every second of it.

The door was wide open because anyone was free to join – most of the doors in the manor were left this way because it was a place everyone felt they could express their sexual desires without being judged.

The halls were littered with men and women dragging one another into different rooms, some stood around holding their glasses of alcohol and chatting until someone else came along and rammed their tongue down their throat; it was a place of complete freedom and lust.

Just being here turned Laura on; when she first got this attraction to her lecturer at the college she never imagined she’d find herself somewhere like this. It was surreal but it was the most exciting thing to ever happen to her and she was loving every minute of it.

Finally Alexander dragged Laura into a room, a dark room with a dim light and red-velvet walls. Everything was carpeted all the way up to the ceiling with its little dotted light bulbs that shone through the fur and left a reddish canvas illuminating the room.

There was a series of toys littering the floor and a mattress in the middle, Laura looked around and couldn’t believe the size of some of the objects that were meant for women; she didn’t know what to expect from Alexander but she wasn’t expecting this.

Now she was about to see the true colours of her long-time crush and he was going to make sure it was a night she’d never forget.

This was it; this was the moment she wanted so badly. Laura’s body was thrown playfully but harshly to the mattress. Alexander got between her legs and ripped them open, tearing her little, red dress right up the middle and revealing her excited, damp hole that was oozing at the sight of the man. He looked down to it and spat, rubbing his saliva in with his fingers and causing Laura to scream out with joy. He was dirty, rough and wanted to make her beg for it. He was in control and Laura wouldn’t have it any other way.

She dug her hands into the carpet either side of her as he continued to rub over her moist lower body, slapping his hand down between her thighs and rubbing his fingers up inside her whilst his free hand scratched at her leg.

Laura tried pulling Alexander down for a kiss but he on the way he grabbed a hold of the cleavage to her red dress and proceeded to tear that down the middle as well, the rips met at the centre of Laura’s body and suddenly the dress was nothing more than a sheet of red fabric that fell under her as the sides spread out across the mattress.

She was bare, no bra, no thong, just erect nipples and a hole that was begging to be pleased. This is how she’d pictured it, this is what she’d wanted all along.

He sunk his teeth into her tender flash, lowering his head down to her erect breasts and ravishing the squealing Laura as she lay there with her heart bursting against her chest and her claws firmly placed in the mattress.

His tongue licked, his mouth sucked and his lips left little trails of saliva every time he pulled away to take a gaze at the woman he’d been making cry with joy. Alexander had always had a thing for Laura, he’d always wanted to pull her skirts up during class and pound her in front of everyone.

He wanted to make me scream and beg and moan. He was rock-hard at the thought of it, his shaft was pulsating as he watched her eyes water from his teasing and he couldn’t get enough. Running his lips back up her body he forcefully rammed his tongue down her throat and battled with her own as his hands cupped her breasts and the gaps in his fingers squeezed on her nipples until they stung.

Not only was Laura enjoying the physical actions preformed on her but her mind kept wondering back to all those dreams she’d had and all those times she’d drifted off into a world where Alexander impaled her with his shaft.

Tightening her eyes and gasping for air Laura drifted into a blissful state as Alexander continued to use his rough tongue on her skin, his lips now working their way back down her body and his hands following soon after – making sure to get another squeal from Laura’s sensitive breasts before finally reaching her inner thighs and making sure the woman was spread out.

He lifted up her legs so that her back arched on the mattress and her knees dangled over his shoulders, hoisted half into the air she gulped as she saw Alexander’s mouth moving closer and closer; she only peaked for a moment before turning to tightened eyes so that she could experience the whole thing through her sensitive skin rather than sight. Sure-enough the man that had been teaching her all year was about to get an exam of his own from Laura, he wasted no time in toying with her willing hole and rammed his entire tongue straight inside of her.

Laura cried out for her lecturer, she begged for more instantly and she could feel her thighs trembling at the intensity of the brushes from his rough, wet tongue. The older man seemed to have plenty of experience in working young women to the point of climax and he wasn’t going to stop until Laura had spilled her last drop.

His tongue slithered inside her like a wild snake, it brushed against the sides, it worked its way to the back and it made her cry out as euphoria sunk in. Laura was scratching at her sides, lifting her hands up and cheering him on; she was completely at his mercy and she loved it. She couldn’t contain herself, her breaths getting shorter, her thighs trembling beside Alexander’s face and a feeling of climax rushing out of nowhere.

She was close, she was about to lose herself and he showed no signs of letting up.
Laura began screaming his name, over and over she cried out for Alex to eat her, to devour and consume every last bit of her hole. She burst and was left dripping let, Alexander’s lips lapping up all of her fluids and as he pulled away Laura could see her juices rolling down his chin. She was soaking, shaking; it was the best she’d ever had and it wasn’t over yet.

As Laura’s thighs were still trickling with her juices Alexander flipped her over onto her front and pulled her up on her knees; she was too weak to use her hands so she lay there with her head on the mattress and her behind in the air.

Suddenly she screamed out as she felt a long, thick object slowly sliding inside her still-sore hole, Alexander had grabbed one of the toys from the floor and soon a buzzing soon echoed through the room as Laura’s hole was being pleasured rapidly. It almost hurt her as she felt so exhausted from being eaten but soon enough the pleasure started flowing back through her body and as Alex got her to grab a hold of the toy herself he began to use his fingers on her other hole – the tighter one which hadn’t been toyed with yet.

Alexander began to spit on her again, rubbing his saliva into her tight behind as Laura used all her strength to hold the object vibrating inside of her; she couldn’t keep it up for long as her position made her arm ache and as her hand fell so did the toy, it vibrated onto the ground which caused a sigh from Alex’s lips.

He grabbed it and rammed it right back into her, shoving it as deep as it could go and causing Laura’s eyes to water as she took the massive toy until she was being forced up the mattress because it was stretching her too much. She cried out for Alexander to ease up a little and the older man began chuckling to himself; he wanted to push her to her limits and it looked like he had, turning his student over again Alexander gave Laura that gentle kiss she needed, he moved around to her ear as he held the toy in his hand and used the other to brush away her hair.

“Do you want more?” His words were intoxicating, he saw how tired she was but he was only just getting started and not wanting to upset her lecturer Laura quietly nodded. She took a moment to catch her breath and flipped her body back over, getting on all fours and holding her behind steady in the air as her breasts gently swayed against the mattress.

Alexander continued to slowly tease the aching woman in-front of him. Laura didn’t know how long she’d last with him using objects on her – ones too big for her to take. She needed a moments rest but if she stopped now she knew it might ruin the moment and she was determined to see this through to the end no matter how much sweat was dripping from her breasts as she hung on all fours.

“Fuck me.” She roared the words, she no longer wanted to be teased or toyed with. Her body was aching, her legs trembled and little beads of sweat were dripping down from her neck to the tips of her nipples.


She wanted what she’d been craving for so long – she wanted Alexander inside of her.

The man chuckled; he was loving every moment of it. Alexander could see her eagerness, he saw how much she wanted him and he was going to reward her for it. The sound of his zipper echoed and sent shivers up Laura’s spine as she took a breath to prepare herself.

Soon enough she could feel the tip of his erect, throbbing shaft pressing up against her exhausted, sore hole as she still dripped from his actions before.

As he rubbed over her tight behind he moved in closer, pushing his rock-hard manhood gently into the stretched out Laura who began moaning instantly.

Soon enough every inch of Alexander had driven into her body and as she cried out into the air he brought his hand down with fury on her behind and left a stinging, red mark as he started to thrust away.

BOOK: The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)
6.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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