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BOOK: Dare (The Dare Trilogy)

“Is that it?” Tony asked. “We came all this way for

“What a fucking dump,” Dan grumbled.

“I’ve seen better,” James agreed.

“Come on,” Cam said with a sigh. “This is where we’ve been hired to play, and this is where we’re playing. Let’s get our stuff set up then head to the hotel.”

Notre Dame
was much smaller than Dianne had expected, and somewhat dingier.

“Oh well,” she said as cheerfully as she could muster. “I guess it has the whole grunge thing going for it.”

“And Optima is such a crusty band,” Tony said sarcastically. It was the first time that Dianne had seen him looking anything other than exuberant. “Do you think Darius knows about this?” he asked Cam quietly.

Cam frowned. “He must do. I mean, it’s his management who booked the place.”

“If you say so.” Tony added nothing more, but his expression indicated that he was unconvinced.

After a sound check indicated that the sound system was at least better than the decor, they were glad to get to
their digs. That was when they saw the hotel.

“You are fucking kidding me!” Dan lifted his hands to his face in despair, rubbing his eyes as though to make the vision of the fleapit they were booked into disappear. When he pulled his fingers away, unfortunately it remained very much where it had been before.

“I didn’t think they had no-star hotels, even in France,” Tony said.

“I’m sorry about this,” Cam said to Dianne very quietly. “
wasn’t what was agreed on at all.”

Dianne’s smile was fixed to her face. “Oh, I don’t know. Very Sid and Nancy,” she tried to sound more cheerful than she really felt.

Overhearing her, James mistook the meaning of her words. “Yeah,” he said. “Come on, guys, this is rock and roll.”

“Oh, really.” Dan was utterly sarcastic. “And do you think Mister rock-and-roll Darius Optimus will be staying here tonight?”

“This isn’t good enough,” Cam said, his face looking as though it would explode at any moment. “Come on. There’s a better place down the road. I’ll stick it on plastic and we’ll sort it out with Darius later on.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Tony asked, a look of concern on his face.

Cam didn’t look at him but, with a twist of his mouth, pulled his wallet from his pocket. “Sure,” he said. “I’ll clear it with Johnny. He wouldn’t want us staying in a dump like this.”

“Okay,” said Tony, still clearly unconvinced. “You’re the boss.” To no-one in particular he added: “I just hope you’re right.”


Chapter Seven


“This is okay, isn’t it?” Cam looked around the room slightly apprehensively.

“It’s fine—really, it’s fine.” Dianne placed one hand on his chest affectionately, indicating that he should relax.

“Better than the last place, anyway,” he said grimly.

She paused before replying. “Yeah—yes it is. I must be honest, I was wondering for a few minutes if I’d made the right choice coming along for the ride, even if I am being a freeloader at the moment.”

“Don’t say that!” Cam placed both his arms around her, drawing her close to his body so that she felt both small and very protected at the same time. “To be honest, if I think Dan had continued driving we wouldn’t have made it in one piece.”

She kissed him. “Thank you,” she replied. “Is he always like that?”

“Dan? A royal pain in the ass? No. Usually he’s much worse.”

She laughed at this and, giving him another peck on the cheek, she let him hold her for a second. “That was really sweet what you did.”


“Booking this place, for the guys. I mean, there obviously had been some kind of screw up, and it was great the way you stepped in.”

Cam grimaced at this. “Well, let’s hope it doesn’t happen too often.”

“What do you mean?”

He sighed and released her from his grip. “I don’t really want the other guys to know
—hell, I shouldn’t be telling you either, but it’s starting to eat me up a little.” He went and sat down on the bed.

“What is it?” Dianne asked, coming and sitting beside him on the mattress, her face showing concern.

“It’s probably nothing, but... well, I know from Johnny that Optima’s not doing quite as well as they could. The last album... downloads were so-so. Darius is keen to start another US tour, but the record label’s unwilling to back him until they see how things pan out in Europe first. I’m just hoping that today is a genuine oversight and not a trend. Ah, shit, I’m sorry. I should have told you all this before asking you to come along.”

Dianne raised a finger to his lips. “Look,” she said. “It’s not the end of the world. Just relax and let’s see what happens.” Bringing her face to his, she began to kiss him again, this time sliding her tongue into the warmth of his mouth as her hand snaked along his chest, feeling his muscles beneath his shirt.

They rolled backwards on the bed, she half on top of him as her face dipped towards his again and again, biting his lip gently and teasing him as she felt her breast squashed against him, one hand pressed against the massive lump in his jeans. Then, glancing up at the clock, she let out a sigh.

“Come on,” she said. “You better get ready. You’ll be on in about two hours.”

He stared at her. “There’s plenty of time.”

She frowned at this. “I don’t want to be responsible for making you late. You need to eat as well. All you’ve had are snacks in the van since we left Calais. You must be starving.”

“I am, but it’s a different kind of hunger.”

She sniggered at this. “I bet. But at least make sure you have a shower before you go on stage.”

“Do I smell that much?” He looked outraged at the suggestion.

“Maybe not, but I could do with a clean up.”

Raising his eyebrow, a cheeky smile crossed Cam’s face. “Then why not let’s clean up together?”

His smile was infectious and Dianne returned it with interest as she lifted herself from the bed, leading him forward with one hand towards the en suite. As she backed into the bathroom, she released his hand and began to unbutton the blouse she wore, with each flick of her fingers showing a little more flesh, her cleavage starting to reveal itself, heavy breasts pushed up by her bra.

The effect on Cam was electric, as Dianne knew it would be. The lump in his jeans was becoming bigger and bigger, swelling down his thigh and he paused to pull his T-shirt across his broad shoulders, his magnificent pecs glistening slightly in the reflected light. If the sight of her disrobing had caused his erection to swell, the sight of his naked torso decorated with ink made Dianne’s crotch become even wetter.

Flinging her shirt to one side, she began to unzip her jeans, kicking off her shoes as she did so. Cam’s grin was even bigger now as he bent down, tugging his trousers off so that his cock sprang out. Dianne groaned when she saw it: her memory wasn’t playing her false

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, forgetting all about removing her own jeans now and instead dropping to her knees in front of him.

Cam gasped as she took hold of his cock, bringing it to her mouth and licking all around the engorged, purpling head. She rolled the ring that pierced his slit around with her tongue before bringing her mouth over him, letting his erection stretch her lips wide as she tried to push herself down as far as she could go onto it.

Holding her hair with one hand and groaning as she squeezed his shaft while she fellated him, Cam let his other hand slide down her front, pushing down one of the cups of her bra, exposing her nipple stiff with excitement, the flesh of her breast soft and inviting. As she continued to suck him, her head bobbing up and down now, he played with her, squeezing the nipple and teasing her back.

“Oh, Christ,” she moaned, letting him slip from her mouth for a moment as she continued to masturbate and stroke his shaft. “I am
fucking wet!”

He smiled at this, his eyes glittering fiercely. “Well, we’ll just have to make you even wetter before we finish.”

He released her grip from him and crossed to the shower, the tight buns of his buttocks clenching as he leaned across and turned on the water. Dianne fumbled with her jeans, kicking them off as she watched him, desperate to be naked as quickly as possible. As the water began to splash across his muscular shoulders, his dark hair slick and wet in the flood, she almost came, her own knickers soaking as she pushed them down her thighs and kicked them off.

She had not yet finished unhooking her bra when he reached out with one long arm, grabbing hold of her and dragging her towards the shower. For a split second she almost snapped at him prudishly, some hidden reserve wanting to make sure she was completely naked before she got in with him
—then all hell broke loose and she laughed as she let herself be dragged beneath the warm spurts of water, her bra becoming transparent as Cam tugged at its clasps.

For a few moments they explored each other with their hands as they kissed and kissed and kissed in the water. Both of them were utterly wet now, tongues pushing into each other’s mouth and sucking up the hot water as well as their hot breath. Cam squeezed Dianne’s breasts with one hand, digging his fingers into her yielding flesh as his other hand moved between her legs, hunting out her slit and rubbing along it as she opened up even more.

For her part, Dianne slid her hand along his shaft, so massive that just holding it made her gasp and groan. As she masturbated it, the head of him rose above her navel, the ring a moment of coldness on her belly and she thought her legs would buckle. This made Cam move his hand from her pussy to her ass, holding the pliant flesh and pulling her up against him as they continued to devour each other.

“God, I fucking want you!” he growled, his eyes hooded with desire.

“I’m yours—you don’t know how fucking much I’m yours!” she gasped. Whatever doubts she may have had barely an hour before about being with him were banished now, replaced by a feral hunger. She was so open now, so ravenous for him, that she couldn’t consider anything else.

If she was his, then in that instant he was also hers
—at the very least, his cock belonged to her completely. As she masturbated him furiously, the sensation of that hot length in her palms, her small fingers barely able to circle it, she felt an orgasm building up and Cam took advantage of this, pushing his own hand between her legs from behind, one fingertip finding out her wet pussy and sliding into her. She whimpered as he entered her—but at no point did she let go of her tight grip on his erection.

Instead, as he pushed her back against the tiled wall, the hard, cold surface making her gasp in shock because of the contrast to the warm, steaming water and the heat of his body, she looked down at the mighty thing she held in her hands. If the water from the shower was a flood over their bodies, then between her legs a very different flood was starting to pour.

Bending slightly, Cam let her guide the tip of him to the source of that soaking desire as he placed both of his hands at the top of her thighs, just beneath the curve of her buttocks, lifting her up from the floor of the shower. She groaned again as she rubbed his pierced cock against her slit, feeling its tingling metal against the soft, smooth skin of her labia.

Cam was breathing more heavily now. She did not weigh so much in his arms and he could hold her up easily, she knew that, but his own lust was beginning to course through his body like a fire
—one which the water cascading around them did nothing to douse but, by contrast, stirred all the more. She gripped him tightly in her fist now as he began to buck against her, each thrust of his buttocks squashing her against the wall.

And then he was in and Dianne could no longer hold back a scream of pleasure. “Oh fuck! Oh! Bloody hell!” Perhaps no more than an inch was inside her, as her hand continued to squeeze the base of his shaft, making him groan, but he was so thick that even that small amount stretched her open and made her start to shake with a violent orgasm, her legs trembling as he held them up.

When she had calmed down a little, he shifted his hands slightly, bringing up her thighs so that they could rest around his hips, her calves and dainty feet falling down across his buttocks. She let go of his cock at last—he was hers in a different way now, buried deep inside her, and she grabbed hold of his shoulders and back with her arms, gripping on to him for dear life as he began to slide in and out of her more deeply.

For a while she could do nothing more than dangle there, her arms holding onto him, her feet bouncing up and down as he thrust into her, filling her up so that she felt the ring in his cock pressing against her cervix. Her field of vision was covered in sparks of fire as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her, her breasts and nipples
—so sensitive now—compressed by the strong muscles in his chest.

Her senses reviving slightly, she lifted her mouth to his and began to kiss him, staring into the depths of his blue eyes for a moment before closing her own and giving herself up to him completely. He began to force himself inside her harder now, making her gasp before she sucked on his lip and his tongue, wanting to drag as much of him inside her as possible.

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