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“Wow,” Howell observed. “Twist is still breathing,” he said to Arabel as if it were a complete impossibility.

“I'm going to go rum shopping,” she said, already backing away. “He might get over his shock any second and I don't want to get caught in the fallout.”

“Good idea,” Howell said, following her with Zayle.  Aden remained, watching Jonas and Twist carefully.

The shock began to dissipate from the fog, leaving something darker and more dangerous behind.  Twist looked to Jonas slowly as his certainty began to fade as well.  Myra was watching Jonas carefully, standing just out of arm's reach.  Twist pulled in his will and took his arm off of Jonas's shoulder, standing straight.

“Are you going to hit me now?”

“I don't know.  I'm sort of torn,” Jonas said softly, though the energy in Twist's neck was sparking like a live wire.

“Torn, you say?” Twist asked as pleasantly as he could under the circumstances.  The door wasn't far.  He could make a break for it, but he knew Jonas was faster than him.

To Twist's complete shock, Jonas broke into a laugh and reached out to slap Twist on the back. “You're hilarious when you're nervous,” he declared happily. “But don't call me that again,” he added with a point to Twist's nose. “If you were any other man, I'd leave you bleeding on the floor for such a remark.”

“So, you're coming, then?” Aden asked hopefully.

“Yes, fine, we're coming,” Jonas snapped at him.  Myra's face lit up with joy.  “But it's all her bloody fault,” he added, nodding to her.

“Oh!” Myra gasped, anger chasing the joy away in a flash.  She made a face and stuck her silver tongue out at him.  Despite the opaque goggles on his eyes, Jonas responded immediately in kind.  Aden reached up to rub at his brow.

“And Storm is the child...” he muttered softly.

Twist laughed and shook his head.  If Jonas heard Aden's remark, he didn't respond.  Aden then excused himself to make the preparations for their departure.

“Well,” Jonas said with a resigned sigh, once the three of them were left alone. “After all the chaos we just survived, I must say that the idea of a nice boring tour actually sounds rather good right now.”

“Oh, I agree,” Twist offered with an earnest nod.

“I wonder where we'll go next,” Myra said excitedly.

As she and Jonas began to speculate on their likely destinations, Twist couldn't keep the soft smile from his face.  No matter how much they went through, the three of them always returned to this casual and comfortable space.  Whatever happened from this point on, Twist knew for certain that he could handle it, so long as Myra and Jonas were with him.



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You have just finished the third book in the Clockwork Twist series, you intrepid darling, you.  I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did.  Keep your bags packed, and your passport handy, because this journey is far from over.  Twist's next adventure will be the most challenging and surprising one yet!  Be sure to join Twist, Myra, and Jonas in London for the next installment, Book Four: Missing, in 2015…


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The Clockwork Twist Series thusfar:

Book One: Waking

Book Two: Trick

Book Three: Dreamer

Book Four: Missing (2015)

BOOK: Clockwork Twist : Dreamer
13.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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