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He bent his head and took my lips in a kiss
so carnal it chased every last trace of cold right out of me. Thick, powerful
fingers dug into my ass and waist while lips both strong and soft plundered my

I opened eagerly, drinking in the
sensations as his tongue speared into me, seeking, searching, claiming me as
his own. He tasted faintly of coffee and something sweet, but mostly he just
tasted male. I licked my tongue along his, learning the shape and texture of
him as he probed. My hands were trapped by the blanket, but I wiggled them
until I could bring them up between us, flat against the sides of his broad
masculine chest.

“Are you warm yet?” His rapid breaths
caressed my cheek when he drew his mouth from mine.

I nodded and arched my spine, thrusting my
hips against his as far as I could.

Evan groaned. After a few jerky movements
of his hands, our blanket cocoon loosened. It still covered us both, but my
bare butt met the woollen rug below. Fine with me. I ignored the rough fibre
and concentrated on the smooth skin of Evan’s shoulders beneath my palms.

His next kiss was gentle, almost sweet. Our
lips touched, retreated, touched again, then slowly moved against one another.
Evan rolled me over to my back, holding himself on his side so one hand was
free to explore. Callused fingers traced up my side and back down my arm as
softly as a feather in the wind.

I didn’t want soft and gentle. My skin had
become one giant erogenous zone, and I wanted to feel him everywhere. I reached
down and clasped his iron-hard cock in one fist.

“Mmm.” He made a little sound of pleasure
as I moved my hand up and down the length of his shaft. He was bigger than
anyone I’d ever been with. My fingers didn’t even come close to meeting where
they wrapped around him, and there would have been plenty of room for both
hands on him length-wise.

He returned the favour by leaning down to
circle one of my nipples with the tip of his tongue. Now it was my turn to hum.
Of course, I lifted the blanket with my free hand and looked down to watch. The
dark pink nubbin was still peaked from the cold and hypersensitive. His eyelids
drooped, but his gaze was intense as he watched himself paint the tip of my
breast with moisture.

I may have whimpered. I’m not proud of it,
but the need that racked me was that powerful. I know I squeezed down on his
shaft and lifted my chest to push myself closer to his mouth. He met my
unspoken request and sucked my nipple into his mouth. His cock pumped into my
hand as his powerful thigh muscles pulsed. Damn, he’d gotten even bigger and
harder. There was a brief flash of concern that he wasn’t going to fit in my
pussy, but then he used his tongue to press my nipple against the roof of his
mouth and started to suckle. Anything resembling clear thought scattered like
pine needles in the stormy wind outside the cabin.

The blanket enclosed us in our own private
world. All that was left was sensory overload. I closed my eyes to concentrate
on the touches and scents. His hands were big and callused but amazingly
gentle. He smelled of lemon soap and musky male, just faintly overlain with
pine from the woods. His rough, hairy legs rasped against my thighs, the crisp
fur on his chest caressing my tummy. Pleasure skittered along every one of my
nerve endings and made all the little hairs on my body stand up straight.

“Your skin is like satin,” he murmured in a
bass so deep it was almost sub-sonic. He switched his mouth to the other breast
which had been feeling neglected. “And you taste like heaven.”

His tongue teased the nipple into a
pinpoint of arousal, and one hand stroked down the skin of my belly. He traced
the crease of each thigh and combed his fingers through my trimmed curls before
moving to cover my aching sex. I moaned his name and arched up into his touch.

“Holy shit, Hannah!” He sucked in a deep
breath when two thick fingers slid between my drenched folds. I gave a needy
little whimper at the sensation of stretched fullness. “I know this is a bad
idea, but I need to be inside you. Now.”

“Hell yes!”

I expected him to just part my legs and
come down on top of me. I would have gladly welcomed his weight, heavy though
he was. I’m not a fragile little thing, and somewhere in the back of my mind
was the thought that my body was specifically designed to take him. Instead he
rolled to his back, bringing me, still wrapped in the blanket, above him. My
legs instinctively opened to straddle his hips, bringing the branding iron of
his erection right to the slick, puffy flesh of my sex.

I rose up on my hands while he used one of
his to position his cock at my entrance. He rubbed the tip around, coating
himself with my juices and spreading my lips wide around him. My stomach
muscles clenched and quivered in wicked anticipation of that long, thick rod
filling my empty channel. I circled my hips, waiting. He removed his hand and
flexed his spine, pushing upward and into me in one strong thrust.

“Yes!” My scream echoed his fierce shout.

He held himself still, impaled to the
balls. I’d never been stuffed so full in my life, and nothing had ever felt
quite so perfect. He filled every nook and cranny I hadn’t known was there,
until it seemed as if he was a part of me, not just in my pussy, but under my
skin everywhere, head to toe. I rotated my hips against him and dug my fingers
into the solid muscle of his shoulders. They barely dented the skin. Was he a
bodybuilder? Male model? The questions buzzed in my head, but at the moment,
they paled in importance. All that really mattered was the slow, delicious
friction of his cock as he started to move.

“Fuck!” His eyes, a glorious milk-chocolate
brown, rolled back in his head as his hips pumped slowly.

“Uh-huh.” I lifted and lowered with every
stroke, meeting him halfway.

Evan leaned up and captured one nipple with
his mouth then rolled the other between his thumb and index finger. He suckled
and pinched in time to the fierce beat of his cock pounding my pussy. The storm
outside dimmed in comparison to the one that happened between us. The pace
accelerated until I lost all track of time, place, everything. Nothing was real
except for the man beneath me, his massive organ pounding into me while his
talented hands and lips drove me ever higher.

Then he stopped. With a loud groan, he let
go of my breasts and pulled out of me. The immediate sense of loss made me want
to cry. My body had been ratcheting towards orgasm. To stop now would be
unmitigated torture. Before I could complain, though, or even whimper, he
lifted me with those big strong hands and flipped me over to lie on my stomach,
almost as if I weighed no more than a feather.
A girl could get
used to a guy like this. I wiggled my ass, waiting for him to take me again.
Either hole would have been fine.

Warm lips traced a damp line down my spine.
I decided,
we can go with this instead
. When he reached the
crack of my ass, he didn’t stop. He just slid his hands below my hips and
lifted me onto my knees, with my chest still pressed into the carpet. Then his
tongue slid down the crack of my ass all the way to my dripping wet pussy
before it speared inside.

“Incredible.” His growl was barely
intelligible. He lapped at me like a starving animal, licking and sucking and
tasting every ridge and crevice. He delved into my channel then traced the
lines of my labia and circled my clit. His mouth latched onto that
over-stimulated nub and sucked. I came with a scream, a fresh rush of cream
coating his lips and tongue.

He continued the onslaught until I’d
settled just a bit. As soon as I was breathing, he rose up on his knees behind
me and speared me with his cock. I screamed again, aftershocks of orgasm
pulsing through my system at the taut fullness. This position took him even
deeper with every stroke. His heavy balls slapped against my sensitised mound
as he pistoned hard in and out of my channel. My internal muscles held and gripped
him, adding to the friction, and before long, I was climbing again, aiming for
an even higher peak this time.

I clutched at the carpet with both hands,
sobbing with the pleasure. The force of his thrusts rubbed my chest against the
rug, dragging my swollen nipples along the rough nap. Even that felt good. I
strained backward, trying to take more of him, all of him, everything he was
willing to give me. No one had ever been this deep and I’d never in my life
been so aroused.

“Fuck!” His growl sent shivers down my
spine. Yeah, it was repetitive, but I didn’t mind. He could have been reciting
the dictionary in Klingon for all I cared. As long as he didn’t stop what he
was doing.

He bent low over me and lifted my shoulders
so I was up on my hands as well as my knees. Even better, now just the very
tips of my nipples brushed the rug with every movement. Yum.

His chest pressed against my back, and he
nuzzled the nape of my neck. Spasms started deep in my womb as the arousal
ratcheted up yet another notch. I felt his body stiffen as his strokes got
shorter and harder. He was close, too. I pushed my hips up as far as I could,
welcoming him in.

His teeth were gentle as he grazed my ear
and throat, but it was definitely teeth. I whimpered again. It was just that good.

With one last wordless roar, he sank his
teeth into the muscle where my neck and shoulder meet.

I screamed and came, so hard I literally
saw stars. My arms and legs gave out. I’d have fallen to the carpet but for the
strong arms that held me fast as Evan slammed into me one last time and let go
himself. Long hot splashes filled my body, over and over again. When the
spurting finally stopped, he softly kissed the bite mark on my shoulder and
eased us back to the carpet.

We lay spooned, his cock still half-hard
and tucked inside my pussy. The last thing I felt was him pulling the blanket
up around us both. Then, like a kitten exhausted from playing too hard, I fell
asleep in his arms.




Chapter Three

The next time I woke, really fully awoke, I
was in a bed. It took me a minute to figure that out. At first, all I sensed
was warmth. Then scent kicked in and my head reeled at the pungent smell of man
and sex. When my ears started working, they picked up a low chuffle that turned
into a snore. That made me open my eyes.

Sunlight trickled through a gap in the
calico curtains. The room was familiar. The cabin only had one bedroom other
than a big open sleeping loft. I was in the big rough-hewn pine bed my
grandfather had built, covered by the blue and green patchwork quilt my
grandmother had sewn—surrounded by things I’d known since birth. The man
snoring beside me, however, wasn’t someone I’d known all my life. It took a
second for the memories of the night before to solidify in my brain.


I remembered his name, Evan Maddox. I
remembered everything—the storm, finding him here, running away, the bears…

Holy shit, the bears!
How had he gotten me away from the grizzly? Last night, I hadn’t
bothered to ask.

But somehow he had.

I studied the man who lay sprawled on his
back beside me in the bed. He was huge, easily over six and a half feet tall
and built like a linebacker. A heavy beard shadowed his square jaw. His chest
and arms were generously covered with ash-brown hair. I remembered his eyes, a
vivid dark brown colour that radiated strength and sincerity. His hair was
tangled and sticking out in all directions. I picked up a strand. It was thick
and coarser than it looked, and even in the light of day, the ends had a
distinctly frosted look to them. Almost like the grizzly’s. No. Evan couldn’t
have been the bear. The thought that flitted across my mind then was just too
ludicrous to contemplate, so I let it go. One way or another, I owed Evan my
life after last night, not to mention a thank you for the best sex of my life.

I shifted slowly, trying not to wake him as
I slipped out of bed to head for the bathroom. He stirred when I pulled away
but settled right back into sleep.

I was stiff and sore, probably both from
the fall and the sex. One ankle hurt like hell and my hands still stung. I
looked down to see the scrapes had been cleaned, and the worst one sported a
bright pink bandage covered in teddy bears. One of my cousins with kids must
have left that behind in the bathroom. I vaguely remembered moving from the
floor to the bed sometime in the middle of the night. I think Evan had sat me
down on the toilet lid to tend to my wounds, after he’d cleaned me up in the
shower. A lump formed in my throat as I thought about his sweetness. How could
one guy be strong enough to rescue me from a grizzly, but gentle enough to kiss
away the pain on my scratched up hands? Then we’d gone to bed and had another
round of spontaneous combustion sex.

My backpack was waiting for me in the
bathroom, so I dug out my toothbrush and my birth control pills. Wouldn’t do to
forget those. They hadn’t been necessary in a long time, but today I was sure
glad I’d kept up on the prescription. Then I turned on the shower and stood
under the scalding spray.

Evan Maddox. Now that my brain had
de-fogged, I recognised the name. My brother Will was part-owner of Guardian
Security and Investigations. He had five partners: a friend from his Marine
Recon days, the friend’s two brothers, and their two cousins. All of them were
named Maddox. It was just like Will to lend one of his partners the key to the
cabin and forget to inform anyone else in the family that the place would be
occupied for the weekend.

I’d never met any of the Maddox family,
which was kind of funny, now that I thought about it. Granted, they all lived
in the
San Francisco
area while I spent most of
my time in
San Diego
but you’d think I’d have met the guys who’d been my brother’s closest friends
for the past eight years.

BOOK: Cindy Spencer Pape - [Guardian Investigations 01]
12.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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