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Over and over he slapped Laura’s flesh and over and over she cried out for more. Her entire body was breaking down but she couldn’t stop now – not now that she’d finally gotten her dream and it was better than she’d ever imagined.

Alexander was sinking his claws into her skin on her soft and delicate behind that was now painted red from the hand makes he’d left on it, she felt it burning with the stings of his slaps but she found herself enjoying the painful pleasure and calling out for him to do it harder; her calls were not unheard.

With his throbbing member pulsating inside her slippery, wet hole Alexander felt himself getting closer and closer, he’d built up such excitement when teasing the younger woman that he was just about ready to explode but he wasn’t going to do it until he’d brought her back to the point of climax too.

Fortunately Laura’s body had been building itself back up, her cries, her sweat, her juices; everything aroused her and made pulled her to the brink of explosion.

She couldn’t hold herself up much longer and as she felt a second wave of euphoria about to burst between her thighs she collapsed with trembling hands and once again only her behind was held in the air – forced up by Alexander’s grip and throbbing shaft buried deep inside her.

The moment he felt her liquids pouring out between her legs Alexander roared as he shot a hot, thick, warm seed deep into Laura’s aching body.

It poured into her and filled her up, spraying so much that half of it began trickling down her legs as her body couldn’t contain it all.

Almost instantly Alexander removed himself and turned the spent woman over; panting and gasping for air the two of them locked lips with Alexander’s tongue doing most of the work.

Laura had finally gotten her dream; she’d finally had the man she’d wanted and he was even better than she thought.

Three: Satisfied


Somewhere in another room of the large manor, past countless hall of laughter and moans of pleasure; Paul stood against a furry wall with Bunny on her knees. He had his throbbing shaft down her throat as she kneeled up bare-skinned working it over with her tongue. Taking every inch back like she had with many men before and then bringing it back to the tip before repeating.

As Paul’s cries grew louder he looked down the dirty blonde. He found that he could be someone different when he wasn’t with Laura, he didn’t care what he said or how he seemed to this woman because it was only this once and then he never had to speak to her again. That sort of power and dismissal gave Paul great confidence which he’d never had before.

“I want it on your face, open up.” He grabbed his shaft and jerked it over the woman’s lips. She gladly obliged to do as he told her and kept her tongue out. Paul’s moans growing louder with each passing moment, she’d been down on him for almost twenty minutes and he was just about ready to shoot right across her face.

Suddenly thick, hot ropes of his creamy juice sprayed out across Bunny’s face. She was licking her lips and moaning out as his fluids coated her; he’d never shot so much before. However the moment his climax had finished Paul only wanted to leave the woman behind and return to Laura who he knew would’ve gotten her fantasies fulfilled by now.

Without saying a word Paul pulled his trousers back up and left the moaning Bunny unfinished and covered in his seed; this however was a huge turn on to the woman and she flew on her back savouring the taste on her lips and running her hand down between her thighs.

Both Laura and Paul had spent a good while in the manor, both of them turning to others for pleasures they thought they’d never get and after they were spent they found themselves only craving one more thing – each other. Paul was the first to return to the entrance hall which was now empty.

He could see the sun rising through the extravagant glass wall which was where the double-doors sat. He silently took a seat on one of the steps from the two-staircases and awaited Laura’s return; he didn’t feel guilty for what he had done with the blonde Bunny but he did feel like he’d changed somehow.

The way he got with her was something he’d never done before and a part of him liked it – he thought maybe if he took that dominating attitude back to the bedroom with Laura then maybe she’d find herself craving him more. It turned out that this experience wasn’t as bad as Paul imagined; he’d actually learnt a thing or two.

Soon enough Laura came walking into the room holding her torn red dress around her like a towel. Alexander had ventured further into the manor – not quite completely satisfied he would continue to enter many different rooms as he did each weekend and make many women very happy.

With her dream finally realized Laura didn’t need to say anything except hold out her hand to Paul who wasn’t surprised at the sweaty sight of his girlfriend. The two of them walked to the doors, took a deep breath and started their journey home together. They’d come to the manor unsure and left knowing that despite their other desires they could make it through the worst and weirdest of situations.

Not much was said that night but not much needed to be said. They checked out of the hotel early and continued to their own bed where the two lay hand in hand until Sunday came. Laura was up early because she had a paper to write – a book entitled temptation which Alexander had set her for the weekend.

She almost forgot the man was her lecturer when she was pining over him but now with her needs satisfied she could see things clearly. It wasn’t that the attraction had left Laura however she wasn’t drawn in uncontrollably like she was the previous day.

Hours past and she sat at her laptop reliving every moment of the manor. She wrote down within her fiction how a woman was drawn to her teacher and how he barbarically impaled her gaping hole and made her beg for more.

She recalled everything, not adding or taking away a single moment of her memorable night but instead changing everyone’s names and the location of the manor. Laura found herself able to write what she thought was a decent short-story and one in which told of her attraction to Alexander in-depth. She’d finally discovered the reason she was so drawn to him to begin with; it was temptation itself.

Her upbringing bathed Alex in the devil’s light and something inside Laura craved that however once she’d lived out her fantasy she looked towards her life and couldn’t imagine leaving Paul for anyone. The club had been a fun time for the both of them but it was only fun because it was fresh and neither of them planned on spending their lives there like the other members.

The rest of her weekend slipped away from her and to make up for the night they’d spent being pleasured by others both Paul and Laura sat down for a late-dinner, her book was finished and he had a question for her; one in which came at an odd time although the timing never felt more perfect.

Paul dined her, he wined her and then he dropped to one knee with the promise of always being there for her even if she chooses to spend her time at that manor – as long as he could too. Laura agreed without hesitation and without tears; it wasn’t the perfect –fairy tale proposal but to Laura it was perfect.

The two of them spent the night in the bedroom and Paul tried out his new found confidence. He bent Laura over and slapped her behind just as hard as Alexander had, Laura in return moaned just as much.

The two of them had picked up a few tricks from their adventurous weekend which left them feeling more secure with one another. There wasn’t a doubt in Laura’s mind that she’d ever get bored of Paul again, the moment he had her screaming as she bounced on his manhood she knew that he would be anything she wanted whenever she wanted.

The night soon turned back to day and Laura prepared herself for what may be an awkward encounter. She returned to her routine and felt reality setting back in. She showered; she dressed in a blue cardigan that hugged her hips and a short, black skirt that showed off her thighs when it flowed in the wind.

She clutched her books up against her breast and now she had a bright diamond accompanying her outfit on her finger. She was ready to face another Monday morning at college; giving her fiancé a kiss goodbye before going off to hand in her work. 

Laura soon found herself back outside the classroom where this had all began, this time her nervous were getting the best of her and her heart wasn’t thumping away at her ribs. She was calm as she took a seat at the front of the lecture hall and listened to one of Alexander’s speeches.

The man kept looking towards her reliving the moments in which he had her at his mercy; he even made the odd remark regarding temptation and how it could be staring at you without you even noticing to which Laura ended up laughing to herself.

With everyone soon scattering to leave and Laura holding her paper to turn in, the two of them found themselves alone in the room and
Alexander had a proposal of his own to make.

“So you and Paul got home okay?” He was making small-talk, he wasn’t really sure how Laura would react to what had happened at the weekend but she was fine with everything. In-fact she was more than fine, she was glad that this temptation had been resolved, that she got what she wanted and it would no longer consume her every waking moment. She still found herself incredibly attracted to the man however she had it under her control.

Laura nodded and held out her paper, Alexander took it from her smiling to himself the moment he saw the word ‘manor’ within the first few lines. He knew exactly what this was going to be and he couldn’t wait to relive those precious moments he made with his young student.

Alexander soon noticed the new-found diamond on Laura’s finger and came out with the conditional response that everyone did.
“Congratulations.” Laura found it a little odd that he was congratulating her on account of what happened between them but then she realized that he must’ve been in those situations often. Most of the people who joined that club were married, some had children but as long as it happened within the walls of the manor it didn’t count.

With not much left to say to one another other than ‘see you tomorrow’ Alexander stopped Laura before leaving and handing out a card. She took it and looked to find it was a membership card for one couple.

“If you ever want to see me away from here, feel free.” With that Laura could finally get back to living her life always with the knowledge that she could give into desire every once in a while – so long as Paul could pay his dirty blonde another visit as well.

Epilogue: Repeat

A few months later…

Laura walked into the lecture hall, she took her seat and awaited the arrival of Alexander who had never been late before. The class grew restless waiting for the man who they all enjoyed listening to however the person coming down the stairs and standing before them appeared to be someone different entirely.

Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall and with a bright, white smile. He was in his late twenties and a fresh face for all.

“I’ll be taking Alexander’s place for the rest of the year, I know you all cherished Mr. Harmon and I promise I’ll do my best to live up to his name. He’s off vacationing at the moment and it turns out he quite enjoyed the Caribbean and doesn’t plan on coming back for the next couple of months despite the college’s pleas.” Laura laughed to herself as the man with a lovely Irish accent began to talk.

She looked on at him as he began to teach the lesson, her heart started beating faster, the air around her thickened and her mind started drifting to a world in which the two of them were alone. She noticed something hanging in the man’s top shirt pocket in which pens usually reside; a little white card that was for members of a specific club only.

Laura knew her book entitled temptation was about to get its sequel.




This is the second story about Laura, you can read the first part in:

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Jenya opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out, only a slow tr
ickle of the jizz that covered her throat. It slid out past her lips to puddle on the floor, as if she were vomiting cum.

Her face was drenched in cum and sweat, and her tits were still mostly c
overed, too. It felt to her like there was nothing but being fucked, that her life before the gangbang had been a dream, and the only thing that was real, was to have her body penetrated over and over by lots of hard, cumming cocks.

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Stranger Obsession


“Yeah, suck that cock… oh my… stop… oh god… stop… please.”

I had no intention of letting him go from my oral embrace, and then he grunted and groaned, as his seed splashed against the surface of my tongue. It pooled there, and then I opened up my mouth so that he could see his load, before throwing my head back and swallowing everything that he gave me.

It was delicious, and I squeezed his shaft to get every single drop. It didn't surprise me that his cock didn't go down, and in fact was still as hard as granite and ready for more.

“WOW, you are fucking amazing.” His hair was sticking to his forehead, and I could see this fine sheen of sweat dripping down his chest and over his very impressive six-pack abdominals.

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BOOK: The Professor: Stranger Addiction (Private Lessons)
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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