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“Alternatively,” he said to her, placing one hand on her waist and holding it there to see how she would react, “we could go and find somewhere quieter.”

Her stomach fluttered at the sensation of his hand just above her hips. Oh, shit, she thought. She was almost cumming again just having him hold her. She looked up and, despite the redness she could feel in her flushed cheeks, she held his eye.

“As long as you’re not thinking of keeping things too quiet,” she told him defiantly.


Chapter Three


They had barely made it in through the hotel door before Dianne had pushed him up against the wall, taking immense pleasure in the fact that she could force him (willingly) to bend to her desires, such was his lust for her.

Cam snaked one arm around her back, dragging her face up towards his while he blindly fumbled with the other, seeking the door and flinging it shut with a loud bang. Had anyone been sleeping next door, that would have surely woken them up—but all things considered, the two of them were planning on disturbing as many people as possible over the coming hours.

With both of his hands free, Cam now grabbed hold of Dianne and held onto her torso beneath her arms as she grasped his neck, virtually placing him in a lock so that his mouth was unable to shift away from hers. Famished for each other, both of them ate and devoured each other, tongues shifting into their wet mouths, sucking the breath from each other as they kissed ravenously.

His weight suddenly lurching against her as he tried to shift her away from the wall and further into the room, Dianne nearly fell over as she stumbled backwards. She kept herself upright by grabbing hold of his arms, and her pussy became wet for the umpteenth time that evening as she felt the solid bulge of his muscles beneath his jacket and shirt.

God,” she groaned, letting him kiss and suck her neck as she tilted her head to one side. “Fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command,” he growled, his mouth almost lupine as he stared at her with glee. Without warning, he bent down slightly and scooped his arm beneath her legs, lifting her up with one fluid, swift movement so that she shrieked with pleasure and threw her own arms around his neck to support herself. When he came to the bed, with a flourish he dropped her on it and bent down over her.

She gripped his jacket, holding him by the lapels and dragging his face down to hers. Their kisses were wet, each of them virtually drooling for the other, and as he kissed her she felt his hands move to her top, tugging aside the zip of her bustier roughly so that her large, firm breasts still confined in their bra were free for his fingers to slip beneath the lace edging. Her nipples were desperately sensitive and she moaned as he pinched them softly.

Her own hands were exploring his body, shifting down his torso, feeling his pecs firm and strong beneath her fingertips, the slight ripple of his abdomen with muscles taut beneath his shirt. As she came to the waistband of his trousers, she fumbled for a
while with the buttons of his fly, giving up for the moment as she continued to eat his tongue and mouth, but as her fingers brushed the solid length in his denim, what she encountered made her pull her lips away.

“Jesus! How
is that thing?”

Cam looked down on her, his blue eyes glittering with pleasure. “I intend you to find out, don’t you worry. But first of all, I want to know if I won my bet.”

She frowned at him. “What on earth are you talking about?” she asked.

“Did I make you cum, back in NightWorld? Now I’m touching you
—and I intend to touch a lot more of you, so this doesn’t count.”

She gave him a slap on his chest, not quite as gently as she’d intended. His stupid little game was costing her valuable sex time. “No,” she lied, but then she remembered how he had watched her when he was singing on stage and she blushed.

“Aha,” he said with an infuriating smile. “I thought so.”

“You arrogant bastard!” she growled and went to slap him again, but this time he caught her wrist in his more powerful hands. She struggled against him, enjoying writhing beneath him as he sank his face to her breasts, burying his mouth between her cleavage and kissing her soft flesh. With his other hand, he pulled down the edge of her cups, freeing her nipples now so that he could kiss and suck them, taking them gently between his teeth and caressing and fondling them.

She no longer struggled against him, but instead as he released her wrist she placed her hand in his hair, scrunching his locks and forcing his face down deeper into her cleavage. Her other hand pushed between the two of them, seeking out the waistband to her own jeans this time. Second guessing her, he moved both his hands down to her trousers and began to unbutton them with greater facility than she had managed.

Pulling back from her for a moment, he placed both hands on her waistband and started to tug downwards, none too carefully. Not that Dianne minded. Looking down, in the light
from the lamps next to the bed she was both horrified and lustfully fascinated by the size of the tube in Cam’s jeans. “Oh, fucking hell,” she murmured, lifting up her hips so that at last he could drag her clothing down her legs.

He’d forgotten her shoes, of course, as had she, and for a few frustrated seconds he fumbled with them, yanking each of them from her feet and flinging them to one side before he could pull her jeans off as well. She see-sawed her legs, calves kicking as she sought to drag her feet free from the fabric. Before he could fling the trousers after her shoes, she was already scrabbling at her knickers, stretching the elastic over her firm buttocks as she rotated her hips again.

He grabbed the cotton of her panties in strong fingers, almost ripping them in his eagerness to have them off. She tried to grab him, pull him onto her—she wanted that
inside her, and as soon as possible—but Cam once more grabbed her hands, pushing her backwards onto the bed. When she saw he wasn’t going to mount her at once, she let out a scream of frustration and began kicking out at him. Yet when he let her go and dropped onto his knees against the edge of the bed, holding her thighs and pushing them apart to give his face easier access to her soaking pussy, she eagerly realised what he was going to do and stopped fighting him.

Instead, she yanked his hair hard, dragging his face into her loins as she bucked up against him. He kissed her at first, his mouth pressing onto her thighs in the crease of her sex, and then his tongue found her pussy, her outer lips already open and the soft, warm flesh of her vagina already dripping for him.

When he sucked on her clit, his hands gripping her buttocks and lifting them free from the bed, she thought she would explode.

“Oh fuck!” she almost screamed, her hips gyrating upwards into his face, feeling his nose pressing down into her pubic bone as his tongue and lips worked away below. “Fucking hell! You... you bastard!”

“You want me to stop?” he asked, his eyes shining and a filthy grin on his wet lips as he pulled himself away from her for a moment.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” She did scream this time and, grappling his hair, dragged him back into place, not caring whether she hurt him or not.

She couldn’t believe how wet she was, how open and desperate she was for him. “That’s it, that’s it, you fucking bastard! Eat me out! Do it! Just fucking do it!” Had she listened to herself, she would have been shocked by the filth streaming from her lips. When was the last time she had felt like this, so turned on—so desperate? It had been a long time if it had ever happened before.

Not that Cam seemed to care. He dug his fingers into her buttocks and thighs, holding her still as he used his mouth on her, burrowing his tongue deep inside her slit, tasting every last drop of her. She wrapped her legs around him, almost crushing him beneath her thighs.

As he ploughed into her with his tongue, her hips began to buck upwards again and again, her fingers wrapping themselves in the strands of his hair. Her orgasm was building up deep inside her, not the forced, angry thing she had imposed on herself earlier in the night, nor the sweet but painfully fleeting sensation she had experienced when Cam had looked at her on stage. Instead this one became a surge from her belly, flooding out as she felt her pussy almost squirt on Cam’s face, his tongue locked deep inside her.

She grunted and then howled, her body twitching and Cam’s strong arms holding her, heroically refusing to let her go even as she came again and again on him. Her orgasm seemed to last an age until, at last, she flopped backwards, sparks in front of her eyes and the ripples of aftershock gently throbbing through her abdomen.

“I think... I think you just killed me,” she said.

“And here was me thinking we’d just got started,” Cam replied softly, moving up the bed so that he was lying beside her now. As he kissed her, she could smell and taste herself on him, a rich, salty flavour that mingled with his cologne. She felt weary but also lusty, her hand flopping down on the bed once more. Her fingers brushed up against his leg, and then that
once more.

God,” she groaned. “Perhaps we are only just starting.”

Cam pulled back from her slightly, watching her as her fingers stroked him through his jeans. “What’s wrong?” he asked, taking in her change of expression.

“Seriously,” Dianne said, suddenly a little nervous, her legs half parted. “How big is that thing?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” he whispered, bending his head back down and kissing her neck as his hand dipped between her open legs, stroking along her slit, feeling its wetness.

As she caressed him in turn, she reached across with her other hand and began to unbutton his jeans. Each one popped open, and as she peeled back the denim she could feel his smooth, exquisite pubis and feel the heat of his cock still buried in his jeans. Stroking the base of his erection, she was astonished at just how hot it did feel, and also the width of his shaft. When her hand dipped inside his jeans, however, and began to feel along him this time she let out the most almighty gasp.

“How long... how fucking long...” She had been made inarticulate as she stroked all along it, and now as she drew it out slowly she almost wept, her crotch soaking in anticipation.

Just before his cock came free, Cam began to utter a final warning. “There’s probably one other thing I should tell you -” he began to say. Dianne saw what he meant before he had finished speaking, and her moan as she got onto her haunches was the beginnings of another mini orgasm.

His cock was just perfect. Not only was it easily the largest thing she had ever seen (at least in real life), feeling hot and heavy in the palm of her hand, it also looked perfect
—a gentle curve upwards of its thick shaft to a beautifully shaped, circumcised head that was smooth. That was not what had made her groan, however, for in the slit of his urethra was a steel ring, the ball rubbing softly against the smooth head of his cock.

Instinctively, Dianne reached between her legs, rubbing herself as with the other hand she took hold of that magnificent cock. Her fingers barely managed to circle the shaft, feeling the ridges of his veins as she moved her hand up and down, and this fact alone made her start to become even hornier.

As she masturbated him, her breasts jiggling up and down in her bra as she pumped him, Cam pulled off his jacket and lifted his shirt up over his shoulders, revealing his strong, broad chest and his arms, tribal designs tattooed across one shoulder and the upper half of his torso, as well as adorning both of his arms.

“Have you ever done it with a pierced cock before?” he asked.

She shook her head, eyes glittering. “I’ve never done it with a cock this big before!” she exclaimed, which made him laugh.

As he moved onto the bed, tugging his jeans loose and kicking them off, she moved away from him for a moment, raising her hands behind her and loosening her bra so that she could shrug it off, her own tattoos visible, a heart above her one breast and other designs on her upper arms and shoulders. Ever since she had hit puberty, her breasts had grown more quickly than most girls but, even now in her early twenties, they were also firm and supple, swelling out rather than hanging down. As she bent to kiss him, however, and suck him in her mouth, so they did swing a little. This only seemed to make Cam even harder, and he reached out with one hand to fondle and play with her nipples a little.

His ring felt strange in her mouth because unexpected, a sharpness against her tongue and teeth where she expected warmth and softness. Stretching her mouth as wide as she could, she managed to fit the head of his cock between her lips, but she was unable to push her head as far down the shaft as she would have liked. Instead she bobbed up and down, shallow strokes that made him wet. After this, she pursed her lips together and rubbed up and down each side of his shaft, holding him upright in her small fingers.

“You are so fucking big,” she hissed in admiration.

“And you are so fucking beautiful.” He smiled warmly as he said this.

She’d been told it
—hundreds of times before—but it had never mattered to her as much as it did now to hear it. She wanted him—and she wanted
inside her.

“I need it,” she said lustily. “I need it now.” Suddenly, realising what she was about to do, she started looking around her a little frantically.

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