Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale

BOOK: Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale
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Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale

Copyright © 2012 by Lissa Matthews

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author except in the case of brief quotation embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Matt paced in frustration. He was as far inside the airport as current security regulations would allow. Once upon a time he could have met Grace at the gate, but those days were long gone. Now he had to rely on a text message from her as to when she got off the plane and where she was in proximity to him. It didn't help that her flight was late. Twenty three minutes to be exact and he hoped the churning in his gut was just nerves. Flying in winter could be dicey, especially since she was flying into Denver and a fresh blanket of snow had fallen over the last eight hours.

He also hoped he hadn't made a mistake. The idea for her to join him on his business trip was a big deal and he'd booked a flight for her before he could change his mind. He'd told her it was a Valentine's present when she questioned him, and in so many ways, it was. It was also scaring the shit out of him.

He and Grace had a unique relationship. Open. They had rules, especially around their emotional commitment to one another, and neither had broken them in the years they'd been together. He loved her completely and would for the rest of his life, but something was happening to him, something was changing inside him and the nature of their relationship had begun to bother him, especially since he was the only one that had taken advantage of the freedom in the last couple of years.

He'd never understood why she changed, why she stopped playing, but then, he'd never asked.

All he knew right now, in this moment, was that ever since he'd left Grace's bed earlier in the morning, he hadn't been able to stop wanting her, thinking of her. It was different this time too, this want. It wasn't going to simmer while they were apart. No, it was going to burn a hole in his gut until he was with her again.

The need for change had been building for months and today was the day it seemed ready to boil over. It was now or never.

A chance glance up at the monitors revealed that her flight had finally landed. "Thank God." His cell phone vibrated a few minutes later with a text telling him that she was on her way to meet him. He texted her back with his location and then stuffed his hands into his pockets. Waiting.

The first thing he saw when she rounded the corner was her uncertain smile. She scanned the area, and while he thought to go to her or wave or call out, he just stood there, rooted to the spot, but the minute he moved into her line of sight and she saw him, her smile widened and his cock grew another inch.

She was breathless when she stepped into his arms. "I can't believe I'm here with you."

"I'm glad you are though." And he was. Every doubt he'd had in the previous ten minutes faded with each new second that ticked by.

Ever so slightly, she nudged the V of her thighs against him. "Yes, it seems you are."

Matt laughed. The light in her eyes made him wonder what was going through her devilish mind. Did she think he'd brought her out to Denver just for sex, for more fucking? Not that he didn't plan on doing it all night and well into the morning, but that wasn't all.

He growled against her neck. "Come on before I take you right here in the middle of everyone."

"Oh we haven't done that in a long time," she teased.

"True, but, I'm not in the mood to be on display right now." He palmed her ass in his hands, lifting her on her toes, pulling her tight into his body until he could feel the head between her legs through both their jeans. "I want you all to myself."

She purred and nuzzled her nose under his jaw. "You might want to get us out of here then."

He bit back a groan when she licked his neck before lifting her head. Her green eyes sparkled with a whole lot of lust and an equal amount of love. He was amazed each and every time they were together at the open way she took him into her life, her heart, and her body. "Right. Let's go."

He slid his fingers through hers and they walked toward the entrance of the airport. The smell of her perfume, some little flowery coconut scent she always wore, teased him. He'd be lucky if he made it back to the car without putting her against a wall. In fact... Halfway between baggage claim and the walkway to the parking garage, he detoured and pulled her into a unisex bathroom, locking the door behind them.


"Changed my mind. Again. Bad damn habit I seem to be developing. Not waiting though. Get your jeans off," he said, unbuttoning his own and pulling his cock out. He advanced and backed her up to the counter and as soon as she got her jeans down, he was helping her onto the edge.

"It's wet, Matt."

"So's your pussy, darlin'." He pushed inside her and the only thought in his mind was that he was going to fuck her forever. He'd never possessed anything or anyone before, but this woman... It was one thing to know he possessed her, but quite another to actually feel it in the way she surrendered, to believe it.


She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. They locked lips and locked eyes and his hips pounded against hers.

A knock on the door brought their heads up.

Matt grunted but didn't slow his thrusting "Be out in a minute."

"Maybe we should..." she started to whisper.

"Maybe we shouldn't." Matt fisted her hair and brought her lips to his again in a hard kiss. His other hand slid under her and gripped her ass, holding her steady as he pistoned in and out of her sweet, hot sex.

"C'mon, hurry up," the man said from outside the door, banging on it.

Matt kept kissing her, kept fucking her until one, two, three and he was coming. He moaned into her mouth and came up for air as he pulled out of her. Looking down between their bodies then back up to her eyes, he grinned. "You got me all messy."

Grace grinned back at him. "Yes, yes I did and you left me wanting."

"I'll make it up to you."

"You better." There was no heat in her voice though. She knew he was good for it.

The banging on the door resumed. "I'm gonna call security, man!"

"Why doesn't he just use the men's room?" Matt laughed and helped Grace to the floor.

On wobbly legs, he righted his clothes and helped her with hers. He gathered her bag which had ended up on the floor in their haste. They were once again hand in hand as they left the bathroom Coming face to face with Mr. Impatient, Matt grinned. "It's all yours. And, you might want to watch out, there's a wet spot on the counter."

Beside him, Grace hooted in laughter and squeezed his fingers. Not for the first time, something about that small gesture, that small connection touched him in a way words couldn't describe.

Outside the airport, Matt ushered her to the company car waiting for them. "Shit, it's cold," she muttered through chattering teeth, shivering beside him.

Matt reached under his seat and opened a hidden compartment. "Hold on a sec." When he sat up, he had a blanket for her. She snatched it with shaking hands and draped it over her legs.

"You got me all wet and then it's so damn cold..."

He pulled her close, hopefully adding another layer of warmth."Thank you for coming to me," he whispered into her hair.

She snuggled against his chest and fit her head under his chin. "I have never been able to deny you anything, Matt. How could I start now? Especially, when you give me such delicious treats as public restroom fucks."

"Mmmm. I know." And he did. Whatever he asked, she gave. Whatever he wanted, she did her best to make happen.

"But since you brought it up, why am I here?"

"For delicious treats such as public restroom fucks."

Grace poked him in the ribs. "We could have done that when you got back home. What's the real reason?"

The truth. "I don't know yet," he said.

"Then I'll wait until you do know."

The rest of the ride to his hotel was made in silence. Grace relaxed in his arms, his cock was hard in his pants, and his heart kept skipping beats left and right. He couldn't seem to figure out what to do next, what to say. He was an emotional mess and no one in their right mind at this moment would believe he was the dominant partner in their relationship. He was tied in knots and nervous as hell. This was Grace, his Grace and though their relationship was an unconventional one, she'd never taken it that far without him and he was beginning to think, to feel, to know that it was time that he either let her go to find a man that would give her all that she deserved, or he needed to change, to make her the only one in his life. One on one, monogamous commitment scared the shit out of him for reasons even he didn't understand, but...compared to losing Grace? Well, was there really any comparison?

The city gleamed outside the windows as they drove through the streets of downtown Denver and she sat up to stare out at the lights and storefront decorations. Valentine's Day was tomorrow. "I had almost forgotten," she said absently.

They'd been together long enough that he knew what she was talking about. "I didn't."

"Is that why I'm here?"

Truth, again. "Maybe so, little girl. Maybe so."

Grace looked over her shoulder at him. "I don't know how you could top Valentine's from last year."

Matt grinned, giving a casual shrug of one shoulder. "I'm a creative sort."

"I can't argue with that."

Matt tugged her close for a quick kiss. The menage he'd arranged last year with his best friend, Max, had been a fantasy of Grace's for a long time. Matt had known for years that Grace had a crush, albeit a small one, on Max. He wasn't jealous of it, found it intensely arousing and was happy to blindfold Grace, tie her to their bed, and watch as Max touched and teased and tasted every inch of Grace's body.

She'd come twice and was on the brink a third when Matt stripped and climbed on the bed to join them, straddling Grace's shoulders and feeding her his cock. "That was quite fun."

"It was incredible."

"You haven't asked to have a repeat, though. Why not?"

"You haven't offered."

The hotel loomed ahead on the right, cutting their conversations short. The driver stopped the car in front where the valet rushed to open Matt's door.

He was soon escorting Grace inside the lobby and down a hallway to a bank of elevators. Inside the mirrored car with the top floor button pushed, he had her against the wall. Tongues and limbs tangled together, one body melted into the other. He couldn't get enough of her this time around and more than ever he was scared of how much he loved her, how much he needed her. He'd always known it, from the first moment he met her at that singles bar hop his roommates had tricked him into.

Grace had walked in ahead of him at the third bar. He'd told his friends it was the last one for him and that he would be going home instead of to bar number four.

He went home all right. With Grace. And he definitely hadn't gone to anymore bars that night. Within a few months, they'd moved into an apartment together, and just last year, they'd bought their first house. From the beginning, he'd planned to spend his life with her, but he never thought he'd be willing to give up the freedom of their open relationship.

He'd always thought being with only one woman forever would lead to boredom, routine and become lifeless and dull. His parents had had an open marriage and since he'd turned sixteen, had raised him on a steady diet of sex is sex is sex and different partners and experiences keep things alive and from getting stale. Sex didn't have to mean anything beyond that moment of pleasure. His younger sister was in an open marriage. His brother wasn't, but his brother was gay, so maybe it didn't translate the same way. Matt wasn't sure. He could only go on what had been a way of life growing up. But what had become boring was being with anyone other than Grace. For six months, he'd stayed not only emotionally faithful, as always, but sexually faithful as well. He was content to masturbate until he was with her again.

Was he ready to make the change permanent?

She was then, and was now, the most special woman he'd ever known.

Grace drug her teeth along his tongue when he pulled it back and ended their kiss. The bell on the elevator sounded and the doors opened. He took her hand and practically ran with her to the end of the hall where his suite was located.

Her eyes widened as she walked to the center of the room, twirling with her arms spread wide. "Wow. What a room. A shame it's so cold outside, though," she said as she moved toward the balcony doors.

She seemed so delighted that Matt was content for the moment to simply watch her. "And why is that?" The question didn't require a verbal response. The one in her eyes as she gazed over her shoulder at him was answer enough. His shirt and shoes were discarded first, followed by his jeans. He left the clothes in a pile by the door and padded naked across the room to press himself against her, crushing her against the glass.

"Mmm... Just because", she moaned, with a wiggle of her ass against his cock"

"I see." He stayed her teasing with a hand tight on her hip. "Well, you're overdressed and the curtains are open."

Grace laughed. "I am, and they are. At least one of those should be remedied immediately."

BOOK: Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale
2.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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